The Crown Season 5 | First Look

Season 5 of Netflix's 'The Crown' is coming and the first image of star Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II has been released. Jonathan Pryce will also star as Prince Philip, Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana and Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret.

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Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers:
Check out my review of Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in 'Spencer' here:
agung purnomo
agung purnomo:
Imelda Staunton is a great actress. I remember when she played Dolores Umbridge. She surpassed expectations. She made Dolores Umbridge the most hated character even more than the Dark Lord himself.
Naisha Lubega
Naisha Lubega:
I love Olivia so much but I don't think anyone will ever measure up to Claire Foy as Queen
C Marq
C Marq:
Casting in this show is spot on!
Never disappointed so far!
Claire Foy the jewel of the crown so far … 👏
Jana Cornelis
Jana Cornelis:
I'm going to miss Josh O'Connor terribly as Prince Charles.
Anthony Gulliver
Anthony Gulliver:
Helena Boneham Carter as Princess Margaret wax superb as was the caustic and difficult interaction with Mrs Thatcher brilliantly played by Gillian Anderson the awkwardness between them was so excruciating but brilliant to watch
Katti Miller
Katti Miller:
I actually loved how Prince Philip has been portrayed thus far. I didn’t really know much about his family history before watching it and really just saw him as someone who walked behind the Queen. The Crown shows him much more as a partner and supporter.
Saz Fretz
Saz Fretz:
I LOVED Jason Watkins as Harold Wilson. His performance was gentle and low-key yet very powerful. I was in tears at his announcement to the Queen that he was leaving due to Alzheimer's. Definitely one of my favorites in the series.
Tyler Thompson
Tyler Thompson:
John Lithgow as Sir Winston Churchill was the best performance thus far...he slayed 👏🏾👑❤️🙌🏾
I completely agree with you about Jason Watkins! Totally underrated. While I enjoy all the gossip and intrigue, the scenes I find most interesting are the depictions of the Queen's interactions with the various Prime Ministers. I'm so excited about this new group of actors!
Rahul vinal Narayan
Rahul vinal Narayan:
The casting directors of the crown are some of the best in the business. I trust their judgement.
André Raymond
André Raymond:
Josh O'Connor did a superb job as Charles, it is hard to imagine anyone else doing the role justice. HOWEVER the casting of Dominic West gave me hope. He is such a great actor, I can hardly wait to see what and how he does with the role.
Imelda Staunton is perfect. Just perfect. We will all have to collectively let Harry Potter go as we watch her play Elizabeth. I can see Jonathan Price as Philip.No problem.
LeeLee 34
LeeLee 34:
I still haven't got over her role as the most Hated character in the Harry Potter series, she was brilliant as Umbridge so much so that my hate hasn't ebbed yet so I'm hoping that playing the Queen will help me warm up to her.
Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts:
Imagine being able to cast absolutely anyone and knowing they would say yes.
Emma corrin & Josh O’Connor are simply perfection. Claire foy will go down in history as hands-down the most amazing young Queen Elizabeth ever cast EVER. I’m going to say something unpopular while I love them as actresses I did not think Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham Carter were ideal. neither of them really look the part and Olivia Colman played the queen with too much warmth
Russell Dunn
Russell Dunn:
A few years ago, I had heard of this show but didn’t give it a second thought. Until it appeared on my Netflix homepage and started playing. I decided to give it five minutes and before I realized it I had finished the first episode of Season One. I loved it. The acting, plotting, writing. All of it good. Not only that, it was something of a history lesson although I knew the writers took some liberties. I can’t wait for the final seasons
carol williams
carol williams:
I love, love, love this series! Princess Ann was one of my favorite character portrayal’s with both actresses… The costumes were remarkable! I was so engrossed with the first 4 seasons! Once I completed them, I wanted to immediately begin watching them again. I am so excited about the next 2 seasons! The series is worthy of 5 stars and more! Excellent!
