The Dark Story of Mark Wahlberg

Behind that easy smile... there's a seriously troubled past. For this video, we'll be taking a look back at the dark story of Mark Wahlberg. With a rap sheet longer than some of the criminals he plays on TV, Mark Walhberg's past will have you raising your eyebrows in disbelief. What do YOU think about Mark Walhberg's dark secrets? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ komentarze:

William G
William G:
You guys forgot to include the darkest and most heinous part of Mark's life ..........

Dixon B. Tweenerlegs
Dixon B. Tweenerlegs:
"The dark story of Mark Wahlberg"

*_Shows him as Marky Mark in thumbnail_*
Janna McKeen
Janna McKeen:
Not sure why Donnie's role in his brother's turn around wasn't mentioned but he deserves some credit for helping turn Mark's life around.
I knew about his troubled past, but don’t let cancel culture twitter find out. They don’t believe a man can change
RC 591
RC 591:
Meanwhile Liam Neeson gets crucified for a thought crime.
K- Baye
K- Baye:
I swear he's the inspiration for John Cena's thuganomics character.
Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz
Midnight Club Still Cancelled Soz:
Back when Mark Wahlberg was Marky Mark...
jolene cockey
jolene cockey:
At least he got his life together.God bless him and especially his mom..
Dan Traverse
Dan Traverse:
Back when Mark Wahlberg was Marky-mark this is how we used to make the party start, we used ta mix hen with Bacardi dark and when it kicks in you can hardly talk...
Miguel Almeida
Miguel Almeida:
We've all made mistakes. He's made bigger ones, but I think right now he's a good person. I don't think he's proud of his past.
Kitrina Clemons
Kitrina Clemons:
He's just the best out of all his brothers he just got the look and voice
Motley Byron
Motley Byron:
As a person who has done some REALLY scumbag stuff in my life... who am I to harshly judge someone who has made some mistakes...what's good is Mark Wahlberg did well with his "second chance" in life... ANYONE can choose to quit doing what is evil, if they want to!
There’s always been something in his eyes that bothered me. You know, like Damien. Now I know why.
steve irungu
steve irungu:
I have tromendous respect for you Mark Wallberg by Steve Irungu Jermaine
The Gaming Chef
The Gaming Chef:
I remember reading about this year's back, maybe 2012. I think he was trying to get some stuff removed from his record, felony or something. I think he can't go over seas and do movies or something. The movie 3 kings was actually filmed in Parts of Arizona (Casa Grande) and California.
Hubert Ozz
Hubert Ozz:
The youngest of nine children
steve irungu
steve irungu:
I have tromendous respect for you Mark Wahlberg by Steve Irungu Jermaine
the fact that so many people dont understand how much change someone can do to themselves is disgusting.
until about 6 years ago, i was an awful person. i grew up in a super racist and homophobic city where that was all i knew. i thought that anyone who wasn’t white and straight were less than me. as soon as i graduated highschool, and went far away my from my city to attend college, i started to realize how wrong the way i grew up was. i educated myself, and realized that EVERYONE deserves to be equal because we all are human and we all end up the same: dead.
Mark grew up poor, the youngest of 9, had to go through his parents’ divorce with them, and was surrounded by shitty influences. of course he grew up being a dickwad- so did i. kudos to this man for actually growing the fuck up and realizing that the way he acted as a child was wrong. he educated himself too, and is now a changed man. in fact, Mark donates a shit ton of money to charities about these sorts of things and started his own organization to help kids growing up in shitty areas who are being negatively influenced.
go spend your time attacking people who HAVENT educated themselves and are choosing to remain being shitty people.
Kayla Garcia
Kayla Garcia:
I grew up in ruff neighborhoods let's be honest what you are subjected to and grow up in often becomes your mindset as well as your actions. Some of us are lucky enough to get away from it all and get our mind right and change, others are not so lucky. We all have a past some more dark than others what really matters is if you are strong enough to grow and learn from it. I know I have come from hell and back. I didn't let my environment or my past define who I am today I choose to be who I am today. I have a lot of respect for people that can change and become a better them.
He’s really down to earth my buddy plays golf with him
Stephen Chase
Stephen Chase:
His darkest secret is his character from Ted smokes a lot of pot!!
Art Fun with Blake
Art Fun with Blake:
I hope they do one on Tim Allen because I heard he had a rough life and said comedy saved his life
4:58 He was so fucking lucky. His life could just spiral out of control at this point and he could never climb back, forget becoming World famous movie star.
Rae T
Rae T:
Mark Wahlberg is proof cancel culture does not really exist, especially not for the famous or rich
Antonio Mccarthy
Antonio Mccarthy:
I’m very happy and glad that mark turned his life around because i love him and I know many people may of not liked what he did in his past but he took it upon himself to make a change for his life and for himself and I’m happy for him that he decided to do that I love you mark continue to be that hard working man that you are ❤️💫🌟🌟🌟🌟😎😄😁😁👍👍👍
