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Watch the new trailer for "The Last Duel" a tale of betrayal & vengeance set against the brutality of 14th century France directed by Ridley Scott and starring Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. In theaters October 15.

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Scenic Fights
Scenic Fights:
This cast is epic.
We need a good historical epic. This looks great!
Good Will Jousting
Haya Glamazon
Haya Glamazon:
This looks incredible. So glad to see a big budget historical film coming back to cinemas.
Duncan Kow
Duncan Kow:
from Killing Eve to Killing Adam. the set is complete.
Heart of the conquer
Heart of the conquer:
Is it just me or can Adam driver make any role he does look good and extremely convincing? He's just a phenomenal actor
E.D. MN:
We need more action movies with little to no CGI.

I'll definitely be watching this.
Irena Wong
Irena Wong:
1:20 I see Dasha is still the jaded mother figure to Villanelle even back in the 14th century 🧐
Lucius Aelius
Lucius Aelius:
Adam Driver looks convincing as a person of any period in history except today.
Serge Dimidenko
Serge Dimidenko:
We need more historical war/drama films. I miss the 2000’s when we had them coming out all the time
Branden Garcia
Branden Garcia:
This looks so good!!! And Jodie’s facial expressions, such impeccable acting
tdf123 emcee
tdf123 emcee:
2:20 scene, her broken expression and the tear....that’s an Oscar performance...a different and a opposite vulnerability that she portrayed as Villanelle...impressive...Jodie Comer is one of the best actresses of this upcoming 10 years...
Kelly Ho
Kelly Ho:
“In the true spirit of French being spoken with a British accent, I give this a blimey guv’nor’!” - Conan O’Brien
Max Justh
Max Justh:
Love the cast, to be honest.
"The accusation is false. I'm innocent." - the guy with the goatee
Aldo Valderrama
Aldo Valderrama:
Wonderful to have Ridley back with these two pieces.
Lisa Dullard
Lisa Dullard:
‘The Last Duel’ was an excellent book. I’m looking forward to the film adaptation.
Shane S.
Shane S.:
Adam Driver in a medieval movie? That’s an automatic yes for me
Riku Forsman
Riku Forsman:
According to Hollywood, there was no sun until the late 17th century.
Steve Doyle
Steve Doyle:
Looks good, pretty stoked to see this motion picture. It is however, a little dissapointing that my boy Sam Brooks ( extra #47) does not appear in the trailer. Do better 20th Century Studios, give the people what they want!
Elizabeth of York and Margaret Beaufort working together? God have mercy on those who dare cross them
aead toms
aead toms:
We need more movies like this enough with superheros
Anna Ferrara
Anna Ferrara:
Omg! Ever since I heard about this story from the “Most Notorious” podcast I thought it would make an amazing film! It’s one of those stories that are made all the more amazing because it was true. The stakes were so high.
In The Kitchen With Matt
In The Kitchen With Matt:
Awesome! I can't wait to see it. Now we just need a quotable quote like "Are you not entertained?" haha
Fun fact: Ridley Scott’s first film was called “The Duelists”
Not that he should retire, but it would be one hell of a full career circle.
J Patrick Gamble aka The Realm Walker
J Patrick Gamble aka The Realm Walker:
YES YES YES I am so enthusiastically overwhelmed about this film. A Ridley Scott film only means that it is going to be a spectacular, pulse pounding edge of your seat ride....
“You see those warriors from France? They have half helmets. Half. Helmets.” -Saracen Guard
Hewad khan
Hewad khan:
The cast is perfect and storyline seems thrilling.i can't wait for it !
Raina Emms
Raina Emms:
Actually kinda cool to see a movie where the stakes aren't the future of humanity or something of the sort.
Life On A Budget
Life On A Budget:
Might just watch this for Jodie. She's always so good.
Radosław Ściupider
Radosław Ściupider:
It looks like Theo Von was born for this role, looks phenomenal
I'm actually really stoked for this. Great cast! 💯
This looks like it’s gonna be great. Looking forward to it!
