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The Mandalorian s01e01 (SPOILERS) Review: The Mandalorian season one episode 01 (2019) full episode review (and a little history).

Comic Book University reviews ALL things comic related and Professor Bill is on the latest geek culture while maintaining the retro reminders of yesteryear.


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16 komentarze:

Bershka, known as "Mandalorian steel", one of the few materials capable of resisting lightsaber blows.
Great analysis! I'm very, very looking forward to this series!
Christian Alonte
Christian Alonte:
I would love to see Thrawn but it would be tricky to include him in this since his story was left somewhat open ended with the series finale of Rebels... so his appearance in this would require a lot of explaining
Nerd Guy
Nerd Guy:
Awesome first episode! Love how the limited flashbacks of the Mando's past help you understand why he would have a soft spot for the child.
AZ Battle School
AZ Battle School:
Boba Fett one of my favorite characters besides hon solo… But let’s be honest that name is ridiculous… He’s named after a Vietnamese delicious drink
The show had a very spaghetti western Clint Eastwood vibe similar to the originals which is cool.
Liaz Med
Liaz Med:
I didn't expected to like this show but hey I did liked it. Star Wars may have a chance after all.
dre val
dre val:
Sadly the last thing I need is another streaming service just for this show but thank you tech lords for the firestick..thanks for the great take prof
Micaiah Burnett
Micaiah Burnett:
The bad news: I don't buy streaming services.
The good news: The sister of a friend who lives with us does.

Thus, I'll probably watch it eventually.
Xwing has some really good stuff but it defiantly has a top gun feel
Silva Surfa
Silva Surfa:
Batman asked to fight 4 ninjas in Batman Begins 😛
AZ Battle School
AZ Battle School:
Hard to tell if this is an SJW channel just yet… I’m a subscriber to doom cock. I agree with 99.9% of what he says. You will earn a subscriber I just need to know a little bit more about you. I appreciate your review of the mandatory in and I’m just skeptical at this point in Star Wars history and what Disney has put out
DJ Nightmare
DJ Nightmare:
I worship the sun, but I pray to Jon Faveru... \m/
Dr Thuganomics
Dr Thuganomics:
i always saw mandalorians specially the old republic mandalorians has a mix of mongolians with vikings
Robert Levy
Robert Levy:
Great review and show .
Cecil Pierre
Cecil Pierre:
Didn't watch it but I will.
Silva Surfa
Silva Surfa:
Already better than 7 & 8 garbage combined 👍😎