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At a time when Britain was recovering from war and her empire was in decline, a young woman took the throne as a matter of duty not desire. Prepare for a world full of intrigue and revelations in The Crown. Now Streaming on Netflix.

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The Crown | Official Trailer | Netflix

This drama follows the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century.

100+ komentarze:

Imagine... The Royal family binge watching this
Mr. Tey
Mr. Tey:
"The crown has landed on my head."

So powerful!
Remember that time The Doctor married the Queen? This is the documentary.
Kamila M.
Kamila M.:
such a good show. it shows the queen as more than a monarch. a woman, a wife, daughter, and a sister. I felt with her, her ups and downs. Def recommend it
The real Game Of Thrones, who needs dragons anyway
Jan A.A
Jan A.A:
"Long live queen Elizabeth" he wasnt kidding
Priince Brvce_LUHG_
Priince Brvce_LUHG_:
The show is a masterpiece, I cannot stop watching it. I already want season 2!!!
"Love is the death of duty." -Maester Aemon, Game of Thrones. This brilliant quote just fits.
Sara Speroni
Sara Speroni:
Anyone here after the trailer of the third season?
Amazing to think that when Elizabeth was crowned, Britain was still an empire. Must be hard for her to see the empire get smaller and smaller and now even Scotland is threatening to leave the union...
Jonathan Elliott
Jonathan Elliott:
This is one of the most remarkable series I've ever seen.... The character study done on Churchill in episode 9 was absolutely illuminating. Congrats to everyone involved!!!!!!!
All Hail Her Grace, Elizabeth of House Windsor, Second of her name, Queen of the English and the Scottish, Lady of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, and Protector of the Realm.
Sirish Paudel
Sirish Paudel:
Only after watching The Crown did I realize the great personal sacrifices the Queen has had to make throughout her reign. My salute to the Queen.

On a personal note, thank you Netflix for this amazing biographical TV series. I have absolutely no doubt that this show will go down in history as one of the finest Biographical TV drama ever #TheCrown
Jerry To
Jerry To:
The Doctor does have a habit of marrying girls who are queens and named Elizabeth.
Watching this made me instantly switch from drinking coffee to tea.
Caila Porsch
Caila Porsch:
My favorite part in 'The Crown' is when the FBI and CIA arrest Prince Andrew for his involvement in worldwide child sex trafficking rings!
2:10 when she said i've seen 3 great monarchy brought down.

Kingdom of France / French Empire
Saint-Empire romain germanique / German Empire
Austria Empire / Kingdom of Austria-Hungary
darth faggot
darth faggot:
10 marries queen elizabeth 1st
11 marries queen elizabeth 2nd
Ethio King
Ethio King:
I guess the doctor ended up marrying the queen
Matt Smith = YES!
Netflix is getting better & better. Anyone disagrees?
hridhay nivas
hridhay nivas:
"The crown always wins" gives me shivers!
Doctor Who confirmed
“I have seen 3 great monarchies brought down through their failure to separate personal indulgences from duty. You must not allow yourself to make similar mistakes. The crown must win. Must always win.”
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey:
I shall watch this.. when it finally get around to add it to Netflix Aus
Benny Blandino
Benny Blandino:
who ever approves the Netflix series needs to be hired by Hollywood so they can stop approving crappy movies and things like this instead
Michal Kate C.
Michal Kate C.:
“And you are..”
“The Queen of England.”

