The Most Inappropriate Outfits Kate Middleton Has Worn

Considering she gets photographed every time she goes outside, it makes sense that Kate Middleton is caught in a dress code slip-up every once in a while. From wearing the same dress more than once to rocking short shorts for charity, here are some of the inappropriate outfits Kate Middleton has worn.

Almost every princess has an iconic dress — and Kate Middleton has her lilac. There's nothing inappropriate about the dress itself with its demure hemline, flattering gathered fabric, and romantic hue. However, the fact that Middleton has worn it at several public events does break an unspoken rule of fashion for both royals and celebrities. According to Elle, the duchess first wore her lilac dress at an event in California in 2011, and then again at the UK's Creative Industries Reception in 2012. She even wore the same dress in a chic beige color during her trip to Australia in 2014. Has Middleton's obsession with the dress had an effect on its sales?

Watch the video for more of The Most Inappropriate Outfits Kate Middleton Has Worn!

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This lilac dress | 0:00
Repping the wrong country | 1:02
Showing her knees | 2:01
A little too floaty | 2:53
See-through for charity | 3:48
Forgetting a pedicure | 4:31
Stealing the show | 5:19
Rocking skinny jeans | 6:07
Seriously short shorts | 7:06
Unapproved shoes | 8:07
The unusual trousers | 8:56
A dramatic wedding dress | 9:54
Dressing too "dreary" | 11:02

