The Best Interview In The History Of Television [Robin Williams]

The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (17&21 November 2011)

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Robin is not dead, guys. He's just in Jumanji waiting for someone to roll a 5 or an 8.
Brent Crude
Brent Crude:
1. The world has never been the same since Robin left.
2. Craig needs to get back to late night talk show television.
3. I've lost count of how many times I've watched this.
Kitty Grimm
Kitty Grimm:
He would have been 69 today. I like to think he would have cracked a joke about that.
I feel like Craig is the only host who gets Robin, and can keep up with his fast tempo. Robin obviously always runs the interview, but Craig actually makes Robin genuinely laugh, and it's amazing to see how happy he is :) Craig and Robin are the best!
Sean Devine
Sean Devine:
whos watching this in 2020?
Thank God for modern technology. I can still see Robin whenever i want as if he were still here
Aleksi Bovellan
Aleksi Bovellan:
"Knock knock"


Probably the best German joke I have ever heard lol
I met Robin Williams at an Apple store in Manhattan once. I was very confused cause no one was recognizing him and I didn't want to bother him.
But worked up some courage and asked for a picture and he was super kind.
Still surprised no one came up to him even after I took the picture
Javier Shang
Javier Shang:
The greatest improvisational comedic stroke ever on TV history. 26 minutes of non-stop genius, nothing scripted.
the happiest souls, are the most broken inside treat everyone with love and care.
Still breaks my heart. What a lovable man he was. Ya just wanna shake his hand and say thank you for everything
Guido Anselmi
Guido Anselmi:
The pacing of this interview is insane. Pretty much 25 minutes straight of a joke ever 2-5 seconds. No rest.
what mr rogers was to children williams was to adults.
Kyle Magaro
Kyle Magaro:
I will never ever forget "did you ever think you killed all the funny people?"
Matt Burkhardt
Matt Burkhardt:
The chemistry between these two was just absolutely astounding.
God, the chemistry was PHENOMENAL. They didnt give me enough time to laugh 😭😭
Cana Dude
Cana Dude:
One thing I have learned about Robin Williams and Jim Carrey. It sounds simple and cliche, but laughter is the best medicine. If you are making people laugh, or laughing at a comedian. These two gentleman suffer/suffered from crippling depression and found that making people laugh really helped their wellbeing and therefore, they honed their craft and did their thing the best way they knew how.
That was the realization I had today personally....

See, I had a really crappy day yesterday...lots of bad things happened and I just wanted to find some lightness in the darkness. I am pretty funny in nature and 50% of the time positive and optimistic. So, today I just happened to find a funny thing to say to a co-worker and I executed the joke and received a big genuine laugh. I felt a surge of endorphins a quick boost in my mood. I felt liked and appreciated. All I needed.
See...being funny, thinking funny *really* helped me.
From now on, I am going to commit to really push through and find the funny next time I sense a dark time coming. I got this.
Maybe this mindset can help someone else out there who is struggling? I am so sad Robin left us, and reader you will be missed too even if it doesn't feel like it now, so take care of yourself and try to find the funny. Seek out humour always.
I've never been so upset over the death of a person I've never met. I never felt emotional over a celebrity's death until we lost Robin.
I genuinely miss the guy.
Tom Fairbairn
Tom Fairbairn:
It's rare indeed for an American actor to master any British accent, let alone a whole range of accents from all across the country. Superb talent.
Serial Killers Documentaries
Serial Killers Documentaries:
The death of this guy would have affected me a lot if he died of a car accident or natural causes, but because he suicided, it broke my heart. He was probably my favorite actor, the funniest guy i know...and thinking he had so much sadness and problems that he had to commit suicide just breaks my heart. I loved this guy, i still do.
S D Reed Author
S D Reed Author:
Watching this in 2020... My my, how the world needs him right now. :(
Jamie Bookenberger
Jamie Bookenberger:
Only those with ADHD will understand, but I’m absolutely certain these two have/had it, they are so brilliantly able to feed off each other it’s absolutely amazing, 10 minutes later Craig says “did you say Chlamydia your Dad is here” that was great. Anyway 26 minutes and I was glued to the screen the entire time, and had great laughs, great medicine as I’ve been depressed lately. Thanks guys!!
marco feola
marco feola:
its soo rare to see robin being entertained by somebody else with the same kind of energy, usually everyone was laughing at him, so its kind of cool to see him laughing at someone else genuinely surprised by the laugh it self.
Arin Gokdemir
Arin Gokdemir:
Sees title: skeptical
5 minutes in: *oh, this is the greatest interview in the history of television. I see. Ok yeah.*
I hope people watch this for the next twenty years.
21:55 "Chlamydia, your dad's here!" by Robin Williams, and since they're doing rapid-fire jokes non-stop, it takes till 25:11 for Craig to realise the full impact of one of his best jokes when Robin recalls it, and when he does, he is absolutely lost to the world. When you can make a fellow pro comedian laugh, you know you've made gold. ^_^
Anwaar Ulhaq
Anwaar Ulhaq:
Whenever I feel low, I come here to disconnect. No matter how many times I watch, it never fails to put a smile on my face ... oh dear Robin
Kitrell Heiden
Kitrell Heiden:
This was the best interview yet funniest shit I’ve seen so far
Abraham GoPro7
Abraham GoPro7:
I never heard robin williams laugh like this, probably a few people truly could make him laugh like in this interview
CJ French
CJ French:
Positive tourette's people are going "I really enjoyed that" lmaooo this man was just too quick
J V:
i died at positive tourette’s. i miss him so much. i would kill to hear his commentary on today’s current events. a one of a kind human being.
Ayoma Owiti
Ayoma Owiti:
Tonight in the COVID 19 lockdown,
a special run of all the Youtube videos with the name Robbin Williams in the title
Joshua Huntley
Joshua Huntley:
I got to be security for Robin Williams in Kandahar Afghanistan in 2010. sweetest man ever. RIP good sir.
craig is the only interviewer i've seen capable to consistently make robin laugh and riff with him.
Mustache Walrus
Mustache Walrus:
Craig is the best wingman in the business, that's why they gave him a show, because the guests actually like his presence. With out him being so open and aware of his surroundings and suggestions, none of what made the show great in it's final days would of happened. That includes the horse and all the antics with Josh Robert Thompson (AKA Geoff Peterson the Robot Skeleton and every other puppet or celebrity impression on the show)
If I ever see the likes of another Robin Williams, then I can safely say I've had two lifetimes.
Aditya Rao
Aditya Rao:
Its like they're both synchronized together no script no prepared questions just pure unscripted comedy.
Matt Smith
Matt Smith:
This ain’t an interview. This is two old mates having a laugh.
Annie -
Annie -:
I've lost count of how many times I've watched this genius interview.
Mr. Youtube's Best Friend
Mr. Youtube's Best Friend:
5:15 “only safe place to go is nazis”

