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00:01 Video games

04:41 Blue jeans
08:11 Born to die
12:58 Carmen
17:11 Off to the races
22:14 Serial killer
26:37 Money power glory
31:00 Florida kilos
35:17 Gods and monsters
39:19 Old money
42:59 Lust for life
48:17 Ride

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Danijel Gocev
Danijel Gocev:
Let's be honest: all of her songs are best of Lana.
Songs that are missing:
- West Coast
- Love
- Ultraviolence
- Brooklyn baby
- National anthem
- Diet mountain dew
- Cherry
- The blackest day
- Cola
- 13 beaches
Carmen Yanez
Carmen Yanez:
How did I live 21 years on this earth without ever listening to a Lana Del Rey song? I thought this playlist could help me get in the mood to write but I ended up just staring at a wall and vibing for a whole hour. She makes me want to dye my hair blonde and drive in an old red convertible with the top down while it's raining. I think I'm addicted to this feeling. The only downside is that I can't sing along to Carmen or else I sound narcissistic.
Jaime Arturo Vallejo
Jaime Arturo Vallejo:
Dos rolitas que faltan: summertime sadness y dark paradise.
video games 00:00
blue jeans 4:45
born to die 8:15
carmen 13:00
off to the races 17:10
serial killer 22:15
money power glory 26:36
florida kilos 31:00
gods and monsters 35:20
old money 39:11
some song 43:50
ride 48:11
spank me 57:01
you're right 57:04
doodoo fart
doodoo fart:
some really quality bops that aren't mentioned:
- get free
- sad girl
- brooklyn baby
- meet me in the pale moonlight
- queen of disaster
- body electric
- love
- yayo
- dark paradise
- old money
- honeymoon
ok i'll just shut up and listen im sorry
As melhores!! 🥰 amo Lana Del Rey 🧚😍
3 Pound Universe
3 Pound Universe:
Her voice feels like a intoxicated angel singing her words for her imaginary lover.
Pakte Pfeiffer
Pakte Pfeiffer:
No ads? No breaks? You are a saint!
Sharukh Saifi
Sharukh Saifi:
I really love the way she do experiments in her songs she's the real artist
Hiba Rashid
Hiba Rashid:
She actually is amazing at music I love it helps me sleep
we need an updated version of this with Mariners Apartment Complex, The Greatest, Venice Bitch, etc etc
X X:
Real talent.
It seems that some of the musical arrangements are created by classically trained musicians. Is it just me or is there some truth to this? Love her music.
2 All^
Music the universal language.
ADREW 123:
Let's not forget her unreleased songs:
- you can be the boss
- be my daddy
*La mejor combinación <3*
I will never forget the first time I listened to Video Games. I was 14 years old laying on the floor in my room listening to it on my iPod touch lol. It triggered my dream of wanting to move to LA. Everything felt like a movie whenever I heard this song, or any song by Lana. <3
jazz wynter
jazz wynter:
She sends me to different realm evertime I listen to her... me and the universe ✨ 😌
Fátima Vélez
Fátima Vélez:
it's my first listening to lana and omfg, she's a godness the lyrics are powerfull and her voice-
now i know why her last name is del rey, shes the king
maria marques de almeida
maria marques de almeida:
Difícil saber qual é a melhor! Eu amo Lana !!♥️♥️
Jesse Odtojan
Jesse Odtojan:
Lana's songs can start and stop the rain. Whenever she wanted to. (Listening in August 2021)
i just got into lana recently! and she is so amazing. her voice is so beautiful and she honestly makes me feel things thru her music ive never felt before. no regrets checking her music out
L R:
I love that she embraces her dark side. We all have it. No reason to ignore it. The good, the bad, the fair and ugly, life is a paradox. I will drink it all in.
Saul Oliveira
Saul Oliveira:
Sequência perfeita!
UK Trails Trekker
UK Trails Trekker:
Whoever makes the instrumentals for Del Rey is a genius.
Miss Mercury
Miss Mercury:
Somehow I found this and it started on the ride with monologue for no reason. I had never heard it before... and now I am bawling. What an incredible song that speaks to my existence in such an intimate way. Just WOW. Apparently even on my really good days, chance finds it fitting for me to still have a good cry. Hugs everyone <3
Shahd Elgedawy
Shahd Elgedawy:
i was supposed to listen to her songs while studying , i ended up vibing and listening to every word she's saying <3
🦋Humbert Humbert🦋
🦋Humbert Humbert🦋:
the story Lana tells in "Ride" made me almost cry. the story shes telling is so beautiful and her voice is so soft and soothing to hear

