The Ending Of Umbrella Academy Season 2 Explained

The second season of The Umbrella Academy follows the Hargreeves siblings as they navigate an unfamiliar decade fraught with challenges. It's a lot to keep track of, and if you reached the end of season two a little fuzzy on some of the details, we're here to help.

Lila is introduced as a fellow patient at the mental hospital where Diego is sent after he attempts to kill Lee Harvey Oswald and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. After helping Diego escape and earning his trust, we learn that she is actually a time traveler herself. We also learn that her mother is the Handler, who adopted her after the Commission killed her parents in 1993.

Her backstory gets even more complicated than that, though. It turns out that the Handler ordered the murders of Lila's parents because she knew about Lila's special abilities. Lila was born on October 1, 1989, just like all of the Hargreeves siblings, as the result of one of the 43 mysterious pregnancies and births that we learned about at the beginning of the series. Hargreeves adopted seven of the babies, but the other 36 remained a mystery... until Lila. Like the Hargreeves siblings, Lila has her own unique powers; she can mimic anyone else's power, turning their own abilities back on them like a weaponized mirror -- which explains why the Handler wanted to claim her as her own.

When the Hargreeves clan arrive in the 1960s, they all assume the world was safe until 2019, when Vanya would blow up the moon and annihilate all life on Earth. However, when Five arrives in Dallas in 1963, he witnesses the last moments of his siblings' final stand against a Soviet invasion before an arsenal of nuclear missiles wipes them all out. Obviously, this was a different version of 1963 than the one in our history books, which leads Five to conclude that his siblings had somehow caused the apocalypse.

Over the ten days leading up to November 25, 1963, Five and the other Hargreeves siblings desperately attempt to piece together the events leading to doomsday. Eventually, it's Diego who uncovers the event that leads to nuclear war -- an explosion at the FBI building in Dallas, which is blamed on the USSR. The U.S. then attacks Soviet-backed Cuba, leading the USSR to bomb Anchorage, Alaska, which leads to all-out war. Keep watching the video to see the ending of Umbrella Academy season 2 explained.

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Who is Lila? | 0:00
The 1963 apocalypse | 1:16
Harlan's powers | 2:41
The Commission | 3:49
The Majestic 12 | 4:53
The Sparrow Academy | 6:04

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What shocked you most about the finale of The Umbrella Academy, Season 2?
Watching it all in 1 day was a big mistake, it just makes the wait for the next season even longer.
No one gonna talk about Sir Reginald Hargreeves taking off his literal face, and eating the Majestic 12.
Emma Krause
Emma Krause:
Okay but did anyone else notice that the toy bird Harlan has is a sparrow (I think) I think it may have something to do with the whole Sparrow Academy thing.
Indian Gothic
Indian Gothic:
This was such a good season
Ashwit Shetty
Ashwit Shetty:
The only terrible thing about this season is that we'd all have to wait for 1 or more years for the third season to come out
Bubble beast Gaming
Bubble beast Gaming:
Who else on the 31st of july binge watched this in the morning
Kiera Fritsch
Kiera Fritsch:
THEY DID HAZEL SO DIRTY! I really thought he’d be in more episodes!!!
Malik Clary
Malik Clary:
I really wish they’d bring Ben back to life. They always do him dirty even when he saved the world
v Trickxy v
v Trickxy v:
Who else binged this in one day because you have no life?
Some_Random_Person 159
Some_Random_Person 159:
I heard a rumour that season 3 was made right now and was released immediately.
No. Didn't work.
Guess I'll have to time travel.

Edit: Holy crap. I've never had this many likes before. Thank you all 😊
What’s The Deal?
What’s The Deal?:
But like what about Reginald Hargreeves being a literal Alien💀
OrangeToadGamer 2005
OrangeToadGamer 2005:
So You Finished The Second Season And Now You Are Here

Just Like Me
Miss Carmex
Miss Carmex:
I was crying because of what happened to Ben and then at the end you see him again, I was so relieved. Can't wait for the next season!!
Adventures of TinTin
Adventures of TinTin:
I've got a feeling Harlan will play a major role in Season 3. Seeing that they've all time traveled into the future, Harlan will probably be the same/similar age as the group and he would have the added advantage of training/waiting for them to "meet him in the future"

Pretty shocked with #5's inability to see how the group's actions would affect the timeline; given his age and all. I mean, affecting the civil rights movement, killing Harlan's father, starting a cult and talking to a past version of yourself....? the future they remember is LONGGG gone, lol.