Nat Ouellet
Nat Ouellet:
It takes a bit of adjustment to see new actors play the same role but somehow it works because the story drives it and the cast is fabulous. What I did throughout the Crown seasons was watching several documentaries reviewing many of the historical events presented in the series, to get a broader perspective of fact versus fiction. You learn while you get entertained.
Dave Minges
Dave Minges:
I’m sure Imelda Staunton will bring an amazing performance to this role. She is incredibly versatile and brings nuance to the wide variety of characters she has portrayed. The list of actors you mentioned in the other roles are all outstanding. I can’t wait for Season 5. Those lucky people in the UK get to see it before the Colonies!
Best Coast Gemma
Best Coast Gemma:
Imelda Staunton will definitely do this role justice. Every casting choice they’ve made for the different ages of Queen Elizabeth have been perfect, IMO. I also think Prince Charles’ and Princess Anne’s characters couldn’t have been cast better (in previous seasons) if they’d tried.
Millie G.
Millie G.:
I can’t wait for the next 2 seasons! Love the story line, and the actors.
Maria Davydova
Maria Davydova:
I love The Crown, it's so well done, phenomenal acting and beautiful picture, but what annoys me is that people tend to forget that this is not a documentary and use "facts" from The Crown to judge/support this family without even reading actual facts (if possible)
Sovann Borey
Sovann Borey:
I’d say season 5 and 6 of The Crown the Queen would be cold and we have seen Imelda in Harry Potter being cold hearted and it’s just amazing. I can’t wait to watch it
I’m mostly interested in Philip - Tobias Menzies blew it out the park and I’m not sure I can see him easily replaced.
Paula Stabile
Paula Stabile:
I can’t wait to see the new cast take us through the next decades! I’m currently in the middle of the fourth season. Watching the series for the third time. Every time I watch it I catch another little thing that just makes it clear, this is written extremely well.
Pam H
Pam H:
Imelda is one of my favourite actresses, and I am really looking forward to this coming out. She is so exceptional with everything she does.
Would love to see this show going beyond six seasons and portraying current events like the Harry&Meghan Crisis, Andrew's scandal ,William and Catherine, current British politics, the modern monarchy ,Queen and Prince Philip's love when they're old and have become great grandparents...
Prince Philip's death and how tragic it was to the family, especially the Queen and so much more

It would be perfect to close it with the death of Queen Elizabeth...
That would obviously take another few years to make but come on Netflix, it's not a bad idea
Sherryann Stowell
Sherryann Stowell:
I love The Crown so much I’ve watched it from start to finish three times. I’m excited to see what the final two seasons bring. It’s going to be great!
Lauren McCune
Lauren McCune:
Initially it was an adjustment getting used to the season 3 cast after I had fallen in love with them in season 1 and 2. But I think it will be really great to see the more current stories we are familiar with play out.
All of the casting has been amazing - mostly because quality of acting covers over any differences in physical appearances. But Emma Corrin as Princess Di was as close as gets to the real thing.
William Tilly
William Tilly:
So excited we are getting 2 more seasons of The Crown. They haven't put a foot wrong so far with amazing writing, acting and set production. Hopefully all 6 seasons will eventually be released as a box set.
Amanda Kamara
Amanda Kamara:
This show will go down as a big game changer in TV history. I loved Olivia Coleman and Helena Bonham in this show and they couldn't have picked a better cast for season three and four. I think season 5 and 6 will be just as grand.
Zaid Moz
Zaid Moz:
The cast choices are always right, they go for the best of the best, even "small" characters sparkle on their own.
Jace Eileen
Jace Eileen:
I think they have done an amazing job with all of the casting over the years.
Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson:
I'd love to see more than just 6 seasons of the crown
jill edmondson
jill edmondson:
Yes, Imelda Staunton is an excellent actress and she will do Queen Elizabeth proud.
Leigh Carlson
Leigh Carlson:
I love The Crown. I also loved Victoria. Anyone else a fan of that series? I am sad because it seems we will not get more seasons. They just left us in 1851. I was hoping they would at least keep it going through Prince Albert’s death.
Syndi Rose
Syndi Rose:
I am very much looking forward to seeing how Imelda Staunton carries the role. She is one of the most amazing actresses and I love watching her bring characters to life.
