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Check out this special look at #TheMandalorian and start streaming the series tomorrow, only on #DisneyPlus.

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Alien: Scratches armor
Mandolorian: It’s treason then
Soft Lemons
Soft Lemons:
Alien: scratches armor
Mandalorian: peace was never an option
Gustav Serrano
Gustav Serrano:
Alien: scratches armor
Mando: So anyways I started blastin'
Guy: "You spilled my drink."
Mandolorian: "I missed the part where that's my problem."
2020: the mandolorian

2021: The return of the Alien cut in half by a door, A Star Wars story
Israel Mays
Israel Mays:
Alien: scratches armor
The Mandalorian: Order 66
bully: scratches armor
Mando: you've just lost arm privileges
Austin Smith
Austin Smith:
Bro, this guy at the end has said “don’t you agree” to like 4 or 5 different things now and I’m starting to agree with him out of pure fear.
"Don't you agree?" is the new "Big-shot gangster, puttin' together a crew."
Random Thug: "You spilled my drink!"
Mando: "One."
"I said you spilled my drink."
"Is that real Beskar?"
Brandon Hancock
Brandon Hancock:
YouTube: A new mandalorian video just dropp-

Me: Yeah? Good.
Sambeezy Skywalker
Sambeezy Skywalker:
Alien: “You spilled my drink...”
Mandolorian: “I Missed The Part Where That’s My Problem”
darth memeboi
darth memeboi:
"He said you spilled his drink"

"Look at little goblin jr, gonna cry?"
Albi Mataj
Albi Mataj:
Mandalorian: "You're a talker. And, listening to talkers makes me thirsty."
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark:
Lucasfilm in 2009: "A Star Wars TV series? These ideas sound too expensive."
Lucasfilm (under Disney) in 2019: "'Expensive'? What's that?"
Eric Decamps
Eric Decamps:
When Episode 9 is released, I'll be on my sofa watching the Mandalorian.
Axel Fiktor Bojoh Asbi
Axel Fiktor Bojoh Asbi:
Person: "He said you spilled his drink."

Mandalorian: "Yeah? Good."
Dubai Was Lit
Dubai Was Lit:
This trailer is more star wars then anything jj Abrams has ever done
Captain America
Captain America:
Everyone Ever: Boba Fett is a badass.

The Mandalorian: Hold my blue milk.
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American:
Don't spill his drink, he needs the calcium for his bones to enjoy
Koen Cayabyab
Koen Cayabyab:
The life of a bounty hunter is so much more interesting than most Jedi
Aiden LF
Aiden LF:
Thug: You spilled my drink!
Mando: I like those odds.
Thug: What?
Mando: What?
Alien "You spilled my drink. "
Mandalorian "Hold my beer!"
Mullet Mike
Mullet Mike:
The music is amazing! It invokes Ennio Marricone’s spaghetti western themes. I can’t wait to hear more of it! 🎶
Camden Hanson
Camden Hanson:
That poor bartender just trying to go one day without a fight
Alien: *scratches armor*
Mandalorian: "I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move"
*door opens*


random alien: "YAKDA GRATU"
Mad Titan
Mad Titan:
1:07 dude literally “stabbed him in the back”
Yub Nub
Yub Nub:
A male Protagonist
*Feminists Triggered*
Jonathan Mendez
Jonathan Mendez:
Alien: *Scratches armor*
Mandalorian: “Oh boy, here I go killing again.”
GTA 5 pc story mode modded game play
GTA 5 pc story mode modded game play:
"The Good, the bad and the ugly", set in space. Is ok, i'm down!
Alien: scratches armour
Mandalorian: so anyway I started blasting
Oh boy I can't wait to pirate this since living in Europe means I've no alternative.
Spethman Jones
Spethman Jones:
Annoying alien dude: “I said... you spilled... _my drink...”_

Mandalorian: “Yeah? Good.”
The score sounds amazing! A fine addition to our collection.
I'd be annoyed too if someone spilled my blue milk.
Rule 1: NEVER touch the armor.
Sad that Disney decided to only launch this in America and for the rest of the world next year... thx
Random Guy
Random Guy:
Alien: Scratches armor
Mandalorian: So anyway, I started blasting
Sam 17
Sam 17:
Disney: Disney+ is for kids!
Also Disney: let’s show someone getting cut in half by a door
Francesco Misuraca
Francesco Misuraca:
Alien: Scratches armor.
Mandalorian: “Yeah? Good.."
Eddie Bennett
Eddie Bennett:
Disney: We want to reach more and more audiences

Also Disney: Let's make the British wait four months LOL
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine:
guy: "you spilled my drink"
Mandalorian: *Yeah? Good.*
Release it in Australia?

This is why people pirate.
daniel k. noguera
daniel k. noguera:
Voice over: The Mandalorian pirated tomorrow on everywhere

also getting a drink with the helmet on?
Me : I wanna buy Disney+
Me:I have spoken
This whole series is basically a deep star wars movie.
The first episode was pretty cool.

I'm unable to find out when Star Wars Resistance season 2 drops on Disney+ though.

So far, only season 1 is available, and I've been hoping to catch up on the last 3 or 4 episodes, since my cable provider is suddenly insisting that I rent or buy those particular episodes for some reason.

Even though I can watch all of Season 1 and the first two or three episodes of Season 2 on Disney XD and the Disney Now app through my Cable provider.

I don't know, its just a little frustrating lol I imagined EVERYTHING that's been released thus far would be available immediately on November 12th. on Disney+.

I get waiting for the new Clone Wars episodes, they're just not quite ready yet.

But, it seems like everyone else in the world is caught up watching the Resistance except me!

