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The score sounds amazing! A fine addition to our collection.
Eric Decamps
Eric Decamps:
When Episode 9 is released, I'll be on my sofa watching the Mandalorian.
Gustavo Lombera
Gustavo Lombera:
Alien: scratches armor
Mandalorian: peace was never an option
2020: the mandolorian

2021: The return of the Alien cut in half by a door, A Star Wars story
Gustav Serrano
Gustav Serrano:
Alien: scratches armor
Mando: So anyways I started blastin'
Alien: Scratches armor
Mandolorian: It’s treason then
Guy: "You spilled my drink."
Mandolorian: "I missed the part where that's my problem."
Henry Windsor Rurikovich
Henry Windsor Rurikovich:
O can't wait to watch on Disney plus 💓
"Don't you agree?" is the new "Big-shot gangster, puttin' together a crew."
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark:
Lucasfilm in 2009: "A Star Wars TV series? These ideas sound too expensive."
Lucasfilm (under Disney) in 2019: "'Expensive'? What's that?"
Anni Burgoyne
Anni Burgoyne:
Finally some freaking Star Wars armor that actually does something!!
The first episode was dope! And the ending was totally unexpected!! I'm super excited for/about the future of this show!!
Ya Boi Sambeezy
Ya Boi Sambeezy:
Alien: “You spilled my drink...”
Mandolorian: “I Missed The Part Where That’s My Problem”
Mullet Mike
Mullet Mike:
The music is amazing! It invokes Ennio Marricone’s spaghetti western themes. I can’t wait to hear more of it! 🎶
This is how Star Wars should be. I like the "Its is your destiny" stuff. But show me a lived in world with outlaws and adventure. Not everyone has to have a lightsaber or a galaxy has to be at stake.
This trailer is more star wars then anything jj Abrams has ever done
Hell Fire Grunt
Hell Fire Grunt:
The way he looks down then realizes the guy is missing. It's the little things that make this so much better.
SuperClonezzz Productions
SuperClonezzz Productions:
Looking good! I get more and more excited for this show with every trailer.
I love Star Wars and all the story lines and characters is so good man they all have stories and more 👍👍👍👍
Congrats to the folks behind the Mandalorian. May you subvert expectations and continue to produce an entertaining show throughout the season.

Shame on the folks behind the recent films. You had access to this talent, and chose not to use them to disastrous effect. How embarrassing.
Joseph Winborne
Joseph Winborne:
God this show was so badass. I can barely wait for episode two. Love the ending.
The production quality looks like one of the feature films. Incredible.
Chris Corley
Chris Corley:
"Bounty Hunting is a complicated profession..."

One of 2019's best lines. Bravo!!! 👏
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American:
Don't spill his drink, he needs the calcium for his bones to enjoy
Joseph Rausch
Joseph Rausch:
Wow the budget on this is insane, it looks visually stunning for a tv show and the score sounds amazing
Disney, what ever you are doing with this show... Keep doing it! and use the same formula in the movies. Seriously, this is great stuff!
President Waddlewing
President Waddlewing:
Everyone Ever: Boba Fett is a badass.

The Mandalorian: Hold my blue milk.
Rawand Hwayyiz
Rawand Hwayyiz:
I loved this, cant wait for more parts
Camden Hanson
Camden Hanson:
That poor bartender just trying to go one day without a fight
This was nothing short of amazing! If it keeps this up, this show will be unstoppable.
I've got a GOOD feeling about this
Just saw episode 1 whoa it's an awesome show.
Just a little short (less then 40 min) but still i was more exited then during the whole first watch off The Last Jedi.
Specially the last scene is gonna give REAL star wars fans that REAL feeling back
Linda Da
Linda Da:
The mandalorian survived 4 stormtroopers pointing gun at him because all of them missed.
The Star Treker
The Star Treker:
Man Star Wars: The Mandalorian looks so badass. I'm certainly so ready for more exciting, awesome Star Wars along with more Star Trek in this month, December, January and all year 2020. The Mandalorian, The Clone Wars, Rebels, Resistance, The Rise of Skywalker, Trek Shorts, Picard, Discovery, Lower Decks and Nickelodeon's Animated Star Trek even of course all DC and Marvel.
Cleufer Dezorzi
Cleufer Dezorzi:
Só esperando a estréia em dezembro!
Parabéns ao canal.
That Rad Guy
That Rad Guy:
This looks effing amazing! I'm lucky to be alive in this golden age of television 😍😍😍
Random Thug: "You spilled my drink!"
Mando: "One."
"I said you spilled my drink."
"Is that real Beskar?"
The Princess
The Princess:
Now THiS feels like a star wars show. Can't wait for the next episode!!
Sam 17
Sam 17:
Disney: Disney+ is for kids!
Also Disney: let’s show someone getting cut in half by a door
Perfectly Shunned
Perfectly Shunned:
Finally something you know who isn’t messing up! Wow can’t wait!
Axel Fiktor Bojoh Asbi
Axel Fiktor Bojoh Asbi:
Person: "He said you spilled his drink."

