The Final Euro 2020 Qualifiers: What Each Team Needs to Qualify & Who Can Make It!

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The Final Euro 2020 Qualifiers: What Each Team Needs to Qualify & Who Can Still Make it

Euro 2020 qualifiers wrap up this month and there are still 14 places up for grabs of the 20 allotted to the European Qualifiers. Who can still make it? Who is in trouble? Here we’ll look at the various qualification scenarios, Euro 2020 qualification news, as well as the potential playoff candidates.

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Rabona TV
Rabona TV:
Guess how many times I said some variation of qualify, qualification, qualifier, etc?
Come on Finland! Finland has never qualified to a major tournament before and this is the closest we have ever been to one!
Josh Talbot
Josh Talbot:
I still don't know why the Nations League winner doesn't automatically qualify to the Euros
We did it!! First time in history!! 🎉🇫🇮🎉🇫🇮😍
Miguel de Jesús Díaz Ordeñana
Miguel de Jesús Díaz Ordeñana:
Current standings for the Playoffs.
Path A: Switzerland, Iceland, Bulgaria/Israel/Romania*
Path B: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Wales, Slovakia, Northern Ireland
Path C: Scotland, Norway, Serbia, Bulgaria/Israel/Romania*
Path D: Georgia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Belarus

*In the current scenario, a draw would decide which of Bulgaria, Israel or Romania would fill the empty slot in Path C, and which two would go into Path A.
Corné Keetels
Corné Keetels:
Damn, Adrian's way of speaking just turns me on in a weird way. Especially in his intro's
Jiren DaMacc
Jiren DaMacc:
Fun fact: Rabona means 'we see' in my native African tongue.
Ass Eater
Ass Eater:
Big up Finland one win away from our first ever major tournament!!!
Mukwesa Mwanza
Mukwesa Mwanza:
Thanks Adrian, your hair is perfect today 😇😂😂
Eric Weyerstrass
Eric Weyerstrass:
do a video on borussia mönchengladbachs season so far - top of the bundesliga with 4 points ahead of bayern and leipzig, best season in 30 years so far and we beat roma in the europa league!
Just finished watching the weekend recap and u upload this. Today is my lucky day! Thx Adrian.
filthy ape
filthy ape:
fun fact, turkey hasnt conceded a goal from open play in their group stage matches including 2 matches against france
The best thing about this International break is that it is the last one for a long time.
K4 Josiah
K4 Josiah:
So in reality has the new qualification process helped even up the tournament and gives more chances for qualification to the "smaller" teams?
helemaal nicks
helemaal nicks:
I recommend people watch the Netherlands this week, a lot of injuries has finally forced Koeman to invite some very exciting prospect, we could see a whole new front line thiis week.
Norway gonna do the nation league qualification!
Nick van Betuw
Nick van Betuw:
*Play-off system is like rocket science!*

