THE IRISHMAN Ending Explained! Real Life Mobsters and What Really Happened To Jimmy Hoffa?

In this video we take a look at Martin Scorsese's latest Netflix film "The Irishman" starring Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino. I break down the ending, its real life mobsters and different theories on what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

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Think Story
Think Story:
What kind of fish did you pick up? 🐟 And let me know what you thought of the film!
The hardest part for me was realising that like the characters, De niro, Pacino and Pesci are growing old and mostly won't be any movie like that ever again
Vinny Cap1
Vinny Cap1:
The door wasn’t closed all the way because that’s what Hoffa used to do when frank was with him
To me the saddest part of the film was When frank was telling the nurse “ you don’t know how fast time flies until you get there” then she shuts him up by telling him to stop talking to get his blood pressure, meant to me that this man was once upon a time a respected hotshot and now is so irrelevant and old. She didn’t even know who Hoffa was.
Alex Sp
Alex Sp:
Movie was entertaining but the ending was bloody depressing
Ken S.
Ken S.:
Joe Pesci was absolutely incredible in this.
David S
David S:
The movie was so sweet and sad. Peggy loved Hoffa so much and Hoffa loved Frank. Hoffa waited 40 min for Frank...
David Goodfellow
David Goodfellow:
The ending explained ? this is just a simple recap of a film.
This is like a farewell movie from the OGs. Three of the absolute badass actors in the movie industry.
PowdaToastFace Killah
PowdaToastFace Killah:
“Are you looking at my ears?”
Irishman had the deadliest walk-by scenes I've ever seen
John Abeigon
John Abeigon:
"It is what it is."
It is what it is?
"It is what it is."
Mitchell Fraser
Mitchell Fraser:
He chose the green casket, his last ride to the afterlife. Almost like how jimmy was in a green car before meeting up with frank.
Mathew W
Mathew W:
The last 30 minutes was painful to watch. When his daughter didn’t want to speak to him and all the old age home scenes. He truly was alone in the end. A fate worse than dying is living with all your horrible decisions.
Frank also had so much trouble verbalizing his feelings, like in the phone call to Jo Hoffa or when he was speaking to his daughter Dolores - he says a whole lot of nothing when he isn’t murmuring half words. It’s like he wants to say what he’s feeling but stops himself halfway. It’s a testament to how men were back in those days and how “sharing your feelings” wasn’t something you did very often.

On another note guys, I’m emotionally SPENT. Yesterday I finished Death Stranding AND watched The Irishman - my head and heart are both so stretched it’s painful.
Painful in a good way though 😅
Todd Simmons
Todd Simmons:
The Irishman was the shortest 3.5 hour film I’ve ever seen. It was like an incredible meal from soup to nuts with compelling details, art direction, and characters with passion for their work. Regardless of how despicable much of what they did to earn a living was, they lived by a code and it mattered to them. Respect mattered. Hoffa was so committed to getting his union back that he wouldn’t take any shit from the scariest men in the world. He knew that he was risking death by speaking out against certain people and he did it with his chin up. And it cost him everything. And it cost Frank everything. This film was a true contemporary epic with the deepest of classic cinema roots. Especially American mob cinema. Marty came through once again. His best film since Casino I’d say. A masterpiece that can proudly sit on the mantle of Scorcese’s finest achievements of which there are at least a dozen stone cold classics. It belongs in the hallowed organized crime picture company of the first two Godfather films, Mean Streets, Goodfellas, Casino, The Departed, and The Sopranos. Which despite being a series, ultimately can be deemed a 75 hour film in a way. What a pleasure to see that Mt. Rushmore of gritty acting legends in a film together. In 2019! De Niro. Pacino. Keitel. Pesci. What a ride! “It’s what it is”.
Ricky Ticky
Ricky Ticky:
Joe Pesci’s best work since home alone? The disrespect.
Candice j
Candice j:
This movie was stunning pure cinematic..showed the highs and lows ...and ended just right...prob the last time we will see all these greats together...
Luca Matteo
Luca Matteo:
I'll apologize after you apologize for being late and wearing shorts to a meeting
Donald Warren
Donald Warren:
The open door was a tribute to Jimmy Hoffa who never closed his bedroom door...My opinion
Gary Crow
Gary Crow:
"We enter this world as a baby . . .and we leave as a baby."   Once again Mr. Scorsese, Script and Cast make The Irishman another masterpiece slice of history.
Gurrola Gurrola
Gurrola Gurrola:
Penny4Your Thotz
Penny4Your Thotz:
In the end Hoffa won. Google the current president of Teamsters
This movie made me realise how long it had been since I’ve watched a good film
Herbert Banks
Herbert Banks:
Actually Frank left the door open at the end because that’s what Jimmy used to do.
karlo birol
karlo birol:
I think the partially closed door ending is a reference to frank's first night with jimmy, aside from symbollizing that he is near death
"I'm gonna sit THERE!"
"Ok, sit where you want"
what does it profit a man to gain the world, and lose his soul?
Tomas Echevarria
Tomas Echevarria:
The movie made me think about the finality of life and certainty of death. The ending took away any glamour of being a gangster. All of the hurting and killing for what?? For nothing. Nothing good comes from living a life of harming others.
"Some people are concerned"

