“The Greatest Story in Football” | This Is… Nottingham Forest

This is the story of how a provincial team went from Division 2 to being back-to-back European Champions in 4 seasons.
This is the story of Brian Clough.
This is the story of Stuart Pearce.
This is the story of the Championship.

This is Nottingham Forest

#ThisIs #NottinghamForest #NFFC #ThisIsNottinghamForest

Additional footage courtesy of Nottingham Forest, Getty Images and SNTV

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COPA90 Football
COPA90 Football:
Class work mate 👊
Funksta 66
Funksta 66:
what a great honest documentary. My dad played for Forest late 50's early 60's , sadly not with us anymore but he would have loved this. Thanks you .
Jack McCormick
Jack McCormick:
You've outdone yourselves here. Absolutely brilliant.
James Dunning
James Dunning:
Cheers, son's crying.
Cal Erba
Cal Erba:
"I would be a husk of a man without it"

Only those that truly love their football club, their city and colors can understand what he means...
Ivan Bonfirraro
Ivan Bonfirraro:
Il Nottingham è la storia del calcio
Nottingham is the history of football
Greetings from Inter fan 🔵⚫️
Luis Nicolau
Luis Nicolau:
The day Nothingham Forest return to the Premier League I believe it's going to be the happiest day in football, I don't see anyone not being happy if it happens
Luke Fehily
Luke Fehily:
Can i see a forest v derby derbydays coming up soon?
Fors Withaz
Fors Withaz:
Been a Nottingham Forest supporter ever since I got introduced to English football. Being from Sweden I always get weird looks when I tell people that Forest is my team, and I couldn't care less. We are Forest, we rule supreme.
Kid Krusher Gamin'
Kid Krusher Gamin':
Nottingham Forest, Leeds United and West Brom are the clubs I want to go up to the Premier League
A H:
"It'll be nice to have a manager who actually completes a season."

Coronavirus: *allow me to introduce myself*
Javier Torres
Javier Torres:
Forest supporter from Puerto Rico. I dream of going to the City Ground one day. I don’t miss a match in iFollow every week.
John Shelby
John Shelby:
Daniel Rose
Daniel Rose:
I'm a Derby fan and even I enjoyed watching this, even the hatred of us lot 😂😂. Excellent job again guys 👍
Rob Gru
Rob Gru:
The bloke who said the Championship wasn’t one of the best leagues and football clubs shouldn’t be run by ego-maniacs, is a very wise man
Luuk Van Gendt
Luuk Van Gendt:
Great club, with so much history, and tradition, a great ground and great support. 1 of England’s finest, Hopefully back where they belong next year, in the top flight. All the best from Holland
Chris Bartlett
Chris Bartlett:
I’m a Derby fan and even I was moved by that...respect to you all.
Ed Groves
Ed Groves:
Converted, I'm a Forest Fan now
Massive Forest fan here, this is class Copa, seeing a documentary like this about my team is brilliant. Thanks for this! 🔴 #NFFC #COYR
Michael O
Michael O:
Worked in Nottingham city centre not too long back, lovely city. And that's from a scouser so no bias.
I live in Portugal and support Benfica, but Forest has had a very special place in my heart since I was a little kid. COYR!
Joseph Pickard
Joseph Pickard:
Belting stuff, lads
Lawrence Tallis
Lawrence Tallis:
Pretty special this. Special club, special people, special film. Love it.
Chad Dzerzhinsky
Chad Dzerzhinsky:
Holy shit that was fantastic. Brilliantly done. God bless those Forest fans I hope you guys get promoted this year.
I hope Nottingham forest goes back up to the Premier league where they belong with there history from a Glasgow Rangers fan
I'll start by saying that I'm an Arsenal fan so there's no question of a bias here, just honest thoughts. Nottingham Forest are everyone's second favourite club, ok maybe not literally everyone but there is a lot of warmth for them and everyone I know wants to see them back up in the big time. They're a club that has, in my opinion, earned the title of "a big club", far more than the likes of some that are given it! I'll argue that between 1975 and 1980, Nottingham Forest achieved the most outstandingly insane and utterly impossible miracle ever seen in football! Impossible, yet it happened. From halfway down division 2 to double European Cup winners in 5 years!!! When you allow yourself to dwell on that rather than just saying it as statistical fact, the enormity of it starts to sink in and it's truly mindblowing!! Nothing like that will ever happen again, even with some clubs being as awash with money as they are. What Forest did was very little to do with money and everything to do with a genius! Now everyone knows that Brian Clough was a genius, and I don't forget Peter Taylor in the story, but I often find that what people don't know is that he wasn't just a mouthy bugger that scared people into performing. First of all, that's impossible, if they'd been scared of him at a deep level they never could have achieved so much and secondly, he didn't just talk the talk, he'd been a great player too, averaging something like a goal every other game over his whole career, sadly cut short. I'll say it again, arguably the greatest achievement over a given period of time in the history of football. Promotion, league champions, European champions twice, cup victories and a record breaking unbeaten run!! Absolutely staggering!! And also, we all loved the fact that in achieving all of this, Cloughie stuck a very firm two fingers up at Leeds! This is why people have a very warm soft spot for Nottingham Forest!! Hope you get up this year, boys and girls, looking forward to seeing you at The Emirates soon!
david marwood
david marwood:
Nottingham has such a strong connection with the history of football, not just in England but Italy as well.