Olivia Colman did a very good job, loved her performance so much! and I believe Imelda Staunton will also leave a very good impact on us. I will definetely miss Gillian Anderson, she played sooo good as well
S Barb
S Barb:
I’ve just binge watched all four seasons and I was gripped. I laughed and then I cried, I was in awe at the outfits and the actors I can not wait for the next season!!!!!
Marcia Young
Marcia Young:
I started watching the crown last year on Netflix and I have a new respect for the Queen.
As far as the acting choices I'm very impressed they make the characters look almost exactly like the real original people.
Garnett Spontini
Garnett Spontini:
I love the casting so far, love this show! I wish it could go on for more than 6 seasons, but I think that would bring us to close to current times. I will miss this seasons once it ends.
Christina Watkins
Christina Watkins:
I can’t wait to see season 5!! This really is one of the most awesome shows
Michael Toa
Michael Toa:
I absolutely cannot wait for season 5! Brilliant casting and look forward to a teaser trailer for the upcoming series.
frances juntunen
frances juntunen:
Love this show! I think Amelia will do a wonderful job portraying The Queen! Can’t wait to see it!!
Verla Harmston
Verla Harmston:
I am amazed at all of the things Imelda Staunton has done with such a wide range of characters. I recently heard her sing in GYPSY and was amazed at her voice and interpretation of the part. She will make a marvelous queen as she has been in everything else.
I have loved every Q. ELIZABETH thus far for different reasons. Every actress has brought her own nuanced performance which has set each one apart from the other. Can't wait to see Miss Imelda Staunton as I've loved her work for years.
Stephanie Millard
Stephanie Millard:
Each of the performers in their role as the Queen has brought amazing skill and talent to the screen. I expect no less of Imelda Staunton - she is a world-class performer, as are Foy and Coleman, and I'm sure that the burden and gravity of a "human AND regal" portrayal is very much upon her mind.
I do have to say that Coleman's portrayal of the queen in midlife - feeling lost and drawn to youthful joys (horses) - was amazingly well done. Of course, a good bit of that has to be the writing, but the performer must also work hard to present such poignant commentary on the life of the world's most famous woman, and Coleman made it look easy.
Bravo to the entire cast and crew of The Crown. I think the portrayals have all been excellent, even if it's a little uncomfortable for some of the royal family.
Phil O'Shaughnessy
Phil O'Shaughnessy:
I've become something of a Crown DVD addict and I'm going to have wait an age before Season Five is available.
The whole series from the start has been absolutely fantastic with superb writing and casting.
The Crown may not stretch to Season 7 and I think if the writers are in any doubt they should stop rather than over
stretch the material.
Claire Luvs the Movies
Claire Luvs the Movies:
Super excited for this. The Crown is an exceptionally brilliant show. The acting is just amazing. Even the veteran actors, actress and the newcomers for the cast are just so mesmerizing.
Leslie Sexton
Leslie Sexton:
We are looking forward to the new season and YEA! We are going to get another one after that. Looking forward to how Imelda Staunton will make this her own. I loved the previous two actresses and was impressed with how they have progressed the Queen through the seasons and years. They deserve all those Emmy's!
Cacy Cardall
Cacy Cardall:
This series has an amazing and extremely talented cast, I cannot wait to see the new season
Karl Taylor
Karl Taylor:
Excellent series, casting, acting, writing, production........ The Crown has never disappointed and will be as good with Miss Staunton as it as with Claire Foy and Olivia Colman........Cannot wait! Glad to see a 6th season scheduled
Barbs S.
Barbs S.:
Emelda- will do exceptionally well in this role! Love her work as well as the works of other caste members... everyone casted was phenomenal 👏... cant wait!
Boris Novotňák
Boris Novotňák:
Well Dolores Umbridge could never disappoint in a role of the Queen. I`m actually glad that they chose her for this role. She is a great fit
BreannMarie Grissom
BreannMarie Grissom:
I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH! The actors are absolutely AMAZING!