"I'm not concerned"
"Some people are concerned"
"Some people are a little bit more concerned"
"But I'm not concerned"
Gorilla Cookies
Gorilla Cookies:
The Iceman never claimed to have killed Hoffa. He claimed to have knowledge of the killing of Hoffa and disposal of his remains.
Aditya Shukla
Aditya Shukla:
Three people can keep a secret only when........

......two of them are dead.
Dan B.
Dan B.:
3hrs: 29mins of awesomeness
Irishman is the best movie since Goodfellas 20 years ago! Joe Pesci deserves an Oscar, he played his character perfectly.
Joshua Wilcox
Joshua Wilcox:
I just realised the old man on the Disney movie " up " is Robert De Niro..
Pesci's performance in this is his best imo - his best movie
Eric Banuelos
Eric Banuelos:
Never has a film made me feel some type of way like it did when Russ gave Frank the order to hit Hoffa.
Alexx Briggs
Alexx Briggs:
Im so happy they made this mvie with all of the film veterans of the genre: Scorsese, DeNiro, Pacino and Pesci.
sergio diaz
sergio diaz:
Loneliness his own daughters rarely see him or just see him and everyone else is gone, its depressing but a perfect ending
Charlie Schnauzer
Charlie Schnauzer:
I also looked at the door being open as an homage to Hoffa. His father figure.
Jim H
Jim H:
This reminded me of the ending of Godfather 3, where Michael slumps over in the chair dead and alone.
Karim Ajouz
Karim Ajouz:
the scene where he had to haggle the price for his own casket, man i could not stop producing tears from my eyes... to live a life surrounded and protected by powerful and important people, just to finish your life alone and powerless :/
Kenneth Bowers
Kenneth Bowers:
The best way to get somebody clipped is to use their best friend, whom they give much trust to because they least expect it. And that why I highly suspect that Frank Sheeran was telling the truth when he shot Hoffa in the house at the setup meeting.
Tom Willis
Tom Willis:
He asks to leave the door slightly open as that’s what jimmy used to do
Ken Krauter
Ken Krauter:
My thought after the Irishman...what goes around comes around!
This will most likely be the last time you’ll ever see these 3 on screen together again. Great movie.

Edit: 1.9K likes, do I receive a free gift from YouTube?
J. Simondz
J. Simondz:
Great movie. De Niro, Pesci, and Pacino hard to go wrong there.
Abdullah Abudaabes
Abdullah Abudaabes:
I fell like frank let Hoffa escape and killed someone els therefore the reason why the blood stains never matched and why Hoffa’s body is no where to be found
Big John76
Big John76:
It is a monumental movie next to Casino and of course Goodfellas.
The ending of the movie made me realize how fast life goes by and knowing death is inevitable and it gave me an anxiety and i now fear getting old. :(
ramone forrest
ramone forrest:
The Mafia murdered Kennedy
That final shot where Frank was looking at the slightly opened door as it was callback to when he first met Jimmy was one of the most saddest and haunting conclusions to any movie ever. Literal chills.
I didn't even know Harvey Keitel was in it until I saw him, that was a nice surprise.
Chris B
Chris B:
The prompting by the Catholic priest at the end of Frank’s life to be remorseful or in other words repent of what he did is only part of what is necessary in a persons life to be forgiven and to be able to spend eternity with God. The other part is to believe that Jesus was fully God and fully man and came to take the punishment for our sins, died and rose again as we will when we receive him as our Lord and Savior.
davood persian
davood persian:
we see three doors in movie one door is the door that Hoffa do sent close when he wants sleep, another door is when Hoffa is killed and Frank most takes Hoffa back to open it and so he can get away, and the last door is the final door in hospital.
Jimmy’s habit of leaving the door open rubbed off on frank...
Nick D
Nick D:
My mom didn’t understand the ending, so I told her this. That everyone that could hurt his family died and that he took all the secrets to the grave
Ev M
Ev M:
Would watch it for again for Joe Pesci. He's the man, stellar as always.
Mierez Saturday
Mierez Saturday:
Joe Pesci's performance was quietly thunderous.
Brilliant film.
Very Opinionated
Very Opinionated:
I didn't understand Peggy's friendliness to Hoffa.
G C:
Thank you Scorsese for a story rich in character development. A rare movie.
Shiva Shankar
Shiva Shankar:
"Charge with a gun, with a knife you run."
The best movie of 2019.
Hugh Swindell
Hugh Swindell:
Great film, pity the cgi couldn't make them move more like younger men also
Thomas L
Thomas L:
Priest: "Christmas i coming up". Frank Sheeran didn't make it to christmas that year, he died on the 14th of december.
Lamar Martin
Lamar Martin:
This movie was a masterpiece watched it yesterday wow great characters and best storyline of 2019!!!
Being placed in a mausoleum wall is known as "Entombment" not burial.
Big Poppa
Big Poppa:
Fun Fact Tony Giacalone‘s cousin was my first grade teacher her name is Letita Giacalone
Eli Zaleski
Eli Zaleski:
Thank you for answering that question I had I didn’t know what he meant when he said “ what kind of guy makes a phone call like that”
The call to jimmys (I think that’s his name ) (whoever he killed .) his wife. Man I still like good fellas more. I got confused in this movie I will have to rewatch it with someken
Farhad Safavian
Farhad Safavian:
Frank is dead, and that room is the "hell".
My Respects,
Jonathan Zirkle
Jonathan Zirkle:
For me, the biggest theme I felt was the idea of "what really matters."

