The best overtakes by Lewis Hamilton in 2019

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I present you in this video the most beautiful overtakes of Lewis Hamilton in 2019.

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James Sosso
James Sosso:
Thanks for these reminders. When LH starts on P1, race could be boring, when he doesn't, the race is so much more fun.
archie croft
archie croft:
The cheer from the British fans is amazing
Jordi_ Stuart
Jordi_ Stuart:
Both the Austrian and German gp was Lewis defending not overtaking..! Yet you missed out some of Hamilton actual overtakes lol
Toro Loco
Toro Loco:
baharain against vettel? that was awesome.
He’s so good at the switchback
Tshepo Mphake
Tshepo Mphake:
I am beginning to think that Valtteri Bottas was instructed "do all the shit you want, just don't crash into Hamilton!" 🤣🤣🤣
Simon Yohannes
Simon Yohannes:
The best driver ever this earth ever had ... I am from Eriteran and Ethiopia no one nows about or less people ... But I am in love with this sport because off this legend ...
This video needs to be redone... missed alot of key moves here
Bahrain is missing,on Vettel.Probably the best overtake last year I think.Well, looking his onboard lap before that, attempt to overtake was crazy. Looked so fast. Tnx for the video
0:30 when he applies power, he’s taking into acount that his exit is not going to be the physical exit of the corner. He creates a virtual exit instead by anticipating the place Bottas will be by the time he gets there. Brilliant
Lysander Heath
Lysander Heath:
i'm sorry what was japan doing on there he didn't overtake anyone, he just passed verstappen because he got crashed out.
Hatim Salim
Hatim Salim:
Thanks for uploading keep them coming please
Gcinah_ De_Song
Gcinah_ De_Song:
I’m a Lewis Hamilton fan but some of these overtakes thuough😔, against Norris was that an overtake?? The one against Bottas on the Birtish Grand prix should count cause literally after that Bottas took back the lead!😔
Nocy Music
Nocy Music:
A clean classy mean driver the best to come yet Go Lewis
Races always more exciting when Lewis is not on pole. And more often than not he forces his opponents to make mistakes.
Stance santos
Stance santos:
Silverstone shouldn’t be on there because bottas nails him through copse literally a few seconds later
Ewald Jordaan
Ewald Jordaan:
I never thought team mates would fight for p1
Gianluca Podda
Gianluca Podda:
Hamilton's best overtaking is the one on Timo Glock and Jarno Trulli in 2008 with two corners from the end at Junção
New York
New York:
Hamilton is the best on earth. Nobody can’t compete with him. Great job.
Gabriele Segreto
Gabriele Segreto:
In 2019 Hamilton has done 3/4 great overtakes
Lewis Bulaya
Lewis Bulaya:
lewis hamilton is the goat f1 driver maybe i will do some great things on day since im named after him but hey we'll never know
I guess you could say Verstappen and Leclerc had an entanglement in Japan
Maxi F
Maxi F:
The best overtake was Silverstone and Hungary the decade chase in F1 great season but boring when it win everytime the same team 🙁
khalil lutfi
khalil lutfi:
You missed alot of overtakes with vettel
0:40 Underrated. The same move against Nico in 2014
How could you forget his overtake around the outside of vettel at Bahrain....🤷‍♂️
the man really loves overtaking on the outside 🔥 but what was Japan doing here? 😂
90% is a overtake in Valtteri haha
Seriously? the first EVER thing u show is him Overtaking his OWN teammate, WOW LOL
aimee kimvoon
aimee kimvoon:
I used to know my bf watch F1, now im a fan of F1 out of nowhere HAHAHA
Adam Khan
Adam Khan:
bottas got him back on that one
Adrian Bermudez
Adrian Bermudez:
Video : "best overtakes by Lewis Hamilton in 2019"

Everybody : Wow, most are overtakes over Bottas and over a Leclerc with flap issues
that overtake against bottas in hungary 👏
Callum Boscoe
Callum Boscoe:
“Now that’s podracing”
Shamil mt Mt
Shamil mt Mt:
Music love it
Miggy Aviles
Miggy Aviles:
Woah Japan was the best lol HAHAHAH
Hari Haran
Hari Haran:
1:18 the wind makes the difference!
F1 would be better with no teammates! Just 1 car per team!
Daniel ;
Daniel ;:
Hamilton’s good at overtaking but he does need a faster car and tyres imo.
Lokeshkumar N
Lokeshkumar N:
I dont know how Hamilton overtakes are treated as best overtakes because he is in superior machine
Thay all r amazing
Siddhesh Venkatakrishnan
Siddhesh Venkatakrishnan:
Some were him defending, some were him not even overtaking, and others weren't even his best but got included. This isn't a well compiled video.
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker:
Damn amazing!
Aditya Khedekar
Aditya Khedekar:
Surprisingly Hamilton had to Overtake someone wow !
funny videos ki Indian Dukan
funny videos ki Indian Dukan:
Rui Valverde
Rui Valverde:
Iam waiting for the 10h vídeo of the best overtakes of max.
Video game graphics are getting better or real life graphics are getting worse. I swear half these clips look video game.
ian Budget RC
ian Budget RC:
There's a reason why he's the GOAT.
Vitor Ferreira
Vitor Ferreira:
You shouldn't make half-assed overtakes video like this. The fact these were the best overtakes of him this year just goes to show how little wheel to wheel action he has.