He is lucky to still be alive. Some people will retaliate.
Mahk's big secret revealed. His a Chevy car dealer....nooooo!
OMG! This could be the story of a comic book character.
GG Dave
GG Dave:
A lot of celebs have a dark past, that's why it's called "PAST" anyone can change if they want to
Universal Energy
Universal Energy:
Damn, I knew none of this.
Will G. Forrest
Will G. Forrest:
There’s a Wahlburgers about 5 minutes down the road, in Massachusetts. I’m surprised I haven’t seen him around here with all the films he made.
Jon Micheals
Jon Micheals:
Mark you know when your stomach is empty that's when you drop the biggest bombs.
Rampage Richard
Rampage Richard:
Mark Wahlberg been my favorite actor since he made a movie with Seth MacFarlane 😎
People have to learn, that most people can change
I remember when they tried to cancel mark wahlberg over “being racist” lol. Mark will go down as an industry legend. There’s no canceling him
Channel Name
Channel Name:
"Do you agree with our picks?" No, actually, I don't. Because you didn't make any.
Jon Micheals
Jon Micheals:
It's hard to gain weight it's easier to lose it.
ishmael sadiqi
ishmael sadiqi:
You can never give back what you have taken
Janene Rankin
Janene Rankin:
Cancel culture we’re trying their best to cancel Mark because he was “racist”…..well they failed….nobody gonna cancel him now.
Nep Necrosis
Nep Necrosis:
Dark secret ;He didnt clap for Eminem on any of the live show!
John Locksmith
John Locksmith:
Can’t believe he’s gonna be sully in uncharted
Steezy Radio
Steezy Radio:
Mark wahlberg is my favorite actor
Erica Poitras
Erica Poitras:
My sister and I were shocked when we watched some old interviews the way he talked to the female reporters was gross.
It's always guys like that that have karma bite them in the ass when the get older and have daughters.
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki:
not surprised.. every celebrity has their dirty laundry😂
Wutz G. Owenon
Wutz G. Owenon:
Funny, him having to explain himself to Matt Lauer! Ha, ha.
Danny Childs
Danny Childs:
Yeah I heard he was pretty racist in his early days.
Justin Wallace
Justin Wallace:
It's an amazing story of triumph: This guy could ended up a dead junkie or shot somewhere with no one ever having known him, but instead he worked hard and chose to be a better man. People screw up in life, but the effort they put into self improvement is ultimately the deciding factor on who they truly are. Mad respect and love for Mark and his family. Wish him all the best.
LDInfernokiller 0820
LDInfernokiller 0820:
Everyone acting like they have never done something horrible in their life.Imagine if your whole career and future was judged based on something bad you did decades ago
Melinda Swigart
Melinda Swigart:
Now that's a man..owning up to past mistakes ,learning from them and making amends.
People can definitely change.
Now that they did Mark, they should do his brother Donny
Brett Karst
Brett Karst:
Man I’d love to hang out with these cats! He’s a Christian as I understand it. His Brother is cool too. Blue Bloods you rock DD. Pray for you all.
Lil Trump
Lil Trump:
He's pretty badass
Ivar B
Ivar B:
I thought she was talking about Bostonian cops before I remembered it was about Mark Wahlberg 😂
Dante Carson
Dante Carson:
Young Mark had a bright future...until he took a trip on the wildsiddeee
I’m glad he’s better now
Stewie Griffin close up
Stewie Griffin close up:
I love him.
Danyelle Jones
Danyelle Jones:
He has good vibrations
Dad Zoo
Dad Zoo:
That’s Astro’s hat tho!
Can’t believe he’s from Dorchester 😅😰🤣
Alan Joseph
Alan Joseph:
He has an awesome resume.
4:14 never would I pretend to be an African (for free). I like how Eminem said "let's all stand together in one big funky bunch" with Mark Walhberg standing next to him. That one time on TRL.
Jack Archambault
Jack Archambault:
When you are talking about the crimes you see matt lauer
Mark is so pretty!
Orlando Maravilla
Orlando Maravilla:
One of the reasons I stop watching his movies
Ro Arthur
Ro Arthur:
Mark came from a ruff neighbor Irish neighborhood. He did his time and turned his life around and gave his life to Jesus. He's blessed with all of that great talent and gives alot to society.
We all love the Walbergs
Especially the handsome exteremly talente MARK WALBERG.
6:20 Matt was definetely waving his magic wand 👍🏽
Stars N’ Stripes Forever
Stars N’ Stripes Forever:
Met him in Marjah Afg, I made him laugh lol correction we were headed to Marjah I met him in bagram I believe
Val Mid
Val Mid:
I hope he’s doing well!
How the hell he only serve 45 days on a felony charge. This guy thinks he “changed” his ways. No dude you got off easy.
Jennifer Fuentes
Jennifer Fuentes:
He has played a number of criminal roles. But he has played as a badass protagonist.
I just watched Ted the other day. He seemed so nice is the bloopers :(
Why not highlight on how he turned his life around and hasn’t been in trouble since the late 1980’s? He grew up in a poor Boston neighborhood. Why not mention the racial troubles that plagued Boston while he was a kid?
Ryan de Kwaadsteniet
Ryan de Kwaadsteniet:
Always thought he was a bit twisted.
The “dark” story of (insert celebrity name)