They also exposed the space-time headquarters to at least 2 people ...DUDE...but I am glad to see Ben back :)
Gavin Allen
Gavin Allen:
Everyone who is wondering on the characters’ powers, don’t speculate and google it on wikia. I also think Hargreeves is immortal/long lived with his non-human physiology. Because, his old aged look and the extra 59 years from 1960-2019 would make a normal man of his age in a wheelchair. Being over 100+ years old. I also definitely think the Sparrow Academy is related to Harlan and his floating sparrow toy towards the end. Hargreeves has more knowledge and next season is gonna have some cool super powered fights!
Fallon Fontaine
Fallon Fontaine:
I wish they would have shown how Ben was killed.
•lps Studios•
•lps Studios•:
I just finished season 2 in less than a day. Now I have to wait another two years for season 3-
This was a good season, better than the first.
Honestly im just an Emmanoodle Fan
Honestly im just an Emmanoodle Fan:
POV: You binged watched the whole season on the first day and now want to know who the kids at the end were
My theory on the sparrow academy: when the siblings met Reginald in 1963, he realized that they didn’t stop the apocalypse, and everything he had trained them to do had failed. So in 1989 he adopted different children, hoping they were worthy enough to stop it. He still adopted Ben because he didn’t realize he was one of the originals from the Umbrella Academy. I also think this has something to do with Harlan. Maybe Harlan became famous for his powers and inspired Reginald to start the academy, naming it sparrow after the toy bird Harlan levitated at the end.
Tjay N
Tjay N:
the fact that the commission couldn’t even landed one shot on the siblings was sad for them
Christian Chambers-gray
Christian Chambers-gray:
I loved the season as a whole but I hate the fact Harlan has powers and I hate lylas powers I love the twist she has them but it’s just what they are that bothers me being able to mimic powers is such a cop out
Thea Inc
Thea Inc:
Im a bit lost with how diego shielded those bullets and slowed time ? How did he do that?? I thought he was just a knife man
Logan Moon
Logan Moon:
All I wanted out of this season was for Klaus to somehow bring Ben back, but what we got was the exact opposite 😭
POV: We're here before everyone else is
Vanya is always the bomb, it’s so annoying! She’s such an epic character
Wow... there are people here who deliberately watched on a video clearly labelled "The Ending Of Umbrella Academy Season 2 Explained
" then complained why there is a video explaining the ending of a season they are yet to watch.
Wasif Omer
Wasif Omer:
• Who Else Regret’s Watching Season 2 In 1Day •

“Now it’s going to make it feel it’s taking so long for season 3”

Like • B r u h •
I Like Noodles
I Like Noodles:
I watched all of it in one day lmaoo
До МинЁль
До МинЁль:
Why did anyone notice that there 6 siblings (with Ben). Where's the last one?
And Five must be adult because little Five told to old Five about mistake.
Grac Mort
Grac Mort:
I really liked Lila but i didn’t like her powers, i feel like i would’ve liked it more if they just hadn’t given her powers but she was just a good fighter idk
Damm I watch season 2 already
Khervi Montanez
Khervi Montanez:
And so basically lila is just like human wobbuffet.
Shawn Frosty
Shawn Frosty:
My man Elliot deserves better he shouldn’t have to died like that
Kholdest queen
Kholdest queen:
Um hi👀 anybody else disappointed that we still don’t know how Ben died....🥺👉🏽👈🏽
If the handler is really dead, I will miss her outfits.
The Hyper Monkey
The Hyper Monkey:
when i saw the first “fight” with five and lila, i just KNEW she had powers. i became spectical when i saw the handler was her adoptive mother and was so happy to be right.
Oriyion’s Oreo’s
Oriyion’s Oreo’s:
Lila’s powers are such a cop out and are you really telling me number 5 didn’t think the timeline wasn’t going to change
Snail Simp
Snail Simp:
The only reason why they’re still alive is because of Hazel.
ILike Chipotle
ILike Chipotle:
When i saw the sparrow academy...

