The Most Inappropriate Outfits Kate Middleton Has Worn

Considering she gets photographed every time she goes outside, it makes sense that Kate Middleton is caught in a dress code slip-up every once in a while. From wearing the same dress more than once to rocking short shorts for charity, here are some of the inappropriate outfits Kate Middleton has worn.

Almost every princess has an iconic dress — and Kate Middleton has her lilac. There's nothing inappropriate about the dress itself with its demure hemline, flattering gathered fabric, and romantic hue. However, the fact that Middleton has worn it at several public events does break an unspoken rule of fashion for both royals and celebrities. According to Elle, the duchess first wore her lilac dress at an event in California in 2011, and then again at the UK's Creative Industries Reception in 2012. She even wore the same dress in a chic beige color during her trip to Australia in 2014. Has Middleton's obsession with the dress had an effect on its sales?

Watch the video for more of The Most Inappropriate Outfits Kate Middleton Has Worn!

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This lilac dress | 0:00
Repping the wrong country | 1:02
Showing her knees | 2:01
A little too floaty | 2:53
See-through for charity | 3:48
Forgetting a pedicure | 4:31
Stealing the show | 5:19
Rocking skinny jeans | 6:07
Seriously short shorts | 7:06
Unapproved shoes | 8:07
The unusual trousers | 8:56
A dramatic wedding dress | 9:54
Dressing too "dreary" | 11:02

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Melanie Lester
Melanie Lester:
I think it is marvellous that Kate is comfortable wearing the same dress more than once, it makes her more relatable. Full credit to her !
Donna Engel
Donna Engel:
This is ridiculous. Kate Middleton dresses to perfection. I, for one, appreciate the fact that she has her favorites and recycles and rewears pieces in her wardrobe.
Maggie Ahrens
Maggie Ahrens:
So she doesn't believe in wasting money. Looks like her parents taught her well. She is a beautiful young lady. Fits well into the Royal family.
Ooooh. She wore the same dress more than once. Just know...REAL people do. Kate is flawless and beautiful. Period.
Rose Anabelle
Rose Anabelle:
Being rich doesn't mean they need to throw the clothes after wearing once🤦
THEE Luanne Santos
THEE Luanne Santos:
The Royals and the media need to realize it’s 2021 not 1721
Kathleen Henson
Kathleen Henson:
Everything she wears is beautiful. She’s never inappropriate so leave her alone.
Lola Blake
Lola Blake:
I love how she re-wears her outfits and some of her outfits are high street not designer which I’m also a fan of.
Sarah Zell
Sarah Zell:
I love that she repeats her outfits. It makes her NORMAL! Also, it’s a compliment to the designer.
It’s a lovely dress, no reason why she couldn’t wear it whenever she likes.
L. H.
L. H.:
"Poor Kate just can't win" especially with people like you around!
rua roto
rua roto:
Willian was lucky to found someone that gets well into the royals, accepted for many, and she is a quiet person, good for her position in the monarchy,...
Becky Burns
Becky Burns:
That Lilac dress is fabulous! I'm happy to see he wear it whenever she wants.
Tiddles A.
Tiddles A.:
There’s NOTHING inappropriate about our beautiful Kate.
Ririla Mrs. Orsini
Ririla Mrs. Orsini:
Oh my god. How shallow this video is. She looks gorgeous and beautiful in every outfit.
Shady Shadpus
Shady Shadpus:
Who cares what she wears ? Her personality always shines through. She's not a shallow clothes horse like SOME people.
Christine Smith
Christine Smith:
Kate can wear her dresses a million times each, as far as I’m concerned. Saves money and time. I’d love to see her banana dress again, as William refers to it. She is conservative. I like that. It would be a shame to relinquish clothing just because it’s been seen before. Kate is awesome. William and Catherine are good together. I adore them and the kids. They have the most beautiful children.
Donna Lehman
Donna Lehman:
I think it says a lot about who she is and what is important to her when she repeats outfits. She is saving the taxpayer money for one thing. Her work is more important to her than being on the cover of Vogue. I can't even believe there is a rule that she should never repeat an outfit. that is absurd.
