The Giorgio Armani Privé Fall Winter 2022-23 Fashion Show

The Giorgio Armani Privé Fall Winter 2022-23 fashion show offers an escape into dreams and creativity. Sophisticated, elongated jackets are adorned with embroidery; trousers embrace curvilinear shapes to then tighten at the ankle; long strapless dresses are gleaming and almost weightless. Optical motifs on day suits are broken up by splashes of bright colour that ignite the palette of whites, blacks and blues with hints of intense blues and pinks. The light refracted by the embroidery takes over in a persistent magical movement that sends a message of pure feminine energy.

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John Morris
John Morris:
Words can not express how beautiful this collection is. I adore every piece! Armani, you're so talented!
Armani is so consistent... always classic wearable elegance perfectly made, perfectly accessorized, beautiful colors and wonderful textures... I loved everything!
Go Square
Go Square:
This is what I expect from Couture, this is represents how couture to be. Armani never give less to public. This is why I love Armani so much. Keep your achievement Armani and always be like this.
Concha Saez
Concha Saez:
Espectacular desfile!!!
Armani inconfundible.
Ildiko Guba
Ildiko Guba:
This is really impressive, I enjoyed every moment of the collection, the masterful color matching, the shapes in perfect harmony, the atmosphere of the silhouettes. It hit my heart and soul. Thank you with deep appreciation...
S.m Mua
S.m Mua:
Finally we're getting back to real fashion! Thank you tons Armani! At least we can count on you to not have cheap looking costumes for fashion. God bless! Yass to bringing back the glamour and class.
Irina Papsujeva
Irina Papsujeva:
15 минут сидела затаив дыхание...Спасибо судьбе, что есть Армани, спасибо Маэстро, что не изменяет своему стилю изысканной утонченности. Breathtaking. Long live Armani.
Maureen Roberts
Maureen Roberts:
Elegant, sublime, flowing with quiet energy, rich texture and superbly tasteful interweavings of colour - magnificent and breathtakingly brilliant!
Lineth Gonzalez
Lineth Gonzalez:
He never disappoints elegance and glamour, he never gives in to fast fashion, that's why he's always on top, timeless elegance will never die
This is the ultimate fashion line. I would wear this everyday. Absolutely ,classically , glamourly, chic.
I cried for the last piece in white - the disappearing beauty, as if it was a glimpse of a short-lived beautiful life. Tears of gratitude. This is a true and timeless art.
Thank God 🙏 we are back to glamour. Love all the colors represented in this show. The styles and accessories come together so beautifully. It transports you to a better place.
Masterpiece of sophistication, eternal elegance and intelligent chic 👏
Tammy Halverson
Tammy Halverson:
Pure class!! 💕
Guy Jean
Guy Jean:
The best collection of the season. Bravo M. Armani!
N. D.
N. D.:
Some of the clothes took my breath away. Unbelievable how any human can come up with these original ideas and create them to become art pieces. Almost each peace was an art piece. I am in awe! Thank you for giving us the honor to witness these one of a kind sophisticated fashion moments. 🙏🥰👏👏👏👏❤️
Hamelin D'abell
Hamelin D'abell:
Proper couture - as always - from Armani. Sophisticated and elegant.
Larissa Krouz
Larissa Krouz:
Fantastic collection, fantastic show, fantastic music!!!
Bravo, Maestro!!!🥂⚘
Barbara Lanati
Barbara Lanati:
La classe, l'eleganza e la femminilità in persona.
Sunny Boots
Sunny Boots:
Gorgeous designs and I can’t say enough about the fabrics!
Magnificent collection ❤️🇨🇦
Beauty Surroundings
Beauty Surroundings:
This is the magnificent creation of the last emperador of the fashion design. Mr Armani thanks for give us this beautiful runway in these days when outside looks so awful. Your clothing is beautiful, the colours the texture like Art pieces.👏🏻🥰🙏🏻
Jack Rose
Jack Rose:
Thank you Armani for dressing women like women and men like men.
Gracita Estepa
Gracita Estepa:
sooooo elegant,classy,sophisticated,gorgeous collections i love all collections although they are expensive
Giselle Talarico
Giselle Talarico:
Thank you Giorgio, finally a collection of beaty , elegance and simplicity. BRAVO
Susan _
Susan _:
Simply beautiful. Simply elegant. Genius! All people should wear clothes created with such respect for the wearer. Even when it is not made with expensive fabric or by a famous designer. I salute you, House of Armani!
Elena Umazabal
Elena Umazabal:
Pure Art!! Es que no existe mas hermosura.. Congratulations Mr Armani 👏🙌👏Genio!! 💯
OMG, SO BEAUTIFUL!! Armani still has the glamour, style, special touch . Everyone else lost. BRAVO!