Lyn Harrod
Lyn Harrod:
Top marks to this very talented group of people. Everyone involved, from those in front of the camera, to those who are behind it...Just an amazing series which has thrilled viewers far and wide, from every walk of life!! Can't wait!! 8. 2021. New Zealand.
Soňa Dvořáková
Soňa Dvořáková:
I’m very excited about Imelda Staunton as the Queen. I also loved Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles, Emma Corrin as Princess Diana, Matt Smith as Prince Philip and especially Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret. Those casting choices were phenomenal. However, I wasn’t so keen on Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies and Helena Bonham Carter. I love them all as actors but I thought they didn’t really fit for their roles in The Crown. Sadly, I feel the same way about Jonathan Pryce. I hope he proves me wrong.
✨1 out of  7.753 billion✨
✨1 out of 7.753 billion✨:
Go Imelda! We’re all rooting for you!!!!
courtney king
courtney king:
Thank you for this. In my opinion, Imelda will do the role proud. She is exceptional in everything I've seen her in.
Cathy C.
Cathy C.:
Until it was announced that Imelda Stanton would be playing the Queen in subsequent seasons of the Crown, I had never heard of her. I hope she is able to do the role justice.
Christian Bryan
Christian Bryan:
I have loved all of the choices for Queen Elizabeth and the other roles. I can't wait for a new season of the Crown.
Imelda Staunton is an absolutely phenomenal actress. She will obviously be stellar in this role, as she is in every role she's in. I really hope these Potter fans can get a grip and realize that she's an actress, not a character. I can't wait to watch her!
Just Lisa
Just Lisa:
I’ve been very pleased with the casting so far. I’m sure that the last two seasons will be just as good.
Gianna Laffin
Gianna Laffin:
Once the series is complete I can't wait to binge watch every season one after the other. It kills me having to wait a year to see what happens next.
Gerard Galbraith
Gerard Galbraith:
I think Imelda will be amazing playing the Queen I look forward to the continuation of the series
Smudolini the Great Dragobear
Smudolini the Great Dragobear:
Now that HM has passed on maybe they will do a seventh season finishing of with Charleses coronation. At the current pace we will get 5 later this year, 6 next year and (if they decide to do it) 7 in 2025. Which would give enough time between HM Elizabeth II's passing and release of the season. I would love to see that.
robert p
robert p:
Remarkable series which gets better each season. Foy, Coleman and now Imelda Staunton. Amazing. And the rest of the cast as well. As for Ms Umbridge, yes she was great fun but her film Vera Drake should be mandatory viewing in every school in the US. Cheers from the US 🇺🇸👋🏻
so excited about another extraordinary cast for the new seasons! especially can't wait to see lesley manville knock it out of the park as princess margaret
No name
No name:
Other than John Lithgow and Josh O'Connor, I had never heard of any of these actors but oh wow ! They were all fantastic and talented down to the shortest scene. Looking forward to the next cast.
E A:
Imelda Staunton will be amazing! She looks so much like the queen. ❤️ Can't wait to see the new season.
Biblioteca Do Eric
Biblioteca Do Eric:
Imelda is identical to the Queen Elizabeth II now, the characterization is definitely one of the top points of this series and I love it
Gary Meise
Gary Meise:
Could not agree more that Jason Watkins was among the most underrated performances of the Crown thus far. He absolutely embodied prime minister Wilson so naturally. I wish there was a top 10 list of the most underrated performances in the Crown because there are so many great performances that go unawarded
Zach T
Zach T:
I think in a lot of ways, Olivia Colman was very specific about portraying an older version of the Queen as Claire Foy played her. I wonder if Imelda Staunton will take a similar approach
Lesley Manville is an incredible actor and will be utterly brilliant as Princess Margaret.
The Crown has great casting. I am looking forward to S5. The only time I feel they failed at casting was with the Kennedy's. I also preferred Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret as opposed to Helena Boneham Carter.
Peter Kyriopoulos
Peter Kyriopoulos:
I just started watching this show. Im at the end of season 2. Its amazing. Im binging on it, and Learning a lot of history.
