The men who made the Bundesliga boring!

It's boring as hell: Always Bayern Munich! Always the same Bundesliga champion. No other club has even the slightest chance. The mighty FC Bayern won the German league ten years in a row. But who is to blame? Bayern themselves? Their great squad? Clever management? Nope, we tell you why it's all the fault of a few men in black and yellow. Right?

Presented by Kamilla Jarzina
Written by Henning Hesse
Edited by Thomas Lemmer

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One thing that is very interesting in the video, I didnt realize the scale of TV revenue for Bayern Munich was so huge in contrast to other clubs. You can take a look at a successful example in American football (NFL) where a small town like Green Bay can compete with huge cities like New York and Los Angeles, because the TV revenue they all get is exactly the same.
Mikael Jordan
Mikael Jordan:
What ruined the Bundesliga and All other leagues is the CL. Its sad. I say that as a lifelong FCB fan. The 50+1 rule is an interesting case. But it is what makes the Bundesliga affordable. It makes the clubs have real fans and not only rich ones. If the 50+1 rule should fall, the should be strict and longlasting investments needed. No rich man toys in the Bundesliga pls.
Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls:
If 50+1 falls who do you think will get the biggest owner? I'll give you a hint it won't be Bochum. The standings at the top will probably mostly stay the same and what do we as fans recieve? Higher ticket prices, more tourists than actual fans in the stadium, sports washing and all for as much CL titles as Man city or PSG have ... oh wait ...
Rami anonymous
Rami anonymous:
“Dortmund escaped bankruptcy and shocked the world” it sounds great when you say it like it’s a fairy tale but Bayern were actually the ones who saved Dortmund from bankruptcy. Stop painting Bayern as a big bad wolf in Germany. I honestly admire their mentality and relentlessness. Players and managers have come and gone + new CEO now, yet the mentality has no been shaken. Juventus won the Serie A 9 times in a row before Ronaldo came, and no one bats an eye. So yes, I admire Bayern’s mentality, ruthlessness, and cut-throat execution. They are the epitome of discipline and class.
Aan Permana
Aan Permana:
The video shows how incredibly good Bayern are in learning from their failures and building their long term success.
Chris Fraser
Chris Fraser:
Not sure the title is accurate tbh. The Bundesliga title race is beyond boring, absolutely agree. But the league itself boasts some of the most exciting, attacking football around. The Bundesliga games are NOT boring. But the title race, DEFINITELY boring.
Praisdelo Talumingan
Praisdelo Talumingan:
Lol Bayern’s Top Individuals were the People who activelly spoke to scrap the 50+1 rules

And to be fair, Bayern (the whole Club, including the Boards and Fans) are very supportive to German Football in Europe Stage. As a Bayern Fan, i will always support Dortmund if They againts any other European Teams. And will Support Them in the Entire Tournament if Bayern already Knocked Out, look Frankfurt for example, everyone in Germany Support Them
Im sure Bayern will fall from no.1 place bc I agree nothing is forever. But I think they will stay at the top. Bayerns bosses don’t seem stupid enough to make Bayern collapse to the ground
Weird conclusion. Rather had an illusion with "king" FCB granting other clubs a few crumbs every few years, when in their lazy fat rich behaviour they spilled some in an off season, then have the other clubs step up their game, get creative and reach for their heighest potential? Raising the level of the liga? Beating them at their best game? If Dortmund and RasenBal can get close like in the last years. More sleeping giants that made very poor management decisions in the past should be able to achieve that level. But I feel half of the Bundesliga is recovering still from some form of financial disorder or poor management, and are very eager to sell their best talent. And then whine Bayern or Dortmund steal our talents. FCB is good, sure. They have a lot to spend, and have great players. But that succes starts with a good structure in the club. Youth academy, scouting, ceo's. Etc. Not with a sack of money. That sack of money is the result of their succes. Fcb got it with that 50+1 in place. Dortmund got it, they where nearly gone a couple of years before they became champions and that team was raised from scratch. In the past other clubs got succes with it in place. What FCB do is not unique. And there are a lot of sleeping giants in Germany that could achieve something. But they all forgot to set the alarm.
dd 1996
dd 1996:
Not just league and cups but also losing final to that Chelsea team in front of their own supporters and in their home made them inevitable too because they were trying to win their next champion league for so many years and winning against Dortmund was so important because of what happened to them previously........ And If we fix Bayern at the top then rest of league is still so competitive even small clubs like augsburg and union Berlin had played in Europe and bigger clubs like Schalke and Hamburg got relegated from Bundesliga. predicting PL's top 7 is easier than predicting Bundesliga's top seven......
kushal arvind Ramesh
kushal arvind Ramesh:
I respect 50+1 rule of Bundesliga and watch Bundesliga because of that
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba:
I remember around 2004, I was 6 yrs old and I think Werder Bremen won the title that season...I began following Bundesliga a bit at that time, guys like Diego, Kuranyi, Podolski and Ballack were very good. I also remember Wolfsburg winning in 09. Old times. At that time Lyon was dominating France and Inter in Italy so Germany had the best variation of Champions
Even Serie A and Ligue 1 have had some variety in the last decade amidst domination from Juve and PSG. But in Germany, always Bayern.
The league has become Laughably One sided and is generally seen as trash by all fans outside Germany
Éric Fréchette
Éric Fréchette:
Don't get me wrong, but it's always a pity to realize how some people are linking interest for a league only to "who will win the title". It's just like those who can't enjoy a movie if the end doesn't fit what they want.
If you really love football and follow every Bundesliga matchday, you will find out that Bayern, just like any other teams, can be surprised by some underdog and have to fight hard to win... and sometimes they failed, despite all odds.
Also, stop complaining about Bayern getting other BL teams' stars... Where do you think they would go if their current teams can't match their salary demands? No, they wouldn't put loyalty above money. Yes, they would just go to another league... I doubt BL would gain anything by this.
When I read the man that made the Bundesliga boring I thought of Drogba because instead of Dortmund the decisive event was the CL loss and the other things just made it worse
Raid Mahdi
Raid Mahdi:
Sadly its also happened, years after end of Lyon domination and before PSG emergence, they are the most brutal league
Mr. Reese
Mr. Reese:
The reason that Bayern came back with a vengeance in 2013 was not only Dortmund but also the lost CL final "dahoam" in 2012 against Chelsea. The entire 2012/13 season was one big vengeance trip and it was glorious.

Also, Bayern had several times over the last 10 years where they were really struggling in the League and at one point Dortmund was even ahead by 9 points, but still they squandered their lead. It's not only that Bayern is good, other clubs also do not capitalize on Bayern's mistakes - and they *do* make mistakes.
Fantastic presenter! Great production values! DW Kick off is the best. I only wish they would do it all in German with local subtitles so that I could learn more German while following a sport I love. Mach weiter so!
Pichaporn sutthavas
Pichaporn sutthavas:
As much I agree that Bayern winning all the time make it less exciting especially to international fan, the league is still very exciting to watch and affordable to every men and women. Getting good players from competitors is hard to fix problem with all the money Bayern have compared to other clubs and that is also not their fault either they are just smarter in the beginning. Other clubs need to play catch up.
Aayush Kaliraj
Aayush Kaliraj:
Congratulations Bayern Munich for winning budesliga 2022/2023
victor nderu
victor nderu:
As long as the 50+1 rule exists, I predict another decade of Bayern Munich Dominance.
Money plays a huge role in modern football whether one likes it or not.
bisuk hangoluan
bisuk hangoluan:
Other fact: even bayern's tv revenue is less than bottom club from EPL. You need a good marketing too
To be honest, this video didn't sound neutral at all. It sounded more like trying to say that everything is Bayern's fault, even though the others could have spent their money more clever and also build better teams. Added to that, Bayern even saved Dortmund in the 2000s. Look at clubs like Hamburg, Schalke and Barcelona struggling because of mismanagement, while Bayern just did a good job over decades.
James Michaels
James Michaels:
Its not that Bayern wins every year. Its because there is no title race
people forgot that there’s UCL, uel, and conference spots. Oh and also relegation. It’s a great league where 11th can win Europa.
City Beats
City Beats:
Wonderful editing and presentation. Bayern's domination definitely make Bundesliga more predictable and it kills the excitation.
B R:
Last couple of years Dortmund had Haaland and a bunch of other good players they still couldn't build a team that could compete. It's not all on Bayern... And of course we would have Klinsmann, Mr "not having a clue about football" as a national team coach :)
Ze Luis
Ze Luis:
Very good and funny, fact-checked resumé. But Bundesliga is still nice to watch, Bayern included with great football performances. And yes, nothing endures forever, even diamond like Bayern. Bundesliga is still a jewell and a joy to watch, other clubs shine in Europe
I suggest that Watzke should stop waiting for Bayern to fall, and instead focus on ending Dortmund's stupid mentality of being a "talent naturing and provider club" that they have adopted for the past 8 years. They will never win anything with that tiny mentality.... I'm an eternal Bayern fan, been so since 1994, but I also like Dortmund and wish them success. I seriously miss the days when the Bundesliga was competitive, and I wish all Bundesliga clubs success in the league and in Europe.
Karthik Manoor
Karthik Manoor:
2:40 that laugh from klopp was cold asf
Not entirely sure about the Bundesliga being boring when Koln made THAT leap from relegation to the Conference League
Roger M
Roger M:
„And while Bayern soon sacked Klinsmann for not having a clue about football …“ :-)
Definitely a very true sentence.
Marian Chicago
Marian Chicago:
I have attributed Bayern’s dominance to Robert Lewandowski and the service Bayern were able to provide him to score crazy amounts of goals plus the development of better scouting at the top end of the game. I am curious to see how Bayern do without Lewandowski’s goals simply overpowering every opponent. Mane is a nice pickup but he’s 30 and years under Klopp put a LOT of miles on those legs. Bayern has a lot of German internationals, deep run at the winter World Cup might lead to injuries later in the compact schedule.
Jack Mellor
Jack Mellor:
When Bayern won their first ever title Borussia Dortmund had become Champions of Germany 3 times.
D M:
Blaming the 50+1 rule is a joke. Shalke had a sugar daddy who poured money on the club despite the 50+1, they simply spent poorly. The same applies to Hertha. Their sugar daddy spent €350 million and they barely avoided relegation.
Leverkusen and Wolfsburg are owned by two of the most successful corporations in the world and even though Vile Energy Drink FC technically follow 50+1 the football authorities have let them flout it in such a way that they are in fact a company owned team. Nothing stops any of those companies from opening their purses and spending.

The people responsible for making the Bundesliga boring are the presidents and the chairmen of the clubs. They behave as if it is 1963. I live in a city with an MLS franchise. That team has played 4 exhibition/friendlies against Premiere league clubs since 2000. Bundesliga clubs almost never come to the US unless it is to play in these phony ICC tournaments and that is only Bayern. I have sent emails and Tweets to Dortmund begging Dortmund to come to the US especially the Midwest where there are tons of German Americans with their German American clubs and music societies. Instead they go to Dubai.

Bayern opened an office in the US several years ago. The man in charge of the office was interviewed on a podcast. His job was in a nutshell to build the Bayern brand in the US. Has any other club opened a US office? I may be wrong but I’m pretty sure they haven’t.

Money keeps Bayern ahead but their forward thinking doesn’t hurt.
IMO Bundesliga clubs should aim to turn the Europa League and the Conference League into their domains.
Harrison ochieng
Harrison ochieng:
Funny how Pep and Guardiola together contributed in making Bundesliga a farmer's league and are also close to doing the same in the English premier league..

Where's Maguire..?
Ezra Ezra
Ezra Ezra:
This situation has been emulated in Premier League nowadays. Even though this is not the Man Utd-Arsenal era just like when both sides were managed by their respective coaches, Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger, and Chelsea having suffered a setback after the end of Roman Abramovich due to the fact he was involved in a bloody war against Ukraine, this league is still boring because Klopp, now a Liverpool manager, had a bloody rivalries with Man City and Pep Guardiola. Both teams even produced very narrow title race in two occasions (18/19 and 21/22). With the arrival of Haaland and Nunez, plus a chance for other teams like Tottenham, Arsenal, and Man Utd (under Ten Hag), it is very likely the league gets complicated.

Edit: "Bayern beat Dortmund in the first all-German Final at Wembley in 2013."
If Liverpool and City meet each other in the next UCL Final at Wembley (2024) and Liverpool won it, the same Bundesliga predictions and Man Utd's Fergie era resurfaced.
Pranav Shukla
Pranav Shukla:
I like how the seria A has become competitive. It is only a matter of time before champions league win returns back to Italy.
The advantage of Bayern was and is the good recruiting and the "Festgeldkonto" (fixed deposit account) and of course, that former player leaads the club. I wish e.g. Man United have more players in the board, how much money they burned year by year. Ulli Hoeneß was / is by far the most important person at Bayern, now Kahn and Salimahizic (also former players) leads the club. Dormund is not every year the most rival club and the Bundesliga is really not boring.
When most people are not able to watch the Bundesliga without paying 30 Euro per month, instead have only 5 minute snippet videos on youtube why would anybody care anymore how many times Bayern will be Meister?
Medhat Hamroush
Medhat Hamroush:
the other teams should find hidden gems in the dirt to somehow hope that a young team can fight Bayern and somehow keep them imagine an Ajax in the Bundesliga but not sell their star players very 2 years because they can give them higher wages than the Dutch
Samuel Yee
Samuel Yee:
Bayern won their ten consecutive league titles without coercive approaches such as threatening referees to do them a favour or lifetime sentences and threatening their rival ace to join them or his team owner will be enemies of the state
What a terrible conclusion to think that german football fans with 50+1 and dortmund are supposed to be the problem. it's not like the whole system plays into bayerns cards. the money distribution, especially the ones coming from the CL is clearly in bayerns favor. the rich are getting richer the poor are getting poorer.
Stefan Nicholson
Stefan Nicholson:
It's a tradeoff in regard to the 50+1 rule. Either more money, greater competition and higher ticket prices, (By the way prices have gone upwards anyway) or more real fans and less competition and thereby boring football. To be honest, I have migrated completely to watching the Premier League. I watched the opening game FCB vs Eintracht, it was terrible. Romanticism does not help.
2012 seemed like a lifetime ago.
sebastian resch
sebastian resch:
Very good video. Covers the most important points to this topic.
so good the switch to klopp in this video haha. i love jürgens laugh 2:36
To answer the question, the bosses from BvB should have made all possible to win UCL 2012 and to keep Bayern from looting their players. Hopefully another Klopp and another gen of talented & hungry players will descend upon the club and jolt Bayern.
Dimitrios Asimomytis
Dimitrios Asimomytis:
The sad thing is that all the smaller clubs are supporting the 50%+1 share rule, which is kind of noble, but on the other hand the only thing they gain is keeping in their hands their own misery...It is sad that the world is waiting August 5th for Premier League but has no idea when the Bundesliga will start. Another issue that must be tackled is the fact that East Germany exists in few places in Germany and football and Bundesliga is one of them. Greetings from Athens Greece and keep up the amazing work DW Team!
visan ion
visan ion:
This lady is an awesome presenter!!!!who is she????she has impeccable diction in both english and german.Rarely see someone this good
Sachin Mesta
Sachin Mesta:
One of the "advantage" of boring bundesliga is that its getting younger players, the clubs develop these players and other clubs then take them, Bundesliga is best place to develop new talent, as younger players are given good playing time by the clubs which play at highest levels, though BVB and Bayern dominate, these players play against stronger teams and then get better, they play day in day out. How many academy players of Manchester united play regularly at MU or how many of academy players of their club play for their team? the ratio is definitely higher in Bundesliga., YES the money in Bundesliga is limited, but Bundesliga needs to market itself better. the teams should focus on development and at Bundesliga, each team should field say 2 academy players in playing 11, this might help to ensure that Bundesliga has mix of youth and experience. Most players of german national team are from BVB and bayern. It needs the best players available, but the training methods at Bayern & top clubs should be watered down to other clubs so that they can develop better players.
Bundesliga should identify good players from U19-U-23 ad get them to play regular matches, its not only training, but regular playing that helps develop players
Danar Tri Atmojo
Danar Tri Atmojo:
this reportage is ❤‍🔥🔥
WilderTackleHD KEK
WilderTackleHD KEK:
There are still Investors Like for Herth and Leipzig. Most people in Germany think that its more important that the Clubs are owned by the people and Not some random criminal. Also its Not Like there is No competition its Just Not for title and stuff
but if it wasn't then there might have been no team in bundesliga competitive enough in ucl without dominant muchen
Nigel Vee
Nigel Vee:
Her German accent gives me goosebumps. 🔥
Matt devereux
Matt devereux:
she nails it a brilliant video honest and gets to the point. Bayern went brutal and took dormunds big three and made it clear to dortmund never to step on their turf again. it was huge move that ripped th heart out german compeititon and warned the rest of the league not dare try and win the league again
I hate seing the typical female sports commentator because they seem like they are clueless and try to compensate with their looks...but this German lady...she's got flair.

It's like DW was trying to prove that they're the Bayern of female ⚽️ commentators 😉
yamkela saleni
yamkela saleni:
She's a fantastic narrator. Makes me love the German language
William Leong
William Leong:
Buying over best players from your rival. Simple.
And Dortmund is of club of buying new players and selling high.
They just not interested in winning B.M for any titles.
Jack Potawhiskey
Jack Potawhiskey:
As a life-long Schalke fan, seeing them relegated was at first devestating. But after watching the competition and excitment in 2. Bundesliga, there's a bit of sadness we are back in the Bundesliga.

Bayern already rocked Frankfurt 6-1, a strong club who are Europa League champions. Frankfurt had a much less embarrasing scoreline today, only losing 2-0 to Champions League winners Real.
Bayern poach the best German talents, from Dortmund, previously from Schalke. I hope this titan falls, it would be a great improvement. As for 50+1, it should stay, Buyern will hit a string of wrong moves like any big club previously thought to be untouchable (a la AC Milan, Man United, Barcelona).
The Radio Guy Online
The Radio Guy Online:
It's a shame such a great league has become so predictable, it's like league 1 in France. If only dfb would distribute TV money evenly and try make it bit more competitive. Giving Bayern large pot and team like union Berlin a quarter is just stupid and unfair
Pao Chongloi パオです。
Pao Chongloi パオです。:
Congratulations Bayern for Winning the league before it started.
Pretty sure Bayern is trying to abolish the 50+1
No doubt, Uli Hoeneß is the Gravedigger of Competion and Mastermind of the "Mia San mia"
He is gultiy to your boredom.
Mwiinga Mweene
Mwiinga Mweene:
Klopp 😂❤️
Gustavo Rodríguez
Gustavo Rodríguez:
Nothing but a mediocre thinking. Bayern got irritated and changed the way they worked and won EVERYTHING. The competition instead of changing their working methods they just stand still. 😂
Isaak Jama
Isaak Jama:
Don't feel so bad, La liga isn't any better from 2010/11 - 2021/22, either it was Real or Barca, except for two seasons when Atletico stole it from those guys. And ligue 1is a bit better, but the English Premiere League had Chelsea, Man U, Man City, Leicester and Liverpool win the league, however, it seems that Manchester City and Liverpool have been winning the last 5 seasons, which may render the EPL a mini-Bundesliga🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ĉiam Granda
Ĉiam Granda:
"Until This Hapopened" then Klopp Laughs and Jumps In,, that was EPIC...

FACT: Dortmund would still be winning the Bundesliga every year ahead of Bayern if only they could remove their selling policy especially to rivals like Bayern you see, its like Dortmund don't want to be thee top club in Germany i mean just look at the players they've sold, Dembele,, Lewandwoski, Gotze,, Gundogan, Aubameyang, Hummels, Pulisic, Haaland, Sancho the list is so long and remember, they always still get in the Champions League every season despite all the sells.
La liga will overtake the bundesliga as they have copied the Premier league in terms of equal distribution of the TV money. Make it level playing field and you will get tighter games. First game back and bayern won 6-1 with no striker. League is over already.
Bayoko Ebi
Bayoko Ebi:
If Bayern Munich will be allowed in the EPL they will dominate England for years ok
Mwiinga Mweene
Mwiinga Mweene:
This one documentary is nicely done
The fact she wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt just makes it better
Briere St jean
Briere St jean:
Great Job 👍
And it's always gonna be Bayern,like it or hate it call the league what ever you want,do you expect us to stop winning trophies because your stupid comments?
So irony! 'DW Kick off' cannot make a contend without slamming Bayern. Bayern truly deserved and earned their success. Isn't the other club's failed management? See their performances in UCL etc. Like Eintracht Frankfurt, they should try to win some European titles too. FYI ITS NOT BAYERN FAULT; ITS THEIR FAULT THAT THEY FAILED. #miasanmia
fartimus maximus
fartimus maximus:
Meh , I still watch bundesliga along side the premier league. More football for me .
syahrul azrai
syahrul azrai:
The original farmers league
toto maxwell
toto maxwell:
they have killed our bundesliga
bad for our national team also
Ahmed Salem
Ahmed Salem:
LOVE IT. Thanks a lot for such an interesting video. #mia san mia 😂
No doubt it's bayern who makes this league very boring. The buys who the wants. Winning two Cl per decades that's the template.
Lwando Madikizela
Lwando Madikizela:
The issue is not Bayern winning ten straight Bundesliga titles, the issue is that the rest of the clubs couldn't keep up with Bayern. Remember 18/19 season when Dortmund was leading the Bundesliga while Bayern were struggling under Niko Kovac? Dortmund threw away the Bundesliga and Bayern somehow won their 7th straight title. Hell even RB Leipzig was leading the Bundesliga in 19/20 the one point but couldn't get the job done when needed the most. Dortmund are a selling club and Leipzig despite finding a loophole in the 50+1 rule cannot compete with Bayern financially.
Tuanku Taring
Tuanku Taring:
Is that a German electric car? 😅
william yoder
william yoder:
I think Bayern act like babies not letting any other club have a chance
Phil Jones football
Phil Jones football:
Look at juventus, their arent dominant no anymore and likewise bayern will share the same faith one day, and this is coming from a bayern fan
xolile macingwane
xolile macingwane:
Actually it's the farmers league
Last 5 years the ' most competitive' pl league was won by either man city or liverpool
And of that 4 times man city..