For everything Sheeran did, all the big wigs he rubbed elbows with, the Union he ran, the monumentous American occurences that happened either by his hand, or his word, it all didn't really matter.

He had all the power in the world, and was a somebody, then he went to jail and he was a nobody. All his friends died, his family ended up despising him, and all he has is a story no one will believe as he ages and dies as a nameless convicted mobster in some nameless nursing home.

This really is probably the most blatant example of a shaggy dog story I've seen. Not only did he lose everything, but nothing he did actually mattered in the grand scheme of things.
Another mafia film like this will never be made again, the acting, the scenes & dialogue was Amazing!! 12/10
Mr Paul Grimm
Mr Paul Grimm:
Kennedy double crossed the mob when Bobby Kennedy went after them . The wacked JFK!
GT Tg:
It’s amazing how you can have three giant figures in one film and each respect the space needed to make the story work. Pacino took it down a notch and internalized Hoffa. Pesci was just brilliant. De Niro was in his element. He was back to studying real figures and playing the role in an accurate understated way. It was slow starting yet once context of the figures was established along with actual historical context, it was good. In the end, I think multiple people were involved and Hoffa was marked no matter how he played it. Even if he dialed it back, he was gone. I cried a little because we are not going to see these three in one film again. Three giants in playing real-life characters of the underworld - let that sink in.
This is kinda wrong, the door part was a reference to when Hoffa left the doors part way open in the hotel scene
Ben Holland
Ben Holland:
The film is awesome like every Scorsese film , it’s a shame these actors are so old now, probably the last great film these great actors do a Scorsese film so sad
The Kids Nice
The Kids Nice:
I’m 28 years old... and the ending just made me want to live life to the fullest. Really made you think how fast time flies and no matter who you are or what you’ve done, eventually the door is gonna close on us all ... alone with only our memories to look back on
Marty W
Marty W:
Excellent movie. How accurate it is I have no idea. A 3.5 hour movie that seemed like 2 hours in length.
Adam E.
Adam E.:
After a rewatch my appreciation for this film has put it really close to the other Scorsese masterpieces....except for the music. Absolutely hate the score.
Jorge Torres
Jorge Torres:
M.S. did a great job of getting us to love all three main characters. You feel for each one and hate that (like Frank) we’re torn between which side to take.
My heart broke for Frank when he realized that he couldn’t reason with Jimmy.
I was pleading with Jimmy, yelling at the tv to “just F’ing listen to Frank; take the money and go to Florida!” Lol
judy barcenas
judy barcenas:
i hate when my favorite actors grow old.
Jun Kitami
Jun Kitami:
Watching Pesci acting civilized really kinda made me feel weird having known him to be extremely wild and violent especially in any Martin movies like Casino and Goodfellas
I was scared of Joe Pesci like the little girl, I though he was going to kill somebody, but he never did, and Robert Deniro did some good acting?! ... 😀 🔥
133 80
133 80:
That Pesci clip of home alone had me on the floor. Holy shit I forgot he did that. Lmao
stick jr.
stick jr.:
He didn't shoot Jimmy Hoffa!. Good story though.
Nicholas Mylonas
Nicholas Mylonas:
Thank you for helping to explain the ending. I like the methodical breakdown. I am a fan of Al Pacino, but for me his depiction of Hoffa wasn't a shadow of Jack Nicholson's in the 1992 movie 'Hoffa'. Al Pacino makes a bad attempt to mimic the Hoffa Irish/Indiana way of speaking. He spoke like Pacino, which was irritating. Pesci and DeNiro on the other hand were Academy winning performances. Hard to understand why Scorsese needed to be a 3hr 30 movie is hard to understand. The 1992 Danny DeVito movie 'Hoffa' was 2hr 20. Before I watched The Irishman, I watched a number of interviews with the real Jimmy Hoffa: I then watch the 1992 movie 'Hoffa' with Jack Nicholson: Then I watched the Scorsese 3hr 30 The Irishman. But I did it over 3 nights.
Vulcan Gaming
Vulcan Gaming:
“I heard you painted houses” Man this movie was sad the mod parts where amazing but they got to the end and how everyone that we have seen everyone that Frank took jobs from and helped out where dead and when people didn’t t know who jimmy hoffa was and he realized that his life was meaningless he realized that all the murders he did everything was for nothing and that’s the sad thing he neglected his family and how he has no one. No one to be with his life is lonely and he’ll die lonely.
Daddy Raksa
Daddy Raksa:
Who wears shorts to a meeting?

