Star Citizen is one of the most immersive games I've ever played. Both Star Citizen and Escape From Tarkov are both games that, I feel, define what the future of gaming is going to be. Just these huge and ambitious open world games where the scale, beauty, and feel of the game just feel next level.

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Special thanks to JamsTM for gifting me Star Citizen -

Resources I used to help me get started in Star Citizen:
CaptainBerks Easy Components Guide -
CaptainBerks Beginner's Guide -
As a time traveller from 2103, all I can say is that Star Citizen was worth waiting. It is almost out of beta now..
Daryn Lowe
Daryn Lowe:
Wow, the immersion is impressive. I especially like how the AI don't react to you killing their fellow crew mates or even attempt to run or shoot back when getting shot at.
Jermaine Lamarr
Jermaine Lamarr:
the enemy AI seems a little too dumb
Zulu bravo Foxtrot
Zulu bravo Foxtrot:
Me: watches this

My pc: *visibly sweating*
I’m still gonna wait a while before getting it, but this looks like it’s basically the game of my dreams.
Isaac H
Isaac H:
Thought the planet was called “new bad bitch” and I said to myself “hmm this sounds like a game for me”
Nota Ghost
Nota Ghost:
The game is so immersive that the ships cost what cars cost in real life!
This looks like one heck of an early access-beta-demo-pre-release-teaser-test...programme!
Am I the only one that understands new bad bitch when he says new babbage 😂?
sg danks
sg danks:
I feel like I would get lost in this game and never come out of it lol I can definitely see how you'd get addicted to it, theres sooo much stuff, and this is just scratching the surface.
Cobra Strike Down
Cobra Strike Down:
"I see the frames are dropping but it's fine. It's fine" :fire slowly surrounds the dog:
with this kinda games,the potential and everything, it would likely to come out around 2030
First time ever hearing about this game and it looks absolutely stunning. This game has MASSIVE potential
Waiting when this game will turn in to Ready Player One :DDDDD
3:30 It's pretty amazing when you're playing and a view catches you and you remember there are no "skybox" paintings in this game.

If you're seeing it, it's there. Day, night cycle is based on the rotation not an arbitrary schedule.

Soon, from the ground, we'll see the atmospheric effects as ships enter atmosphere.

It's like playing in a Sci Fi movie...

All that said, as others have pointed out, the game is in alpha development. Lots of issues with things not working, server crashes, bugs, glitches, etc.

This is not an "early access". It is a game actively under development. You can see the scaffolding and drop cloth.

It's great to check in and have some spacey fun with, but probably not currently something most people could have as their go-to game, unless they really get into the documenting and recreation/verification of bugs.

There's an "issue council" page where players can post bugs, verify reports other players post, and vote for which should take priority for fixes.

