The Inside World of Transfers | A day in the life of football insider Fabrizio Romano

His job is to reveal huge transfer news. This is how he does it.

Meet Fabrizio Romano. Here we go!

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If he tells you that your wife is cheating, divorce her straight away.
kopex gaming
kopex gaming:
the only source that i trust
Diva Alfirman
Diva Alfirman:
Women: “Men can’t be trusted!”
He could tell me that Lebron James is going to Aston Villa for $3 plus a Big Mac and I wouldn't question him
Yer Boi Lloris
Yer Boi Lloris:
deadline day must be like hell for this man
Aria Strwn
Aria Strwn:
Fabrizio wife "I want a divorce"
Fabrizio "here we go"
If Fabrizio told me I was on a plane to Monchengladbach for a fee of 5 Mil,I'd believe him
Sheikh Heen
Sheikh Heen:
Fabrizio : 26 , football agent

Me : 26, still playing FIFA career mode
xancho olano
xancho olano:
Nothing beats the feeling of fabrizo tweeting "here we go"
Salih Khan
Salih Khan:
This guy deserves everything he puts so much effort in love him to bits best source ever
Hi Daßer
Hi Daßer:
Subtitle guy: shows us subtitles when Fabrizio speaks English
*speaks italian*
Subtitle guy: ama head out bye
Marek Svoboda
Marek Svoboda:
This guy is 26 yo. How did he manage to build such site of contacts? All the agents or journalists talk to him. What did open doors for him? He had to start somehow a few years ago
Nirvadh Leckram
Nirvadh Leckram:
"When you speak about Manchester United people get crazy"
This guy can tell me Messi is transferring to the Nigerian nationals team and I’ll beilive it
Ozy Mandias
Ozy Mandias:
Even his April Fools jokes end up being true.
H A:
He's doing ACTUAL journalism???? Here we go: hoping for the end of fake news and the beginning of real sports talk
Jack McGrath
Jack McGrath:
If fabrizio told me I was adopted I wouldn’t even argue with him
Jack Clifford
Jack Clifford:
So many people’s mental and emotional health is either made or broken by this man every summer 😂
Zarak Rana
Zarak Rana:
If this man told me that my kids Were not actually mine, I would believe him
Nicholas Sutton
Nicholas Sutton:
You know when asking him questions on his Twitter you don’t really think about how stressful his job is. You just think, oh this guy will give most accurate transfer news. 24/7 he is trying to get the news. Gotta respect him. Fab you’re the best.
Huge respect for Fabrizio, if he says something, it's most likely happening
Valentious Ricketts
Valentious Ricketts:
Nothing like a “ here we go “ Kai Havertz to Chelsea
Kellan Miller
Kellan Miller:
Can we do this every deadline day with Fabrizio
Daxon Habon
Daxon Habon:
Best football journalist in the world. Always reliable and never makes up fake stories. 'Here We Go!' is the sign of reliable journalism
The Rambler
The Rambler:
Fabrizio didn't cry when he was born, he just said "here we go"
Looks INSANELY stressful but also so much fun at the same time
How much does this guy earn? He deserves good money man he works hard
Indrajit Barman
Indrajit Barman:
Fabrizio Romano deserve a Ballon D'Or for his off the pitch performance❤
Aakash Singh Kaira
Aakash Singh Kaira:
Eagerly waiting for a HERE WE GO for Kai Havertz to Chelsea.
Imagine doing all this work and some mad lad asked for West Ham updates
Mr Capten YTG
Mr Capten YTG:
Fab wife : You focus in football more than me I want divorce
Fab: Honey are you going on loan or free transfer?
He’s gained over a million followers since September. Mad
Martin N.
Martin N.:
"Here we go" the most trusted three words in football
Reginald Botchway
Reginald Botchway:
Fabrizio Romano is a Legend. I admire his hardworking personality to search for truths and facts....
Euan Carlin
Euan Carlin:
Imagine doing this as a living, the absolute dream, nothing but football🤩
Paul Sam
Paul Sam:
The only journalist that matters to me..
camillo lobo
camillo lobo:
Man this guy works so hard ♥️ the only person i can rely on when it comes to transfers . The best in the business ♥️
Miracle Feranmi
Miracle Feranmi:
This man is working hard yet there are some jobless people calling him a "tap-in merchant" on Twitter smh... Big respect for him 👏👏👏
Why do the agents bother telling him stuff I don’t get it
He is a rockstar of football twitter. If you love football and don't know Fabrizio, you don't love football 😂
João Cunha
João Cunha:
I believe in this guy more than my girlfriend.
Pranav Gurudutt
Pranav Gurudutt:
Attended a seminar on Sports Management by Ozil's agent last week. After listening to him and watching this video I can surely say that the agency business is a mad, capitalistic business with all the stakeholders walking away with at least a million in their pockets once a deal is sealed.
This would be the most fun and also worst job ever
If Fabrizio said I'm in Rome but I'm actually in Montréal, I'd still believe him
"when we talk about Manchester United people go crazy .... ALWAYS" .That football club is GIANT
Jay Satoskar
Jay Satoskar:
Fab is a good man...just his 3 words make so many people happy ❤️❤️
apdiQani NeYmaR jR
apdiQani NeYmaR jR:
Who is here after the incredible transfer window and sleepless nights of Fabrizio👋👇
The amount of dedication and commitment he shows in his job is incredible. We need to learn this from him.
ItsMoi Moí
ItsMoi Moí:
I ran social media for an University and I thought it was sometimes stressful. I can only imagine how it gets for him around this time
