The Great Zenon Plech racing at Wimbledon

Bobby Schwartz, Zenon Plech, Peter Collins and Michael Lee in Heat 9 of the1980 Embassy Internationale at Wimbledon. Nice Interview with Michael Lee at the end too.

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Turner Manc
Turner Manc:
The best name a speedway rider could have had. Zenon Pleck. We used to skid broadside on our pushbikes when we were kids and shout "Zenon Pleck" lol. (we never shouted Phil Crump)
Judith Aldridge
Judith Aldridge:
Never forget the greatest starting marshal of all time, Frank Lawrence.
Andrzej Sniadowski
Andrzej Sniadowski:
Zenon Plech was an amazing rider.
David Ellis
David Ellis:
I was in the crowd at Wimbledon that night!
Zenon was one of those riders that never fulfilled his promise, he was tipped to be a world champion but never quite got there. Being a Wimbledon fan though, there was only one Edward Jancarz 😉👍
RIP Zenon Plech, one of greatest
Mr Jinx
Mr Jinx:
RIP Legend
Woody Jagla
Woody Jagla:
,,,, good old days
Nervo 63
Nervo 63:
Strange phenomenon Zenon , could take on and beat the world's best on his day, but could look very mediocre in everyday league racing, can't quite understand why....
zenon rip
Jerry Dąbrowski
Jerry Dąbrowski:
W dniu 25.11.2020r zmarł legenda żużla Zenon Plech.Cześć jego pamięci.
Przemysław Nowakowski
Przemysław Nowakowski:
RIP Zenon Plech [*]
Tomasz Markiewicz
Tomasz Markiewicz:
Zenon Plech R.I.P. [*] 25.11.2020.
daniel kluzek
daniel kluzek:
Niestety dziś Zenek odszedł do niebiańskiej ligi żużlowej Niech spoczywa w pokoju
Harold Taylor
Harold Taylor:
My brother and I saw Hackney beat Halifax narrowly at Halifax, the Shay in 1980. We both idolized Zenon Plech. We shouted Z E N O N,Z E N ON so frantically the Halifax fans thought we were nuts. When the Hawks came onto the track to celebrate, Zenon looked for us and waved, never forget it. We are from Cumbria and were Barrow Bombers fans. It was the only time we saw him race live. He was a proper speedway rider, loved grippy tracks,rode inches from the fence. Totally fearless. I bow to you Zenon. One of the few people younger than me that I admire. In spite of his shortcomings, Kenny Carter was another. If he had taken more notice of Ivan Mauger and less of his Dad, who knows!!. RIP Kenny and Pam.