Edit: there must be people in quarantine that need a lil bit of Lana
edit 2: this comments been up for a week and theres 36 likes. Thank you for takin a second to read this, and i hope yall lana lovers stay safe, with the help of lanas beautiful voice and music we can make it through quarantine lol
This is my first time properly listening to lanas songs, and they all remind me of the books Caraval, legendary and finale! Please if they ever do films let these song be in it! Perfect match 👌
Alyssa Mew
Alyssa Mew:
Love this video so much, smooth transition, all the lyrics to see, many of her great songs, thank you!
Sofყ !
Sofყ !:
I LOVE listening to Lana in this quarantine, especially when it comes to doing my daily chores, she is splendid.
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson:
Never heard a bad one 🥰🥰 occasionally it takes a couple of listens 🤷 but they are usually few and far between 🥰🥰 she is a legend 👊👊
lana produces hit after hit,
her songs give me such a kick,
thanks so much for the list,
imma put it on repeat.
Velvet Goldmine
Velvet Goldmine:
Finally Carmen getting the respect it deserves 🙌🏻
patrick piel
patrick piel:
one of the most incredible voices out there! her music rings so perfect with her rhythm in her voice. truly beautiful voice.
Helen Velazquez
Helen Velazquez:
round of applause to whoever made this, we love u :')
Michael Arnold
Michael Arnold:
I wonder what was that moment when Lana found her voice, her style, her tone. She has found what all great artists are looking for.
Samantha Sandoval
Samantha Sandoval:
I've loved Lana for years and I will love her for the rest of my life.
Janaina Lodi
Janaina Lodi:
before today i've had never reeeeally paid attention on the lyric of Ride, and can I just say... she's intense!!!! Wonderfully intense. I'm really into psychology and i've stopped listening to her songs for a few years because I tought some of them where a bit immature as I grown in self-knowledge subjects. Buuuut, my friends, today I was just thinking "did she, like, know herself SO MUCH that she actually embraced all her shadow, make us some good music and live her life... fucking crazy and free?"
alex shorter
alex shorter:
i love how in almost every “the best of lana del rey” playlist you can find video games. i honestly think it’s her best song.
Hell of a task, to try to curate Lana's "best." The lady is a whole damn world unto herself, so it's like picking your favorite continent. My problem is figuring out what order I want to buy her CDs in, because I owe her some monetized respect. MIGHT let Lust for Life wait till last.
Super Fanboy tip: When you're burning or playlisting Born to Die, the Paradise Edition, put the Paradise Edition EP stuff up top. It's a smoother rearrangement. Twust me.
El primer álbum de Lana Del Rey: innovador, rompedor. Un sonido único en su momento. Ese sonido atmosférico; los efectos de sonido; la voz
I got Covid, and this playlist is a part of the healing process.
Hella P.
Hella P.:
She actuallt taught me english cuz I had no given choices but listening to her all day and night, that was like I had addicted.... gave me heaven when I spent my days in the hell... this woman literally saved my life
Li Marinelli
Li Marinelli:
Video games is so freacking nostalgic already... it makes me cry every time, always reminds me of my teenager years.
Sarah Beatriz
Sarah Beatriz:
you putting Florida Kilos after Money Power Glory was such a powerful move, I had to stop everything I was doing to appreciate it
Cherry Cola
Cherry Cola:
You must've put so much work into this, completely underrated! Great job!
Ashley Crane
Ashley Crane:
Summertime sadness is a absolute hit. I love Lana, her music gives me the vintage vibe.
Her unreleased songs should be included-they are great. Lana’s music touches the soul.
oh snap itz joy
oh snap itz joy:
her album is almost 10 yrs old and its such a classic it feels like it was made yesterday. RESPECT.
Naisa Love
Naisa Love:
There will never be another Lana and that is why we are all blessed. She’s a gem… and I mean we will NEVER have another Lana
Hi 123
Hi 123:
her music is timeless. even after 11 years(video games) , ppl still go back to watch it
john kovacevic
john kovacevic:
First time for me hearing this ladys music. I sat mesmerized for the hour. What a great artist.
Jason Young
Jason Young:
Lana Del Rey Is Truly Remarkable !!! Absolutely Amazing
mỹ duyên khúc nhã
mỹ duyên khúc nhã:
Lana's extraordinary voice drives me crazy! My ears are listening to the most luxurious music in the world! No doubt why this lady has so many fans, her angle voice can make you happy when listening to her songs. I am one of the people who fall in love with sad music for real!
this video is really great. I can't believe,it's like I chose all the songs and I loveee Lana
Ali Fırat Demir
Ali Fırat Demir:
Ruha işleyen şarkılar , yıldızların altında düş kurmak için birebir dinlenecek sanatçı . I love Lana Del Rey
jojo enjoyer
jojo enjoyer:
I'm excited, I've never listened to her before but I know my friends like her. Expecting greatness.
Louise Rivera
Louise Rivera:
of all the artists in the world, only Lana makes me feel like a ✨bAdDiE✨
Sofia Carmen
Sofia Carmen:
just transcended in less than a minute listening to this
alphabet soup
alphabet soup:
Taking study breaks to listen to this so i can feel alive again x
Sahana Savarkar
Sahana Savarkar:
the lyrics sloping upwards make me feel like i'm slowly ascending to heaven and i love it <3
Jason Driggs
Jason Driggs:
Loving Lana while quarantined at home!
Flávio Araujo
Flávio Araujo:
"Ride" IS THE SONG OF MY LIFE😭😭❤❤I'll love this song forever, I'll love too much Lana Del Rey forever❤❤❤!
Sergio Suárez Salazar
Sergio Suárez Salazar:
This is my younger's bro account and I'm listening this masterpiece so youtube starts to recommend good music to him.
Reading my fav book and listening to Lana is my definition of girl power.
Maeve Clarke
Maeve Clarke:
Lana never fails to amaze me every time I hear her music. What a goddess.
Leonardo Perez
Leonardo Perez:
God I remember the first time I heard video games...
I was all about rock then but in that one moment I knew there was something real special happening and new kind of a sound i was ready to be addicted to

