The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda Explained | Who The New STAR WARS Character Is & Why The Empire Wants It

The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda Explained | Who The New STAR WARS Character Is & Why The Empire Wants It | FAN THEORY. We breakdown Baby Yoda, Cloning, Yaddle, Palpatine and More!

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition and it’s time to go back to a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Throughout this, we’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about Baby Yoda and the best fan theories on the cutest character in the Star Wars Universe.

If we’re right then there will be heavy spoilers here so if you don’t want anything about the future of the Disney Plus show ruined then I highly recommend that you turn off now. We’re only two episodes into the show so far but there’s a lot of evidence here to support the things we’ll be talking about and we don’t want to spoil the series for anyone who wants to go in as blind as possible.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for weekly breakdowns of The Mandalorian as well as a whole host of other videos and with that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this now let’s get into our breakdown of Baby Yoda.

Baby Yoda
We first come face to face with Baby Yoda at the end of episode one of The Mandalorian. The baby has quickly become an entire mood and has reduced some people online to tears, I’m not even kidding.

The creature, referred to as The Asset, is a high-value target that is extremely sought after by a mysterious, imperial figure known as The Client. I’ll get into the reasoning behind this later, but it’s highly suggested that the asset is a very dangerous being that has provided a wave of death and destruction for all that have tried to take it…but look at it…it’s just so cute.

The Client seems very Blaise about whether The Mandalorian needs to bring it in alive, only stopping to suggest another option at the insistence of his ally, Dr. Pershing.

Upon arriving at the asset, The Mandalorian discovers that several other bounty hunters in the area are after it, including IG-11 voiced by Taiki Waiti and later ones that look like they come from the same species as Bossk. Though we don’t know the identity of the baby just yet, we do know that it is 50 years into a roughly 900-year lifespan and that it comes from the same species as Yoda.

Who Is Baby Yoda?
At the moment online there are a lot of people asking who Baby Yoda is, with some people believing that the creature is literally a younger version of Yoda. However, due to the timeline of the show, this is impossible and the events of The Mandalorian are set 5 years after Return Of The Jedi when Yoda was long dead.

The fact that Baby Yoda is 50 means that it was born roughly around the same time as Anakin Skywalker, just before the events of The Phantom Menace and throughout the entire rise and fall of The Jedi and later The Empire it was hidden away, potentially due to its abilities.

So no, it is not Yoda.

Baby Yoda Is A Clone
However, there also exists another pretty big theory that is currently floating about online that says maybe Baby Yoda, is well…just a baby Yoda and is, in fact, a clone of the character.

Now Cloning is a big part of the Star Wars continuity and even so far back as 1977’s A New Hope, we had lip service paid to The Clone Wars which, with the prequels, was revealed to involve Storm Troopers that were cloned en masse from Bounty Hunter, Jango Fett, who could also tie in with Mando in some way.

We know on Kamino that this process could produce direct copies of beings and even increase or decrease the speed that they age at.

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Heavy Spoilers
Heavy Spoilers:
Hey everyone, I've just put up a break down of Cara Dune which can be found here -