Doug L
Doug L:
She is perfect to be Queen.
christine chandler
christine chandler:
Lots of women have favourite dresses that they love and feel comfortable wearing. I like the fact that Catherine is confident enough to be able to wear and be photographed in the same outfits, it says a lot about her. So many celebrities and wealthy women only wear a dress once and it is not seen again, then they start lecturing us about the environment and how we should be more aware of the planets resources.
Debb Curry
Debb Curry:
The timing could not be more inappropriate. Let us tear down Catherine.
The fact she re wears an outfit! Oh dear! I think we should appreciate that she does.
The Queen rewears outfits also.
Style reviews from the Kardashians.
And I've heard that The Queen reviews the dresses the ladies are wearing. You see them wearing similar tones to each other.
Ellejay Smith
Ellejay Smith:
If I had legs with knees like that I’d be wanting to show them off too.
Joly Winters
Joly Winters:
Kate is classy! She always looks perfect.
T. K
T. K:
She wore her dress once a year, And sometimes even two years in between. I applaud her for it! She is a beautiful women. The criticism she has to endure everyday is ridiculous.
Becky Bryant
Becky Bryant:
So wearing the same thing more than once is inappropriate?? Oh, dear Lord, I have been repeatedly inappropriate for years.
Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter:
she didn't forget a pedicure, she purposely did NOT wear nail polish WITH COLOUR out of respect
Bonnie Blackman
Bonnie Blackman:
One of the most ridiculous videos ever! Couldn’t make it all the way through all the snarky comments. The commentator sound like a jealous shrew.
Robert Cantin
Robert Cantin:
love her style, such a classy girl
Jessie Pereira
Jessie Pereira:
Proud that Kate is comfortable in wearing the same outfit again and again. Keep it up Kate. You are the future queen. Don't worry about the world's approval. You are really special. You are a woman of substance. You are queen material. Bless you. 👍
Sue VeeBee
Sue VeeBee:
I clicked on this video to stand up for Kate against all the “sweeteners”, turns out I didn’t need too haha - I love how so many women have agreed that Kate looks magnificent in all her clothes even her favs that she wears more than once. ❤️🇦🇺
Cristina .Filipe
Cristina .Filipe:
Really?? To me she's the most fashionable of the royals I love everything this girl puts on❤️
Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang
Christopher Teoh Jing Xiang:
Kate is a fashion icon and she can wear anything she desires while looking effortlessly stunning. The future Queen of England, the one and only Queen Catherine no doubt!!
Imshi Mo
Imshi Mo:
The epitome of everything I’m proud of as an English woman x God bless you beautiful Kate ❤️
Linda Stapleton
Linda Stapleton:
Kate is a Beautiful Lady, and is always poised and very elegant! She knows how to conduct herself as a Royal at all times!
Carrie's Comments
Carrie's Comments:
Kate looks fantastic in whatever she wears! She carries off the clothing so well because she is tall, slim and elegant. She would look amazing in a tailored bin bag (trash can liner).
Pauline Woodhouse
Pauline Woodhouse:
The roller blade outfit was when they were having a time out, so she can wear what she likes!!
Diana Ash
Diana Ash:
She looks stunning in jeans and wellies!!
Rhonda Fortson
Rhonda Fortson:
The lilac dress is spectacular. Can't blame her for wearing it many times!! She always looks wonderful.
Britt N
Britt N:
K, no one has EVER made skinny jeans look that damn professional! Still so feminine and so professional! As far as I’m concerned none of these were fashion wrongs. The “crazy” ones were prior to her being a royal.
Deb Y
Deb Y:
With my comfortable tee shirts, jeans and tennis shoes, I'd never survive with a Royal dress code, and I'm certain many women agree. Comfortable clothing is so much better and expresses your individual style and personality. I always saw the Duchess as a woman with her own spin on style, not someone required to dress a certain way.
Antivenom Adams
Antivenom Adams:
I think it’s terrific that she wears outfits more than once. She ALWAYS looks appropriate to the majority of us “commoners.”
Jill Arthur
Jill Arthur:
I like the fact she wears clothes more than once. It makes her relatable.