*sigh* not anymore apparently
Ashwath Nair
Ashwath Nair:
I love how Robin lapses into his faux-Scottish accent the moment he starts talking to Craig.
Ricky Blinkhorn
Ricky Blinkhorn:
"Knock knock... We ask the questions" Brilliant!
Antonio Castro
Antonio Castro:
Kieran Oberhansli
Kieran Oberhansli:
The part about offending people aged well.
Lorenz Santos
Lorenz Santos:
I finished the video and still wondering where's the 'interview'. This is exactly not an interview. This is a legendary talk.
Adam Houazar
Adam Houazar:
"After our honeymoon, I'm a little low on protein" 😂😂😂
Top 10 Archive
Top 10 Archive:
This is just NOW going trending? What the hell..
- Knock Knock
CRAIG FERGUSON, i have seen SO MANY of your shows, and in none of them do you seem more free than this one. When Robin Williams came to town you guys had such an amazing chemistry. I can't be more serious. Watching you two is one of the most entertaining things i can think of. i absolutely love it. Even though i've seen this interview literally 100 times I still come back for more. Sincerely, Thank You.

Rest In Peace Robin Williams. The world lost THE BEST COMEDIAN when you left. That is no joke or exaggeration. You are my idol and i love you and i wish you were still here. Honestly im getting choked up just saying this.

Craig and Robin, i love you both.

I miss you Robin. Thank you for everything :)
Lemonie Lala
Lemonie Lala:
Funny thing is, there is a finnish punk band called Klamydia (finnish spelling). 😂
Auk Archipelago
Auk Archipelago:
knock knock we ask the questions! 
that was great
Kanye East
Kanye East:
Wow! Mr. Ferguson was the only host that could keep up with Robin Williams. I've seen Williams interviews with other hosts and even the best of them, like Conan O'Brien and David Letterman, mostly just let Robin do his thing without much interaction. Craig Ferguson showed serious skills here.
True Chaos
True Chaos:
those two doing a two man act together would have been awesome
I’m watching on the sixth anniversary of his passing. Still not over it.
Ameya Harshe
Ameya Harshe:
RIP Robin Williams. You will always be remembered 😔😔
Had Robin lived to be 100, we still would've lost him too soon.
Yoga Shan
Yoga Shan:
Robin and Craig are not only close friends, but also an absolute riot to boot !
Rest in Peace beautiful Robin : your genius and warmth will always be unparalleled.
And, Craig does not receive the credit that He truly deserves.
Thomas James
Thomas James:
"knock knock" "WE ASK THE QUESTIONS HERE!" 😂😂😂 Happy 69th birthday Robin we miss you
Craig is the only TV Host who can keep up with the great Robin!. Not only that, he injected some wicked Humour to further elevate the moments to another level to which Robin then gladly took it up yet another notch up! We miss you Robin...and we will always love you. Thx Craig for an excellent job well done here too interviewing Robin!
António Pinto
António Pinto:
Robin was indeed a force of nature.
If this man can transmit this kind of positive vibes over a video, i can only imagine what it would be like to be near him.
David Rojas
David Rojas:
Craig was the only one who was ever able to keep pace with the master.
I was skeptical when it said “the best interview of all time”....

