The life and legacy of star chef Gary Rhodes

Tributes have poured in for Gary Rhodes after his family announced the television chef had died, aged 59. A production company that was working with Rhodes on a new TV series said he was taken ill during a break in filming. The chef was most known for his spiky hairstyle and presenting hit cooking shows such as Rhodes Around Britain and MasterChef. Gordon Ramsay said Rhodes 'put British cuisine on the map', while Ainsley Harriott called him 'a true culinary icon and a lovely man'

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39 komentarze:

Baffled Citizen
Baffled Citizen:
The only likeable British celebrity chef has died. RIP
emma g
emma g:
Oh so so sad..lovely guy so kind and gentle natured, an inspiration for many young chefs starting out in their careers. A joy to watch, r.i.p Gary, forever in our hearts gone too soon..
I went to the Howard School in Gillingham, Gary was in my class, '71 through to '76. He was the only one in our year who would do the cookery lessons as an option instead of car mechanics, we used to call him a poof and take the piss something rotten, thats kind of how it was back then, sorry about that Gary, you really showed us.
Jonathan. S Chivaura
Jonathan. S Chivaura:
RIP Gary. Gone so soon. You will always be in our hearts.
Anelise Is Free
Anelise Is Free:
Condolences to his family and friends. RIP Chef 💔🙏😇
Valerie Selau
Valerie Selau:
He was a legendary star in cooking world. Huge condolences, paryers and love to his family and friends on this time. Thank you. ❤
Cherry Berry
Cherry Berry:
So talented and esthetic. Love his creations and way he presented. 🤗💖 You will be never forgotten 💐
Time on my hands
Time on my hands:
When I left home and had to learn to cook, Gary Rhodes was a real inspiration - I even ended up working as a chef for a while. RIP
Chris Owen
Chris Owen:
You inspired me to cook and become a chef thank you gary rest in peace chef you are a true inspiration thank you
amber hallett
amber hallett:
Rip so sad send my love to the family x
Jeannie Michaels
Jeannie Michaels:
Omg. They don't say how he died though. 😢
Janie Barker
Janie Barker:
John Maguire
John Maguire:
A proper chef taken far too soon. Condolences to all his family, friends, and aspirants.
Moshe David Dyion
Moshe David Dyion:
Rest in piece My shef. 😔
Moshe David Dyion
Moshe David Dyion:
mo p
mo p:
Gary ... you will be remembered, not only for your food, but for your likability, genuineness, and what a lovely sweetheart. Someone of my own generation. It was refreshing to see a guy with his punk hairstyle, enjoying what he does. You was respected by many. RIP
So sad, beautiful man...
andy roughyed36
andy roughyed36:
Eduardo Argueta
Eduardo Argueta:
He died when trimmed his hair
Kurt Barlow
Kurt Barlow:
Gary trust me you definitely made and impact, your legacy is set sir
RIP chef
Greg Jones
Greg Jones:
R.I.P. Gary ⚰️
nikoli barashnikov
nikoli barashnikov:
Rip Gaz x
mark taylor
mark taylor:
roger le phoque
roger le phoque:
In the early 1980s I lunched at the Castle Hotel in Taunton. Gary Rhodes was a young man, a virtual unknown, but his cooking that day knocked my socks off. I asked who he was; they told me his name. I followed his onward career path at the Capital Hotel in London and thereafter at the Greenhouse in Mayfair. He was a celebrity chef who exuded passion for his craft; the TV cameras and audiences lapped it up. No need for expletives-on-toast or PR stunts like handing back Michelin stars. He just did what he did. Family man and great British chef...
Was talking to an oven engineer yesterday,,,he had a few stories about celeb chefs..said he was standing with G.R and his sous chef...G.R ( so all 3 together) wanted a favour doing ,so he asked his S.C if the engineer would be willing to do this chap said , he said to the S.C can you tell G.R the answer is no !
Christian Dornan
Christian Dornan:
Rest in Peace Gary. You probably the first chief that got me interesting in cooking after seeing you in adverts in the late 90s as a teen. Any one remember that Sunday magazine that came with the News of the World? I'm pretty sure Gary had a cooking column in it in the late 90s.
Alfred Romeo
Alfred Romeo:
Stuart Campbell
Stuart Campbell:
He made a huge difference to the industry.
Jeff Allinson
Jeff Allinson:
To think he died after banging his head....absolutely tragic.
kev d
kev d:
Poor guy, what a shame , was a force of nature. What did i hear about jamie oliver tweeting about a tragic fall, somethings amiss. Dam tragic.Thoughts and prayers anyway 🙏
sharon wesley
sharon wesley:
So sad
Top guy Top chef . Sad loss
Forza223 Bowe
Forza223 Bowe:
How has he died?
Ada Bell
Ada Bell:
RIP some people are irreplaceable
peter carrick
peter carrick:
one less nothing
Mira Al Otaiba
Mira Al Otaiba:
one like = one prayer for Rhodes 😭💔
n! G s
n! G s:
I went to his restaurant and it was highly disappointing. The mash was grey and lumpy, the meat was tough and it was clearly sachet gravy. Then it was canned peaches for dessert. Disgusting, though I did like his hairstyle.
Haqim Al-Arabia
Haqim Al-Arabia:
well there is always Gordon Ramsey
kimoy kalinago
kimoy kalinago:
The great cultural appropriater, buit his career off of Caribbean cuisine.....