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Watch the new trailer for "The Last Duel" a tale of betrayal & vengeance set against the brutality of 14th century France directed by Ridley Scott and starring Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. In theaters October 15.

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Lucius Aelius
Lucius Aelius:
Adam Driver looks convincing as a person of any period in history except today.
This movie was one of the best I have seen in a long time. The actress who played Marguerite did a phenomenal job. The chemistry between the actors made everything feel so real. Wonderful wonderful movie
Laurie Blue
Laurie Blue:
In a perfect world Jodie Comer would get all the attention, recognition, and praises she deserves for her subtle, nuanced, poignant, utterly brilliant and beautiful performance in 'The Last Duel'. It's a crime how much she's been overlooked this award season.
Denise Clements
Denise Clements :
I have never felt so seen watching a movie before and all of that is thanks to Jodie Comer’s masterfully nuanced and emotionally wrecking performance. My husband who rarely pays attention to movies was crying by the end of it. She truly deserves an Oscar!!! Brilliant.
Nostalgic memories
Nostalgic memories:
last battle was phenomenal, this is what you get when you invest in fight choreography... also cast and writing is 10/10. we really lack medieval era movies, and this was such a treat
Raina Emms
Raina Emms:
Actually kinda cool to see a movie where the stakes aren't the future of humanity or something of the sort.
STORM Combat System
STORM Combat System:
Great story, gorgeous photography and costumes, masterful direction and of course, superb acting. People praise mostly Comer and Driver's performances (no doubt they are great in the film) but I was really blown away by Matt's performance playing a grim, rough, furious, almost barbaric character, very unlike his personality and most of the roles he has been playing throughout his career. Ben Affleck does also a fantastic job. The truth is, the whole cast of this movie is top notch. A very powerful film.
D L2021
D L2021:
Goosebumps all over my back at the result of final battle. All cast did amazing performance.
Nicolás Manfredi
Nicolás Manfredi:
It's such a shame not too many people went to see this movie. If you're sleeping on it, don't. Go see it now! I went to watch it yesterday at the cinema and it was a MARVEL to behold! I wholeheartedly recommend it.
I never heard about this movie and after watching it today, I must say it was amazing. Good acting, excellent related.
Hugh Campered
Hugh Campered:
Not gonna lie, I kinda miss seeing movies like this. Historical movie is one of my favourite movie genre. Looking forward to this......
Swiss Chris
Swiss Chris:
Just watched it yesterday, money well spent! It's a breath taking movie and they seem to have put a lot of effort in historical accuracy. Absolutely epic but not for the faint hearted.
v fernandes
v fernandes:
Just got back from seeing The last Duel... Highly recommended, its a great movie well written, well directed and beautiful moving acting performances. This movie is a roller coaster of emotions and I have nothing but good things to talk about it. If you are someone that appreciates good writing, do go watch this movie, its definitely worth the time, money and the experience.
Alyss A
Alyss A:
This movie was amazing ! I loved the storytelling in different parts (it was never boring or too long) and the duel was terribly good. The visuals are perfect and so is the camera work. Ridley Scott did it again with The Last Duel ! It surely became one of my favorite movies. Please do give it a chance, you will not regret it !
St. Vodou
St. Vodou:
“SHE NEVER REMARRIED.” One the most gratifying and understated closing lines in film history.
Haya Glamazon
Haya Glamazon:
This looks incredible. So glad to see a big budget historical film coming back to cinemas.
Lagranarob -
Lagranarob -:
This is the best movie since Gladiator. Just a masterpiece. Watch it, you wont regret it, I promise. Awesome story, great acting, thrilling combat, it's just a work of art. Just saw it on HBO plus but had I k own it was this good I would have paid any money to see it at the theater. Best movie of the century, easily.
This movie was amazing.
The 3 perspectives gave so much depth to the story .
Fantastic film! Thank you Riddley Scott for making it!

