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At a time when Britain was recovering from war and her empire was in decline, a young woman took the throne as a matter of duty not desire. Prepare for a world full of intrigue and revelations in The Crown. Now Streaming on Netflix.

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The Crown | Official Trailer | Netflix

This drama follows the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century.

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Jan A.A
Jan A.A:
"Long live queen Elizabeth" he wasnt kidding
such a good show. it shows the queen as more than a monarch. a woman, a wife, daughter, and a sister. I felt with her, her ups and downs. Def recommend it
Imagine... The Royal family binge watching this
The real Game Of Thrones, who needs dragons anyway
Jonathan Elliott
Jonathan Elliott:
This is one of the most remarkable series I've ever seen.... The character study done on Churchill in episode 9 was absolutely illuminating. Congrats to everyone involved!!!!!!!
Priince Brvce_LUHG_
Priince Brvce_LUHG_:
The show is a masterpiece, I cannot stop watching it. I already want season 2!!!
Kelly S
Kelly S:
What Claire Foy does in the last second is absolutely breathtaking and so so powerful. You can see her entire character shift from Elizabeth Windsor to Elizabeth Regina from the smallest shift in her frame and in her gaze. Magnificent.
Amazing to think that when Elizabeth was crowned, Britain was still an empire. Must be hard for her to see the empire get smaller and smaller and now even Scotland is threatening to leave the union...
“I have seen 3 great monarchies brought down through their failure to separate personal indulgences from duty. You must not allow yourself to make similar mistakes. The crown must win. Must always win.”
Remember that time The Doctor married the Queen? This is the documentary.
Looks like the Doctor also married Elizabeth II...
Michal Kate C.
Michal Kate C.:
“And you are..”
“The Queen of England.”

I can't describe how well made this series is! the videography and the proms and attention detail is just extraordinary!
Mike Martinez
Mike Martinez:
I remember watching this trailer back in 2016 and being thrilled to see this depiction of the royal family. Seeing as how this show has garnered so much conservation & attention now makes me so happy! This show needs to be watched. Easily one of Netflix's best shows ever created.
saoirse quvnzhane
saoirse quvnzhane:
Internally cursing myself for not watching this sooner but as they say, it's better late than never. This show is 👏🏻👏🏻
Jack Robins
Jack Robins:
I love these types of series! Great cast and the story looks incredible! Good job Netflix!
hridhay nivas
hridhay nivas:
"The crown always wins" gives me shivers!
Graham Cheesman
Graham Cheesman:
After so many years having no interest in the Royal Family I now find myself absolutely fascinated by this show. Could be my family with a mixture of good and bad apart from being common and penniless
I am an American living in the U.S. but I love historical dramas and tales of the British monarchy. Many Americans, while rejecting the idea of royalty on the basis of this nation's founding, still enjoy the pomp, gala and drama that surrounds them. Also, this is about history and all that happened during these times, not just about QE2
Sirish Paudel
Sirish Paudel:
Only after watching The Crown did I realize the great personal sacrifices the Queen has had to make throughout her reign. My salute to the Queen.

On a personal note, thank you Netflix for this amazing biographical TV series. I have absolutely no doubt that this show will go down in history as one of the finest Biographical TV drama ever #TheCrown
Mr Tey
Mr Tey:
"The crown has landed on my head."