And his best overtake you didn't put here which was on Vettel in Bahrein. The other "worthy" overtakes here are the ones on Bottas (lol). The rest are either against guys with dead tyres or DRS overtakes on the straight before the corner is done (or against mid-field cars).
afe nijmeijer
afe nijmeijer:
Mercedes AMG power!! The other cars are in a different league.
Hamba Ilahi
Hamba Ilahi:
All we know is 'valtteri, it's james..'
Nigel L
Nigel L:
german gp hamilton stayed ahead the entire time tho
Jon Hollins
Jon Hollins:
Two of the scenes weren't overtakes.
Awesome vid
bradley nzinga
bradley nzinga:
The king Lewis Hamilton
Bustin Jieber
Bustin Jieber:
4 minutes and 21 seconds of “Valtteri, it’s James”
Rosiephine Alvarez
Rosiephine Alvarez:
Hi sir Hamilton I am from Philippines I am your no#1 fans here I always pray that you win the race gudluck and trust in your self godbless
Bhoot Bahadur
Bhoot Bahadur:
Who is rated higher Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher ??? 🤔🤔
owami pascal 44
owami pascal 44:
I want to be like lewis so much and trust me it would be my dream to be like him but I can't because I'm South African 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
It also helps when you have the fastest car on the circuit.
aminu mohammed
aminu mohammed:
i suppose no overtaking take place in the Japanese GP.
Why didn’t Seb use DRS as well at Spa?
Jay Cho
Jay Cho:
1:31 why the hell would you turn to the audience in the middle of the action;;;
kamil saka
kamil saka:
cutscene transition music tilted me fu** so damnnnn sh**
Gabriel Intorto Top
Gabriel Intorto Top:
No ano passado e 2019 pode ser bem melhor mas agora nesse ano de 2020 tá sendo o pior ano os fãs de atomismo
Corn Truck
Corn Truck:
poor bottas 😂😂
can you drop me off? Greatttttttttttt guy originally talent
Mahlok 82
Mahlok 82:
Hellmilton and mark marques the Best in the wolrd
I did better in video games ;P
Putra Kayangan
Putra Kayangan:
Team petronas is great fasters....
TKO 22
TKO 22:
An absolute legend.. lh44
Why is that racing point silver?
Garen Tejevbo
Garen Tejevbo:
Music between the clips *completely* ruins this video! :-(
Puno A M
Puno A M:
Good for hamilton he got the best car on the grid. If not then he can say goodbye to the wins.
Leonardo Luc
Leonardo Luc:
Try this against George Russel lulu, no way James to George.
Adil Mokhtari
Adil Mokhtari:
Je moet aardig doen tegen stuktv
I C U:
The commentator needs to stop yelling
Did he really overtake.. I mean I always see him leading the race and overtaking the safety car is illegal right?
Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson:
He has the best car with best chassis so yeh of course he is going to be able to overtake with relative ease , no other cars can compete with his
labeouf labeouf
labeouf labeouf:
the goat and best man ever ❤ wait for 8th world champion 😍
علي مسلم
علي مسلم:
مرسيدس وبس
After seeing the black Mercedes i don't want them to go back to silver😂
Mr Khoury
Mr Khoury:
No one beats the monster Montoya i think in crasy overtakes
Blm ruined his life .
Candace H.
Candace H.:
Ooh like music to my ears...
Onur Boyar
Onur Boyar:
such a terrible music
Anirudh K
Anirudh K:
This is not overtaking except British
Overtake with a faster car not a faster pace or strategy
Fede Gava
Fede Gava:
In Giappone non ha fatto nessun sorpasso e a parte uno gli altri fanno tutti schifo.. in America Vettel aveva dei problemi e in Inghilterra Bottas L ha superato subito dopo.. però ha vinto il mondiale.. e questo dimostra quanto metà dei piloti della F1 vincerebbero mondiali con quella macchina... PATETICO
kalel Wilson
kalel Wilson:
One the greatest F1 driver ever ...
John Sullivan
John Sullivan:
Thanks but Japan wasnt an overtake
Jazz Bands
Jazz Bands:
Brazil on alex albon.??? must be just me so.
Tjenare Mannen
Tjenare Mannen:
What happend after lewis overtook bottas???🤪
Annamalai Suresh babu
Annamalai Suresh babu:
Overtake on Vettel in Bahrain and USA ???
Omar Alhashmi
Omar Alhashmi:
Abu Dhabi GP? oh wait
I'm sorry but, the 2nd clip in Austria was barely an overtake, hamilton messed up the turn but the Mercedes engine was just more powerful and gave hamilton the edge to get passed Lando Norris
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid:
Trash. This was the REAL best overtake Hamiltin did this year:
-Valtteri, can you Do 48s?
What's the background song?
Shamil mt Mt
Shamil mt Mt:
Hamilyon best and beast💥😍
Lewis 2020: no overtakes