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Rose Anabelle
Rose Anabelle:
Being rich doesn't mean they need to throw the clothes after wearing once🤦
Tiddles A.
Tiddles A.:
There’s NOTHING inappropriate about our beautiful Kate.
She’s setting an example that you are allowed to wear a dress more than once.
Sue VeeBee
Sue VeeBee:
I clicked on this video to stand up for Kate against all the “sweeteners”, turns out I didn’t need too haha - I love how so many women have agreed that Kate looks magnificent in all her clothes even her favs that she wears more than once. ❤️🇦🇺
Nita Lopes
Nita Lopes:
Let's face it she can wear the same dress everyday AND STILL LOOK AMAZING 👏
Melanie Lester
Melanie Lester:
I think it is marvellous that Kate is comfortable wearing the same dress more than once, it makes her more relatable. Full credit to her !
Kate FX
Kate FX:
I agree, wearing beautiful, flattering dresses more than once makes sense in a world where waste is killing us.
Donna Lehman
Donna Lehman:
I think it says a lot about who she is and what is important to her when she repeats outfits. She is saving the taxpayer money for one thing. Her work is more important to her than being on the cover of Vogue. I can't even believe there is a rule that she should never repeat an outfit. that is absurd.
Shady Shadpus
Shady Shadpus:
Who cares what she wears ? Her personality always shines through. She's not a shallow clothes horse like SOME people.
Melinda Mánfai
Melinda Mánfai:
This is silly material. I LOVE her wearing the same dress more times - It is making her even a greater icon! She has always been a healthy, natural woman. Nothing looks bad on her, no mistakes here!!!
THEE Luanne
THEE Luanne:
The Royals and the media need to realize it’s 2021 not 1721
Isabelle Nicaud
Isabelle Nicaud:
I love that she wears the same dress multiple times. It makes her even more elegant if it was possible.
Roses_areRed Violents_areBlue
Roses_areRed Violents_areBlue:
She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t🙄. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE her fashion style. The women can wear a potato sack, and would still somehow find a way to rock that🤣
Katherine Song
Katherine Song:
She’s more relatable by wearing the same outfit more than once. She’s amazing
Dorit Bergen
Dorit Bergen:
Nonsense, in these days of environmental awareness, re-wearing outfits is the height of social responsibility!
Donna Engel
Donna Engel:
This is ridiculous. Kate Middleton dresses to perfection. I, for one, appreciate the fact that she has her favorites and recycles and rewears pieces in her wardrobe.
Bonnie Howell
Bonnie Howell:
Katherine's most iconic dress was on her wedding day Between that perfectly tailored gown, vail, and tiara she looked absolutely stunning!
rua roto
rua roto:
Willian was lucky to found someone that gets well into the royals, accepted for many, and she is a quiet person, good for her position in the monarchy,...
Hilary Easton
Hilary Easton:
She looks absolutely amazing in that lilac dress - I think most people respect her for wearing it several items
Kara Pratt
Kara Pratt:
This is ridiculous! Wearing the same outfit more than once is one of the things I love about her style.
Ooooh. She wore the same dress more than once. Just know...REAL people do. Kate is flawless and beautiful. Period.
Pooks MaGoo
Pooks MaGoo:
I love that she rewears clothes! This is a fashion plus! I can’t believe this video puts it as a flaw ! All people should rewear clothes.
metide 2022
metide 2022:
Kate Middleton is amazing, and I can't believe anyone would find fault with anything she wears. She could wear a paper sack and look amazing. Trying to find errors in Kate Middletons attire is absurd. She makes the royal family likeable!
Video: "Kates most inappropriate dresses"
Also the video at dress no. 1: "This dress is not inappropriate at all"
Wendy Travis
Wendy Travis:
I for one am glad she’s normal enough to wear clothing more than once.
Oga Thingo
Oga Thingo:
One needs courage to go against what fashion dictates! Wearing beautiful dresses many times is not only good for environment but also makes average people , who are used to recycle dresses many times feel 👍
ruth fuller
ruth fuller:
i think its brilliant that she wears these outfits more than once. if she wore only new ones shes would be branded wasting money. i think she always looks lovely.
Happy Commuter
Happy Commuter:
The duchess is always classy and stylish, while still appearing modern and fun. The "slip-ups" documented in this video are IMO pretty minor.
Gonna be a Yogi
Gonna be a Yogi:
The epitome of everything I’m proud of as an English woman x God bless you beautiful Kate ❤️
Maggie Ahrens
Maggie Ahrens:
So she doesn't believe in wasting money. Looks like her parents taught her well. She is a beautiful young lady. Fits well into the Royal family.
Robert Cantin
Robert Cantin:
love her style, such a classy girl
Lyn Kerr
Lyn Kerr:
For Heavens sake! She always looks beautiful in whatever she wears, and if she wears something several times GOOD ON HER!
Nancy Mac
Nancy Mac:
Kate is such a beautiful, classy woman and I applaud her wearing a dress or outfit more than once. I look forward to the day when she gets to decide what's "appropriate" ; I hope she makes slacks/trousers a normal part of her wardrobe.
Shanti Singh
Shanti Singh:
Kate keeps it real and simple and that’s what makes her awesome and beautiful....everything about her is natural and people can relate to her the same as they did for Diana
Kathleen Henson
Kathleen Henson:
Everything she wears is beautiful. She’s never inappropriate so leave her alone.
Doug L