Mandalorian: "Yeah? Good."
When a TV series looks 100 times better than the next STAR WARS film. 😄
That first episode is seriously good, well done disney
Learn from the bartender, friends. He's probably the smartest character in all of Star Wars.
Leilani Maloata
Leilani Maloata:
I watched the first episode .. OH MY HECK THE ENDING!! IT'S AMAZING!! when does the next one come out???
That Quarren is looking so amazing it's unreal
Einfach Joschi
Einfach Joschi:
That looks really good. Cant wait when i can finally see the series😆😆😆😆
Jonathan Mendez
Jonathan Mendez:
Alien: *Scratches armor*
Mandalorian: “Oh boy, here I go killing again.”
I watched this and i love it!Its like a space cowboy show.
Отличный сериал , очень понравился , желаю сериалу много сезонов :)
Kevin Kaol
Kevin Kaol:
Just watched the first episode and this show is AMAZING!!!!!!
Tonedef 76
Tonedef 76:
I watched it today, gonna be a great series
Israel Mays
Israel Mays:
Alien: scratches armor
The Mandalorian: Order 66
its about time we’ve got a Starwars Tv series.
The Star Wars series we needed has arrived!
All these trailers are getting me excited to watch this. However, I've never seen a Star Wars movie. Gonna binge watch all of them tomorrow.
James Lee Schmidt
James Lee Schmidt:
It looks great - I can't wait.
Wolfgang Puff
Wolfgang Puff:
Just watched the first episode. So far so good 👍🏼
Lukáš Macek
Lukáš Macek:
I gotta admit this looks fantastic.

Props to the Quarren.
YES! Finally, in live action we see someone not speaking Basic (English) and having it translated with subtitles! I hope this show does it with other alien languages besides (What I assume is) Huttese. Translating astromech speech like in Bioware games (eg, T7 = excited to leave Tython // T7 = happy to have Jedi partner) would be fun to see as well, instead of having other characters repeating what they just said for the audience.
woah that quarren looks REALLY good
i also hope that that is actually the original I-88
The Mandalorian is Awesome, love the music.
Dominick Keenan
Dominick Keenan:
Now this is the Star Wars that I love.
Darth memeboi
Darth memeboi:
"He said you spilled his drink"

"Look at little goblin jr, gonna cry?"
neo Aliens
neo Aliens:
Good, since the whole budget is all spent on the trailers, now I've finished watching the best part of the show. Thanks Disney, for saving my time.
Jeez, one minute a guy is complaining about his spilled drink, the next, he's frozen in carbonite. #thatescalatedquickly
Mitchell Howard
Mitchell Howard:
The music reminds me of republic commando and I absolutely love it
Jango's grappling hook nostalgia!
Just saw the first episode. I loved it.
DEEP Sleep Medicine
DEEP Sleep Medicine:
Wow! Actually looks amazing! Disneys for a shot with this one
Michael Gibb
Michael Gibb:
The score sounds like a mix of martial arts films and westerns. And I'm liking it. However, I still have to wait a week for The Mandalorian.
Prahar Patel
Prahar Patel:
This show is gonna be epic!!
Albi Mataj
Albi Mataj:
Mandalorian: "You're a talker. And, listening to talkers makes me thirsty."
richard leal
richard leal:
Omg.....same excitement when star wars first released when I was a young boy. Bring it!
Scrumptious Maul
Scrumptious Maul:
This will be a very antagonizing 2 hours until this comes out
We can all agree on the fact that mandalorian is carrying Star Wars
Very nice! Excited to see the first episode this March!!! : )
I love the series already. I have spoken.
Finally... a star wars that is "good"!!
Bryan Hernández
Bryan Hernández:
Que gran emoción, mañana se sabrá de qué tratará esta gran historia.
Voiceless Reviews
Voiceless Reviews:
The 1st episode was kinda 'kiddy' & even though it's Disney I was definitely still hoping for more of a TV-MA type show
Great episode! Just watched it this evening.
Dark Wizard
Dark Wizard:
Wow absolutely awsome i already have watched the first episode absolutely awsome 👌👌💪👍
Brandon Hancock
Brandon Hancock:
YouTube: A new mandalorian video just dropp-

Me: Yeah? Good.
Maestro Drake
Maestro Drake:
Wow, Episode 9 got dramatically better. 👏👏👏
Kratos 25
Kratos 25:
Verner Herzhog, in EVERY SINGLE trailer Of The Mandalorian: “Don’t you agree?”

Me every time: “Yeah. Good!” 😍
Jackson Dunlay
Jackson Dunlay:
Dang it, now I have to pay for Disney+ in addition to Netflix, HBO, DC Universe, Prime Video, CBS All Access, and Hulu (and Peacock, when that comes out). Why can't there be one streaming service with all the good shows, and all the other ones can have the shows that people say "that could be good" and then exclusively watch only one of those over and over.
Billy Jenkins
Billy Jenkins:
The hype. Is real.
Tylerre Potter
Tylerre Potter:
Imagine a scene that isn't a reimagining of what we already saw twice through two identical trilogies?
Mega MovieZ
Mega MovieZ:
Signed up for Disney+ tonight! Can’t wait!
Terry Taylor
Terry Taylor:
Cant wait to finally stream this show on disney+. ☺☺
dragon leo
dragon leo:
Finally something good about star wars... I hope
Shaq eel O kneal
Shaq eel O kneal:
Me: sees the “Yeah? Good.” Meme is still going strong in this comment section
Also me: Yeah? Good.
Star Citizen Jorunn
Star Citizen Jorunn:
I am SO excited for this! fI cannot get enough future sci fi universes
Respectable Bogan
Respectable Bogan:
I'm more excited for this than I was for Ep. VII
Arquitens Production
Arquitens Production:
From this trailer, I don't think the quarian will have his body cut down by the door. It seems to stop just a moment before it closes.

Hopefully I'm wrong tho.
Alien: *scratches armor*
Mandalorian: "I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move"
Woah Woah
Woah Woah:
The sound effects are like placeholders in this trailer. This scene is a lot sharper in the episode.
Because we couldn't wait another day... no I'm serious. I couldn't wait. Thank you!
Sir Jerkey
Sir Jerkey:
I like how they don't stray away from some violence like they did in the last jedi
Arturo Urbina
Arturo Urbina:
One day everything will go back to the way it is. Legends are way better!