One of the few songs that just 100% flawlessly captures the emotion it speaks about
The best of Lana del rey is her whole discography.
Laura Enríquez
Laura Enríquez:
I can't stop thinking about the love of my life with her songs
Lost all hope
Lost all hope:
How could you forget West Coast, Radio and Summertime Saddness? Literally her most powerful songs
Gwen Smith
Gwen Smith:
Great song... I’m just surprised that no one made a Star Wars joke because of the way it’s set up... IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY....
Sicci WindexFly
Sicci WindexFly:
Personal lana faves ✨
-serial killer
-jealous girl
-be my daddy
-st. Tropez
-playing dangerous
-maha maha
-queen of disaster

All lana songs are great tbh 🥺
elishia kershom
elishia kershom:
The last song is her life. Beautiful ♥
Derin Mermer
Derin Mermer:
Thank you, I'm studying an exam which is called LGS with this playlist <3
ive never actually listened to her, but i love her songs so far!
All days 1 hour ı listen this ALWAYS
Bob smith
Bob smith:
The thing about Lana Del Rey isn't how good she is (don't get me wrong, she's reaaally good) it that she makes this music with like heavy Leonard Cohen kind of vibes and is still super successful selling it to a normal, mainstream audience.
Aiste Adomaviciute
Aiste Adomaviciute:
all my favourite songs in 1 playlist <3
Vicente Jouclas
Vicente Jouclas:
Thank you for providing the lyrics! That is something we tend to forget in such a beautiful melody and performance.
Rahul Saha
Rahul Saha:
0:00 Video Games
4:41 Blue Jeans
8:11 Born to Die
13:00 Carmen
17:12 Off To the Races
22: 15 Serial Killer
26:36 Money Power Glory
31:00 Florida Kilos
35:15 Gods and Monsters
39:20 Old Money
43:49 Lust for Life
48:18 Ride
Kimberly Biesel
Kimberly Biesel:
You really helped me during the pandemic. Your voice and your music is so soothing.
priya chowdarybandi
priya chowdarybandi:
I can sleep peacefully whilst Lana's music flowing into my ears like honey❤️
hail QUEEN🙏
I’m a new fan of her voice 😌🎶
Lizbeth Xochicale
Lizbeth Xochicale:
0:00 Video Games
4:41 Blue Jeans
8:11 Born to Die
13:00 Carmen
17:12 Off To the Races
22: 15 Serial Killer
26:36 Money Power Glory
31:00 Florida Kilos
35:15 Gods and Monsters
39:20 Old Money
43:49 Lust for Life
48:18 Ride
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen:
I love all of her songs but Old Money make me wanna wears earphones lying in my bed and listen this song all day. It's got me into emotions.
Pau -
Pau -:
Hey thanks for including Off to the races and Ride with the intro before it. I love those tracks!! great selection
Jesus De Ser
Jesus De Ser:
Canté todas las canciones ¡maravilloso!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
A D:
When you discover Lana it's as if you're discovering magic.
Linda Sánchez
Linda Sánchez:
Amazing songs, they take me into another place, being out side looking at the sky in Saturday night 💖
Маги Я.
Маги Я.:
Such an amazing combination of songs. Thank you so much!
Mary Mari
Mary Mari:
День был очень сложный.
Мне кажется, я теряю какую-то часть себя...
А включила сейчас, этой ночью, песни Ланы и чувствую прилив вдохновения, возрождения моего истинного Я.
‘Mad respect for the whole lyrics’
за ride огромное спасибо в конце... прослезилась...
Iris Smeding
Iris Smeding:
Love her music.....its music that speaks to your soul❤❤
this should be like 12 hours long because it should include every lana song
Gods and monsters .. a song can't be this impressive.
emmanuel richard
emmanuel richard:
Best blues rock voice i'ever heard...