The Mandalorian S01E01 - Opening Intro [HD]

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Finally a new intro to a Star Wars property
Jason Bierz
Jason Bierz:
Thanks for this trim!! I've been wanting to share this little intro with my friends all day!! You da man.
So we have Vader, bb8, 3po, kylo, r2, i guess a Death Star engineer (correct me if I'm wrong), a first order trooper and the mandalorian
I am going to tell my kids these were the star wars sequels
If it were higher quality I’d use it as a live wallpaper.
Henrique Tavares
Henrique Tavares:
The bad guys reflect red light, the good guys reflect blue light.

It changes with Phasma (I guess it's her) reflecting blue and the Mandalorian reflects red. Does it have any meaning, like "the bad guys are not so bad and the good guys are not so good"?
I really like this intro, I thinks its
Vader (red)
BB-8 (blue)
C-3PO (blue)
Kylo Ren (red)
R2-D2 (blue)
Rebel Pilot (blue: possibly Luke?)
Scout Trooper (red)
Storm Trooper (blue: possibly Finn)
The Mandalorian (red)

I’m not so sure, I have spoken
If you don't have metal on your body, you're not allowed to show yourself in the intro. Poor jedis.
This intro is as quick as Breaking Bad's.
This intro is better than the new trilogy.
Aviator Adventure
Aviator Adventure:
Does someone know where I could find these kind of pictures please ?
Yeah I still don't get why there aren't any Stormtroopers or Clones or Battle Droids in this OP
Where’s the original mando intro? Do they always have to ruin everything? The intro was so epic with the song and the scenes now all we get is a couple beeps and some blue and red flashing faces
Eugenia Wong
Eugenia Wong:
so no one noticed how the T and the R are different??
Not Duke
Not Duke:
If there’s a wallpaper engine like this let me know thanks
Why don’t they have any prequel faces? Is it all because the prequels were hated since 1999 - 2005. They seem more like the prequels would be there along with the sequels and originals. And to be honest, the originals are not that good, they had the same problems as the prequels and sequels. Yeah they were impressive in the 70s and 80s, but that’s over. People should’ve realized it’s 1999 and it was a new Star Wars instead of automatically hating on it.
Isacc Villa
Isacc Villa:
Star wars cinmematic universe
HD. If your on a 2009 smartphone
Sky Mick
Sky Mick:
I was like ☺🙃☺
Lalo Báez Carreño
Lalo Báez Carreño:
No Prequels/Clone Wars stuff? not even the Separatists Battle Droids, Republic Clone Troopers, Yoda or even Count Dooku?
Dr. Ew
Dr. Ew:
HD my ass
Alp Çetin
Alp Çetin:
Hey it's not HD.
Fabian Vegas
Fabian Vegas:
No prequels?
Tertiary Adjunct
Tertiary Adjunct:
No separatists droids?? No clone or Empire troopers? But they shoehorn in JJ-verse Phlasma and Crylo Ran no one cares about.
Eric Coldfire
Eric Coldfire:
Probably the worst part of The Mandalorian, the shitty and unnecessary CGI model intro.

Guess it was too much work for Disney to do "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...." the Star Wars title, The Mandalorian subtitle, and a three paragraph opening crawl to set the stage for the first episode.
I really dislike this intro. Feels overlong and the times we get to hear the music behind it we get some generic soundtrack that doesn't sound like Star Wars at all. Also, not a single prequel specific character but Phasma of all characters gets featured? Come on Disney.
They can call this "The Mandalorian" all they want. Personally, I prefer "The Adventures of Bargain Bin Boba."