Riley Warshton
Riley Warshton:
Not gonna lie, I kinda miss seeing movies like this. Historical movie is one of my favourite movie genre. Looking forward to this......
Osman Yousif
Osman Yousif:
Okay, I have a good feeling this year may be Ridley Scott's. He's releasing this and House of Gucci and both seem to look very interesting. There's nothing Scott can't do.
Almighty 5
Almighty 5:
I already know this is going to be fuckin amazing Ridley Scott is one of the greatest directors of all time especially in the history field and we know that from gladiator, kingdom of heaven and BHD either way I’m hyped af.
So this is the movie that had Matt Damon stuck in Ireland during Lockdown
Mighty Mouse
Mighty Mouse:
I'm not sure about the casting of Damon and affleck but Jolie comer looks great. I can't this being better than gladiator or kingdom of heaven thougb
TheNerds CentralHub
TheNerds CentralHub:
It’s good to see Cameron Bisle get a role in a movie. He was so good when he was starting out his acting career at Medieval Times.
Queen Mia
Queen Mia:
I love medieval movies! Can’t wait!🍿
fifa craft
fifa craft:
Finally there’s a movie I’d actually like to see in theaters
I remember when Jodie acted in another period-drama The White Princess and now her she is so proud of her
Jodie is so beautiful
Suraj Yadav
Suraj Yadav:
Ridley Scott goes to middle history and brings an epic with him, amazing director at this age, wow
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies:
Ridley Scott perfectly captured the spirit and culture of 19thC dueling in The Duellists
, which has some of the best and most realistic sword combat in film, if this can do the same for the medieval period then it will be great. I have high hopes
Lívia Martins
Lívia Martins:
Historical film, great cast, fight scenes. I'm going to the theater for sure!
The book is so amazing that it still is one of my top 5 favorites. I hope the producers keep close to the facts and not include modern political themes. The woman is barely mentioned in it.
Into the void
Into the void:
Excellent to see Jodie Comer breaking into blockbuster movie territory, long overdue now...
Miss Jodie coming for the Oscars era and I am here for it 💅🏼
G T:
Never thought I needed a medieval retelling of the Harvey Weinstein story, until now.
This really is Jodie Comer's breakthrough year
Jackson Films
Jackson Films:
The one who edited this trailer knows exactly what he is doing
magnuB Eido
magnuB Eido:
"Directed by Ridley Scott." There have been hits and misses but either way I'm already sold. The visuals will be amazing with a Ridley Scott film.
flapjack 484
flapjack 484:
You know you're a history nerd when you know precisely what this movie is about from the title alone.
Federal Bureau of Gaming
Federal Bureau of Gaming:
This actually looks good. Kylo Ren gets the recognition he deserves.
Hisham nct
Hisham nct:
Gladiator : "Is he with you? "
Kingdom Of Heaven : "I thought he was with
Zebra Corner
Zebra Corner:
Congrats to Theo Von on the role
Mathieu LEGROS
Mathieu LEGROS:
Jodie Comer is so talented. She deserves a canvas of that size to fully express herself. 👌
I'm quite happy she has been chosen to join this great production with a major role. 😎
The Oscar is on sight. 👏
ashley lodewyk
ashley lodewyk:
This looks good. Exactly my kind of movie to get lost in. Making it even better so is, Sir Ridley Scott is at the helm. Should make for a very good watch.
There is only one question…. Should Jodie Comer be awarded an Oscar? I will not be silenced, she does give an Oscar worthy performance! 👏👏👏
Keeley Jackson
Keeley Jackson:
SO excited for this, I love Adam Driver!
Hollywood needs to do more medieval and ancient movies like Gladiator, Troy, Kingdom of Heaven, Braveheart, etc.
hanna thompson
hanna thompson:
I’ll watch anything with Jodie comer in it
Zach S
Zach S:
The action in this movie looks insane! Hopefully it won’t be like a 2 minute fight lol
I was wondering when Matt Damon and Ben Affleck would reunite on a project together, I didn't expect it to be some medieval epic directed by Ridley Scott and written by both Matt Damon and Ben Affleck!!! Now the 2 biggest movies I am looking forward to this year comes out on the same day October 15, 2021. The Last Duel and Halloween Kills.
