The Circle Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Emma Watson Movie

Starring: Karen Gillan, Emma Watson, Tom Hanks
The Circle Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Emma Watson Movie

A woman lands a job at a powerful tech company called the Circle, where she becomes involved with a mysterious man.

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100+ komentarze:

What went through my head while watching this:
1. Emma Watson's American accent is pretty decent.
2. I never know whether job interviewers want you to spout bullshit answers to dumbass questions or if they'd be impressed with an honest answer for once (e.g. "Why do you want to work here?," "Well, I really admire the company's commitment to blah blah blah" vs. "Well, I need a job and you're hiring.")
3. Tom!
4. Is that Soylent she's drinking at 0:45?
5. Reminds me of a Black Mirror episode.
6. Hermione and Finn! Righteous.
7. "We're Watching You" song is a little on the nose.
The importance of privacy is the theme of this movie.
With complete transparency, you're exposed to everyone including criminals.
I don't like telling Facebook when I'm away from my house because of the potential for break in.
Watching this will make you understand the importance of caution and privacy.
Merry Peasant
Merry Peasant:
“Unfulfilled potential” was the sentence that resonated with me during the movie because it shows how our minds fixate on something like work and literally engulfs our lives and everyone else’s lives. We lose our senses in a whole other world. We humans can fixate on something and can turn into something great (and not so great). But the future is inevitable and like Mae’s comparison to the idea of the Circle to airplanes, when it crashes we don’t abandon planes, but make them safer,,, it really shows that this is frightening but very realistic. The ideas in this movie have not left my mind. Mae’s sociopathic character reflects upon a lot of leaders in today’s society.
Rebecca Jane Brown
Rebecca Jane Brown:
Just finished the book and I'm very disappointed. I was interesting watching the trailer during and after reading. You spot so many little things that you would not be aware of having not read. I think the book could have been SO MUCH BETTER... I hope this learns from the book. xx
"What are you most scared of?"
"Unfulfilled potential."