I remember when this was a top 10 channel
ishmael sadiqi
ishmael sadiqi:
No one ever changes unless they were broken, he is smarter now and cunning
Dallas Twinz
Dallas Twinz:
Love Mark 🇺🇸
Abahrouz Ziyad
Abahrouz Ziyad:
Omg 🔥🔥🔥🔥
John Mivule- Novabow
John Mivule- Novabow:
*HA.. What a story Mark*
Bill Foley
Bill Foley:
Yo my man hit the weights while your taking in 7000 colories a day your all muscle lifting weights and muscle will respond to the colories.
Tamika Mcfarlane
Tamika Mcfarlane:
Awesome 👏
The more money you get and the prettier you are. Doofy fans will always chant “he’s changed so much and is so much better now” 🥴 sure Jan
Sukrit Akhauri
Sukrit Akhauri:
Love you Mark
alex drew
alex drew:
I'm not a forgiving person, but once I forgave someone who chocked me and harassed me. One time he randomly apologized for the way he treated me.
Clan Symbiont
Clan Symbiont:
A true visionary. He was hating on Asians before it was cool to hate on 'em.
Weird Guy
Weird Guy:
Still waiting for WatchMojo story
This Charming LoveHound
This Charming LoveHound:
I guess nobody believes in grace or mercy.
Seri Asmawidjaja
Seri Asmawidjaja:
Can you make a video about the new kids on the block too. Please
Samthewise Gancha
Samthewise Gancha:
At 2:38 and 2:40 all the siblings have the same dark eyes lol
Eric Bogar
Eric Bogar:
Why do you think he was so good in the movie Fear? He's a sociopath and will do or think about doing that shit in real life.
Free your Mind
Free your Mind:
Come on WM, again with this stuff? Why are you all making these videos titled like this. Your just killing the vibes and making us think something terrible and horrific had just happened.
Pushpa Padayashi
Pushpa Padayashi:
He is the king....
Friend: Why are you laughing?

My brain: Mark Wallburg
Steph Liveright
Steph Liveright:
Love his movies. but seeing him in "Invincable", I realized this guy has zero athletic abilities. Watching a true athlete speaks volumes. Walberg's arm and head flop around and his feet turn out. Gifted athletes run with their head relaxed and feet pointed straight ahead. Watch NFL or MLB players and you will see just how obvious it is Walberg is lacking.
Man, you guys are good at reading Wikipedia
Lee Gutierrez
Lee Gutierrez:
I'm one to attest people change! I'm no longer the person I was 15 yrs ago!
Lady Romulus
Lady Romulus:
You're being a real drama llama lately WatchMojo.
Luigi Diaz
Luigi Diaz:
He was reciting for his acting career
Johnny Chang
Johnny Chang:
They aren’t feeling his good vibrations.
JustMikey CardPulls
JustMikey CardPulls:
4 brothers is my favorite all time