So powerful!
Pratistha Nepal
Pratistha Nepal:
This is just so amazing and put out so beautiful and I just can’t explain how wonderful it feels while watching the acting and the history. This show is very powerful in its own unique ways. I can’t wait for the new season 😊
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal:
I just finished watching this series in Netflix galore. I simply binge watched it. It is brilliant. The acting is on point. Especially Winston Churchill. Each and every actor was cast brilliantly and I was deeply moved by every portrayal. The subtle acting and script writing are phenomenal.
The characters are relatable and considering that most of them are royals or legends that is a major achievement. I'd put this series in my top 5. Including heavy hitters like House of Cards and Breaking Bad.
Gilmar Bernardo
Gilmar Bernardo:
Série fantástica! Impecável em todos os sentidos!
Violet Jaguar
Violet Jaguar:
Absolutely beautiful production; visually stunning...and the score is breathtaking; acting superb! I have no fascination with the actual Monarchy; but this piece of showmanship is nothing less than 'remarkable'(just as Winston's poor assistant may of stated)<3 John Lothgow
Dylan Blue
Dylan Blue:
I fell in love at the very episode,and from time to time return to this glorious,magnificent show. To me it's the best series ever to be created.
such a good show. in my opinion s1 and s2 were the best as claire foy was perfect and such an amazing actresss, but all the seasons are just incredible
Lehlila Devandria
Lehlila Devandria:
Well casted and acted. John Lithgow as Winston Churchill just shook me. His vocal patterns,pauses and mannerism were so uncanny.
Absolutely loved it <3 It's history, interesting characters, drama, amazing soundtrack and visuals combined! Beautiful :)
Netflix is getting better & better. Anyone disagrees?
This show is so good. Watched the entire season in one sitting. No regrets.
This series is absolutely amazing. Cannot get enough! Thank you Netflix!
Michael S
Michael S:
Enjoying every episode. She’s really an amazing woman.
All the actors are really great portraying the characters.
Danielly Silva
Danielly Silva:
Eu to chorando, vai ser maravilhoso. To esperando a tanto tempo
Netflix! More historical movies!!
Ibad Hassan
Ibad Hassan:
Watching this after season 2, you can really see how the Queen has grown with her experience of royalty. Props to Claire Foy
Amazing series. Incredible depth and development of characters.I dare say this series enters the "Canon of ART" .I think this series is not "famous" because it doesn't deal with drugs (Breaking Bad) , guns (Fargo,True detective), sex(GoT) and references to pop culture (stranger things). IMO this series is definitely one of the BEST SERIES EVER MADE.
Martin Amarilla
Martin Amarilla:
I watched this trailer when it came out and was really excited. I have to say I was not disappointed, The Crown delivered with amazing results. Can't wait for next season.
Derek W
Derek W:
I dont usually like dramas but this was amazing. Superb acting, beautiful visuals, intense soundtrack, and a great script. Between Stranger Things, GoT, The Crown, I have no idea who's going to win Golden Globes best tv drama this year.
"Excelente serie"!!!!!.espero con ansias las segunda temporada!!!
Lukas DiSparrow
Lukas DiSparrow:
0:33 this trailer hits different after Prince Philip's death
Soumyo Mukherjee
Soumyo Mukherjee:
there are no words to describe a show like this... if it weren't for Netflix, I'd call this the ultimate documentary reality show... documentary for the period setting and reality show for the family dynamics of possibly the most famous family in the world... Kudos to the cast and crew. Bravo, can't wait for season 2
Hands down one of the greatest shows of the decade
Romina A
Romina A:
Serie magistral! Actores increibles, producción increíble, todo es impresionante! Super recomendable! Una de las mejores serie que he visto.
Alina Apanovich
Alina Apanovich:
The best season of this TV SHOW, everything was shown perfectly, I've watched it again and again.
What a powerful and iconic series this has been. Absolutely gorgeous
I watched this in one day. It was fantastic! It must suck to be a royal to, literally no choice is yours.. 5 stars.
Some Cynical Asshole
Some Cynical Asshole:
This is one of the best shows I have ever seen. Can't wait for season 2!
This serie is a piece of art, it´s so great to watch
All Hail Her Grace, Elizabeth of House Windsor, Second of her name, Queen of the English and the Scottish, Lady of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, and Protector of the Realm.
Sayan Sarkar
Sayan Sarkar:
Just finished the first season. Such an awesome experience.
Shaun Deverson
Shaun Deverson:
One of the best shows I've seen in a long time - Bravo!
Chloe Riccardo
Chloe Riccardo:
Wow this looks really amazing I fell in love with the Royal family I think 20 years ago so it's amazing to see how all of their stories are connected. I remember watching The Kings Speech, Young Victoria, and many other films it's funny how they are all connected to Queen Elizabeth the Second though this should be a great story. Definitely something the grandkids and great-grandkids can pass down and have too. A great way to celebrate the new next chapter in 2018.
I started watching this because of Matt ♥
But, holy shit! the other actors are brilliant!