We cover the character's origins and how it highlights how the First Order could have risen as well as some huge Season 2 News.
Baby Yoda is the best thing Disney Star Wars ever made
The Force is so strong with Baby Yoda that it is single handedly saving Star Wars.
"Saved the franchise , I have." - Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda could very possibly save the Star Wars franchise.
OJ’s Bloody Glove
OJ’s Bloody Glove:
Don’t feed baby Yoda after midnight, he’ll turn into a Sith
Baby Yoda is so adorable. Man, I hope that nothing bad happens to Baby yoda.
d3Ad póòl4602
d3Ad póòl4602:
I love the Mandalorian-
“I have spoken” -
Max Ruthardt
Max Ruthardt:
John Favreau is a great writer/director. He's the reason the show is so amazing. Also the master mind behind baby Yoda.
I don't care who "baby Yoda" turns out to be he is the best thing in the Star Wars universe right this moment!!
Chup Smith
Chup Smith:
You can guess why the 'baby yoda' species is rare: If they stay in their essentially infantile state for 50+ years (maybe longer) then could easily be killed by any number of threats, despite their connection with the Force.
Seeing as they have been pulling from the old EU (Legends) and then applying it to the movies and changing some details around, they could be pulling from Kai Adi Mundi where he was allowed to have a relationship and have children because males of his species where rare so the Jedi Council permitted it and that could be a possibility here.
Damien Beckham
Damien Beckham:
I just thought he was a random infant from Yoda's species initially, but this whole clone theory is PERFECT now that I think about it. I mean they just required DNA from yoda, could have easily obtained it through the years. Could have been stored in some Jedi archives or something for all we know. I think it's entirely possible he's a clone.
Nick Dorland
Nick Dorland:
The scientist next to the client has the cloning facility logo on his arm. The baby could in fact actually be a real baby Yoda. A clone.
Jamie Chmielewski
Jamie Chmielewski:
Wouldn’t it be cool if they set up a backstory where Yoda was in a relationship with Yaddle that went too far and he knocked her up and to prove he wasn’t attached she left the Jedi and it was these reasons that slightly weakened his use of the force causing the stalemate with Palpatine and he knew it so he chose exile for his failure!!!
Pedro Pascal is amazing as the Mandalorian. He rarely speaks and we don't even see his face, yet he's still one of the most compelling main characters I've ever watched.
Pumblechook 1
Pumblechook 1:
I doubt they want to clone it. The Client said the Mandolorian could disintegrate it - that would be impossible to clone then.
I loved it when baby yoda tried to heal the Mandalorian and he kept putting him back in his chair
everyone said the ewoks were the cutest but this is a whole other level
Nickolas Red Bear
Nickolas Red Bear:
The show's been great. I hope it's cloned Yoda. Something I thought was odd though, is how have both the Mandalorian and the wise old Ugnaught dude, not heard of even an inkling of the force? Surely at least the Mandalorian would have heard of the Jedi on Mandalore..
joey bricks
joey bricks:
I really hope they stay together. Baby Yoda is so freaking cute.
Kristi Gunn
Kristi Gunn:
Me: had zero interest in Star Wars as a whole and didn’t plan on getting Disney+

Baby Yoda: *EXISTS*

Knight Logarius
Knight Logarius:
4:50 Actually there was a exception to Jedi not having off spring rule.

The jedi who was gunned down in Order 66, *Not the twi'lek, the other guy* He was allowed to go and have off spring due to his species nearly becoming wiped out. Though this is in the Extended Universe.

Regardless I feel like this rule would also be expected for Yoda, as he and Yaddle would be the only ones of a possible dying species.

Or maybe not idk. Extended Universe fixed a lot before Disney took over and made it non-canon.
In the mandolorian it is said that "species age differently" he could be 50 but age 10 year per one year. So it could very well be a new yoda.
"When 50 years old you reach, look as cute you will not!"
-Baby Yoda
He’s 50 but imagine him as a new born
The only post-Lucas character worth the emotional attachment ❤️
The B
The B:
Mandalorian is the first Disney Star Wars I've liked. I hope it keeps up this quality. The dark tone is good and I like how grimy and dirty things like the Storm Trooper uniforms looked.
Duke the Mandalorian
Duke the Mandalorian:
A friend who works on this series told me the baby Yoda is actually the spawn of Master Yoda & Yaddle and it's name is Yodal, Yodel or Yodle but wasnt sure of the spelling because he only heard it being spoken. I'd speculate its likely Yodle for a mix of both parents.
Rajan Worden
Rajan Worden:
baby Yoda is literally cuter than any droid star wars could cook up
Chuck Burgess
Chuck Burgess:
Being a Star Wars fan for over 40 years, I cannot wait for the next and every episode. I didn't see a Baby Yoda coming. Love twists. I could not be happier.
I would have thought that Yoda would be so powerful with the force so he could reincarnate himself. Problem is that would be 45 years too early, unless yodas are swamp dwelling egg layers where the egg hatched only when Yoda died and transferred a part of himself to the egg and started to hatch. Then the egg could be 45 years old but the hatched Yoda only 5. :)
Thomas S.
Thomas S.:
I don’t understand, what is so crazy about Yaddle being the mother with such a perfect timeline and her (unique) survival off order 66 and her disappearance.
Yoda is beyond the centerpiece from my perspective, why wouldn’t Yaddle have some large role as well, even if she is dead now?
church v.s. the world
church v.s. the world:
The mandolorian is probably the only thing starwars I have absolutely loved since Disney got it it's very close Eastwood meets judge dread don't even have to see the man's face understand what he's going threw great directing and acting