Tamara Vaughan
Tamara Vaughan:
LOVE Imelda!! Wish Hugh Laurie was cast as Philip. They were awesome together in Peter's Friends and Sense and Sensibility. Thank you for the update!
Jan Wheeler
Jan Wheeler:
I love Imelda Staunton and she, I'm sure, will be a wonderful Queen Elizabeth!!
Thomas Wilkinson
Thomas Wilkinson:
Oh yeah, I simply can't wait to see the Queen played by her. Imelda Staunton is such a great actress.
Bella my baby girl
Bella my baby girl:
Great casting once again. Addicted to The Crown. Waiting excitingly for Season 5.
She’s a great actress, can’t wait!
The Red Butterfly
The Red Butterfly:
Honestly, she looks PERFECT. We know she's a wonderful actress so it's again another great casting choice for The Crown 👑
Imelda is a consummate actor. She always brings a depth to her character and i predict she will do the same here.
I think she will be outstading in this role, as always the crowns casting of characters is impeccable and remarkable.
D. Byers
D. Byers:
I agree with you about the actor who played Harold Wilson. He was a stand out in a large group of outstanding actors. When he speaks to the queen about how he makes himself more likable & approachable to the public, this comes across as some of the best personal advise she gets from anyone.
Patricia Holmes
Patricia Holmes:
Looking forward to the next season of the Crown. I am sure Ms Staunton with portray Her Majesty equally as well as the previous two amazing actresses.
Eleonora Williams
Eleonora Williams:
It was an excellent movie. I am sad it's paused. I could watch it till end of the time I cannot wait for the film. Astonishing series. Perfect casting!
M Y:
Season 3 & 4 were amazing. I hope 5 is just as great. Claire Foy has been my favourite Queen so far.
M G&G:
Imelda Staunton will be amazing in that role. I absolutely love Jonathan Pryce but I have a bit of a hard time seeing him as Prince Philip??! I’m sure he’ll convince me once the season starts though, he’s such a good actor ;)
John Ruby
John Ruby:
Tobias Mezies was superb as Prince Philip , the manerisms , the voice 10/10 , My favorite episode was Hyde Park Corner , the acting and the emotion was excelent , and Churchills speach after The Kings death had me in tears
Jemima Phillips
Jemima Phillips:
I love The Crown! Impeccable. One thought: I've recently been rewatching footage of Charles and Diana and the entire Royal Family. Despite so many unhappy endings -- even tragedy -- there were so many happy moments. I don't care what the media says and how they are portrayed by actors -- C & D were happy! I remember the tender way they looked at each other during that wedding so long ago ... I remember how tenderly he stroked her hand as he held it at the altar. For that moment, they were happy and in love. I wish shows would portray more of this rather than dwell on all the darker stuff.
David Williams
David Williams:
Imelda Staunton is a very accomplished actor and I’m expecting brilliance from her. The same as Claire and Olivia.
Aaron Rosby
Aaron Rosby:
I loved Tobias as Prince Charles, and Matt Smith before him! They both were outstanding in my opinion!
Marina Nardi Vilella
Marina Nardi Vilella:
Claire Foy foi maravilhosa, não a conhecia.
Kari Page
Kari Page:
Excited for the new cast, and was stoked to hear Imelda Staunton to play Queen Elizabeth
STT Arch
STT Arch:
I was sad to see Claire go, but it worked out very well, so I'm keeping an open mind. They need someone really heinous to play Camilla. I think everyone is secretly wanting that.
Stephanie Clarke Pelton
Stephanie Clarke Pelton:
Season 5, 6 keep them coming!
WE all want to know what on earth will happen with Prince Andrew😱
Excellent casting for the entire series. Including this one!
Magda T
Magda T:
I love the show so much. So far I've only been disappointed by 2 things: introducing new cast too quickly (older actors while original characters were still in their 30ties) and replacing Vanessa Kirby with Helena Bonham Carter. I love Helena, but the change of the character and looks of Princess Margaret was too drastic in my opinion.