Absolutely breath taking! You couldn't pull me away. I loved the color combinations and the infusion of Indian/Asian culture. It almost felt like a throw back to the 80's and 90's with the cuffed pants; only more sophisticated. Bravo!
Gay Fry
Gay Fry:
The best ever! Absolutely beautiful!! The colors, the style, the fit and the flow!
Сергей Тюрин
Сергей Тюрин:
Изысканные детали,восхитительные проборы,несмешение в смешении... . Все великолепно!
Abigail Gerlach
Abigail Gerlach:
Elegant, subtle and marvelous. Beautiful clothes meant to entice us to dream.
3-2-1 Acting Studios
3-2-1 Acting Studios:
Absolutely gorgeous and one of the best shows I’ve seen.
Mary Hammond
Mary Hammond:
Beautiful fabrics and colors! Bravo!
Angela Pellino
Angela Pellino:
Eleganza pura ❤️🙏
♥️ SUPERB! ♥️ Models ☑️ Distance Shots ☑️ Shoes to Hair ☑️ Accessories ☑️ and the STYLE! ☑️ ♥️ There is No Other! ♥️
guglielmo busso
guglielmo busso:
La mia impressione è che Armani sia rimasto uno dei pochi (se non l'unico) a fare degli abiti e non dei costumi.
Ann Smith
Ann Smith:
Superb, exquisite elegance! Haute couture at its finest! Thank you!
Наталия Доровских
Наталия Доровских:
Come sempre squisito, eleganti e deliziosamente armonioso!!! Complimenti!!! ❤️👏🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Krásny materiál, aj niektoré strihy, perfekt 👍👌🥳🙀
Eileen M
Eileen M:
This was absolutely luxurious and stunning
Archie Olmstead
Archie Olmstead:
Armani never goes overboard with extreme designs that very few people could wear comfortably
Мадина Оналбаева
Мадина Оналбаева:
Превосходный вкус и прекрасный стиль
Y G:
Almost made me cry. Sooo beautiful
Mia Real
Mia Real:
Absolutely beautiful 🙏🙏🙏
Pearl’s Dream
Pearl’s Dream:
These are some of the most beautiful cloths I have ever seen. The presentation was wonderful.
Teresa Esposito
Teresa Esposito:
L'apoteosi della Bellezza: ogni abito un'opera d'arte!!!
Tatiana Pugi
Tatiana Pugi:
Eleganza e bellezza allo stato puro!!!🇮🇹🇮🇹!!!!!!
Iceprincess one
Iceprincess one:
Loved loved ALL of it - and THE SHOES and jewelleries' ! OMG - to die for !
This one, by diference, it’s the best collection of all. No Chanel, Valentino, Dior…maybe Schiaparelli is a kind of that, but the rest…Circus and not taste…
Sartorial art at its very best!
Bravissimo Giorgio Armani!!!
T P:
Love Armani Prive fall collection 😍 ♥️
I still find it hard to accept that I will go through life without dressing in Armani Privee. I covet every piece.
Emily Ann
Emily Ann:
Great collection, great silhouette, feels wearable. Some of the pieces reminded me of Chinese dresses and Japanese kimono
Mary Maroon
Mary Maroon:
Breathtaking!! Such beautiful flowing fabrics..
ms miyavi
ms miyavi:
what a beautiful collection i'm in love!💖
Leona M
Leona M:
Bravo, there wasn’t a single item I wouldn’t wear if I could Wow just stunning.
Blue Rose
Blue Rose:
I mean they're all lovely but @3:03 is amazing... and @ 8:03 classiest Barbie outfit ever! ... @8:27 is incredible... and starting @13:00 that outfit just looks so much like something Zendaya would wear, idk why. Love it!
Mahadi .Patsa
Mahadi .Patsa:
This entire collection is giving rich, Middle Eastern women vibes. I love it.
Antonina Gristina
Antonina Gristina:
Armani si distingue sempre ♥️👏👏👏👏👏
Юлия Ким
Юлия Ким:
Высокая мода!💖
Laura Levitan
Laura Levitan:
Love the girls eyes, the lighted white runway and the variety of the show
Gabriel M.
Gabriel M.:
Bravo Monsieur Armani for this absolutely Stunning Collection 👏❤👏❤👏❤You are the Emperor of Fashion World 👑👑👑
Marie Wasp
Marie Wasp:
Back to beauty and the classics which has been missing for too long. Bravo.