Mina Riaz
Mina Riaz:
She can wear the same dress a million times and still nail it
Jenny Latimer
Jenny Latimer:
A woman of substance in all things, from encouraging others, her compassion, adoration, and pride in her work have touched me deeply. A woman of sophistication and class, a tribute to the Monarchy from this American.
Mar Tha
Mar Tha:
Love her skinny jeans and she didn’t try to upstage the Queen. I highly doubt the Queen minded her wearing red. She looked so pretty. Wear what you want Kate.
Shanti Singh
Shanti Singh:
Kate keeps it real and simple and that’s what makes her awesome and beautiful....everything about her is natural and people can relate to her the same as they did for Diana
Angela Feldman
Angela Feldman:
I love her style! In every way! She gives off the vibe of warmth and sensibility!!here's to her wisdom which comes from her intelligence! And a great fashion sense!
New age Fashion
New age Fashion:
I love Kate. She is stylish and a beautiful mother and wife to the future king. No shade necessary! Leave them alone.
Baca World
Baca World:
She is a lovely lovely woman and I love the way she dresses, and I LOVE the fact that she wears the same dresses often!
yellow lemons
yellow lemons:
Kate is so beautiful she’s absolutely gorgeous
Lynne M
Lynne M:
Good for her. She tries to save the tax payers money. She looks amazing in everything she wears.
Syble Solesbee
Syble Solesbee:
What is wrong with someone wearing clothes more than once. I wear my many times. This is disgusting and you should be ashamed. I'm proud of her.
Thun 1290
Thun 1290:
That lilac dress is so elegant, no wonder Kate likes wearing it.
Peter Visser
Peter Visser:
Seriously? You people have nothing else to do? Your a bunch of sad puppies. Leave her alone.
She always looks beautiful and appropriate IMHO
I very much respect her for wearing clothing more than once. She ALWAYS dresses impeccably.
Sharon Fain
Sharon Fain:
Duchess of Cambridge is beautiful with what ever she wears she’s gorgeous. I love ❤️ her clothes
B Real
B Real:
I love that she wears the dress more than once. All of us do it, and also its a BEAUTIFUL dress. You can tell she really likes it, why shouldn't she?
Karen Bouchard
Karen Bouchard:
She looks gorgeous with everything she wears!! Perfection!!
Classic Historian
Classic Historian:
She is beautiful and graceful ♥️
Monique Lehnhardt
Monique Lehnhardt:
I love the fact she wears her clothes more than once. She is a real person and shows that with her clothing.
Hilary Easton
Hilary Easton:
She looks absolutely amazing in that lilac dress - I think most people respect her for wearing it several items
Night Reader
Night Reader:
She looks great in all of these outfits.
Helen Peirce
Helen Peirce:
Good Luck to the Duchess of Cambridge wearing the same outfit several times..
We all have garments we favour ,why shouldn't she?
Kate would look stunning in a wheat bag ...
Personally l feel she never puts a foot wrong ...and her normality makes her very popular with every day people
Balmain Boy
Balmain Boy:
It’s GREAT that she’s wearing clothes more than once
Sabina Lennon
Sabina Lennon:
Kate is drop dead gorgeous inside and out. She's humble and noble as well. You brits are lucky that she will be your queen
hunny bunny
hunny bunny:
I love her style - it’s so timeless.
Marie Baker
Marie Baker:
Why shouldn’t she wear clothing several times ffs. The fact that she does makes me like her even more and the fact that she doesn’t always buy expensive
Marie Victor
Marie Victor:
She is a real lady! Love Kate!
Anne Ramsey
Anne Ramsey:
Wearing something more than once. That’s inappropriate. God almighty.
H Rose
H Rose:
Give me a break. I sure do wish I could look that great everyday!
Joyce Neville
Joyce Neville:
So what if she wears the same dress multiple times, in that case she’s like billions of women the world around. The idea that a celebrity can only wear an outfit once is ridiculous and wasteful. It sets an unreasonable standard for everyone. As far as the no slacks or wedged shoes rule? That’s silly and outdated in the extreme!
Linda J Morris
Linda J Morris:
Everyone should be so happy that Catherine spends her money on clothing that is reusable, it makes her even more special. Its called recycling. And the Royals love to save the earth.