I loved this movie! It's basicially like life. You make bad decisions that you can't undo and so did Frank. And in the end death comes for all of us.
Sam Painter
Sam Painter:
I like how in the end he leaves his door half open, like when Jimmy would leave his door open like that, fearing he would be killed ( This is why I think he left the door open )
Jesse Chavez
Jesse Chavez:
They do not make movies like this no more. It’s a freakin masterpiece. I understand now why Martin Scorsese stepped down from helping with the joker. (Joker was also a good flick)
Roe Mayor
Roe Mayor:
I've seen the interview with Richard Kuklinsky where they ask him about Hoffa and his answer was that he didn't know who killed him. He said that he heard that they put his body in the trunk of a car and crushed it. I never heard that Richard confessed to killing Hoffa.
Tom keifer Shatsang
Tom keifer Shatsang:
We need more movies like this. Similar Story line
William Frasso
William Frasso:
My grandpa was good friends with Jimmy Hoffa. He was the president of the teamsters local 500 in philly
Kevin Fry
Kevin Fry:
I hope I have pescis demeanor when I’m older.
_ omarlives
_ omarlives:
@5:50 Thats odd to you? That her daughter had a vision that his dad was dead? I dont think people understand how common this actually is. People can sometimes see the future. In this telling they did not specify if the daughter hours, days or weeks earlier saw the promonition of her father's death. From my understanding its either she saw his death at present time or before it happened. I never heard of a vision occuring AFTER the fact this has actually occured to my skeptic brother. He saw in a dream me and my childhood best friend get into a major fight in a hallway of an apartment building. I lied as i was embarressed to say what happened and said i just got robbed and assaulted as i had blood on my clothes n bumps n welts. He said thats weird i had a scary violent emotional dream that anthony (my child hood best friend) assaulted u in a hallway...when he said this i had to come clean and said....what!? Well thats exactly what happened. Only an idiot like him thinks its mere coincidence. And you're a true retard if thats what u think that was. It was a premonition. We have this ability!
heriberto vera
heriberto vera:
Pacino was outstanding.
“You people” lol
Simply Nate
Simply Nate:
They did this movie so well that it feels like you’re watching a classic mafia movie from the late 80’s. For the time it was released in, i still think it goes down as one of the greatest Mafia movies of all time, showing just how sad and destroying the mob really is
This clip cuts out a couple of more minutes in the end where you see more of Frank's sad, heartbreaking but subtle reaction upon hearing he has to kill one of his 2 best friends. Deniro completely brought in the the films last hour though Pesci is still my fave
The last 40 or so minutes is the most depressed I've felt watching a movie.
Scorsese always does a great job of 'de-glamarising' the mafia lifestyle at the end of his films (Goodfellas and Casino).
Even with Wolf of Wallstreet.
G 5
G 5:
Iceman did not claim he whacked Hoffa. He said he had heard.
inkbandit13 Perry
inkbandit13 Perry:
I loved this movie goodfellas this and departed..those my movies..only grip i have .is pesci seemed like that creepy the scene when they in the bowling alley..i dont know i still loved the movie