The Mandalorian – Official Trailer 2 | Disney+ | Streaming Nov. 12

“Mandalorian, look outside. They’re waiting for you.” Watch the brand new trailer for #TheMandalorian, an original Star Wars series. Start streaming Nov. 12, only on #DisneyPlus.

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The One
The One:
We live in a world where the spinoff is better than the main franchise
El Pare
El Pare:
Message to Disney: This is the way...
shivam vishwakarma
shivam vishwakarma:
This show is 100 times better than current movies.
Reasons not to get Disney+

1: It’s not even available in my country.

Edit: I got Disney+ a week ago
"Mandalorian, I'm switching the subtitles to Spanish."

"¿Sí? Bueno."
plush flush
plush flush:
The mandalorian is like the John wick of star wars
Fish army Commander
Fish army Commander:
I finally get to be in a show
Is anyone else weirdly attracted to him even though he’s all in armor and we can’t see his face?
Joseph Agar
Joseph Agar:
This show is amazing... *I have spoken.*
Harshit Soni
Harshit Soni:
Jon Favreau is always an expert in saving a franchise.
yeetus deletus
yeetus deletus:
“Name’s Bond. James Bond.”
“Name’s, Lorian. Mandolorian.”
Yona Lee
Yona Lee:
Why does this look better than the new Star Wars movie
Laiba Sayed
Laiba Sayed:
I love the fact that they kept baby yoda's existence in this series under wraps until it was released. It was a satisfying surprise.
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian:
This is the Star Wars what we would have needed after episode 6
aSAD Hollow
aSAD Hollow:
If you want to continue star wars this is the way.
And I have spoken.
Influential Beats
Influential Beats:
Star Wars Sequels: We can’t please everyone
Mandalorian: Hold my beer....
C M:
The Mandalorian: "This is the way!"
The Sequels: "That is not."
Disney : you can only have one episode per week

Me : why?

Disney : I have spoken

Me : people are going to pirate it anyways

Disney : This is the way
Rob Saunders
Rob Saunders:
It seems Jon Favreau is the only person left who cares about the Star Wars success. The Mandalorian is actually very well done. It loses its way sometimes, but I like and am grateful to Favreau for trying to salvage what's left...
Julia S
Julia S:
Not just the mandalorian, but the womandalorian and the childrendalorian too
Mach Mach
Mach Mach:
The Mandalorian and Jedi Fallen Order are saving Star Wars. Jon Favreau needs to take over Emergency Powers of the films.
Fatto Catto
Fatto Catto:
this trailer: ''anyway i started blasting''
Buddy Barlow
Buddy Barlow:
This is literally the best trailer I‘ve ever seen. Watched like 20 times already. This dudes voice, uffff...
So this just confirms that TV is where it’s at, right now.
that thing in a place
that thing in a place:
Honestly this show is the most amazing thing I've ever watched. Disney could make way more if they put it on other streaming services that require subscriptions, because not many people will buy Disney plus for one thing, even if it's this show.
Simon Wood
Simon Wood:
The Client: "Bounty hunting is a complicated profession"

Star Wars fans: "Yeah? Good"
JB Gaming
JB Gaming:
Who’s here after watching Ign fake trailer for the mandalorian season 2?
mariam ullahnawaz
mariam ullahnawaz:

Of the best Star Wars show ever
This looks like worth watching unlike that mess of a SJW triology
I love that when a stormtrooper finally doesn't miss, it just bounces off his armor.
• Elvyrlòçk •
• Elvyrlòçk •:
Who is here after Marvel's “Big game” spot.
“Mandalorian, look outside. They’re waiting for you.”
After finishing the series, this phrase has changed meaning for me. It is us, the fans who are waiting. And we are happy to meet you.
This show -“This is the way”

Me- what way

This show- I have spoken

Me- confusingly” agree?
Tim Vincent
Tim Vincent:
THANK YOU creators of Mandalorian who understand that the reason why Star Wars became iconic from the very beginning was because it is a Space Western film, not exactly science fiction! This is the best thing recently since Rogue One. My excitement for the Obi Wan series is infinite.
stormtrooper: finally hit the target
the target is using a armor immune to blasters
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia:
Im not even a starwars fan tried many times to watch it but couldnt get into it but this show is cool
William Faidley
William Faidley:
Am I the only one who wishs it said "A visionary new series... from Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni" because these guys just knocked it out of the ballpark. In the first four episodes I have seen, this has captured every note of what made Star Wars special to me growing up... as a child, in my teens, and in my adulthood. It makes me want to break my TESB & ROTJ figures out of the basement and play with them like a kid again. Bravo!
you can see the smile on the helmet
The Mandalorian series,
Jedi Fallen order,
Final Star Wars movie.
Now I want an rpg game to do with the origins of the Mandalorian guild.
Stevo Staple
Stevo Staple:
When a tv show looks better than the current films
They did amazing hiding the child
Summary of The Mandalorian: Oberyn Martell does not remove the helmet due to trauma from the past.
Mystery Scoop
Mystery Scoop:
This thing is bigger than Star Wars itself... This Is The Way! The Mandalorian Way! I love this show!
Pizamo Gaming
Pizamo Gaming:
The only reason why I'm getting on Disney+ is for this show nothing else
I kinda hope they never take off his helmet.
The first real Star Wars since Return Of The Jedi.
imagine having asian mandalorian parents

go study, this is the way
Me: Torrents are only viable option
Torrents: Welcome in the Dark Side
Lucas Fox
Lucas Fox:
It is really easy to know what the mandolorian looks like under his mask...

