The Mandalorian S01E01 Review

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Matthew Sisk
Matthew Sisk:
Wasnt the concept of “Mandalorian culture” first mentioned in the expanded universe novels? I dont think it was in the original movies whatsoever
It might be silly, but Tiny Yoda™still being basically a tiny useless baby at 50 years of age might explain why his race is so rare. A lot can happen in 50 years.
Little Yoda melted my cold jaded heart. I’m all in
Darth Decius
Darth Decius:
Why did" Three Men and a Baby" pop in my mind at the 25 minute mark?
90 Lancaster
90 Lancaster:
Perhaps the race can't mature unless they are exposed to their native environment or a special food (or get something from the mother) and if they are an orphan of an essentially dead species he or she may be unable to mature. That would also explain why they are not a well spread species. They could also have a genetic disease or be a clone with artificially delayed maturation.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's some sort of clone that the human species is studying for the key to near immortality perhaps ?
Or perhaps the location of Yoda's homeworld is lost and this baby is a key to finding it.

I wonder if they can talk ?
ö. . ,
ö. . ,:
There was Yaddle!
They should have killed the little green Fennek in S1E1.
Only listened up to the spoilers, but so far I really like the sound of this show. Even some of your cons seem like they would be pros for me, those creatures (1:10) are called "Blurrgs" and are from the movie "Battle for Endor", bit of a kids movie but I love it
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime:
The 50 year old Yoda baby is really dumb, and I don't like the idea (from the EU) that Yoda's species is super Force sensitive. It takes away from Yoda. The carbonite freezing thing doesn't make sense either.
I think the bounty bot was interesting and badass and new.
Mark Phelan
Mark Phelan:
boba fett's great uncle or whatever having a kid in the prequel seemed stupid.. a baby IN a *BASSINET* ..the landspeeder effect wasn't good enough for a fan film.. except for the nazi boss actor, any other actor's dialog makes you wince.. the one shootout goes on forever.. all these website shows aren't edited? there's no time slot, just leave everything in?
I agree that a 50 year old baby doesn't make any sense on any planet in terms of biology. It's rather cringy if you know a bit about evolutionary development. Anyway, Star Wars is a space opera, not really putting emphasis on the science part of science fiction, so I'll give it a pass... for now.