cell pat
cell pat:
0:42 "She is the job."
- King George VI
Nathaniel Cowan
Nathaniel Cowan:
This is going to be the best Dr. Who episode ever!
Micah A
Micah A:
Lol outta no where, we get a release date XD
aksara 17
aksara 17:
it feels like a sequel of the king speech
This was fantastic
sky master
sky master:
There is no king or queen, but only one true king to whom i bow to and his name is Jon Snow....."THE KING IN THE NORTH!"
Netflix! More historical movies!!
Piyari Shah
Piyari Shah:
"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."
- William Shakespeare
This looks fantastic! Her RP pronunciation is perfect.
I am an American living in the U.S. but I love historical dramas and tales of the British monarchy. Many Americans, while rejecting the idea of royalty on the basis of this nation's founding, still enjoy the pomp, gala and drama that surrounds them. Also, this is about history and all that happened during these times, not just about QE2
Netflix is killing the game.
This serie is a piece of art, it´s so great to watch
I watched this in one day. It was fantastic! It must suck to be a royal to, literally no choice is yours.. 5 stars.
Dawood Chaudary
Dawood Chaudary:
Sounds like that long live Queen Elizabeth came true 90 years and Counting
Michele Spaliviero
Michele Spaliviero:
this looks super super good, the actress is amazing!
Stop! Stop Netflix! Cable tv is already dead!
Let's be real here we all know im gonna watch this for matt smith
Somya Thakur
Somya Thakur:
Didn't know the doctor was married to Queen Elizabeth!
Kelly S
Kelly S:
What Claire Foy does in the last second is absolutely breathtaking and so so powerful. You can see her entire character shift from Elizabeth Windsor to Elizabeth Regina from the smallest shift in her frame and in her gaze. Magnificent.
Brian Jensen
Brian Jensen:
I can't wait to see this show. Netflix might win an Emmy for best TV show drama. :)
Michael Seraph
Michael Seraph:
11 got a better looking Queen as wife than 10 did. :'D
A form was sent to my school asking boys to audition for this :)
I just finished it. It was AMAZING.
How many whovians who saw this, and saw Matt Smith's face and instantly just started internally screaming?
I'm watching Jenna Coleman in Victoria and now Matt Smith in this! The Doctor Who cast in period dramas is my aesthetic.
Aubrey Oleandereie
Aubrey Oleandereie:
That looks so... dark and sad. Elisabeth was and probably actually is very funny and cute lady, despide her public allways annoyed face.
I started watching this because of Matt ♥
But, holy shit! the other actors are brilliant!
Specially (for me) Claire Foy, she is a true queen!! I love her♥ I'm so glad to have found her here!
I'd be interested in learning about how accurate this series turns out. I know nothing of this part of history.
Dylan Mcg
Dylan Mcg:
So I saw the ad on a doctor who video I was about to watch, I was about to skip it until I saw Matt smith then I stayed to watch the whole thing
Kayla Daniel
Kayla Daniel:
As an a level history student , I feel as though it’s my duty to watch this series 😭it seems so good
Clay to Gold
Clay to Gold:
this looks so gooooooooddddd
Rodney Burton
Rodney Burton:
"I will not kneel before my wife". When asking her to marry him, EVERY man kneels before his wife
Mumford and sons "I will wait"!
michelle munyanduki
michelle munyanduki:
Who else is here because of Pedro Alonso (Berlin) Money Heist.
Sara Khalfey
Sara Khalfey:
So The Doctor is reunited once more with his old pal Winnie Churchill :D
I wanna watch but I don't have Netflix. Are there any websites that I could watch it on?
Wasif Tajwar
Wasif Tajwar:
She was blessed with pretty long life
Chris Pi
Chris Pi:
now...After "The crown" I can understand her much better! Long live the Queen!!
Soljan Shametaj
Soljan Shametaj:
My wife beg me to watch only one episode and now here I am getting crazy about this awesome program...
Jack Scott
Jack Scott:
When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was going to be an HBO show. So glad that we now have Netflix to count on for awesome new shows!
Jinelle Dawkins
Jinelle Dawkins:
“The crown has landed on my head” but heavy is the hea- ..... never mind.
I never imagined John Lithgow as Churchill and yet, I'm all for it.
Magnus Sinclair
Magnus Sinclair:
The only Netflix series, I am sleeping in peace after watching just one episode a day. so beautiful work, beautiful and artistic opening track, beautiful sets, and climate.. 10/10
This series is AMAZING. PLS WATCH IT.
Chaitra Amarnath
Chaitra Amarnath:
Who's here after the season 3 trailer?
I am watching season 1 now, and I just have to say 1 thing.

Evie Coad
Evie Coad:
Netflix and chill anyone ??
Chu Chulainn
Chu Chulainn:
The battlefield is silent, the shadows growing long.
Though I may view the sunset I'll not stay to see the dawn.