And that sucks! 😥

Edit; Apparently, i can't use Disney+ on my giant flat screen TV in my living room because Xfinity won't allow me to use the app, it's not supported on my laptop, because it's a Chromebook, and so I'm paying for a streaming service I only actually bought for the Star Wars and I can only watch any of it on my phone and tablet, while there's more than just me in my house who'd LOVE to check it out too without having to all huddle around my phone or tablet!

That REALLY sucks.
Linda Da
Linda Da:
The mandalorian survived 4 stormtroopers pointing gun at him because all of them missed.
Ricardo Santos
Ricardo Santos:
Me: oh my God i can't wait for the Mandalorian to start!!

Disney Plus: service not available in your country
woah that quarren looks REALLY good
i also hope that that is actually the original I-88
Woah Woah
Woah Woah:
The sound effects are like placeholders in this trailer. This scene is a lot sharper in the episode.
More hyped for this then the rise of skywalker.
Waseem Chady
Waseem Chady:
I didn’t know Scorpion was a Mandalorian
Vikapita Murangi
Vikapita Murangi:
“Disney + isn’t available in my region yet.”
But I keep watching these like it is.
jose palacios
jose palacios:
Stranger: You spilled my drink
Mandalorian: I'm a end this man's whole career.
PrecutFoil 420
PrecutFoil 420:
This will be a very antagonizing 2 hours until this comes out
That old guy said “don’t you agree” to like 5 different things now I wonder what the actual line before it is lol
I was looking forward to it until you decided that we in the UK have to wait for March to watch kmt
Perfectly Shunned
Perfectly Shunned:
Finally something you know who isn’t messing up! Wow can’t wait!
Mike 2234
Mike 2234:
"look outside. they're waiting for you"
"yeah ? good"
Jeez, one minute a guy is complaining about his spilled drink, the next, he's frozen in carbonite. #thatescalatedquickly
Cole Edits
Cole Edits:
Ali G: “You what?!...”
You spilled my drink
Mandalorian: yeah good
Because we couldn't wait another day... no I'm serious. I couldn't wait. Thank you!
Drannion Animation
Drannion Animation:
The male choir gives me strong Republic Commando vibes!

Vode An!
C. Jonah Abbott
C. Jonah Abbott:
At this point, Herzog has asked “Don’t you agree?” about everything under the suns.
Matthew Llewellyn
Matthew Llewellyn:
“Streaming Tomorrow” - Unless your in the UK then streaming in March 2020 😭😭
The Mandalorian: Streaming in 4-5 months if you're outside of the US..
Mom~"Son would you like to see someone cut in half by a door?"
Little Johnny~"Oh boy, would I !!"
Jango's grappling hook nostalgia!
Javier Camacho
Javier Camacho:
The man's first mistake: messing with a Mandalorian. If you know what being a Mando means, why did you try to take him?
Mindless Droid
Mindless Droid:
He should have said "Party foul, You made me drink my spill."
Wait was that Tikkies lol
The Man•The James•The Legend
The Man•The James•The Legend:
* Palatine's voice *
Me: Good.... Jon Favreau..... Good....
Sinboto Simmons
Sinboto Simmons:
0:04 I don't know what he's saying but I get the feeling it's something along the lines of "Close the frickin door!"

Looks cold outside so can't blame him.
Eagle Eye 31
Eagle Eye 31:
Ok ok take my money, your may just have earned it this time.
Alien: scratches armor
Mandalorian: "this is where the fun begins"
Jay Bristowe
Jay Bristowe:
Why isn’t out in the U.K.? Why do we have to wait so much longer?!
*kid after watching trailer: DAAAADDDYYYYYYY BUY ME DISNEY +! *in unclear voice*
dad: *thinks hmmm* *thinks of kid disney* yea sure
dad sees kid watch Mandalorian: AHHHHHH WHAT IS THIS GUYS BONE CRACKED
Anni Burgoyne
Anni Burgoyne:
Finally some freaking Star Wars armor that actually does something!!
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Henry Windsor Rurikovich:
O can't wait to watch on Disney plus 💓
How would The Mandalorian drink without ever removing his signature helmet? Through a straw?
J V:
The 1st episode was kinda 'kiddy' & even though it's Disney I was definitely still hoping for more of a TV-MA type show
Chanse Bunker
Chanse Bunker:
Me: I need to study when I get up

Future me tomorrow: watches the Mandalorian instead

MANDALORIAN: yeah? Good.
Shaq eel O kneal
Shaq eel O kneal:
Me: sees the “Yeah? Good.” Meme is still going strong in this comment section
Also me: Yeah? Good.
Whoever: (something)
Main character: (something)
Guy: You spilled my drink
Mandolorian: Giornos theme plays
me: im so happy to finally see it
also me: wait i live in europe...
William Healy
William Healy:
I wake up really exciting this morning only to find the UK release is the end of March
My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
"You spilled my drink!"

"Yeah? Good"
D Canty
D Canty:
The first episode was dope! And the ending was totally unexpected!! I'm super excited for/about the future of this show!!
max ray
max ray:
I thought this was a buf light commercial 🤣🤣🤣 and how could he spill is drink when he just walked in 🤔🤔🤔
The Princess
The Princess:
Now THiS feels like a star wars show. Can't wait for the next episode!!
I hope this show is more interesting than these inane repetitive comments.
Zoe Matzkin
Zoe Matzkin:
Me: starts to study for physics exam

Mandalorian video: I’m about to end this mans whole career
Learn from the bartender, friends. He's probably the smartest character in all of Star Wars.
That is an excellent move.
This Mando is awesome.
Lord Valdomero
Lord Valdomero:
0:17 look at my boy Yondu over there
Einfach Joschi
Einfach Joschi:
That looks really good. Cant wait when i can finally see the series😆😆😆😆
"don't you agree" has been preceded by a different statement in each friggin trailer lol