Specially (for me) Claire Foy, she is a true queen!! I love her♥ I'm so glad to have found her here!
Jessie Z
Jessie Z:
I'm rewatching season 1 because I'm going to miss Claire Foy! But I'm also excited for the new actress to play Elizabeth! I know she will do amazing!
EL Señor Acorn
EL Señor Acorn:
This show is incredible can't wait for season 2
Hyrule Princess
Hyrule Princess:
I just finished watching the first season and wow! I loved it! I can't wait for the second.
Aquarius baby
Aquarius baby:
I really hope Netflix next does a sequel to "The Tudors" where it centers around Edward Mary and Elizabeth before she took the throne I think they could truly do it justice I LOVE movies and shows about royalty and the drama they go through I find it so fascinating
Magnus Sinclair
Magnus Sinclair:
The only Netflix series, I am sleeping in peace after watching just one episode a day. so beautiful work, beautiful and artistic opening track, beautiful sets, and climate.. 10/10
Leah Gary
Leah Gary:
This show is absolutely wonderful. 🙂🌹
Manasa from Hogwarts
Manasa from Hogwarts:
4 episodes in and i'm obsessed!! im trying so hard not to binge watch the whole show 😆
Piyari Shah
Piyari Shah:
"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."
- William Shakespeare
Juliette VILLARD
Juliette VILLARD:
I'm starting the 9th episode tonight and I'm deeply in love with the series already !
ʘ͜͡ʘ Jessé Middleton ツ
ʘ͜͡ʘ Jessé Middleton ツ:
This has got to be the best TV series of the decade! 🙌🏻🙌🏻
Aere Perennius
Aere Perennius:
Just finished watching this. It's BEAUTIFUL. Can't wait for season 2. <3 :) :*
This was fantastic
Downton 654
Downton 654:
This is one of the best series ever. I love it.
Lais Camorim
Lais Camorim:
Aguardando a 3 temporada!
Fabio Reis
Fabio Reis:
One of the best shows I've ever watched. Brilliant!
I just finished it. It was AMAZING.
Jack Scott
Jack Scott:
When I first saw the trailer, I thought it was going to be an HBO show. So glad that we now have Netflix to count on for awesome new shows!
As an a level history student , I feel as though it’s my duty to watch this series 😭it seems so good
Love this show so much!!
Absolutely brilliant series, all other channels broadcasting drama could learn how from this
The Crown will become the Greatest Project Ever Made by Netflix.
N. N
N. N:
Absolutely great show.. 10 of 10 👌
Haru Haesu
Haru Haesu:
Still brilliant.1 season was something else.
Jane Willis
Jane Willis:
I've only had Netflix for a couple of months, got it so I could watch David Attenborough, brilliant, have binge watched both series of The Crown and can't wait for Nov 15th, as well as being a stunning drama, so well made and acted, it's really informative and filled me in about things I wasn't aware of before. Also watched both series of After Life, wonderful, made me laugh, cry and cringe in equal amounts, I wasn't a Ricky Gervais fan before, I am now
This trailer gave me goosebumps omg😔
Maria Eduarda
Maria Eduarda:
THIS SHOW IS FANTASTIC! claire foy is amazing what a actress
Ah - the Brits did it again - a wonderful documentary with splendid actors!!! I LOVE it!
Joanne Spagna
Joanne Spagna:
I absolutely love this show!
Staas Wolter
Staas Wolter:
The first season was incredible!
Brian Jensen
Brian Jensen:
I can't wait to see this show. Netflix might win an Emmy for best TV show drama. :)
Karl-Heinz von Scharnhorst
Karl-Heinz von Scharnhorst:
As an American with English heritage. Even though we fought the British 🇬🇧 in our own war of independence, I still.have great pride in the majestic history of England and the royal family for what it has achieved over the millennia and to come. Britain and America do have a ‘special’ relationship.
Rasheeda Ogburn
Rasheeda Ogburn:
so ready for season 2!
Knights Templar
Knights Templar:
Wow, this show looks really intriguing. I'm interested to see the first episode. I hope I will be amazed as I think I am.
Yeah...this is certainly an amazing series. Me and my mum are watching it at the moment. We are on the part where she is become queen and the Priminister is ill with a couple of strokes and all that.
Evil Edna
Evil Edna:
I absolutely love how drama the trailer is.
The Summary
The Summary:
"I'm surrounded by people who feel they they could do the job better strong people with powerful characters " This part get me
The Crown must win.Must always win!!! Love it😍😄
Erik W Thackrey
Erik W Thackrey:
An amazing series, I am amazed, just imagine what would of happened had George VI had a son
Riley Walsh
Riley Walsh:
You have no idea how excited I am for this😂😍
Every episode is almost ONE HOUR long but everytime I watched it, it doesn't feel that way. It's so GREAT!
Chris Pi
Chris Pi:
now...After "The crown" I can understand her much better! Long live the Queen!!
Demi Jesika
Demi Jesika:
Claire foy did absolute justice to this character i mean i miss her in season 3 soo much wish they could have done some makeup to make her look old 😢
Samir Ramírez
Samir Ramírez:
This is the best serie I've ever seen... Actually my favorite, it a trapped me since the first chapter, highly recommended =)
Michelle Morales
Michelle Morales:
Watched the whole first season. Got me sooo hoooked! so interesting and real. I loved it!
Claire Foy's potrayal as Queen Elizabeth was outstanding no doubt about it... She's quite beautiful
Rizal Boon
Rizal Boon:
This trailergives me a 'The King's Voice' vibe. I'm sure im gonna love this series.