Look up his actor...
Sigi Baes
Sigi Baes:
If I'd rank the latest Star Wars movies and shows it would probably be:

5. Episode VIII – The Last Jedi
4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
3. Episode VII – The Force Awakens
2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
1. The Mandalorian
Jairus Phelim Obreno Santos
Jairus Phelim Obreno Santos:
"Bounty hunting is a complicated profession"

*Jango Fett and Boba Fett: Yeah? Good*
Dillon rothauser
Dillon rothauser:
If anyone just watched the recent episode this trailer confirms the mandalorian escapes and somehow gets a jet pack
D K:
Wow, a Disney's Star Wars that are... good? Incredible.
Tamás Szilveszter
Tamás Szilveszter:
Looks like Oberyn Martell realized the importance of wearing a helmet.
Omg ist das werner hezog?😂😂
Aftersun 20XD6
Aftersun 20XD6:
What is it. 3 episodes in and no political horse sh*t overtones. Right now, I love this series. I hope they stick with telling a good story.
Can't wait for season 2.
Watched the finale today! Best think Disney has done yet! Go on with that "That's the way!"

Average_ Joe
Average_ Joe:
Trailer: Shows reactivated Separatist units.

Clone Wars and Prequel Fans: *Visible Happiness*
Mandalorian: I gotta get me one of those.

Me: 1:30

I’m too hyped for Episode 5
franck pop
franck pop:
Congratulation at the man who made this trailer, very good work: effects sound music genial work.
javi mateo
javi mateo:
I ´ve just watch the first episode of this serie and i have to say it:
WOW. Unbelievable. The production under this serie is the same of a film-set. The best i´ve seen in the last 5 years.
No doubt about it.
The Mandalorian will become of a cult serie.
Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell:
I like how the space nazi calls it a revolution, and not a rebellion.
Flare kytal
Flare kytal:
Mandalorian: *Streams on Disney+*

Pretty much everyone: We are pirates! We don't even know what that means!
Smittyman 13
Smittyman 13:
When the stormtrooper realized hitting the target was a mistake too late
Superspace Bro
Superspace Bro:
This is awesome “I have spoken”.
"It is a shame that your people made the sequel trilogy"

Yeah, I know I know.
Hiarahki Music
Hiarahki Music:
The best thing to happen during isolation lockdown 🔥🔥🔥
Mario Castillo
Mario Castillo:
“Looks like we have a new Star Wars meme”

Me: “Yeah? Good.”
Kaycee 310 Toys and collectibles
Kaycee 310 Toys and collectibles:
This dude is like a walking Swiss Army knife of deadly weapons. Best Star Wars character Along side luke and Vader.
I am the best bounty hunter in galaxy.

I have spoken
Liviu Petre
Liviu Petre:
Not just the Mendalorian,
but the Womendalorian
and the Childrendalorian too !
Troi Dynoman
Troi Dynoman:
The Mandalorian is the John McClane of star wars
Loafercut Film Productions
Loafercut Film Productions:
“It is a shame, that your people suffered”

Jar Jar Binks walks out of the shadows.

Jar Jar: “But meesa getting big revenge this time!”
Enzo Pinheiro
Enzo Pinheiro:
just came back here to catch a glimpse of what scenes will be on the season finale
most likely:


THE HYPE IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Disney: destroy the star wars movies in a less popular industry and open up a great series in a constant growing industry. From cinema to the couch
Davor Gallegos
Davor Gallegos:
I've seen the whole series and can't find the part where the Mandalorian says, yeah? gud 1:32 minuto
Pedro Pascal's voice in his accent is adorable 😍💕💕
Rosalina's life
Rosalina's life:
One more episode left why!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭
they need to make this into an actual video game, like Jedi fallen order but you're the Mandalorian instead.
Really can’t wait for the next season.
Everything the movie was missing is definitely in this show Character development, Heart, Landscapes, an plenty more. The next movie needs to take note from this the last three star wars movies were poorly written.
This trailer: *exists*

Everyone in the comments section: "Yeah? Good."

Them: You got top comment!
Me: Yeah? Good.
Michaela Punzalan
Michaela Punzalan:
One of the best series I have ever seen. It still feels the ambiance of the star wars saga...and for that, I have spoken.
Joe Ruck
Joe Ruck:
The best star wars story I've watched ever why only do 8 episodes 😢
Is it just me, or does the cgi look drastically better?
Muhammad Javed
Muhammad Javed:
For anybody wondering it’s Pedro Pascal underneath that helmet.
Will Florer
Will Florer:
“You were the chosen one”

“Yeah? Good.”
Maimon Awang
Maimon Awang:
Just imagine how cool it is when in the future mandolorian movie ahsoka rex and other clone was there it will be the best movie ever
Great show! Finished the first season. Highly recommended.
Sexy Spoon
Sexy Spoon:
I feel like they should make a spin-off of how general Grievous became general grievous
Connor Reynolds
Connor Reynolds:
I just got Disney+ yesterday and so far I must say this show is turning out very well! In my opinion, this show is like the only really good thing from the current canon so far!
This is what Disney should have done with the franchise right out of the gate.
It’s Fry
It’s Fry:
Disney : Creates The Mandalorian

StarWars fans who know the last movies haven’t been good : *Now that’s what I’m talking about*
DP 178
DP 178:
for those who watched ep7 already, there is a small ep 8 teaser at 1:30 where mando jumps on Moff gideon's tie fighter
Wars of The Stopmotion
Wars of The Stopmotion:
I had my thoughts about this series but season 1 was AMAZING and I can’t wait for season 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and You know what I mean
Mandalorian: This is the way

Uganda Knuckles: Oh my God, my bruddah this is da new Queen
vol Rogue
vol Rogue:
Disney: "You won't see his face. Sorry."

Me: "Yeah? Good."
After Episode 7 anyone??