Let's hope future starwars is more like this
Ginger Hawk
Ginger Hawk:
I believe Yoda and Yyntel had a baby to continue the species and Yyntel "left" for a spiritual journey but in reality it was to have Baby Yoda and protect as many Jedi after Order 66.
Stanley Blackwell
Stanley Blackwell:
I believe the said "Baby Yoda" character is the child [email protected] was mentioned that could have been Anakin ("child prophecy foretold of") but we where never told if it was trully Anakin or not so in my opinion i believe that this "Baby Yoda" character is the child these prophecies speak of. Hence he has no training and yet is already extremley in tune with the use of the force
Aaron Harding
Aaron Harding:
Palpatine was the creator of Anakin according to theory, using what he learned from Plageus. This being said, maybe he was trying different techniques such as cloning (Yoda). This would fall in line with the timeline. Maybe he wanted a Yoda to mold in his image.
Jen TCC:
Freaking adorable. I do definitely agree with the cloning theory but knowing disney "WhErE iS mY rEwArD, tAkE iT" wouldn't be a surprise xD great video
ryth 100
ryth 100:
I've just wanted to admit this is the cutest Baby i have ever seen in the Star Wars Universe
Swaffy - topic
Swaffy - topic:
This is definitely the best show ive ever seen, its like just wow, and episode is here now i can only imagine what's coming next
Ahsoka 521
Ahsoka 521:
Baby Yoda could be connected to Yaddle because they mentioned her in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order which is too much of a coincidence since the game and the show came out the same week
Hey, include this in you’re video or description or something lol 😂 yaddle actually died sometime around or before episode 2 attack of the clones and made many oadawans like anakin skywalker fearful for her loss as she was enjoyed and looked up to by the young kings and padawans of the order due to her close relationship to them
Patrick Carlile
Patrick Carlile:
Baby Yoda is the purest thing on the internet ever and is needed now more than ever
Some Guy 99
Some Guy 99:
I think that he's just a random baby living in a war torn galaxy like you said, him being a clone of Yoda, or a love child of Yoda and Yaddle seems to far fetched.
Jordan D
Jordan D:
Regardless, with the timing of this show before the movie, I would like to see something out of this show like this "baby yoda" but older in the next movie.
Palpatin cloned himself in many different times, he is able to fix his spirit or life force to inanimated objects, suggest that he wants "baby Yoda" in order to extend his own life time is ridiculous. The baby could be a Yoda's clon, that they want to weaponize, that have more sense
A Giant Cub 8 it
A Giant Cub 8 it:
I was apprehensive about what storyline could possibly come out of a country hunter and just thinking it was filler. Baby Yoda is an awesome twist. I’m so excited to see where this goes.
Shelm Mii
Shelm Mii:
When I first saw him I said it's a "baby yoda" I love how we don't know what else to call him, but we all called him that.
Darth Plagueis was very wise, he new the secrets of life even to come back from death, perhaps the light side has a reincarnation of Yoda.
If baby Yoda is the love child of Yoda and Yaddle can we call him Yodel?
Rogu3_ Wo1f
Rogu3_ Wo1f:
I want him to keep him as his son and just make him follow in his footsteps. So that he becomes a bounty hunter with his step dad
Chris Nava
Chris Nava:
I might as well add my own theory: what if, Baby Yoda is actually and truly Yoda reincarnated, where the force allowed him to restart an entire life cycle. ❤️
If he was the love child of Yoda, and Yadel then that explains why the force become clouded to Yoda. That also explains why he said there is another when Obi Wan said that boy is our last hope.
Rex Gray
Rex Gray:
I don’t see them keeping baby yoda around for long, however one possible outcome is mando realizing the intentions of the client and takes baby yoda away, after this he eventually gives baby yoda away to someone who understands the force and can better help baby yoda in turn creating a even better yoda
Justin Kindler
Justin Kindler:
He’s the real chosen one, of the light side. The antithesis of Darth Vader. Both were created at the same time. While the dark side acted quickly it burnt out fast. Baby Yoda will mark the start of the resurrection of the light side. What do you think.
Baby Yoda will be the Mandolarian’s sigil when all is said and done. Mark my words!
What nobody seems to notice is that although the looks very young he seems to have a knowledge of the world and probably the mind of a 5 year old rather than just 1, maybe every 10 years is actually 1 year in age. Because he already can use the force and understand things that are going on, he also knew how to feed himself and can already walk!
Actually Jedi's can have relationships if their species is very rare. If their species is near extinction then they are allowed to have sex. I think Ki-Adi-Mundi was allowed to have a relationship.
Yaddle couldn't have hidden the child or gone into hiding because she was already dead. She died in between The phantom menace and attack of the clones. It's in one of the comic
Jaire Diggles
Jaire Diggles:
The species is the pure embodiment of the light side of the force, this one in particular was created by the force to counter palpatine creating anakin
That's yoda's child. That's why yoda was so understanding of Anakin and Padmes relationship. And why Yoda took steps to protect Anakin's children because that's what he would of wanted for his child. That he did not know or was ever able to know because of his position on the Jedi Counsel. Basically he had a scandal that Yaddle protected him from.
Species Y baby(Yoda/Yaddle) could have been formed by midichlorians. Just like anakin. They were roughly born around the same time and could be an explanation to "Balance"
Knodel exe
Knodel exe:
4:29 I don’t know what specific comic it was, but I know that Yaddle died during the clone wars in a canon comic (and Anakin blames himself for it) so I don’t think that baby Yoda is related to Yaddle