It's a shame that more didn't get to experience it on the big screen for its debut, but it is sure to be played to the delight of many more people over the years as they discover it!
DaniBoy 2017
DaniBoy 2017:
Best movie of 2021 so far. Great story, great plot, awesome direction, perfect casting... An instant classic.
In The Kitchen With Matt
In The Kitchen With Matt:
Awesome! I can't wait to see it. Now we just need a quotable quote like "Are you not entertained?" haha
Betsy Osuna
Betsy Osuna:
This movie is absolutely great! A shame that's not getting the recognition it deserves. Hands down to the cast and director. We need more films like this. ❤️
Jack 321
Jack 321:
Dude this movie did not get the hype it deserved it was fantastic.
K J:
I don't know why, but this movie made such a strong impression on me. For a day now I have not stopped thinking about the heroes of this story, and the fact that this happened in real life is actually discomposing...the actors have hooked some strings inside me, and although there are historical inaccuracies in the film, it does not matter, because the impression is colossal anyway...
I saw it yesterday, I'm still puzzled how a movie like this can become a box office bomb. I'm kind of a movie freak myself (that includes art movies and stuff like that,) and, I tell you what, this is a movie not to be missed, see it on the big screen if you can before it leaves theatres for good, so that you can fully appreciate the real scale of the enterprise in its full scope. Pure entertainment, great script, and impressive cinematography. On top of that, it is based on a book that tells a series of events that actually happened in France during medieval times. Enjoy!
Stacey Staser
Stacey Staser:
so happy to see Jodie up there with some big names, her talent speaks for itself and she really deserves this!
This film is a masterpiece. Ridley Scott, Jodie Comer and the film itself were ignored by the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences because the "Oscars" today have very little to do with art and are essentially an exercise in politically correct fawning.
The fight (last duel) at the end of the film gave me Gladiator chills..... great stuff. Ridley Scott needs to leave the aliens alone and direct more historic period pieces; he's a genius at it.
J. Mc
J. Mc:
One hell of a good movie. It's hard for me to sit down for an hour and finish a show but this one kept me in my seat for over 2 hours! Loved the acting and cinematography. MOSTLY loved the moral to the story. Mess with a man you may get a pass. Mess with a man's wife or family you've crossed the line with him AND GOD. A must see! Great job Ridley Scott!
Teje -
Teje -:
Buenísima película, de las que ya casi no se hacen, con una interpretación de Jodie Comer brutal!!
Riku Forsman
Riku Forsman:
According to Hollywood, there was no sun until the late 17th century.
Chris Tesch
Chris Tesch:
Just finished this. Absolutely incredible movie. Ridley Scott did it again!! 10/10 easily
this movie isn’t getting nearly the amount of attention it deserves. i’ve a feeling it’ll end up being one of those films that people only realize is a masterpiece in hindsight. please see this before the theaters drop it guys, it truly is a quality film. i’d even go as far as to say it’s top tier ridley scott work.
Zaza Hub
Zaza Hub:
I Just finished this Masterpiece movie in HBO Max and I don't understand why it has bad reviews. This is truly a wonderful movie, performances are outstanding, and it deserves every award!
Matthew Barker
Matthew Barker:
Saw this last night and can't get it out of my mind. Emotional rollercoaster!! The fact it is a true story makes it hit even harder. Please watch!!
Heart of the conquer
Heart of the conquer:
Is it just me or can Adam driver make any role he does look good and extremely convincing? He's just a phenomenal actor
Gringo Amigo
Gringo Amigo:
Movie was great. Acting was superb. The historical accuracy is pretty spot on for the most part. Only thing I didn't like about it is the fact they replay the same event three times in a row each from a different perspective. I would have liked it better had they added in little more details of this event leading up to the duel instead.
Sinut na prezidenta
Sinut na prezidenta:
A controversial story itself but massage of the movie is undisputed. Plausible or not this is Ridley Scott's interpretation.

Beautifully made movie. Visuals, GGI and make up are remarkable as expected. Very heartbreaking and touching but also very violent and ruthlessly depicted story.

Absolutely incredible cast and amazing performances. Really managed to bring a strong impact on the audience and really made you feel the character.