The trees have ceased to rustle; the birds no longer sing.
All nature seems to wonder at the passing of a King.

And now you stand before me, your father's flesh and blood,
Begotten of his sinews on the woman that he loved.

All our trials and troubles, lie behind us now today,
And now you stand before me to bear my crown away.

The hour is fast approaching when you come into your own,
When you take the ring and scepter, and sit upon the throne.

Before that final moment when we each must meet our fate,
Pray gaze upon the royal crown and marvel at its weight.

This cap of burnished metal is the symbol of a land,
Supporting all we cherish, the dreams for which we stand.

The weight, you'll find, is nothing if you hold it in your palm.
The burden of the crown begins the day you put it on.

Every point of light a burden you must shoulder with your own,
And mighty is the burden of the man upon the throne.

My time is nearly ended, my friends all wait fourfold.
You stand with grace and power as you always have foretold.

Keep well for me my kingdom when my memory is dead.
And forgive me for the burden that I place upon your head.

Derek Foster, aka Baldwin of Erebor, 1979
This is going to be so damn good!
Luke Hardy
Luke Hardy:
I'm getting serious Emilia Clarke vibes from her. Their facial expressions are eerily similar which makes her perfect for the role of the Queen IMO. This show is gonna be great!
neverdye 20
neverdye 20:
well the doctor went back in time again
ʘ͜͡ʘ Jessé Middleton ツ
ʘ͜͡ʘ Jessé Middleton ツ:
This has got to be the best TV series of the decade! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Paiva Jr
Paiva Jr:
The Crown must win. It must always win.
"...on the edge of ca-tas-trophy" - I like how Winston Churchill sounds like The Emporer from Star Wars.
Rizal Boon
Rizal Boon:
This trailergives me a 'The King's Voice' vibe. I'm sure im gonna love this series.
Violet Jaguar
Violet Jaguar:
Absolutely beautiful production; visually stunning...and the score is breathtaking; acting superb! I have no fascination with the actual Monarchy; but this piece of showmanship is nothing less than 'remarkable'(just as Winston's poor assistant may of stated)<3 John Lothgow
Wonder if the queen will watch this?
Sally Vee
Sally Vee:
The cinematography is gorgeous. I've been waiting for a other historical drama like Marco Polo for so long now. Everything about this looks amazing.

Luke Cage and now this? Fall is going to be a great season for Netflix.
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen:
Oh look, the Doctor is married to a queen, again!
I've been waiting since 2013 to see Matt Smith in a new show
I will never be able to see anyone but the doctor in Matt smith
(I'm sorry but that's the truth)
_& the era of Netflix reigns on!_
am I the only one who got khalesei vibes on her last look to the camera???
Debonaire Nerd
Debonaire Nerd:
Be honest. You're only watching to see if Prince Philip wears a fez and enjoys a staple diet of jammy dodgers followed by Queen Victoria appearing out of a vortex to tell him he is clever.
Samir Ramírez
Samir Ramírez:
This is the best serie I've ever seen... Actually my favorite, it a trapped me since the first chapter, highly recommended =)
Josefine F. Rydkjær
Josefine F. Rydkjær:
I can't imagine Matt Smith as anything but the doctor
Liz Jizz
Liz Jizz:
Life has been hard since the twelfth doctor replaced him
Claire Foy nailed the voice. Damn. Must have watched a lot of footage of when she was younger.
It looks great! I can't wait to see it!
Michael S
Michael S:
Enjoying every episode. She’s really an amazing woman.
All the actors are really great portraying the characters.
you see that why I cutting my cable off why because Marvel Netflix is taking over now this wow netflix taking over television this look good 😲
Nis B
Nis B:
That look she gives at 2:19 envelops me entirely, I can't place why.
Silmaril w
Silmaril w:
Absolutely loved it <3 It's history, interesting characters, drama, amazing soundtrack and visuals combined! Beautiful :)
Farah Depa
Farah Depa:
Well I saw the ad and I thought I recognised Matt and Winston Churchill so two DW references I've seen so far