Edit: I found a video about her death
Baby Yoda - The actual "The Chosen One", not Anakin as Yoda did mentioned that "perhaps, wrong interpretation of the...."

Then, the Emperor lives throughout until The Rise of Skywalker make more sense in terms of the story as Anakin did not actually brought balance to the force.....
Michael K
Michael K:
First thing I thought of was that it was Master Yoda's offspring as you pointed out from the female when Anakin would have been 8 years old. Who's to say how they propagate their species. Perhaps she so called, took a sample, used the force, so she could bare a young one...? Anakin and his relationship obviously was tolerated....... And perhaps it shows that the age-old emotion of companionship is shown to be a natural and compelling force that not even a Jedi master could conquer. The timeline is perfect though for that scenario. I don't think he is a clone but rather there are those that would like to get a hold of The Offspring of a true Jedi Master to create an Unstoppable clone army. I don't think it would be a clone because that would just be too much of a old cliche attempt to bring back one of the most popular characters.
Whatever or whoever he is I just hope his fate isn’t a dark one...
We’re all over here crying

And Baby Yoda is just over here chillin😭
If darth plageius created anakin through manipulation of the force, and the light and dark sides of the force seek to bring balance to the force, then is it possible that baby yoda here is the direct response to that shatterpoint?
Baby Yoda is the cutest thing ever! I’m so happy to be alive and get to see those cute eyes 🥺
Lauryl Dubin
Lauryl Dubin:
I love The Child, and think he is the cutest thing ever, but I still love the Ewoks and think they are adorable, too.
Baby Yoda is the cutest character in Star Wars history!!!
Michael Roach
Michael Roach:
What if. When Yoda said "there is another" he foresaw the emperor and all events up leading to the present....and decided the only way to keep balance was to have a child?
I agree with Lucas (which is weird) some things just don't need an explanation. We don't need to be spoon fed everything.
Yaddle actually died between clone wars and died by saving anakin at the comic
Ian Harrison
Ian Harrison:
So... In cannon(I think?) Yoda became a Jedi Master by 97, so do some of them age faster, or is it just inconsistent writing?
Omar S. Arce
Omar S. Arce:
I imagine all cloned baby Yoda's are tossed into the "wild free for all style of survival" to see which one will start using the force because they will not use the force sensing the dark side scientist.
What if like anakin, baby yoda was born out of the force. As a balance to what would be anakin's evil, baby yoda would be the perfect good to bring balance to the force. What if the force was so heavily unbalanced when anakin was created, that it created a balance on it's own. Which then implies that maybe, this is how all of yoda's species are born- through the force as a balance.
Baby Yoda reminds me of Gizmo. Gizmo was my childhood nickname. I think Palpatine might be El Cuco.
Baby Yoda isn't 50 years old, but started off being worth $50 million.
Erick Gutierrez
Erick Gutierrez:
It's a clone, think about it. Yoda is an all time favorite in the Star Wara saga. The problem is, he is killed off in return of the jedi. Disney cooked this up, to bring Yoda back into the mix. Think about it, this baby Yoda can potentially be the main topic for future Star wars films.
I just hope they don’t kill him off just to explain why he hasn’t been in any of the movies
Thanks for the breakdown. I hope they don't screw it up.
kenny irving
kenny irving:
I’ll challenge your thoughts on baby Yoda only once it speaks we will know who it really is and Disney has confirmed the Mandalorian has no ties to boba fet or jenga fet maybe baby Yoda is reincarnated Yoda