Every outfit in this video is amazing and I don’t care about the royal dress code she can wear what she wants and I can’t wait until she’s the queen
She wears the same outfits multiple times... So she actually does what Meghan preaches about? Interesting.
Lyn Kerr
Lyn Kerr:
For Heavens sake! She always looks beautiful in whatever she wears, and if she wears something several times GOOD ON HER!
She’s fabulous and knows how to dress well!
jesse paul
jesse paul:
i love kate god bless you and your family
Sharon Mohon
Sharon Mohon:
Give me a break...she is stunning.
Gail Smith
Gail Smith:
It’s wonderful that she wears dresses more than once. The French do it all the time.
Bonnie Howell
Bonnie Howell:
Katherine's most iconic dress was on her wedding day Between that perfectly tailored gown, vail, and tiara she looked absolutely stunning!
Signe 994
Signe 994:
It's disgusting how the media and others describe her as nothing more but someone who /needs/ to be nice to look at. What about the people she met with? Their stories surely have more importance than an outfit. What about her husband? Why doesn't he come under the same scrutiny? So much attention is placed on the women of the royal family to be impecable, from the way they move, talk and dress it must be exhausting. It's defeneatly exhausting, tragically predictable and absoloutely disapointing to listen to, and hear over and over again from different media outlets.
Pooks MaGoo
Pooks MaGoo:
I love that she rewears clothes! This is a fashion plus! I can’t believe this video puts it as a flaw ! All people should rewear clothes.
Happy Commuter
Happy Commuter:
The duchess is always classy and stylish, while still appearing modern and fun. The "slip-ups" documented in this video are IMO pretty minor.
Mama Marianovits
Mama Marianovits:
"Unspoken rule of fashion", not to wear the same dress more than once.?! Ya, you ought to have left it as unspoken.
There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being frugal... ever... and regardless of ones royal status. We really need to get over our collective shallow selves...🙄
What’s inappropriate about wearing the same clothes couple of times
Chantal’s Pants, Tonetta’s stolen ones not FB
Chantal’s Pants, Tonetta’s stolen ones not FB:
The queen has reworn outfits as well. Being financially responsible is a fashion faux pas?
Nina Adams
Nina Adams:
Impeccable style, beautiful woman beautiful strength of character, confident and always gorgeous. Wouldn't even view the video. She is always immaculately presented. Undeniable each and every time.
Valerie Blaine
Valerie Blaine:
Wow, such pettiness! There is so much more to life than cutting down a beautiful woman who happens to carry herself with class. She is polar opposite of the fake want-a-be megan. Miss Kate will make an elegant queen with her wonderful handsome soon to be king...William.
Aivlis soirreb
Aivlis soirreb:
Beautiful Kate......always SO elegant....
Chrissy R
Chrissy R:
I absolutely love this about her and love her outfit Choices ❤️
Omg get ur heads at the right place! She looks ravishing in everything she wears..
SFGal9 2011
SFGal9 2011:
You have to admire her. She keeps on keeping on, and with a smile on her face. I would not do well at all with so many rules and restrictions, many of which seems so petty/inconsequential. It's a wonder how anyone survives under such microscopic scrutiny. Seriously, brava, Duchess!
Jakyung Rhee
Jakyung Rhee:
I can wear the same dress again and again when I love the dress and it looks so good. And the princess can do the same as much as she wants. Why should we waste many dresses just after wearing 1 time only ?
Lineth Gonzalez
Lineth Gonzalez:
Even Diana wore the same dress multiple times, that shows they don't waste money just because and they accessorize them in different ways
Doug L
Doug L:
She is flawless and classy.m
Moe Flanagan
Moe Flanagan:
They're dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. The public gets angry if they don't recycle. If the media wants her to wear different clothes then the media should be buying them. Look at Anne she's re-worn the same clothes for decades.
Leah Anderson
Leah Anderson:
That red outfit is stunning!!!
I think she always looks fabulous. Nothing wrong with re-wearing a favourite outfit! I love Kate!
Really interesting since I always considered her the most beautiful and elegant member amongst all the European royalties.Nothing wrong with repeating some clothes,specially if you do so with such a good taste,I bet that so many people out there can relate what does it feel like…