Absolutely insightful, intense, sorrowful and incredibly strong ending. Another masterpiece to Ridley's collection.
It was my first movie at the cinema from before covid...I couldn't have picked a better's cinema At full power...great story, Great cast and great costumes. I'm just afraid it will go down as an underrated movie. Maybe with time it will be properly recognised.
I didn't look up the real story so I had no clue about who was going to win, so during the duel I was totally on the edge! Great movie 8.5/10
Historical movies are my favorite. This movie was great. I find it fascinating what people believed in back then.
Brendan Matthew Joshua Wolf
Brendan Matthew Joshua Wolf:
A True Masterpiece. How this film has been overlooked and underrated is nothing short of a reflection of the madness of the World.
Billy Stajcer
Billy Stajcer:
Great movie. And the battle at the end was insanely intense
Perseverance Is Key
Perseverance Is Key:
Great story, great character development, best movie I’ve seen in a long time!! I was screaming at the screen “KILL HIM” during the duel.
Byfellow X
Byfellow X:
One of the best if not the best film I've seen in a good while. Phenomenal performances by the entire cast!
Jackson Films
Jackson Films:
The one who edited this trailer knows exactly what he is doing
Daniela Bustamante
Daniela Bustamante:
Es una película merecedora de un Oscar. 🙏👏
Assas Patriote
Assas Patriote:
I juste came out of the theater. Jodie’s performance is an absolute masterpiece.
Everyones favorite Anime protagonist
Everyones favorite Anime protagonist:
Just watched this masterpiece of a movie. This is one of the rare times were I really felt that I watched something that is (not just based on a true story) but truly historic
Marta Fanai
Marta Fanai:
One of the best climax ever. How the story built up, all the hatred and brute character of the main character, and the last fight was heart pounding moment. And then the end credit scene, Director Ridley Scott came out and in my mind I said Of course you are.
One of the great movie built up ever.
Although, after watching game of thrones and lots of other medieval movies, squires were held too high!?? With GoT theory, squires are for teens. And this movie was way too different. Overall I would give it 8/10.
Jodie Comer is a phenomenal actress and honestly am so happy that she finally gets the recognition she deserves. Literally an acting chameleon with such a range of diverse character portrayals, she is brilliant 😍
Pedro Ventura
Pedro Ventura:
Great movie! Thank you so much Ben and Matt for bringing this up. Thank you Eric Jagger for writing the book and inspiriting these artists. Thank you Jodie, Adam, Ben and Matt for the outstanding performances. And thank you Ridley Scott for your brilliant cinematography and attention to detail. However, I do have a question. Might not be of great importance: In the movie it says "His majesty King Charles VI". But by then, no one used "IV", did they? This designation with names/numbers of Kings are used by Historians to determine how many kings existed with the same name throughout the time. So, they would just say something like "His Majesty King Charles".
Lisa Johanna
Lisa Johanna:
Who’s here after Ridley Scott blamed “millennials” for this bombing?
Masterpiece, congrats to all of the filmmakers involved.
Leroi LaPue
Leroi LaPue:
After watching this a second time I gotta say it is a masterpiece! You owe it to yourself to catch this instant classic! It has some flaws, but overall it's an interesting perspective on a true story that has had been seen from numerous perspectives throughout history but never from the point of view of the woman. It's not a feminist story at all though just fyi just good old story telling
Jodie Comer is one of my favorite actresses. The range and versatility she has is impressive.
Another Cinematic MASTERPIECE from Ridley Scott
It's Intense, Powerful and very well made.
The film was visually stunning, it bought to life the medieval period in such a striking and realistic way.
The multi perspective narrative was also done very well.
I also thought the action and gore was very strong. Gritty, gruesome and hard hitting.
Acting wise, everyone's great. Jodie Comer probably steals the show though, especially in the final hour. Incredible performance and surely will get some award nominations in the coming months.
It's one of the year's best films
Deniko hogans
Deniko hogans:
Amazing movie!!!… SPOILER ALERT… The duel at the end had me screaming at the top of my lungs. I was praying the leg wound didn’t kill him and the finishing blow was so satisfying!!!10/10 But I guess we’ll never truly know who’s the father But I’m going to believe her husband I was the father And no one could convince me otherwise.
Ardiyan Maulana
Ardiyan Maulana:
This is the best movie I have ever watch in year 2021.

I cant explain more, watch it & you will know it.

Two thumbs, for the actors and the crews.

Marjan P
Marjan P:
Just watched the movie and I'm speechless...WOW!!! Sir Ridley Scott returned with another epic... Jodie Comer's performance was just outside...Matt Damon proved why he is Matt Damon... Highly recommend this movie ❤️
njuː ˈjuːzəneɪm
njuː ˈjuːzəneɪm:
This was such a good film. The final duel was so tense I was literally on the edge of my seat
C. Lara
C. Lara:
This movie is wonderful. It is an open wound, a true blow to the spectator's chest.
The Burning Sensation
The Burning Sensation:
Man, I love this movie. It makes such an earnest attempt to get inside the heads of people in that time and place. So many 'historical dramas' lately seem to be populated with characters who have the morals and ideals of a 2022 North American poli-sci major.
Senior Adrian
Senior Adrian:
What a beautiful film this was. The actors, the production design, the structure, the script. I missed movies like these. 9/10
Daniel I
Daniel I:
Man, oh, man, the final scene with the duel is amazing; its so intense! Such amazing performance! Well done!
Unsolicited Comment
Unsolicited Comment:
We need more action movies with little to no CGI.

I'll definitely be watching this.
I have to admit that Ridley Scott has another masterpiece under his direction. I'm actually mind blown by the different style, story and depth he applies here.