Oldest professional clubs in the world with Notts County (formerly) and Nottingham Forest
Juventus’ famous black and white stripes come from Notts County
Arsenal wearing red comes from Nottingham Forest
AC Milan was founded by a Nottsman, Herbert Kilpin

Would love to see a documentary about this, as I view Nottingham (along with Sheffield) as the birthplace of the beautiful game, professionally at least.
This. Is. Nottingham.
independent research
independent research:
currently in Asia studying and I am up EVERY single match day at 4 am to watch Forest play. I am from Nottingham, I am a Forest fan, I am Nottingham Forest. COYR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
COPA90 Stories
COPA90 Stories:
Which club would you like to see next, on 'This Is...'?
Blue Lakes
Blue Lakes:
Matt of Forza is being very modest here. What they've done (and continue to do) is nothing short of magnificent. Through the recent years of disappointment, they've been something to believe in and be proud of.
Miasanmia 01
Miasanmia 01:
I love these documentaries, huge football fan from Germany (FC Bayern) but I love these little documentaries about these clubs, the amazing support and classic football feeling. I wasn’t born in the 70s or 80s but I wish I could’ve seen the classic football scene . Well done Copa90
Mason Lane
Mason Lane:
Lol “what you been doing all afternoon? Headbutting pizzas?”
Matt Shipley
Matt Shipley:
As a Leeds fan, I would love to see Forest back at the top. A club that deserves so much more. Derby can do one
Go Reds from Argentina
Elias Borregaard
Elias Borregaard:
I’ve got a special bond to Nottingham, as the founder of my beautiful Milan is from this city. I really hope to visit your city one day, and good luck advancing to the premier league 💪
Top class content, guys. Keep it comin'!
Charlie Price
Charlie Price:
I loved every minute of this. In particular the words from Helena Doughty were lovely to hear, RIP to her wonderful father
adrian russell
adrian russell:
My club for 40years
All my wishes from California
Thank you for this film guys. Brilliant! Sums up what it means to be not just a Forest fan, but a football fan. Loved it.
Leandro Silva
Leandro Silva:
Sad that money destroyed fan culture in England, premier league stadium atmosphere is dead and boring, some small clubs till today have great ultras but the majority don't... Football its all about history , culture and for the people , its not about the money !
Rich presidents... Rich companies buying or creating football teams , destroying competition and history... All of that should be banned , and make every 4 years and presidental election on the club!
Scottish ultras like Celtics and Rangers are still alive , and their passion and rivarly is the greatest in UK ... Propz
Viktor Majba
Viktor Majba:
COYR Greetings from Hungary
Bry An
Bry An:
Love from the U.S. to forest ❤️
Forest has always been one of those teams I've liked for some reason even before I learned about Clough and their European success as a kid I just liked the crest and the kits.
Jack Martin
Jack Martin:
Going to my first Forest game on Friday, thanks for this!
Alfred The Grape
Alfred The Grape:
Love Forest ❤️🇬🇧🇩🇰
Fat Dad to fit Dad?
Fat Dad to fit Dad?:
Beautiful I can feel the electricity from my club here in Australia
O'Seb -
O'Seb -:
"Saaaabri Lamouchi, Saaaabri Lamouchi" Love it !!
Dylan Balch
Dylan Balch:
Yet they still bottle it on the last day of the season. A 6-Goal Swing.
Tommy Tulpe
Tommy Tulpe:
Brilliant bit about a brilliant club! (Union Berlin supporter)
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson:
This is truly an amazing watch, gave me goose bumps watching this being a Forest fan 🙏
Gagan P
Gagan P:
Give this channel an Oscar please.
Callum Colton
Callum Colton:
Sitting in isolation, this brought a tear to my eye, I miss it
Asian Lad
Asian Lad:
Wish they can go up this season, the rivalry Forest v Liverpool can be back after the late 70s
Μan with No Name
Μan with No Name:
Respect from Greece !! Come on You Reds
City ground is one of the best grounds I’ve watched a match in. the last time I went, my team got battered 4-0 but was still a good day out
Ryan Olden
Ryan Olden:
Absolutely brilliant video, I love my forest and city ground!!! You reds!! 😁