Indeed it was.
Teddy P
Teddy P:
Robin...... you were a genius. You are very loved and so very missed. R.I.P. you wonderfully brilliant man.❣️🦋❣️🦋
These are two of the silliest people I have ever seen.
Keith Byrne
Keith Byrne:
Carpe Diem my captain. Loved his style, his one liners, his laughter, taking the piss out of everything that was ever serious in life, but most of just loved Robin Williams as him ever since I first watched Mork and Mindy. What an actor, an improviser, the best that was ever seen and in my lifetime will never be seen again. Nan Noo Nan Noo.
The way these guys are so naturally talking to each other like old friends, it's like I'm watching a livestream @ a coffee shop
My heart smiles then cries a little everytime I watch a clip of his
Kristen Segina
Kristen Segina:
Quite possibly the best late night interview ever.
White Wolf
White Wolf:
Today five years ago... we will always remember you Robin, always. :‘)
This isn’t an interview. It’s just two guys catching up! I love it!
Billy Williams
Billy Williams:
What a force of nature he was. Insanely talented and missed very much
Eve Ramus
Eve Ramus:
‘Breakfast is in the fridge’ omg I laughed so much at this. I’m Re watching this interview again tonight ☺️ each time it’s like the first time watching it! 💕
Holy shit, I'm from Finland and we do have a punk band called Klamydia. Been around from eighties.
Mark Jaggi
Mark Jaggi:
Nothing better than watching Robing truly enjoying himself and laughing. Props to Craig who is probably one of the few who could get him to be so relaxed and jovial!!!
I have never seen two people talking continuously with the same energy so much!!
Fabio Bianchi
Fabio Bianchi:
He is just Perfect, and Craig Ferguson is the only one able to stay all 26 minutes in a supporting position, never above the line and never below though. Craig never felt the need to pretend to be good in front of such a majesty of a person..This is something anyone should watch any now and then to reconcile with life.
Demons Amongst Men
Demons Amongst Men:
He had on a marijuana leaf tie
Oh captain, my captain.
Theo 80126
Theo 80126:
Oh My Lord. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. I feel that they truly enjoyed their company. RIP Robin. you made me laugh for decades. You are sorely missed.
KladyKloo Ozar5150
KladyKloo Ozar5150:
What a gift a few moments of decompress with from the gut laughter to recharge and turn back to the plow of 2020 ✌🙏🤟
Aarti Adhikari
Aarti Adhikari:
There wasn't a single second in the whole video where I wasn't smiling..such a great personality
Konrad Sashin
Konrad Sashin:
“Did you enjoy making the movie”
“Oh it was wonderful it’s in 3-D”
“Oh wow you know life is like that”
Clamidia. It's Greek but at the same time its slightly uncomfortable.
This really is the best interview in the history of television. Thank you for putting this out there.
Legendary. I love how Craig can keep up with Robin, without missing a beat.
Aussie Pie
Aussie Pie:
The only interviewer who I've seen that can go toe to toe with Robin.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman:
Imagine Robin Williams still being alive today in our PC culture... that would interesting.
Jason Foley
Jason Foley:
25:50 Craig takes a breath after keeping up with Robin all night. Well deserved
"I wondered why I was hungry." This man's mind was so damn sharp... Such a pioneer...Such a gift... RIP
Have to come back and edit this, Craig and Robin seem like simply wonderful friends here...Super natural... I feel sad...
Prob my fav interview ever...
ET Racing
ET Racing:
Love that man. If I had 1% of his energy I would actually get off the couch and get my own beer.
Cat Gilfillan
Cat Gilfillan:
This feels like a good night in a Scottish pub. The world misses Robin Williams
Robin Williams’s laugh makes me so happy
Mattie Fee
Mattie Fee:
Ferguson & William's interviews are the solution to the energy crisis!
Ifti Alam
Ifti Alam:
The energy in this interview is off the charts.
If this was to be converted into a usable energy source, the world would never have run out of it.
Rebeccah Herdener
Rebeccah Herdener:
I never knew Robin Williams and Craig were on t.v. together!💚💜 love these 2!
Jackson Gondo
Jackson Gondo:
The video should be titled "how to smile for 26 minutes straight.... And then cry"
Burst Reviews
Burst Reviews:
Thank you for all the laughs Robin. It would have been great to see you still cracking jokes as a 90 year old.
"I like it when you're here I can relax"
Cosmic Tuxedo
Cosmic Tuxedo:
"Happiness must perpetuate in life. Otherwise living becomes difficult." - CT
Mordin Solus
Mordin Solus:
"The Best Interview In The History Of Television" ...and it's not even clickbait.
Brent Crude
Brent Crude:
25:15 That part in the end where Craig completely loses it when he remembers the "Chlamydia, your dad's here" bit has me howling with laughter every time. I'm impressed that he managed to keep up with Robin for almost half an hour.
Robin is Peter Pan he just left to the Neverland...leaving us fools in this mad world