So true.
Starlight Season
Starlight Season:
To be honest, I really like the ending. Don’t get me wrong; I love when an evil plan is destroyed and something like that but it I was very surprised of the ending. It wasn’t the cliche thing instead it continued on. And also it shows us how this is happening to us now, our privacy is almost gone. I accept any single disagreements on the replies
I was in disbelief when I saw the credits. The entire movie feels like the rising action to another movie. You wait and wait until the movie gets into the real action, but with this movie, it never happens. The entire experience watching this movie is basically just you waiting for the climax of the movie, only to get slapped in the face by the credits and say "Wait.. That's it? that was the whole movie?". Very disappointing considering it had great actors and actresses.
Kathleen Constanti
Kathleen Constanti:
I love Emma's answer to what are you most afraid of: "unfulfilled potential".
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
Ive gotta say, this movie looks pretty impressive. I'm excited to see where they go with the plot, and I absolutely LOVE Emma Watson AND Tom Hanks for making this film. <3<3<3<3<3
Ikstan RiR
Ikstan RiR:
Loved this movie, really shows how social media can affect us if we allow it to take us over
Mustafa Ayad
Mustafa Ayad:
in my opinion the movie was amazing and it discusses more of whats in the persons mind than whats on the screen, i feel like the ending is clear; with our own power we can lead the way without the need of someone to have power over us, if we were righteous. The corruption within the movie was faced with the power of the people in being sincere and ideal, as well as the luck of being privileged eliminated the fact that anyone from the circle could be corrupt or act based on survival or rather greed (with respect to the movie). Hence the conclusion could be taken in many ways
S. O.
S. O.:
I just finished reading the book and I'm so thrilled to watch the movie, because it looks pretty great! And the movie is just unsettling. I wonder if they will keep the same ending.
I've just finished the book and I've still got goosebumps. Hope the movie is just a good!
"I am a believer in the perfectabily of human being" Most dangerous sentence ever uttered.
Alex Radeva
Alex Radeva:
The idea behind this movie is absolutely genius. Bless Dave Eggers for writing the book.
This movie looks really promising!! Tom Hanks and Emma Watson are brilliant actors as well, can't wait to watch!
For me the ending was perfect, it was a message, "if we are to live in a world with total transparency, NO ONE SHOULD BE ABOVE IT!!"
Gotta leave a comment about this movie.
It has a powerful message for us all.
When us, when the world will be able to do such a thing, would we chose to do it? Would we say no? So many good thing, with as many negative consequences... But the consequences last one generation, and the good things live on. Can we adapt?
Watch the movie, think about it.
"You're most scared of?"
"Unfulfilled potential, that's why I studied a lot at Hogwarts to show the Slytherin assholes that a muggle can be superior at magic than the pure blood."
Ben V
Ben V:
I was SOOO excited for this and the movie absolutely fell on its face.
unitet potterhead
unitet potterhead:
Um comentário BR aqui
Eu AMO a emma mais n importa quantas séries ou filmes que ela faz ou fará ela sempre para mim vai ser a enterna hermione ela atuou quando tinha só 9 aninhos e olha que foi lá em 2001 o tempo passa voando ela já e alduta
I can't wait for this <3! Currently reading the book now and it's amazing
Just finished the book and it was amazing. Can't wait for the movie!
maryam mohamed
maryam mohamed:
This is a perfect example of how to make a good trailer, your not meant to reveal everything but just enough to get us excited.
A real stab at companies like Google / Apple but the films ending is it's biggest letdown. It had many elements from The Truman Show which had a proper conclusion.
Charlotte Zoller
Charlotte Zoller:
The book is just amazing !! Can't wait to see the movie adaptation !
Sunny Life
Sunny Life:
This is awesome! Karen Gillan, Emma Watson and Tom Hanks together in a movie?! I'm gonna buy this movie right now!
I feel I deserve some kind of award for making it all the way through this movie. That's the least they can do.
Gotta admit, I was surprised it didn't end in the whole cliche "girl realizes company is evil and takes it down" kind of way, the ending really shocked me, I wasn't expecting her to do THAT! But then again it's based on a book, if it was down to hollywood the ending would have been much different. It's a great film. Go watch it!
Jonathan Elam
Jonathan Elam:
Wow amazing mind blowing movie. Deserves an award hands down
Selina Begum
Selina Begum:
I've just finished reading the book this film is based on, The Circle by Dave Eggers. It's a good dystopian novel and satire on social media and technology. Reminds me of Netflix series Black Mirror.
Alexis Ahn
Alexis Ahn:
This looks like a really good movie. I can't wait for it to come out. Tom Hanks and Emma Watson are two of my favorite actors .
Still havent seen this movie but holy cow. The plot is based on real life occurrences which have been going on for so many years. From our Government, to every single piece of Social media including youtube. We are being watched 24/7 by google and also Facebook with its vast amount of accompanied Apps.
Xavier King
Xavier King:
This movie is what we living in today's world, the circle with social media and today's technology, that's scary
Sarah Bandes
Sarah Bandes:
Any movie with Emma & Tom Hanks has my vote. I need to see
My Name Is Nobody
My Name Is Nobody:
omg i am really looking forward to this movie. i read the book this summer and it somehow changed my perspective! important issue everyone should face and deal with!!
MaleboJ Sniper
MaleboJ Sniper:
Was actually holding my breath, waiting for something to happen
Suyash Awasthi
Suyash Awasthi:
Anybody getting a black mirror vibe from it?
David Tejada
David Tejada:
OMG! Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, my all-time favourite actors in the same movie. After the movie I'll die peacefully :,)
Swiftie By Heart
Swiftie By Heart:
From what I remember when it ended I was like “this can’t be the ending, almost nothing happened”
Nyema Sobia
Nyema Sobia:
This film looks promising. Applause for A+ casting.
watched it today, movie wasn't bad
the concept itself was pretty good
I liked the ending
D Harms
D Harms:
Looks amazing. I love Emma Watson. So talented!!!
Jennifer Angel Andrea
Jennifer Angel Andrea:
This looks great! exciting, great actors and actresses !
The overall concept of the movie about privacy is pretty interesting and raises legitimate questions despite how you may think of the film.
The Natural Ones
The Natural Ones:
I have very mixed expectations about this. Read the book after seeing the trailer, and it had the grace, subtlety and nuance of a falling anvil. Here's hoping they'll add some of that.
Jack Drizzle
Jack Drizzle:
Clickbait or not. Emma Watson will and always remain flawless on any thumbnail.
robin breslow
robin breslow:
She´s a great actress!
I love Star Wars, Harry Potter and Doctor Who, but Tom Hanks alone being in it is enough to get me interested.
Fred Goodwin
Fred Goodwin:
I read "The Circle" by Dave Eggers when it came out in 2014. At the time, everyone likened the Circle to google, but I thought then and now, that the Circle was more like Facebook than google. Regardless, it was a great book, and I look forward to a great movie!
Moon Light
Moon Light:
I read the novel - it was so touching 👍😊
Sulochana Gangi
Sulochana Gangi:
This is sending chills down my spine
Oh my gosh !
That is so amazing movie.
Wow !!!!! It is so dramatic, kinda thriller.
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno:
So many talented actors in this movie.
Skinniest Kween
Skinniest Kween:
This film is absolute perfection.
Gaston Pereira
Gaston Pereira:
I've just finished the book. It is great, enjoyable. I'll watch the movie soon.
Daan K
Daan K:
I loved the book and Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors; I have to see this!
Fan Made Videos
Fan Made Videos:
I never thought a cover of Hall & Oats' "Private Eyes" could turn out so Gotdayum FREAKY and it definitely feels like a big part of this movie
Zachary Smith
Zachary Smith:
this looks so good😛
Masquerade Reader
Masquerade Reader:
Can't wait to watch this. I've read the book twice so I'm thrilled.
Alfred C Kumwenda
Alfred C Kumwenda:
Stoked that my favorite actors are in this film!!!!!! Watson, Hanks and Boyega #fangirling!!!!!! XD
Zohal Arbabzada
Zohal Arbabzada:
If you're wondering why it is similar to 1984 ... all dystopian novels pay homage to his work and the ideas in some form or another. 1984 is one of the books that established dystopian fiction leading to works such as the Handmaid's Tale and even the Hunger Games.
A movie where Emma Watson says "early Sonic, late Mario"? You've got my attention.
youtube account
youtube account:
this is what happens when Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and Google merge into one giant tech company
Grunge Kitten
Grunge Kitten:
amy blake
amy blake:
those are like all of my fav actors (especially tom hanks) and the movie seems great so far i cant wait omg
I'm so excited for this movie omg
I was actually disappointed by this movie. The moment you think something big is about to happen it just doesn't and *boom* the end. Not cool.
Lord Mistery
Lord Mistery:
This looks amazing! Looking forward for it, Emma Watson seems brilliant in this!
Derpy Dog
Derpy Dog:

the movie gives you climax and it gives you a reason to have suspense
but in the end the girl just does what she was trying to stop
the movie had pottential to be good but it had thrown that in the trash
and just was like
hey i know you want this big bad company to end but why don't we just have the main character run the company enforcing even worse rules!!!!
they left plot holes by introducing thai and doing nothing with him they just use him as a backstory and they never explained what
happened to the parents and they barely used them they just introduced them because they wanted to extend the movie or atleast that's what it felt like...anyway they left alot of plot holes they didnt use the climax or suspense they just ended it there and they added unnesisary characters along with stupid plot devices anyways i know this comment was long here's a lolipop 0
2/10 movie in my opinion
Jack Spry
Jack Spry:
RIP and long live Bill Paxton (May 17, 1955 - February 25, 2017), aged 61
RIP and long live Glenne Headly (March 13, 1955 - June 8, 2017), aged 62
You both will always be remembered as legends.
Jarrod Cook
Jarrod Cook:
It could have had a better ending but surely it deserves more than 15% on Rotten Tomatoes.
Afrokuma 318
Afrokuma 318:
I just finished reading the book, maybe this would have been better in a mini serie format than a movie :3

But I already seen a lot of keypoints from the book in the trailer im now curious on how the movie is going to end :3
lori !
lori !:
Omg I really want to see this movie!!
A good case of "The book was better" I love dave eggers and don't like the alternate ending in the film version. I think the original ending made the rest of the book a wild whirlwind story worth observing.
Series Consideration
Series Consideration:
This is giving me some serious Black Mirror vibes.