It's almost a minigame for some people.
Saw Gaming
Saw Gaming:
Love to see that you give credit to others
Love to see new people come into the 'verse welcome friend! :D
Big No. 8
Big No. 8:
AI's dumb asf though 😂 just standing there, not reacting to gunfire.
Ohhh it's an actual game now! I pledged some cash towards this game 6 years ago and forgot about it :P maybe time to revisit
Adam Hillier
Adam Hillier:
2:07 Onward, Seizure Warning.
Kendrick Green
Kendrick Green:
Is the city called new bad bitch or am I hearing that wrong 😅
Cpt Paladin
Cpt Paladin:
Just discovered your channel! It's so awesome to see the perspective of a new player's expierience in Star Citizen, hope to see you in the verse :D
"Okay, we're gonna run through customs" 🤣🤣🤣
Siddharth Verma
Siddharth Verma:
when people were talking about the next-gen games, I was expecting something like this.
YO i didn't even know you had a youtube channel but you came up in my recommended!! I play star citizen all the time and im glad youre getting into it now - your pal Velocity
Mr. BLACK jacket
Mr. BLACK jacket:
"Bounty Hunting is a complicated profession"
*The Mandalorian theme kicks*
Pd: this is the closest thing we will get to be a Mandalorian
Naomi Ying
Naomi Ying:
2:36 "as you see the frames are kinda dropping" At least you can see the train moving XD
Max SC
Max SC:
Love your enthusiasm for the game, welcome to our obsession!
where do i buy this game? Its exactly my style of gameplay!!
Phillip Mulligan
Phillip Mulligan:
Welcome to Star Citizen. Come for the Increadable graphics and detail, stay for the unfolding complex content.
mustafa mcclatchey
mustafa mcclatchey:
When the gaming community decides the content is mature enough, bug free and has sustenance
I'll drop $ 1,000
Meet The Lopez's
Meet The Lopez's:
When it comes out we'll be living as star citizen
Network Services
Network Services:
After three months of doing the same damn thing. I wonder if he feels the same now.
5k Subscribes with no videos challenge
5k Subscribes with no videos challenge:
Imagine the running cost for a multiplayer server for this game, damn
I really hope this game gets an actual official release..
Subed…. I really appreciate how you explain and show what your doing.. I know some of us beginners can get confused with the HUD between ship personal etc...
Ace Tycho
Ace Tycho:
Welcome to the 'Verse! I look forward to seeing you around sometime.
Ruben H.
Ruben H.:
I think I never started to love a game from watching 1 video about it
Lemon Ferret
Lemon Ferret:
This game would be perfect in vr
kir kan
kir kan:
Use freelancer, go Hurston - do missions in personal mercenary execution security warrant (jump Hurston moons/ jump servers to get it.) have fun
Rafael Aguila
Rafael Aguila:
Enjoyed your video. I'm a backer and can appreciate the work you put into the video. Thank you for sharing this with other gamers and showing them that Star Citizen is not a scam.
Phuc Kieu
Phuc Kieu:
I don't understand the acoustics and reverb on the ships guns when you're in space.
Sounds like someone firing a pistol in a parking lot with tall buildings all around
Ted Nugent
Ted Nugent:
I wish Star Trek Online had this feeling. Sometimes it feels like there's more loading screens than playtime in that game.
Santone G
Santone G:
Goddamn. Makes me wanna get a pc.
David Honnay
David Honnay:
Clear the 890 mission all by yourself, gg it's pretty though for a single player.
Mike Capson
Mike Capson:
Welcome to Verse! :D I just got Constelation Andromeda if u would like to try out!
Comrade Blaqkstar
Comrade Blaqkstar:
o7 buddy and welcome to the 'Verse!
Lorenzo Benites Tronge
Lorenzo Benites Tronge:
loved the soundtrack just as you were leving with your ship. So great and fitting. 6:10 was just great.
10:45 nice AI reaction. Everybody is in the same area but no one noticed that others have been shooted. WTF??
I wish I knew how to play this game!! Any good tutorials out there?
I love to see semeone new enjoying Star Citzen as much as i do <3
What are your system specs? Game looks like its running very smooth!
Ace Tycho
Ace Tycho:
Really fun! I look forward to seeing more.
James Filby
James Filby:
Played an hour of Star Citizen yesterday - got from my apartment to my ship.

Do you have to pay extra for the add-on that makes the bad guys shoot back?
Arsalan Anwar
Arsalan Anwar:
I never play video games but heard about this game "Damn"...
Bruh imagine a star wars game like this 😭
I love when they made this mission they said " this is a difficult mission, you'll need to play with a groud of friends" aahahahah
6:41 Why does that song sound so familiar I cant find where it is from if anyone can help me
Cell Chaos
Cell Chaos:
Citizens. o7