*i heard a rumor that we all stopped breathing*
OG Stifmeister
OG Stifmeister:
Bro, the ending is so bad ass but it sucks we have to wait a year. I just finished and I’m still trying to process wtf just happened
am i the only one shocked that Five massacred the board members? 😂
Nathan A.C
Nathan A.C:
POV: you came here after watching the season 2 and confused about the sparrow academy
G3 vibes
G3 vibes:
Am I the only who liked diego and lila?
They are both crazy enough for each other and they both balance out each other
Miss Georgina
Miss Georgina:
Me when I watched Umbrella Academy:
Ep 1: okay gettin warmer cool
Ep 2-9: looking lika confused potato
Ep10: Watdafuq
Eddie A Caban Ferrer
Eddie A Caban Ferrer:
Of course everything was going to change the future since they arrived in the 1960's at different times and impacting their surroundings (activists, cult, mafia money, new superpowered kid...)
Archipelagu 22
Archipelagu 22:
Luther being a comic relief was an improvement of his character in season 1 lol.
Gabriel Gabriel
Gabriel Gabriel:
Tbh I really really dislike lila because she uses their abilities like GURLLL!!! Get your fricken own!!!
Best Username Ever
Best Username Ever:
Love her character, hate her powers. Couldn't the directors have thought of something more original than "imitation of abilities"? That's so overused, lazy and frustrating.
Jaëger U
Jaëger U:
I dislike how they had to demonize the husband at the end to make Vanya and his wife relationship seem justified. Dude might've of not been the best but definitely wasn't the worst until they forced him to in the script.
Noah Lovett
Noah Lovett:
"She has her own unique powers, she can mimic anyone else's power". I dont think that's what unique means.
Danial Zaini
Danial Zaini:
What if Reginald was training them all for an alien invasion? He's an alien, interested in the moon, etc.
Awaab Mohammed
Awaab Mohammed:
I need the next season I have too many questions 😔✋🏿✋🏿✋🏿
samuel torpey
samuel torpey:
I think the reason Reginald got Sparrow Academy together is because he met umbrella Academy and was disappointed in them but never met Ben ( because he was a ghost ) that’s why he is in
Jello Rav3n
Jello Rav3n:
Brisogold Yktv
Brisogold Yktv:
See I New Lila was bad from jumped .and I New she had powers from her fight with 5.
K The Great
K The Great:
I just realized that the 2019 apocalypse was on April fools day
Tobenna Ihejirika
Tobenna Ihejirika:
It just came out today and you guys have finished it 🤯
Johnny Quito
Johnny Quito:
I was just hoping the whole season that they would bring Ben back to life somehow, he was such a good guy and I still don’t know how he died, does anyone know?
Lila is like Rogue from X-Men who can copy abilities.
Olivia Brodarick
Olivia Brodarick:
This season was filled with plot twists, my jaw was open like 95% of the time so good
I didn’t sleep at all watching it last night
Nicholas Pace
Nicholas Pace:
Luther: Shrugs of RPG explosion

Also Luther: Gets killed by an uzi.. WTF
Ross Gerick Conchada
Ross Gerick Conchada:
This video doesn't explain anything. Just summarized the entire season 👎. Misleading.
This season had the most insane wtf moments ever
Jacobo Berrio
Jacobo Berrio:
You missed the most important detail, Diego messed up his father's relationship with his mother (or at least the biological inspiration for his adoptive robot mother).
Dpsma FC
Dpsma FC:
When I found out the dad was a alien It literally gave me goosebumps
Mir Mahmood
Mir Mahmood:
It was awesome to see Ben again I thought he would never come back.
Francis Rodel Degala
Francis Rodel Degala:
Me earlier with few remaining episodes left:
"What? Vanya again????"