This is a masterpiece of story deserves praise. I can only think of one movie better in 2021....DUNE.
One of the best movies Ive seen the past decade.
A masterpiece I enjoyed every second of it .
Matt Damon is phenomenal in this movie...
janice rae
janice rae:
Fantastic film was glued to my seat,wish there was more epic film's like this,the battle scenes have you on the edge of your seat, this is a movie I'll be watching again.
Really enjoyed this move. Great cast & acting and superb production values. Shame it tanked at the box office, but here's hope the digitial release is more successful.
Ridley Scott exceeds at making beautifully luscious horror movies and this film is no exception... It is cringe scene after cringe scene to the point where you actually start hoping to see who wins the duel... It's story telling perfection!
Just saw the film tonight and Jodie Comer deserves to win the Oscar!
Was this film even marketed at all?! I only found out about it 2 days ago and was shocked that it had already come and gone in October. Looks terrific and has pretty good word of mouth, seems pretty stupid that a Ridley Scott epic with such a star studded cast got almost zero push. And then of course unsurprisingly the film doesn't do well and then studios see that as audiences not liking it and stop funding such projects in the future. It's no wonder the state of film is what it is today where cookie cutter crap and remakes/reboots are what dominate the market.
Ivan Smit
Ivan Smit:
Great movie! Top 1 this year for me, and one of the best from all time!
great mann
great mann:
Ben Affleck was the best part of the movie he was like a walking charisma
Mr Barlow
Mr Barlow:
How this hasn't been more successful, I just don't know. Brilliant film.
Blue Black
Blue Black:
Such an excellent movie. Gripping and flawless! Exellent perfomances. I was at the edge of my seat the Entire Time! I coukdnt look away from the screen!
Serge Dimidenko
Serge Dimidenko:
We need more historical war/drama films. I miss the 2000’s when we had them coming out all the time
Aaron Ekstrand
Aaron Ekstrand:
Saw this tonight. It's a modern Rashomon. I was more interested in the outcome of this one fight—two men trying to brutalize each other in the mud—than any super hero movie with all its choreography and special effects. Well done.
Eric Mek
Eric Mek:
Great movie, and an incredible last duel.
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions:
the movie was amazing
One of my favorite films ever.
Adele Hars
Adele Hars:
I'm thrilled that the book, by UCLA professor of Medieval Studies, Eric Jager, has finally made it to the big screen! And that the screenwriters understood that it all hinges on the relationship between Marguerite & Jean de Carrouges. It really is a true story: the original court records exist in the Paris archives, and Prof. Jager spent months there doing the research. Looks like a terrific film but read the book for additional plot twists! Then come to beautiful Normandy, where the events really happened (I actually live a few miles from Carrouges), and the real castles are still here. (The film was shot mostly in Ireland...but the real Chateau of Carrouges is a French national monument.)
Centrist Philosopher
Centrist Philosopher:
EPIC film. Cinema as it should be be.
I expected a good movie, not a brilliant one. Absolutely loved it!
Anna Nannee
Anna Nannee:
Underrated movie! This was so exciting to watch. I was so tense watching the duel at the end
This was a great movie, the duel scene is top notch, how the hell does a film like this flop, it was barely realeased here in Ireland was gone after like 2 or 3 weeks
Miscellaneous Goblin
Miscellaneous Goblin:
This looks awesome. We need more of these movies that expand upon brutality in the medieval past. These kinds of films make for fascinating settings, and to me it looks like the set is going to fit the time period, which is always a relief. I'm also never one to turn down Damon or Driver.
Jeehoon Lee
Jeehoon Lee:
Ridley Scott is like the best director taking audiences back in time..production detail is just amazing!
Saw it today. Very well done. Glad I didn't read up on the actual event until I saw it. For the final scene I realized it could go either way.
González Borja Rigoberto
González Borja Rigoberto:
0:59 me impresiona la forma que realizaban para entretener 2:27 Me gusta el trailer por completo me Incita a ver la película
Such a moving movie, felt so much emotions, loved it 😵🤩
Hollywood needs to do more medieval and ancient movies like Gladiator, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Braveheart, etc.
king prince
king prince:
This was a fantastic movie and deserved to make much more money than it did.
King Kola
King Kola:
Just finished the movie, i truly enjoyed it. Man it makes me feel really bad for women in those times, they were treated so poorly even by their husbands. So many things about this movie that made me say wow, but i don't wanna give spoilers.
Ali Abodyah
Ali Abodyah:
We need more stories like this..what amazing movie...epic
A D Volente
A D Volente:
Quality film in my opinion, take a bit of getting used to, seeing Damon and Affleck in this genre of film. The way Damon changes from his prospective and hers was awesome, Damons character was a badass.
James Webster
James Webster:
One of the best films I’ve seen in a very long time
Sonia Chan
Sonia Chan:
Thank you for making this movie. It is a very important and inspiring story.
Great movie. Incredible acting performance all around.