The INCREDIBLE Moment Bielsa Ordered Leeds to Let Villa Score

In one of the most controversial and talked about moments of the season Leeds manager Marcelo Bielsa orders his team to let Aston Villa equalise after Leeds scored with a Villa player down injured.

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Tim McElroy
Tim McElroy:
Bielsa is the reason I want Leeds in the Premier League and no other reason. A legend of the game, a man of principle, and one of the very few people in the sport who have the courage of their convictions.
Piraat 020
Piraat 020:
The dark filter makes it amazing tho
Bielsa always steals my job in Football Manager, now I get why.
D Records
D Records:
How has this been filmed so cinematiclly why aren't all football matches edited like this 😂
Amir Kalaji
Amir Kalaji:
Why is Terry 3:00 still pointing his finger at Bielsa? The man just had his players concede a goal
Mark Dubya
Mark Dubya:
Bielsa is a class act. Leeds are lucky to have him.
Marcelo Bielsa has more passion, dedication and love for this sport than half of my generation combined. He deserves 10 times more recognition than he gets.
That man lives football, defines football.
Bielsa may not be the best manager in the world, but he's one of my favorites, and probably the most correct and passionate of them all. On chile, he changed the team's mentality, it was started by another coach but he played an important part in the change. He's probably right now the most Cherished Coach there was on Chile, and many, including myself, still want him back, everyone misses "El loco" Bielsa.

Also, Bielsa is a person of high integrity. On Chile, he didn't allowed Vidal, one of the best players Chile ever had did as he pleased because he was good, he treated every player as equal, and nobody was above anyone there.

Another thing was he rejected to give a handshake to the president of Chile at the time, Sebastian Piñera, now that probably will go down as Chile's worst president.

Bielsa quit the Chile National team when a new president assumed, Sergio Jadue, as he didn't wanted to work with him. Years later Jadue was exposed as part of one of the biggest Fraud schemes FIFA ever had, that now amazon even started making a series about it.

Because of this and many things, Bielsa is still loved by everyone here in Chile, you can even see graffitis containing his image, some calling him Saint Bielsa, and once that he came to visit Chile as a tourist, everyone received him and trated him as a hero.

Sometimes, Football isn't always about winning. Bielsa has the capacities of taking any horribly-performing team and change their mindset into a winner's one, but a real winner, with true passion for football.
Sam Alcoreza
Sam Alcoreza:
Bielsa really living life out here like it’s fifa career mode. Taking average teams and making them contenders for silverware/promotion. Genius.
Sounds like Russell Crowe doing the narrating.
mel 007
mel 007:
It's like when Katakuri Stabbed himself In one piece to make things fair with Luffy
D Jibby
D Jibby:
The worst part of all this is bamford grabbing peoples neck from behind then going down like a sack of spuds. Absolute clown that kid. Least effective player in world football
John Holmes
John Holmes:
Villa should have let Sheffield score the other day when they had a clear goal disallowed.
Dan Graham
Dan Graham:
It's up to the ref to stop the game. It really is as simple as that.
Kentendo 64
Kentendo 64:
This kind of reminds me of a game I played when I was a kid. It was the last game of our season and our opposition hadn't scored a goal all season. They were woeful and our manager told us at halftime to let them score a goal as it would mean a lot to them. To be fair there were kids with disabilities and the like but it's the best goal we ever conceded and we made it seem like they scored it on merit rather than gifted them the goal. We won something silly like 17-1 but I always remember them celebrating like they'd won. Sometimes sports are about more than winning
So all of Leeds fans are Norwegian, basically? 😅
Vicent Rodells
Vicent Rodells:
El Señor Bielsa is called "el loco" or the "crazy one" for his passion for the game, he just ask his players to concede the goal so no excuses! He is a man of Integrity and certainly a great coach! His record speaks by itself! 😊👍👌
sean storm
sean storm:
Who’s here after Leeds got promoted?????
The love Bielsa has for football is just incredible.
"One of the most controversial and well known moments in World Football history."
>Nobody has ever heard about this outside the UK
The red card was overturned and Bamford was banned from the playoffs for pretending
Libre Pensador
Libre Pensador:
"acepten la injusticia, que todo se equilibra al final" Marcelo Bielsa
Hankle Sacks
Hankle Sacks:
You’ve got to have an obscene respect for a manager to actually give into such a crazy request
Lawm Sanga
Lawm Sanga:
Leeds 3- O Aston villa
PFP Dan:
Everyone asking questions whether it was the right thing to do and I’m here asking is that Russel Crowe narrating?
Mental that he's such a honest manger I rate Marcelo b
WILL Hayes
WILL Hayes:
What this video misses is the fact that villa put the ball out for Leeds that’s why villa so unhappy and the Leeds players stopped also the goal was offside
Mini Shaw
Mini Shaw:
Is this Russel crows voice....?
Bielsa redefined "fair play".
The Football War almost got repeated damn
Ed and Chris
Ed and Chris:
Footballer: I’m well ard I’ll have you in a scrap