Cloning many calorians does not make sense is Anakin a clone
Clone of yoda perhaps? The dark side have been modeling with clones and creating force sensitive life. A sith little green dude would be a powerful sith lord
Jen Talks Books
Jen Talks Books:
I was thinking instead of a Yoda clone, maybe a reincarnated Yoda. Not sure if the time line would work. ?? I feel he will have a direct link to Yoda.
Danny Strange
Danny Strange:
If baby Yoda dies I’m not watching the mandalorian and any future seasons it produces.
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce:
Could this be the offspring of Yoda?? And this could be the reason why they're trying to kill him?
What is it is Yoda... What if He can rebirth like a Phoenix and carry his knowledge into his next life? If his species is a mystery is it not wrong to rule out that it is not Yoda without thinking about potential reasons why it could be... it would tie in so well with the Films.
If it was a clone wouldn't they increase the pace of aging so that baby yoda can be used in fights faster
Moritz Fury
Moritz Fury:
Interesting video. To shut one theory down already regarding Yaddle she died protecting Anakin a few years before the clone wars, no exile or anything. My theory is that, as Lucas put it, Star Wars rhymes, so Palpatine created Anakin the chosen one of the dark side, Baby Yoda is roughly the same age and in the movies was once said that the other side will rise to meet up, to create a balance what if, regarding the rough age, baby yoda is that balance ? But yea interested to see where we go with this
Since Rebels made canon time travel, this could definitely be Yoda.
Fooee Life
Fooee Life:
Yes perfect, if a “yoda” comes then there will be a villain.
Dhana Diaz
Dhana Diaz:
Maybe the chosen one wasn't Anakin nor Luke after all....
Trevor Clay
Trevor Clay:
So, hear my fan theory we go!

We know that while the term "Mandalorian" used to refer to a race, but it is more of a religion or creed than a race and many people are recruited or proselytized to the Mandalorians' way of life. We even see a reference to this when Kuiil asks the Mandalorian to put away his weapon and he said that his weapon was a "part of his religion".

We also know that the Mandalorian is a "Foundling" so a Mandalorian orphan who was taken in after the purge by whatever Mandalorian tribe he is with now. When he meets "Baby Yoda" I am sure part of his sympathy for him comes from this creature being an orphan or alone as well which may help explain some of their connection right away. This is where my theory starts to take off.

My theory is that, for whatever reason, the Mandalorian does not hand the "Baby Yoda" over to the client but takes him and then teaches him the Mandolorian creed. Thus having a Mandalorian Baby Yoda that is also powerful in the force! Can you imagine that little guy in a miniature suit of Beskarr!? Now, I'm sure that's not where it's going but that's my crazy theory lol.
Christhopher Reyes
Christhopher Reyes:
All I know is id literally sell everything I own, including my own soul, to be able to obtain a baby yoda
Michael Doane
Michael Doane:
The fact that dudes nickname is MANDO, tells me everything i need to know..first 2 episodes were great and this show will only get better! Can't wait!
Maybe we will never find out the species of Yoda ,,, maybe the mandalorian will end up finding another Jedi that has other younglings that the Jedi has found and been raising and taken care of and takes on baby Yoda ,,, maybe that Jedi might be Ahsoka and Sabine or whoever
“Who is baby yoda?...” the cutest thing in the entire universe that’s who. Lol.
Yea after you brought up the doctor having the Kamino cloning symbol on his arm it definitely without a doubt is a clone of Yoda. Im guessing the reason he wants the baby back alive is so he can continue to grow and nurture it. He doesnt want it back dead because he would have to restart the process but he would have the DNA again. What the empire wants with a Yoda species? Not sure but I imagine as part of the contingency plan that the Emperor left behind was to create a new body for him to take over. What better than an extremely force sensitive one?
Jonas Lund-Sørensen
Jonas Lund-Sørensen:
What if anakin was never the chosen one, but baby yoda had been all this time
Aaron Ansell
Aaron Ansell:
Honestly I believe that Yoda's species are force born. Be it that there can only be so many in the universe at a time and one dies another is born or that the species were created by the force and they reproduce normally. Although considering that most if not all of the species that we see are immensely force sensitive it wouldn't be a bad guess in my opinion. But hey that's just what I personally think 👌