Seems like every time Matt Damon and Ben Affleck write and act together, they need a Driver. They had Minnie in good will hunting, and Adam in this one. 🤪
Belle O’Malley
Belle O’Malley:
AHHH I am so excited for her in another historical piece from Jodie!! I was so heartbroken when they discontinued White Princess!! Can’t wait for this to be released!!
Ujjan S
Ujjan S:
Ridley Scott with another historical epic. You know it's going to be good
I cannot freakin' wait for this to come out.
F G2000
F G2000:
Finally a big historical movie again! It looks good
Adam Driver was born to play Shakespeare-esque villains 😂
Ajay Choudhary
Ajay Choudhary:
Jodie expression is so beautiful ❤
Always wanted to see an R rated version of "A Knights Tale"
David Revill II
David Revill II:
Bro, the live action adaptation of Shield Hero looks fire, ngl.
Mariyan Peev
Mariyan Peev:
What a coincidence. I’ve been craving a movie like this for a while, and Matt Damon is my all time favorite actor. Perfect.
Stacey Staser
Stacey Staser:
so happy to see Jodie up there with some big names, her talent speaks for itself and she really deserves this!
Paula Clark
Paula Clark:
I love Jodie Comer and Matt Damon, too. Can't wait for this.
And the Oscar goes to… Jodie is on fire, so happy for her!
K.O T:
The work in the armors are from a GENIUS
Elidon 93
Elidon 93:
I'm here for Scott & Damon. I already know this is gonna be totally epic, these are the kind of movies we need.
Jodie Comer is one of my favorite actresses. The range and versatility she has is impressive.
looks incredibly interesting, can't wait for the film to come out.
Odd Man Out
Odd Man Out:
Probably gonna be epic in the director's cut version. Kingdom of Heaven went from a pretty good theatrical release to a masterpiece in the director's cut version
Jenn Beck
Jenn Beck:
I love history and literature concerning feminine ideal. This woman is a super actress, as well. Falling into this should be as easy as pie.
Scott Burnham
Scott Burnham:
This looks like it could be one of the best movies of the decade.
Rebecca Elliott
Rebecca Elliott:
Jodie’s face is perfect foe this role. She’s like an old painting!! So classically beautiful. Love her styling too. Goddess
Caleb Doyle
Caleb Doyle:
Love how Adam Driver looks huge but then Ben Affleck walks up to him
Maria FERNANDA Sias:
Ben and Matt at it again w the writing✏️
Carissa Carns
Carissa Carns:
shoutout to my UCLA professor Eric Jager for writing the book!!!
Elijah Sackville-Glücksburg
Elijah Sackville-Glücksburg:
Dame Harriet Walter deserves more than small supporting roles and cameos in films and series, she deserves better.
Jodie Comer knows how to use her face better than any actor I've seen. Just look at the final shot before the title card for proper citation.
Wow, how many movies has Jodie done while I was in lockdown?
Love her
Shaun Brown Writer
Shaun Brown Writer:
Looking forward to this. Great cast. Martin Csokas too who is a great addition to the "Hollywood" cast.
It's cool that Theo Von started acting.... good for him
stacey 123
stacey 123:
Congratulations Jodie, keep them leading lady roles coming in big Hollywood films, you deserve it. 👍
John Snyder
John Snyder:
Ridley's an Adorable Folk.
OneKai ToRuleThemAll
OneKai ToRuleThemAll:
This looks so good!
Matt Damon looks cool as a medieval scar-faced knight.
Chris Loew
Chris Loew:
He beat the dragons so he is ready to take on anything in this movie, that and the time spent on Mars helped also.
Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi:
From the writers of Good Will Hunting comes a historical epic. I'm intrigued