Me at the last episode:
"oh sorry, my bad 😅"
Jeman Villa
Jeman Villa:
season 2 shows alison potentials on altering reality.. what happenbif she rumors herself? I heard a rumor I am a super sayan..
fanele mabaso
fanele mabaso:
Definately digging Lila and want to see more of her. Im a sucker for British accents...
Dipanjana Roy
Dipanjana Roy:
Well, R. H being an alien explains why he looks the same... All the time.
Geff K.L
Geff K.L:
I can't believe I have to wait a year for sn3.I have a lot of questions.
Can someone explain about the powers of Diego? He slowing the bullets
Claudia Filippini
Claudia Filippini:
This season killed all my emotions, i really hope there Will be a future for vanya and sissy
Prince T
Prince T:
I think I was most surprised to see that he was an alien and also that he changed the academy so that the original 7 excluding Ben never meant.
The last episode ruined everything. Bad ending for a second season with quality episodes and pleasing cinematography. "sParR0w acAdeMY" gtfo here.
this didnt explained the ending at all you just narrated the whole season 2 , things we already know about
Bathroom Boyz
Bathroom Boyz:
I honestly wanted Hazel to live longer than he did
one question, five is a freaking time traveller, so why doesn't he knows about the butterfly effect
Adam C
Adam C:
Where can I find the background music you’re playing at the beginning of the video?
Mark C
Mark C:
Does anyone know what Reginald says to Diego after the stabbing? Replayed it like 20 times and all I got was "machumchum".
Why did they have to do ben dirty like that by changing my boys hair at the end 🤣😩
I’ve looked everywhere, and I could be missing something or I could just be clueless but is no one talking about the fact that Diego fricking stopped bullets with his mind?? Last time I checked he just had uncanny aim
Hughes Utt
Hughes Utt:
This isn’t an ending video this is the spark notes
MusicallyPiano_&Awesome oof
MusicallyPiano_&Awesome oof:
The ending of the past episode had me shook I cant wait for a season 3
The most satisfying death I have ever seen was The Handler’s death ONCE AND FOR ALL FINALLY
Was Reginald Hargreeves an alien in Season 1? Because I was suprised he was an alien when he took his mask off.
Sadly explaining the show just doesn't work.. All that time travelling jazz messes with causality..
Just enjoy the show and forget about the plotholes.
Hina Gilani
Hina Gilani:
the thing I'm confused about is where the other 5 went. like they went through all that effort to push the "older looking" 5 to 2019 so that the timeline would stay the same (which was obviously very wrong bc each of the characters was unknowingly changing the timeline with each of their actions) but like what happened to that timeline? I don't think the show really expands on whether or not there are multiple universes or timelines but like some of the things just don't make sense to me. the thing about the commission still existing even though the apocalypse never happened confuses me a lot. I just don't think there could be one continuous timeline bc there's still that whole mystery with the umbrella academy in 2019 that the older looking 5 went to. I know that because 5 looks older and Luther and 5 told him so many things about the future that the season 1 events are unlikely to repeat but damn I just wanna know what happened.
I shouted when the handler shot them all in the last episode.And I watched it one day witch I regret so much when I finished watching I looked up to see when the next season is coming couldn’t find anything 😭😭😭
Honey Don’t
Honey Don’t:
The only time I’ve cried as hard as I cried for Ben was in Infinity War and Endgame.... and that’s saying a lot
Shadimeer Hussin
Shadimeer Hussin:
The timeline is a mess compared to dark.
Aniqa Usha
Aniqa Usha:
My Netflix account was on hold and my dad was being fussy about it so I was watching it on a website for free and I watched it like somewhere at 11pm on July 31st ... and finished it all the next day
Mast3r Gam3r
Mast3r Gam3r:
I swear every show, has a really good first season. Then the show just gets boring the next few seasons. But this was the only show that has a really good 2nd season. It had so many twists and turns. And it was just amazing.
Kevin Dunbar
Kevin Dunbar:
I’m still trying to figure out if the father is a villain lol
Ringo Star
Ringo Star:
Title: ENDING of Umbrella Academy explained
What we got: WHOLE SEASON 2 explained
i’m gonna be so annoyed if they let lila be apart of the family i literally never liked her
ThatMan KD
ThatMan KD:
Five is a lot like Barry Allen. Always finding a way to alter the timeline