*Even San Marino 🇸🇲 can still go to the play-offs I guess 😂*
guero christopher maldonado
guero christopher maldonado:
I just found your channel good stuff bro!!! Please do a vid on Francesco Totti!
Mattheus Schweitzer
Mattheus Schweitzer:
Thank you for clarifying such a confusing set up. Lots of love
Shine banana
Shine banana:
Finally someone adressing the nationts league playoffs
yomama sushi
yomama sushi:
Early morning gang rise up
help no notification even tho bell is on
Hey, hey people! Early Upload here!
Duarte Fernandes
Duarte Fernandes:
Watching this after the games so was looking for confirmation on whos going and am to lazy to check
cheee chee
cheee chee:
So excited for the next few days man. Come on Norway!!!
News : after draw with turkey game is over for iceland
o' Hiding Man
o' Hiding Man:
I'm Finnish. I'm really excited for the Finland Liechtenstein match tomorrow as Finland might finally not choke in the qualifications. It'd be the first-ever major tournament qualification as well!
You heard it here first! My Bosnia 🇧🇦 will not qualify through playoffs in March....
Adolfo Coy
Adolfo Coy:
This ia insane
James 225
James 225:
I'd love to see kosovo qualify
DavidJ J
DavidJ J:
Maybe one day the country Half my family lives in will qualify. Soon Georgia soon.
Tarn Guy
Tarn Guy:
Another class video mate 👍
Άγγελος Αλεξάνδρου
Άγγελος Αλεξάνδρου:
Ok pleaze help:
Finland is through
What happens if Hungary get through as well?
Sandeep Moharana
Sandeep Moharana:
why some fixtures were blue and some red
Ireland V Denmark going to be unreal. Ireland with a chance for revenge after the 5-1 WCQ play off
Prashant Kerung
Prashant Kerung:
You are the best football analyst in the world.
Hands off.
Great video as always.
Semir Trubljanin
Semir Trubljanin:
So all the 3rd placers is gonna play extra match for going to euro?
A J:
Adrian should be chief of investigations at FIFA
Vxious Anagram
Vxious Anagram:
Simple men, we like before we watch 🤘🏿
Akshay Chourasiya
Akshay Chourasiya:
Neil Gallogly
Neil Gallogly:
Lets ignore the time Denmark beat Ireland 5-1 in Dublin
Stewart Meehan
Stewart Meehan:
What do my country need to do to qualify. Pray that any of the good teams we could face in the nation's league play off qualify automatically so we don't face then to hopefully end our 20+ year wait for a major tournament
Fernando pires Soares
Fernando pires Soares:
Hey Adrian.. are you Portugues?
Frank 1081
Frank 1081:
Leo Spremic
Leo Spremic:
Im from Croatia
Eddie H
Eddie H:
Avelino Santos
Avelino Santos:
The only thing I don’t like about you you are. Um benfica supporter👀 come on man Santa Clara is like that B team of Benfica and that should be your team right 👂
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez:
Bernardo silva just got a 1 match ban.
Darren Walsh
Darren Walsh:
As an Irish fan, I can tell you that the game against Denmark will not be a good one. We play shit football and unless our manager plays our more attacking player(unlikely) we will be defending all game. I believe Switzerland and Denmark qualify while we go off to the playoffs sadly.
Christian Protten Uldrich
Christian Protten Uldrich:
C Mon 🐲 Wales and Scotland
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
Wait, so does Georgia still have a shot at qualifying via the playoffs? I'm not from there, but I'd like to see another newcomer like Finland in the tournament
khalid ali
khalid ali:
France for me look the most balanced team. They have a lot of experienced world class players and they played together for some time now. England and Belgium defense look bad and netherlands attacking isn't that deadly. As for Germany they still need time. Spain and Portugal need a miracle to win it again.
Gucci Alan
Gucci Alan:
Bernardo got 1match ban
Aryann Sharrma
Aryann Sharrma:
You're the Best Football YouTuber in the World

Keep this Awesome work up Man 💪👊✌️🙏

There are very less no. of people who are thoughtful enough to make these kind of videos.
Lets go Turkey!!!
DocWho 2002
DocWho 2002:
Good news Slovakia lost and we beat Azerbaijan so somehow a win against Hungary AT HOME means we qualify, a result on Tuesday necessary
All the respect in the world to you for doing the research and the time doing this video. This is the most complicated and confusing thing created by UEFA, it used to be top 2 in the group would qualify and some 3rd best teams would go into a playoff but with this Nations League, I literally have no idea who is still in an out without researching it and trying to understand the combinations and permutations, forget it!!! Looking forward to the next video when all the matches are done on the weekend.
Jack Leighton
Jack Leighton:
Wales won lets go
So... confusing. Not you, the tournament.
John Buckley
John Buckley:
Cmon Ireland 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
nomar Dinkleberg
nomar Dinkleberg:
Go netherlands
Sam Sam
Sam Sam:
UEFA is a mess
Going to have to correct you here but the playoff spots don't go to the next team from the nations league group the team was in but the next team in the overall rankings from the nations league.
But considering most of the automatic qualification spots for Euro 2020 will be from teams in League A and B it means every team in those leagues will get a playoff spot at least. 36 teams will get a playoff place at the very least and when you consider 4 of those will be from the bottom 16 teams it leaves 32 of the remaining 39 teams with something to look forward to. This is why Bulgaria still have a chance to qualify!
the train called oliver cromwell
the train called oliver cromwell:
England would sail in with Czech Republic
69’sLeft Hand
69’sLeft Hand:
Poor Irish Guy
Tom Grazel
Tom Grazel:
Imagine Portugal not qualifying even though they won the Nations League💀💀
High Clown
High Clown:
Come on Israel!! We lost hope in the team.. but I believe we can still pull it off somehow!
soccer 03
soccer 03:
I want Portugal to not qualify. I would love to rub it into Ronaldo fans faces.

Sorry Adrian but the sweat sweat trash talk