Been a backer since 2015. Welcome, Ramen. Subbed.
This is a surprisingly good "how to" vid for a new player from logging in to getting their ship, to accepting a mission, navigation, inventory management, and upgrading their ship.
it will never release, and even if it will, it will be already technologically outdated
Edison Angeles
Edison Angeles:
oh sup ramen style! i follow you on twitch already, grats on the success on this video!
Simba Damus
Simba Damus:
Love your content bro but the name of the city NBB 😝 thay could of down ways better! What you think?
yayoink yayeet. Nice Video, got me interested in the Game. Looking forward for when you stream this. greetings Streamatics
cant wait to play when my grandkids have grandkids of their own
Basically the mandalorian simulator.
The Sir
The Sir:
Great video thank you. I have been on the fence wanting to buy SC for a while. I'm an avid ED CMDR but I would really like the more immersive gameplay as you have clearly displayed in this upload. Your content is easy to understand, well narrated and not 'overdone'. Will sub to your channel and keep up with your progress, I have a feeling your gameplay will help me out a lot for my crossover to SC. o7
Malik Narayanin
Malik Narayanin:
Is will finally be able to fulfill my dream of becoming an explorer of space.
Gabriel Abille
Gabriel Abille:
It’s immersive until 30K happens
this is one hella cool game ramen amazing video man quality is amazing too keep it up man
Carol IMendez
Carol IMendez:
17:40 reminds me of Mass Effect Andromeda
🤣😂 most glitches in a game ever
William Cole
William Cole:
"The Mustang Alpha," LMAO
David McBride
David McBride:
Love your video, you did an excellent job on this. I am sending your video to a friend who will see how much fun this game is.
Hopefully you will make more of them. You cut the length of minontany to bring the game to others in a crisp clear fun way.
First time I watched a video without having to sit through hours of fight time. Well done, good job ✨👍
king gaming
king gaming:
imagine this in vr
I like the quest: Here is an awesome ship you have to run around. (that can be bought for a LOT OF REAL money :)
Factual Flo
Factual Flo:
Finally another pinoy that plays the game. Welcome to the Verse brother!
Love the 890 jump mission. Its interior is as big as some of others game maps . And its flyable
Abby Saito
Abby Saito:
Welcome to the verse friend. Safe travels and server connections lol feel free to add me with abaddobmenet handle if you want to do some multi crew stuff 👍
Pirate Radio
Pirate Radio:
Nice video! Good job soloing that mission.
Federico Negrete
Federico Negrete:
Beautiful game, the first time I woke up at New Babbagge I nearly cryed
Jesus the screen tearing!! Check your settings man
Blackdeath1943 gaming
Blackdeath1943 gaming:
so i have barely looked at this game in like 3 years and WOWW did it change. it looks so much better now.
this Looks freaking AMAZING!!!. nice vid man Keep em Coming =D
Love tarkov haven’t played it since all the new updates after the weight update
This game looks amazing!!! ima buy it
is the music actually that loud in game?
Robert Brooks
Robert Brooks:
the real cyberpunk!
Hephen Stawking
Hephen Stawking:
I’m surprised by how great the music is, especially during your takeoff from the spaceport.
Fantastic gameplay and a wonderful tutorial kudos to you bro
Robbie Robb
Robbie Robb:
Love it! Awesome Video!
cuneyt oksuz
cuneyt oksuz:
immersion into your bank account...
Marcus Medina
Marcus Medina:
There's already a magnet levitation train like this here in Shanghai. It'll be standard in 30 years haha
Nathan Atkinson
Nathan Atkinson:
I would reccomend the Logitech X52 Pro (after the prices have "cooled down")
Fernando M
Fernando M:
I've had the game since alpha 2.4. came back recently got stuck in a train. Quit the game. Uninstalled. I'll wait some more.
This looks exactly like the game of my dreams. Hopefully my PC can handle it during Free Flight.
Ransom Hades
Ransom Hades:
How do you achieve such a good and consistent framerate im getting 25fps in New Babbage constantly
Cubix Man
Cubix Man:
I just got star citizen on an hdd and I have been on the loading screen for around 15 minutes and the game just crashed on me lmao