The Millenials

"The Millenials" SNL skit that I use in my "From the Xbox to the Box Alarm" conversation about connecting the generations. It's companion video is "Mayberry Millenials." Check them both out and then get in this game changing conversation. Click or call me today.

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The actors playing the adults in the room aren't even credited as GenXers
I'm not saying they don't exist, but I've never met anyone from my generation like this...
Jonas Jaagur
Jonas Jaagur:
I enjoyed this video very much.
Κ Α:
I don't think I count as a millennial, but I feel like this may not be very fair towards a generation of pretty hard working kids. At least in my country they work too many hours for too little money.
Daniel Leinak III
Daniel Leinak III:
My generation suck
Harvey Boy
Harvey Boy:
This is not funny.