So if the teams in qn sre too strong for competition no matter how competitive the league is, the results will be similar
Felix Nöbauer
Felix Nöbauer:
The Championsleague final in 2013 was on the 25th of may not on the 19th
John Mushitu
John Mushitu:
The Bundesliga boring? Hell no 😂😂😂
Robert Zander
Robert Zander:
A really good article with many interesting points that are well explained. However, I would like to add that nobody forced Götze, Hummels and Lewandowski to move to Munich to play there. They did it of their own free will, because apparently they no longer believed the product would be successful in Dortmund, or other things were suddenly more important to them?? Then Bayern Munich is not the only club in Germany that is poaching players from its competitors, Borussia Dortmund follows the same principle and there are not only players like
Borussia Mönchengladbach,
SC Freiburg or TSG Hoffenheim,
but also coaches, see Mainz 05 and now Gladbach.
I didn't really understand Marco Rose, together with Max Eberl they were in the process of building up a very good competitive team in Gladbach, which would be continuously improved in order to become a permanent participant in international competitions.
They took that chance, moving from Gladbach to Dortmund or from Frankfurt to Gladbach doesn't make any sense at all, the difference is minimal and success isn't guaranteed, and Marco Rose had to learn that the hard way. too bad for him.
A lot of clubs in Germany can't do that anymore and that's why they fail. Freiburg and Union Berlin are the counterexamples.
“When a bored looking Manuel Neuer recently lifted the trophy…”
This is one of multiple unnecessary comments in this video. Stop trying to make it sound as boring as possible with your subjectivity, it’s honestly annoying. You can state facts without adding such useless comments. You are trying so hard to make it sound extra boring and make Bayern themselves sound bored of it, it’s embarrassing.
Jayesh Ratangairi
Jayesh Ratangairi:
Bayern is winning the league this year too !
Their main aim will only be CL ! Again
Manan Mehta
Manan Mehta:
If u scrap the 50+1 rule the 1st thing that'll happen is-
Alphabet Inc aka Google will come & buy 8.33% in Bayern for some 220+ million Euros & Bayern will still have sold only 33.3% of their Company with 66.6% still in their hands. That's the biggest peril of scrapping 50+1. Initially for the 1st 2-3 season Bayern will get all the investment & they'll make themselves so big in the time that it'll be impossible to catch them for the next 20-30 thereafter
marcelano ryadi
marcelano ryadi:
Bayern will steamroll thru 11th Bundesliga title
abrahams neo
abrahams neo:
Farmers league indeed.
Dortmund has knack for getting talented young players but they don't know how to keep them at the club , if they manage to get a world class coach and hold the players for 2-3 seasons , they can again challenge Bayern for titles. Easier said than done but if it doesn't happen then Bayernliga will be boring forever.
RB Leipzig is one team that has made some impact but just like Dortmund they don't have enough quality to Challenge Bayern.
Aakash 46
Aakash 46:
And what about French and Dutch leagues . They are way more boring . Atleast playing styles in bundesliga is entertaining .
pete smart
pete smart:
Well the prem destroyed English football, money ruined Spanish football in the late 90s
pablo kendall
pablo kendall:
You all make it seem like it Bayern’s fault when in reality the club’s bosses are against the 50+1 rule, you can’t blame Bayern for having the ambition of winning everything every year, that’s the ambition the other clubs lack.
Or was the finale dahoam the wake up call ;-)
You can really tell she hates Bayern...