I'm in.
Julia A. S.
Julia A. S.:
eu to torcendo muito pra esse filme ser bom se for uma merda eu choro
This is scary, because there are people like that, people who want to control everything and everyone. You just need a lot of money, someone who thinks like that and you need to convince people that this is helping humanity, when in fact it's turning society into something like society is in '1984'. This could happen.
채영 비디오Chaeyoung Videos
채영 비디오Chaeyoung Videos:
I hope this movie is great just because Emma Watson is in it and I hope she finally proves the haters wrong and deliver a great performance
Connor Burnett
Connor Burnett:
I'm in. I'll watch anything with Emma Watson or Tom Hanks
Triin Bõstrov
Triin Bõstrov:
I find this movie to be scarier than some of the horror movies out there..
Hannah Leuzzi
Hannah Leuzzi:
Am I the only one more excited that Karen Gillian is in this movie than Emma Watson?
Paige Leigh
Paige Leigh:
Emma been killin it with her film releases lately!
Steven Morris
Steven Morris:
This looks like a great movie. It sucks that this is the last time we will see Bill Paxton again.

This will be hardly worth watching if your here to see Bill Paxton performance. But i will be here for the movie because it looks good. Emma Watson will be great in this. This movie looks very interesting.

Bill Paxton's last movie and tv show 😔

Mean Dreams and Training Day. We will miss you Bill.
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller:
Not sure if this is my type of movie but damn, emma, john AND hanks. Stellar cast.
Artsy Fartsy
Artsy Fartsy:
Just finished the book. It wasn't amazing, it had its flaws, but it creeped me out. Not in the way that some specific thing is scary like in horror movies, but the whole idea itself really got under my skin and made me feel uneasy. Kind of like the ending of Rosemary's Baby. There's not really a specific thing or imagery that scares you, but the very idea. If the novel just had better pacing and knew its way around subplots it would have been amazing.
Hanine Kadi
Hanine Kadi:
Looks like an episode of Black Mirror :)
Ebony Maw
Ebony Maw:
John Boyega was in Star Wars. Mark Hamill was in Star Wars. He was also in the Flash. Emma Watson was in Harry Potter. Tom Felton was in Harry Potter. He was also in the Flash. Do you see the trend here? Barry screwed up another timeline...
Kayla Paul
Kayla Paul:
Oh my gosh people! Wake up!! "Why does this remind me of that movie, or this movie?" Like. Hello!!! It's reality!!! Everything in this movie, and the movies it reminds you of, is real. It's happening to all of us as we speak, and has been for years. You think you have privacy, well you don't. You never will. Unless you don't have any connection with the World Wide Web, then you're fine. Lol jk, people that know you have connections to you. So we're all screwed lol.
Taste of San Diego
Taste of San Diego:
🎶they're watching you 🎶
Omg that gave me goosebumps
Charming Russian Language and Culture
Charming Russian Language and Culture:
Finally watched this film! Very tragic and true.
This film was going to be released here in Australia on May 25th, then it was postponed to July 13th and on July 9th, when I was really looking forward to it, I noticed it had been postponed again to August 17th. I was so ready for it and looking forward to it and now it has been postponed again. Welcome to Australia, people.
Chris - Sol Mon
Chris - Sol Mon:
The Circle, aka The Church (church comes from circle... “See Change” is the movie’s slogan... the device sees everything — like a Holy See.

Love these metaphorical movies.
Iza Van Maastrigt
Iza Van Maastrigt:
Anyone here read the book? Because I did and it was really good (in my opinion). It sends a really good and terrifying message
Crazy Steve
Crazy Steve:
They have another movie called circle.. it's amazing! It's about aliens taking people and it's a matter of life or death! I recommend everyone looks it up..
Movie is good but if the world really becomed like this i will protest it
Jack Draper
Jack Draper:
This actually looks so dope, reminiscent of black mirror
Jagoda Ziolkowska
Jagoda Ziolkowska:
I think it will be good film with nice actors!
Kimie Minobe
Kimie Minobe:
OMG!!! this is the first time ever that I've read a book before it was about to become a movie.😝
millie rumbley
millie rumbley:
this looks good and all, but let's be honest. even if it didn't look good I'd still see it because Emma Watson is in it