The way he kept us on edge these last weeks hooo
Love this mans Enthusiasm about Transfer Market!
What's the benefit in talking with someone like Fabrizio instead of letting the club break the news themselves?
Akshaan Mehra
Akshaan Mehra:
This guy is a legend
Love that video startts with him saying "Here we go".
Ahrnish Dahal
Ahrnish Dahal:
Summer transfer window exists*
Barca - We will sign Neymar
Fabrizio - Ah shit! Here we go again
Everybody gangsta till Fabrizio says "here we go"
youssef ayari
youssef ayari:
He has grown so much since then holy shit what a goat
Man has no name • 20 years ago
Man has no name • 20 years ago:
4:13 true man utd generates more story than any other club in the world and theyve been on a downward spiral for the past 7 yrs
Brad Marchand
Brad Marchand:
They should make a full season reality TV show about this.
Ahmad Lisan
Ahmad Lisan:
Really like this man.He triple checks a news before says something about it. Amazing feeling when he assures any news in my teams favour saying, "here we go"
Damn during this video fabrizio only got around 400 thousand. Now his twitter almost 3M followers.
The Football Planet
The Football Planet:
He basically knows and confirms transfer deals before they occur. Legend!
Kevin Ivester
Kevin Ivester:
He’s is a smart guy and a cool guy. I get 50 callas a day
Abdi A
Abdi A:
This man was the hope for bruno😭 had to see if he was on board wit it
Tik Tok Shorts
Tik Tok Shorts:
This guy needs to be in FIFA games in story or journey
Shashidhar Prabhu
Shashidhar Prabhu:
I do not question this guy. No doubt whatsoever.
If he says you are dying tomorrow, you better have your will and funeral preparations ready.
Ahmed Raza
Ahmed Raza:
When Fabrizio speaks we all listen !
Enrique Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez:
Desperately need a version of this with Woj in NBA free agency man
Abbas Abdullah
Abbas Abdullah:
After watching this, the feelings of becoming a journalist have grown in me. Here we go!
sadman ahmed raian
sadman ahmed raian:
And now he completes his biggest transfer, Jadon Sancho 🙌
4:15 he's so right. Jadon sancho rumour to Manchester United made this man
Man has no name • 20 years ago
Man has no name • 20 years ago:
Legendary 3 words in Football transfer world. HERE WE GO
there's nothing more satisfying than when you see him tweet "here we go!" about your club.
Souvei Pairson
Souvei Pairson:
I wonder how many accents do this guy have!! Incredible player😂
Akhil S Pillai
Akhil S Pillai:
Mom: I'm ur mother...
Fabrizio : Here we go!! She is ur mother....
Fabrizio has 0 reliability and is a tap-in merchant.
Amir Taufiq
Amir Taufiq:
You have to do this every transfer window. We love fabrizio!
sumeet ranjan mishra
sumeet ranjan mishra:
When he, said... People go crazy when it's about Manchester United.. It's damm true😄😄
Barqi Iqbal
Barqi Iqbal:
His passion cover his integrity. Good work, fab
Tuain Gad
Tuain Gad:
The most reliable sources of transfers you can find I respect you bro
Mohit Kalro
Mohit Kalro:
Guy's a real legend. Top boy.
awesome gamer45
awesome gamer45:
We need an update for that 😍 i loved watching him in his daily life of a football journalist
Tinotenda Fungai
Tinotenda Fungai:
He deserves 10m followers
Amartya 7
Amartya 7:
Girls: Why do you don't trust me ?
Boys: We trust no one in this world except Fabrizio Romano🔥🔥❤❤
I can’t believe how hard his work is even though it is fun
I like Fabrizio, he’s a great news analyst on twitter for transfer news and he works hard to do this.
Judy Agbo
Judy Agbo:
I have mad respect for this guy. He does his job pretty well
I worked on it together about four years ago, when he was still hooked on Calciomercatocom, Humble and down to earth person, much better than the multitude of his site colleagues. I did an internship without having any luck, unfortunately I couldn't stay in front of the cameras, but I found in Fabrizio a quiet and calm person, I really hope his recent exploit didn't go to his head.
Mouad Moulou - معاذ مولوع
Mouad Moulou - معاذ مولوع:
Fabrizio's Wife " We Focuse A Lot In Football Like I Am Not In Your Life , I Am Leaving You "
Fabrizio "Full Transfer Or A Loan ?"
Wayne Wong
Wayne Wong:
They said 'never trust a man without a phone case" but this guy my friend, will be the only person I trust. Dude literally predicted every Chelsea signing this season
Thuto Young Fizz
Thuto Young Fizz:
"Here We Go" I get goosebumps Everytime
HaseoKun Gaming
HaseoKun Gaming:
The only news that I believe right now is from this guy, he's incredible
Rijul Gupta
Rijul Gupta:
The don romano's words here we go are music to my ears always.
I think he’s genuinely the most trustworthy person I’ve ever seen
Gautham NS
Gautham NS:
This guy is an absolute legend.
Lubondo Chilekwa
Lubondo Chilekwa:
THE GOAT! Always spot on with transfers
Louis Dnd
Louis Dnd:
Honestly, I've never seen him be wrong. I always trust him, he said that Rodrigo and Raphinha were coming to Leeds, I sad "are you mad ???" and we actually got them, unreal
Robbie O'Mahony
Robbie O'Mahony:
So interesting to see how he sources his information, I always wondered how he sources it.
Harris N
Harris N:
I love how they discussed just at parking lot, and tweet and conformed it
Churchianity Daily
Churchianity Daily:
Even Trump is not as important as this man.