BrayPlays 7
BrayPlays 7:
We haven’t won since the making of this video
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith:
This vid was absolutely amazing well done
Agung Arif r
Agung Arif r:
Respect from Brigata Curva Sud!!
as a spurs fan who now lives in nottingham i really want forrest to get back in to the prem!
I had goosebumps through most of that , f***ing brilliant !
Thank you this really appreciated for the love of the game.
One of the best clubs in history hands down
East Midlands Transportation Hub
East Midlands Transportation Hub:
Brilliant. Loved every second.
Richard EVANS
Richard EVANS:
I remember beating forest in the 91 cup final and they were the better team on the day, had a great side keane, Pearce and one of the most underrated defenders in English football in des walker
Nick Lewis
Nick Lewis:
Great film, seem like a decent bunch this lot. 👏🏻
Greg Mitchell
Greg Mitchell:
Absolutely incredible, we’ll done to everyone involved, I don’t blame the 8 Derby fans who gave it the thumbs down either 😅 ripped them apart
Francis Pierre
Francis Pierre:
Taken Copa90 Stories to the next level. Great production.
Wow just wow! Who needs a vaccine during Covid 19 just watch this and you feel uplifted 👏👏
Well done 👍
Steinar E
Steinar E:
Brought a tear to my eye! Proud to be a Red Dog! <3
GranPilier GranPilier
GranPilier GranPilier:
Am a staunch Forest supporter from Malta, and I regularly travel over to CG to watch my team….this documentary just brought back the shivers in my spine. Thank you
As a boy Forest were my favourite team, I just loved the attractive way they played. No, surprise then and considering the history, that I am an Arsenal fan with a soft spot for Forest.
nic ancelin
nic ancelin:
Great documentary, come on you reds!!
Pablo Aragunde
Pablo Aragunde:
want them in the prem so bad 👏👏👏
sam latope
sam latope:
Tears in my Eyes when paul mcGregor talks about Cloughies last Game.. Heartbreaking....I LOVE YOU NFFC**
Emilio Andrés Galvez
Emilio Andrés Galvez:
The best club in England and the one I'll always, always will end up cheering for
Mark Johnson-brown
Mark Johnson-brown:
just epic! I love that. Its like a mirror into my soul
anonymous one
anonymous one:
"This is the story of how a provincial team went from Division 2 to being back-to-back European Champions in 4 seasons." it's not really though is it..
As a Villa fan I've always had an affection for Forest
A real club who I hope will come up this season
Jack Heverin
Jack Heverin:
This is absolutely class ❤️
Rishabh 31
Rishabh 31:
Just saw their result against stoke.. cant believe they missed the playoffs on the last day... football is sometimes so cruel.. hope you guys comeback next season...🙂
Abbas Zaidi
Abbas Zaidi:
4:40 as a GP, I can attest that this would be the genuine response in the primary care medical community
Stuart Beresford
Stuart Beresford:
Goosebumps - What a club x
Nice video. Thought we were just going to get the thousandth rehash of the Brian-Clough-two-European-Cups story, but very few have focused on the post-Clough era. My best mate is a Forest fan and i've lived and worked in the city, so interesting to see a focus on that side of it, good work.
Jack Read
Jack Read:
Absolutely loved this. My club ♥️🔴🌳
What a truly amazing piece of video! I am biased as a Forest fan, however, I do believe that most fans of football would love this!! Great work guys 👍👍
Who’s here after they bottled their playoff spot?
One of the best things I've ever watched! Thank you.
marcus rashford
marcus rashford:
I was planning on starting a fm20 save with forest, so i had to learn about the club background and history, knew nothing at the start, Now i know how big of a club this is. Definitely starting it now😂
Thank you Copa. You've done us proud there.
Winston Smith
Winston Smith:
On their way to relegation
Jack Jay
Jack Jay:
Nottingham Forest are MAGIC❤️👊🏻
Elliot NFFC
Elliot NFFC:
Loving this ❤️
Ike Love
Ike Love:
By far the best football channel on the youtube!
amazing video, explains it all
Fantastic piece of work. Beautifully filmed and beautifully summerised by Helena Doughty. Brought a lump to the throat.
Got to do Sheffield Wednesday next.
Arthur Pinchuk
Arthur Pinchuk:
Great documentary, but Leicester's existance makes this title kinda delusional