Also footballer: flops to floor when touched like a fish
Son Rob
Son Rob:
3:16 this girl makes it 😂
Bamford trying to justify his actions for diving what a bellend 😂
John Terry, what a wanker.
Ref: "Play to the whistle"
Bielsa: "What???"
Ed Rodriguez
Ed Rodriguez:
in a world where only success matters at any price and not human values, work, helping others to find their best human capacities. I congratulate the leeds for this happy moment of their fans and I feel represented by Marcelo bielsa as Argentine
The music accompanies the situation incredibly well!
Gaimz Bond007
Gaimz Bond007:
Respect Bielsa for this
Mike Ehrmantraut
Mike Ehrmantraut:
Swear this same situation happened a couple years ago, second half started with a unchallenged goal. can't remember the teams
Jai Hind
Jai Hind:
Matt J Cole
Matt J Cole:
You can't fault a manager with integrity.
Sam Buchanan
Sam Buchanan:
bamford drops someone then rolls around on the floor 2 min later when someone touches. embarrasing
ayling is such a geezer i love him lmao
Dorin C
Dorin C:
I'm really glad Leeds are back in PL where they belong! Great club with traditions and passion. Greetings from a Liverpool fan!
E M:
fookin al. This footage and cinematography is amazing.
Amazon have done well.
Chai Et
Chai Et:
Bielsa is absolutely respectable! I have been watching Leeds and Liverpool since 2000. Am keen to see them compete in PL next year!
henry kwidini
henry kwidini:
One of the most dramatic moments in football in recent times!
Jon Yoong
Jon Yoong:
Feel his passion. Great guy.
Ky Swadling
Ky Swadling:
cant believe Bamford tried to claim he got shoved! the aston villa player didnt touch him, plus bamford grabbed him from behind and all the played did was try and shrug him off
Anyone know the music used at 2:45 ?
Cameron Richards
Cameron Richards:
Is this narrated by Russell Crowe?
Aljaž K. - SI
Aljaž K. - SI:
hah, I could recognize Russell Crowe's voice in an instant
SiyaM Ma
SiyaM Ma:
Attempted murder, I almost spat my tea
Samrat Tamuly
Samrat Tamuly:
Leeds were making a movie for Amazon prime sport..
Xibon Shariar
Xibon Shariar:
6:31 is this lucifer morningstar 🤣
YouTube algorithm on point today. Can’t believe I never heard of this movie/show.
muhd saiful
muhd saiful:
3:38 why arturito from money heist is there?
Stalin Lenin
Stalin Lenin:
this is filmed like the movie 'Goal' lmaoo
When I first saw it, I thought the hit on Bamford was so fast I couldn't see it.
Ryan Liu
Ryan Liu:
A man of integrity
Daniel Levy
Daniel Levy:
hahaha i remember watching it from home, what a scene!! :D
Hisham Hosany
Hisham Hosany:
Got to love Luke Ayling!!!! Lol
Me letting my friend score in fifa so we can go to pens
Tirop Chirchir
Tirop Chirchir:
I just love this documentaries especially for spurs
Imagine if Kepa is in Leeds squad...
Mukthar Haque
Mukthar Haque:
I never saw this type of cinematic video of football... Camera angles,editing,voice, it'll not get much better... Pure class' deservs my subscription 😍😍😍
Really made my day
Tony Almonte
Tony Almonte:
United fan here and goddamn, it’s good to see Leeds back in the Prem. Love to see a real, heartfelt rivalry again!
I always missed the leeds days
David Barrock
David Barrock:
I know that’s very respectable but if ref says play on, then just get on with it
David Medina
David Medina:
The Amazon documentary about Tottenham was amazing. I need to watch this one asap.
Siddhant Jaiswal
Siddhant Jaiswal:
When is season 2 coming Amazon prime?
Just like the UFC referees states before a fight "protect yourself at all times"
¿De dónde flores si no hay jardín?
¿De dónde flores si no hay jardín?:
Mis respetos y admiración para Bielsa por siempre. Es un gran Técnico y una Persona maravillosa; este Fair Play lo deja en evidencia. Es un grande entre los grandes.
JOE 90
JOE 90:
that's the goal I miss for the, classification 🤔
Love how Bamford got away with throwing 2 villa lads to the ground
matias alvarez
matias alvarez:
❤I love happy endings, luckily justice was done and soccer won ⚽ greetings from Argentina 💙 a new fans
Ander Galeatxe
Ander Galeatxe:
Bielsa is a manager who is convinced of fair play in his own way. His philosophy is so strong both on and off the pitch that he would rather lose than renounce to it. In Chile we learned he is the closest to a prophet. The things he did in here, victories and defeats in and out of the field, have been just right. It’s like he was Adam in dark. Someone’s saying to him how things must happen. Now he will Leeds to the premier league in the fashion he wants and we have yet not known what Leeds are about to do at the premier league.
Sue H
Sue H:
I hope leeds win this season, i wannna take my man to 1st match of the premiership
A Singh
A Singh:
This guys voice - wow
Anubhav Barooah
Anubhav Barooah:
That filter ♥️🔥
Gbenga Webo
Gbenga Webo:
Seeing leeds in the premier league now gives me so much joy
Had goosebumps watching this
To ALL those who wagered/bet on the" Yes" to "Will both teams score?" 🤣🤣👍👊🤜🤑
Hamza Belattar
Hamza Belattar:
dud that filter is fitting perfectly with this giving me chills
03:11 - 03:14
the saga says he still waits for anyone to care or react to his cringe outburst.
Imam Bilqisthy
Imam Bilqisthy:
I love him, so kind and wise manager, then he got his kindness a trophy
3:16 Told ya... He's loco 🤷🏼‍♀️
03:30 Norwegian Leeds supporter? Sounds like it
Tom Wylde
Tom Wylde:
This voice actor is legendary sounding :O
Dean Bartlett
Dean Bartlett:
As much as I want to praise them for fair play, one of the basics of football is to always play to the whistle. Villa switched off and Leeds scored. Ok great. That's what you get for assuming the game is going to stop instead of playing until the ref blows his whistle or the ball goes out of play. But mad respect to Bielsa for letting them score after that. I wonder how many other managers would've done the same.
Venu Varma
Venu Varma:
Never saw any manager doing it
Fahmi Pahlawan
Fahmi Pahlawan:
I miss elland road.i think leeds unites is a iconic team in england
Good job marcello bielsa
Patrick Kimutai Kiprotich
Patrick Kimutai Kiprotich:
Leeds had won the reverse fixture, away, 3-2 on 23rd December, 2018
wind spray
wind spray:
Vamos Loco !!! Vamos Leeds !!! gracias Loco querido , me siento orgulloso de que seas Argentino
Billy Drago
Billy Drago:
Welcome to Premier League, Mr. Bielsa.
Wish Leed's Bielsa a huge success in Premier League
Ned Robinson
Ned Robinson:
They got promoted, so it all works out in the end... that one time nice guys DIDNT finish last...
2:42 I guess that Leed's defender is not briefed 😂
Mallar Chakraborty
Mallar Chakraborty:
They act like Children 😂😂
Bob Ross’s Dad
Bob Ross’s Dad:
Always that one dude that tries to ruin it lmao
Mahdi Bakhshoudeh
Mahdi Bakhshoudeh:
Is that Russell Crowe narrating?
Big Energy
Big Energy:
Bamford lookin like a young Anakin Skywalker