Ohhhh Wooooow I’m sooo impressed ❤️ I loved the Ideas flow and consistency ❤️ I loved the designs ❤️ the colors shads are beautifully selected ❤️ they should name this collection ( Gorgeous Amani 😁❤️)
Gustavo Gomez
Gustavo Gomez:
Simply exquisite and effortless, bravo.
Roger Bernard
Roger Bernard:
Bravo Armani! Always classy and beautiful. You can tell he loves & respects women.
Debra Gaston
Debra Gaston:
Just beautiful!
Maries E. Navarro Lazcano
Maries E. Navarro Lazcano:
Espectacular!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Norma Mimosa
Norma Mimosa:
This is the best Fall/Winter 2022-23 I have seen so far.
Wanda Ruiz
Wanda Ruiz:
Janice Pedroli
Janice Pedroli:
They are all exquisite. My favorites are the hot pink with black cumberband. The silk pants with 40s legs and metallic top. The black with spaghetti straps ruffled skirt and the black chiffon ruffled top to bottom.
Two of my all time favorite dresses are from movies. Solomon and Sheba Sheba wore a one shoulder silk red orange and gold large print silk with a I think Chiffon red orange print short sleeved caftan cover. And dresses made for Liz Taylor in Cat on a hot Tin Roof Maggie had a white chiffon kind of gathered deep v neck with almost circle skirt. And in Mambo Italiano Sophia Loren. Wore a cream white short sleeved satin top slightly gathered v neck skirt.
Formal wear all evening dresses from My Fair Lady for Audrey Hepburn.
I used to have to make my formal wear when I was first married. Everybody had money. We had little. I would go out look at expensive dresses especially zippers and bodice fitting. Go to the material store pick out one or two patterns and try to copy that dress. No body knew but me. I know how hard your people work thanks.
Giorgio il Re!! King of fashion 👑
Tanya Baker
Tanya Baker:
Magnificent attire! Bravo!🌹🌹🌹
Ira Talina
Ira Talina:
Шикарно и утончённо!👍
Love this collection.
Urszula B
Urszula B:
I can only say, absolutely breathtaking, top class 👍
Олена Макарова
Олена Макарова:
С ног сшибательно! Браво!
Martha Hoffmann
Martha Hoffmann:
Just beautiful. Armani excels in dressing and making women thrive. This is real fashion.
Elsa Wang
Elsa Wang:
Speechless. Every pieces are so elegant and breathtaking.
sertaç türk
sertaç türk:
How can it be? A collection. same time futuristic classic and elegant and also wearable. ⭐️
Heidi Dlr
Heidi Dlr:
0:39 I bet the inner would be so pretty not to be too much hidden from the coat.
0:49 Oh God, I love this gorgeous top!
2:49 Would have been better if it's a dress itself but nonetheless, the combination is pretty.
3:34 That double layering illusion is such a genius design. I love it!
4:05 That ribbon made the look so chic!
8:30 Look how that little touch of pink made the gown looks so classy!
11:58 The ombre colors of blue made this piece so stunning!

The suits and tops are perfect for typical rich girl bosses. I love this shiny yet minimalist classy collection of Armani. Spectacular pieces at once!
Melissa Moore
Melissa Moore:
Beyond masterful... Divine! True art, that which ignites the soul, will consume all other desires. Not food, nor water, nor lovers, will satisfy... to LIVE to re-watch this Dior collection! Bravo until Heaven, Mr. Dior!
Gabriel de Orleans
Gabriel de Orleans:
Rina K
Rina K:
Это высокая мода.Элегантно,женственно.Услада для глаз.В России только жены олигархов и депутатов могут себе позволить это приобрести
Ray Ann
Ray Ann:
Pure joy watching these come down!!!! Tears!!!!!!!!!!
👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
Maria Pietroniro
Maria Pietroniro:
Stunning I love it.
Audra Winters
Audra Winters:
Just beautiful!
Tanya Lark
Tanya Lark:
Ожидаемо потрясающе,нет слов для похвал
Barbara Rabin
Barbara Rabin:
All that glitters….gorgeous!
Julia Conte
Julia Conte:
Боже мой как это идеально ,если бы я была богата, то носила бы только Армани!
Perfection. Sublime. True Beauty.
Elena Powell
Elena Powell:
Aaaaaa! Ooooooo! I do not have words to express it! This is a comeback of beauty, thank you, Armani!
Наталья Демина
Наталья Демина:
Это великолепно и безумно красиво!
Margarida M
Margarida M:
Wow, what a beautiful collection.
aaron bush
aaron bush:
utterly gorgeous... never disapoints...
Selina mulia
Selina mulia:
Armani always looks so elegant classic n classy 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
Widner JEROME:
Only One Word : SUBLIME !! ❤️❤️
Aras Said
Aras Said: