The Mandalorian Episode One Ending Explained! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

The Mandalorian, the flagship series for the freshly launched Disney+ streaming service, has premiered to the delight of Star Wars fans everywhere. The first episode’s ending has implications for the whole Star Wars universe, but what does it mean? Dan passes on what he knows in today’s Nerdist News!

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After just one episode, Disney is like:
"What... ? O what is that sound?... Oh! it´s the sound of millions of baby Yoda Toys being sold"
Wow no one expected a baby Yoda. Cant wait to see where this goes.
Esay Flores
Esay Flores:
Disney: We will destroy Netflix
Netflix: Nah
Disney:We present baby yoda
Looks like the Mandalorian was a victim of the Separatists occupation since he doesn’t trust droids. Love it
Felix Miranda
Felix Miranda:
Baby Yoda was literally the last thing I ever expected to see.
Liquid Games
Liquid Games:
I love what they did at the end, wasnt expecting such a good first episode.
Dr. Strange Bat
Dr. Strange Bat:
Can we all agree that Baby Yoda is the most adorable thing in Star Wars now?
Such a simple but game changing move by having a baby yoda
Unknown 84
Unknown 84:
I genuinely hope Yoda’s whole species is really force sensitive. This show was already interesting, but this makes it 100% way more interesting.
You earned your like when you edited in the clip of Yoda saying "he is too old" right after you'd called it an old baby.
Odd Darko
Odd Darko:
I will be saying “Ze Client” till the end of the year or until Ze come up with something zelse...... Werner Herzog is ZE BEST!!!!
RIP Schnepp The King of Sweaties
RIP Schnepp The King of Sweaties:
I’ve already watched the first episode twice it was great
Matthew Broestl
Matthew Broestl:
Hell yes, best star wars thing I've seen in YEARS.
Leman Russ
Leman Russ:
50 years and still a baby, yeah with that kind of life there would be few left
No " There is another" clip :(
Xx_Lightning_Blade Raikiri_xX
Xx_Lightning_Blade Raikiri_xX:
If he doesn't go on the run with the baby Yode I will punch someone
Just watched it, im so hyped to find out what happens next , also yoda babies are cute af!!
Here's my theory : Seeing as there are so little of the 'yoda' species and the ones we do know of are extremely force sensitive, even without training could this baby have some form of force power that influenced the mandalorians rather weird plot twist of them touching tips ? Where as the droid could obviously not be influenced by any form of latent mind force power stuff
Either Tim Or Asha
Either Tim Or Asha:
The Star Wars future actually has some promise now
Actually we have no idea if Yoda's species reproduce sexually or asexually, so the baby could be Yoda or Yaddle's
Anai Bendai
Anai Bendai:
Yoda had himself cloned at Geonosis as a contingency plan.
Nobody Famous
Nobody Famous:
New Yoda is gonna restore the Jedi Order that would be dope
I believe he’s saving “baby yoda” because like the mandalorian it is one of the last ones left of it’s species.
I'm glad Disney decided to make a good StarWars series. The memes from I have spoken have been great
Jolee Bindo
Jolee Bindo:
many memes will be born from this episode....i have spoken
Def Lord
Def Lord:
It's like the star wars we were promised by Disney...Need a Trilogy from these people
tquinn hunsaker
tquinn hunsaker:
Just imagine a couple of centuries from now a Yoda raised by mandalorians
Roaring Lion
Roaring Lion:
Every episode he rescues an illegitimate Jedi baby.
jason renicks
jason renicks:
I have just finished watching this for the 2nd time and it's perfect it reminds me of the great TV shows we got on a Saturday afternoon in the 80s , knight rider , A team, etc the mix of practical and cgi is spot on . This has got to be either the beginnings of the first order looking for force babies or could it be big pappy palps looking for force sensitives on the sly
Alan Torres Grimaldo
Alan Torres Grimaldo:
😅 Alexa: play ”don’t let me be misunderstood” ~
So since this takes place after the fall of the empire that must just be one of Yoda's species
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez:
“I have spoken”
Greedo’s sled. That’s a deep cut, Rosebud.
Justwatchin9 OnDaInnanets
Justwatchin9 OnDaInnanets:
When I saw the shot from inside the cradle with the ears out of focus I thought hmm? Mando said I thought he was 50? Then I saw the little hand pull down the blanket and was like yup... they did it. lol
Paul Bujak
Paul Bujak:
I'm 40, and I'm still pretty much a baby.
Total Freedom Living
Total Freedom Living:
This was brilliant because it was Star Wars to the bone. Best thing we’ve gotten from Disney since RO and beautifully fits in with the vibe of ESB and ROTJ.
“I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold”.
Tommy Munoz
Tommy Munoz:
Best part watched for free with a friend's password.
Barney Google
Barney Google:
I like how everything needs an "ending of [movie/episode/game] explained" even when the ending is straight-forward and doesn't need any explaining at all lol
Sam T
Sam T:
this doesn’t make sense... if a “yoda” is still a baby at 50, he would still be a teenager at 900...
Boba Vhett
Boba Vhett:
This show is already the best thing to come out of Star Wars since it fell under the Disney umbrella.
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera:
Thank you for this I didn’t know who he was lol
Aunt Vesuvi
Aunt Vesuvi:
"Ma klounkee" translates to "I'll end you"... so, that's likely what the added *maclunkey* refers to. Although it doesn't bother me, I agree it was an unnecessary addition. #ILoveStarWars
I just finished watching it. It was great!
Justin Rooks
Justin Rooks:
What if it’s a Yoda clone?
"I'm Mr so and so bounty hunter"
Shrimply pibbles
matthew styles
matthew styles:
3:24 I have no idea y the inserted " he is to old" made me laugh my ass off
Justin Jones
Justin Jones:
The "He is too old" sound clip just killed me. Hahahaha!!!
Graham Cann
Graham Cann:
Ma Klounkee (Maclunky), as said and translated in the Phantom Menace, means "I'll end you."
No, not Boba Fett.
In such a large system, I don't think the fact we've only seen two of Yoda's species means there are only a few of them.

And, as always, thank you so very much for your video.
Michael Swärdh
Michael Swärdh:
The Mandalorian Episode 1 was GREAT, perfect in any way, and I loved the Yoda child!!
Darth Sauna
Darth Sauna:
I'm just gonna call the baby Yoda "YoYo"
I clearly didnt expect that ending and I was freaking out because it made me so happy and sad at the same time. The baby is so cute but it still reminds me on Yoda, which is dead. Very good first episode in my opinion.
star flower25
star flower25:
Here's my theory. It is Yoda and Yaddle's baby. (And before you all go all HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST YODA BROKE THE CODE!!!! on me, here me out.) In the expanded universe it's explained that the council allowed jedi whose species was endangered to breed to keep their race alive. But they couldn't have any connections to their offspring. (I know, so cruel.) Maybe Yoda and Yaddle were among the last of their kind, and had one baby together that they left with somebody they trusted so they could continue to be jedi. BUT, it's also explained that Yaddle left the high council before the clone wars. Maybe she missed her baby, and knew Yoda was needed in the order more than in a family. So she left to raise her baby by herself. 😢 And we all know Yoda is gone now, but what about Yaddle?. Well, maybe she either died of old age like Yoda, or she died trying to protect her baby. (Idk about you, but the way they found baby Yoda, reminded me of when Kala found Tarzan.)
Kris Kimber
Kris Kimber:
I like how he's not actually mandalorian. He was just an orphan that was recruited into their ranks I think
Joseph Kamm
Joseph Kamm:
What?!? There was another yoda on the Jedi council? Never noticed.
Kyle L
Kyle L:
Some have suggested that the imperial doctor had a patch on his arm from the cloning facility in the prequels. Meaning that baby yods could be a clone baby Yoda.
Kyle Saritelli
Kyle Saritelli:
When the dark rises up, the light rises to meet it. The child came into existence at the same time as Anakin. It's been learned now that Palpatine was the one that used the force to create Anakin, the most powerful of the Dark. It's entirely possible that the Light created the child in mirror of Palpatine using the Dark to create Anakin.
Daemon Blackfyre
Daemon Blackfyre:
Actually 3. You forgot the Grandmaster in Kotor 1. Also it looks like a Green Gizmo from Gremlins. And yes in the comics Yoda's species are all force sensitive.
Chris Jordan
Chris Jordan:
I love it! Especially when they traverse The Plates of Woe!
Electronic Tonic
Electronic Tonic:
I thought yoda's species was extinct, and that he was the last of his kind. No idea where I got that thought, but I've held it for years. What a cliffhanger!
Why do we need the ending explained?! Y’all know everything that we know.
ShadowGamer5 Scorpio
ShadowGamer5 Scorpio:
Baby Yoda is the chosen one? He we born around the time of young Anakin, and Yoda struggled lifting a X-wing.
Jacob Singletary
Jacob Singletary:
I turn my brightness all the way up and no matter how many times I watch that scene, i never see a boba fett
Welp! I'm sold! torrent it...
ʟᴏᴀɴꜱᴏᴍᴇ ʜᴀᴛᴇ
ʟᴏᴀɴꜱᴏᴍᴇ ʜᴀᴛᴇ:
Yoda's species can live for 700+ years iirc. 50 years is hardly anything.

Anyways loved the video, and the first episode of The Mando was good.
That Boba Fett tease got me freaking out
J Solo
J Solo:
Never thought I’d see anything cuter baby Groot. 😅
Purveyor of Awesome
Purveyor of Awesome:
Surprised I Was. Excited for more, I am!
Sean Labbe
Sean Labbe:
I had to re watch it cause I missed a few minutes whilst I used the vac tube...
I want to see this at my graduation

50 Year Old Yoda Vs. Porg
Who do you think would win?
Rob Vazquez
Rob Vazquez:
Time to extract those Medaclorians! Then alter them into a evil force welding creature.
Comic NDN
Comic NDN:
"I have spoken."
CmiLLz 23
CmiLLz 23:
Great video man. I can’t explain how excited I am for this series. WOW this did not disappoint
Swaffy - topic
Swaffy - topic:
I honestly thought to myself thats yoda when i saw him in the carage but the bounty hunter said the empire is dead so that got me thinking what time period r they living in, after return of the jedi or way before the phantom menace, ok nvm i get what hes saying now lol
Now I have images of the Mando running with the baby in a backpack
Timothy Towers
Timothy Towers:
3:27 He is to old🤣🤣🤣
jose osorio
jose osorio:
Need that shirt, it's beautiful
America's Team
America's Team:
When does clone wars comeback? Btw great episode (is Disney/ Starwars making a comeback?) and great review
David Helm
David Helm:
Great enthusiasm for the first episode. It was a unique #1 show.
I really like the fact that they showed him getting cut by the door because I think that everyone here has wondered how no one has used those doors as a weapon yet
Paul Howey
Paul Howey:
I just hope IG11 isn’t out of the series... IG88 was my favorite droid and was excited to see an IG and mandalorian team up 😞
I was happy Life Day got mentioned.
Legatus Lucius
Legatus Lucius:
Dude this is brought about a real Force Awakening for the Star Wars community
Best Jedi
Best Jedi:
“There is another”
I never noticed a second yoda thing on the council. Wow
Based 4life
Based 4life:
Doooooood no way i have that same shirt! 😁
Isaiah Armour
Isaiah Armour:
Why is there a yoda line for every situation 😂
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi:
Hopefully We will learn Yoda’s species now, im pretty sure we will but that will be cool asf.
the ending is simple he gets paid more for it alive!
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps:
Delight of fans everywhere yeah if someone could tell me where to get to it, access it from here in Western Australia that would be good makes it a bit more true ah all good edited comment starts here next Tuesday
Stephen Sommers
Stephen Sommers:
I had no issues with my app. And the episode was glorious.
Ben O'Neill
Ben O'Neill:
I thought it was really good but it felt rushed from scene to scene, anyone else?
Mike Canaday
Mike Canaday:
If I'm not mistaken, isnt the patch on the "doctors" sleeve a Kamino clone symbol? Wanting baby Yoda alive?????
L Joyce
L Joyce:
where is the real Death Star when we need it? this planet of ours needs to go
Zarehl Gutierrez
Zarehl Gutierrez:
Although I like the baby Yoda, I think its a bold move to mess around with that in the Star Wars universe..
ASM Kalrizion
ASM Kalrizion:
I’m placing a bet now, Jedi fallen order is going to crossover with the mandalorian series some how, mostly on chapter 2 releasing same day as fallen order but imma see tomorrow.
Been there done that!
Been there done that!:
It was slightly cheesey but it was still cool before the ending, which by the way made me jump out my chair
K Kr
K Kr:
I hope they revive yoda’s species . Making them all force sensitive
James Zamora
James Zamora:
I bet "ze client" and that imperial looking scientist want to try to brainwash wee baby yoda to fight for what's left of the empire.
Hans Omar von Herold Duarte
Hans Omar von Herold Duarte:
Love it and Geek out Good loves That Filoni