Doug L:
She is perfect to be Queen.
Love the fact that she always looks beautiful, appropriate, and perfectly groomed.
arlene MacPhie
arlene MacPhie:
Personally, I feel she'll make an amazing Queen, when the time comes, whatever she wears.
J gibbons
J gibbons:
Kudos to Kate for wearing a dress more than once
Lola Blake
Lola Blake:
I love how she re-wears her outfits and some of her outfits are high street not designer which I’m also a fan of.
The most inappropriate thing here is misrepresentation The RF regularly wear their clothes over and over and over. A fun example, Princess Anne wore the same outfit to two different weddings that happened to be 27years apart. Katherine is not doing anything unusual or unacceptable.
Angela King
Angela King:
Good on her for wearing the same dress twice! Shows she's down to earth. She can wear her favourite dress on every occasion if she deems it appropriate!
Luche Cuyos
Luche Cuyos:
There's nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit mamy times. 🙄 It's hard to be observing too many rules.
Eileen Maschal
Eileen Maschal:
Princess Anne has worn outfits that are decades old, she recycles her entire wardrobe…and the amazing thing is…they still fit her to perfection. It’s not a bad thing…it’s commendable!
Keryn Rivett
Keryn Rivett:
Ridiculous! Kate is always impeccable. And, as for “recycling” - good on her!
annk 101
annk 101:
People need to get over this obsession with who wore what, by whom and to where.... it's hardly of earth-shattering importance, good for her I say as long as she is doing her job well. This duchess is being environmentally friendly and not flaunting excess of either wealth or privilege... more people should follow her example! PS: I think it's impolite and somewhat disrespectful to keep on referring to her as 'Middleton' or 'Kate Middleton', I´m no 'royalist' but I do believe in having the good manners to address people by their correct title/style, that's my view anyway.
Carrie's Comments
Carrie's Comments:
Kate looks fantastic in whatever she wears! She carries off the clothing so well because she is tall, slim and elegant. She would look amazing in a tailored bin bag (trash can liner).
Sarah Zell
Sarah Zell:
I love that she repeats her outfits. It makes her NORMAL! Also, it’s a compliment to the designer.
Nancy Larsen
Nancy Larsen:
I love that she wears something more than once. It’s economical and good sense
LizzieB Kennedy
LizzieB Kennedy:
This would be an appalling and unjustified scourge on the beautifully dressed and elegant Duchess of Cambridge, but many people say this and much worse about Meghan every day. Hypocrisy is not compelling. It's pathetic.
Laura The Explora
Laura The Explora:
The fact that she FITS in all those dresses after her beautiful children were born...jealous! 💖 I know she can’t win… If she spends money on dresses everybody’s in an uproar over her spending money, and then if she wears the same dress being frugal there is an uproar that she can’t win either way...
Jo-Ann Maruszak
Jo-Ann Maruszak:
I admire her confidence in wearing a dress more than once. Good for her.
julie Jr
julie Jr:
Kate knows how to dress and the fact she wears some of her clothes more than once shows she is conscious of land matter what she wears Kate looks beautiful. ♥ 🇬🇧
Atonement 72
Atonement 72:
I think it’s wonderful that she wears her dresses more than once, it shows she has respect for money! Unlike other people who spend money on themselves like drunken sailors. Princess Catherine is all class.
She’s fabulous and knows how to dress well!
Sniper PD
Sniper PD:
"She even wore the same dress..." Is that now a sin against fashion!
I wish more well known people would wear their garments many times. Sustainable fashion should firstly be about re wearing the clothes we already have before buying new ones. You should not discourage people from this by making snide comments.
hmmm. it's interesting how people always criticize women's outfit and fashion, while they hardly even notice what the men are wearing.
Lucy Roberts
Lucy Roberts:
This is rubbish love that she’s thrifty with clothes amazing in anything she wears 😍
Lilith Brantley
Lilith Brantley:
I think it's great she wears outfits multiple times. What's with the shaming!?! I would think people would appreciate her being practical.
Penny Poupart
Penny Poupart:
I say if she wants to wear a dress a hundred times let her. Leave her alone.
Gotothe Light
Gotothe Light:
She’s stunning in everything she wears!
Priscilla Reichle
Priscilla Reichle:
Good for her wearing a beautiful dress more than once! That is a wise choice for the environment.
Celia Coles
Celia Coles:
I think it’s excellent that Kate recycles her clothing- especially in these times.
Omg get ur heads at the right place! She looks ravishing in everything she wears..
Lisa Freebairn
Lisa Freebairn:
We all love her more because she wears things more than once. It makes her more relatable and down to earth. Sounds pretty mean spirited to cut her down for that.
Patricia Cobos
Patricia Cobos:
She's perfection there isn't any dress that she's wore that she hasn't mastered with beauty.
Candace Winslow
Candace Winslow:
Congrats for finding anything to say negatively about her cloths. I think she does an awesome job of finding balance with older dressing traditions and todays modern style of cloths
The Duchess looks flawless in everything she wears and is a practical human that wears her outfits more than once, with wedges! Same here lol ❤️
Rhonda Fortson
Rhonda Fortson:
The lilac dress is spectacular. Can't blame her for wearing it many times!! She always looks wonderful.
Pam Scott-Fahnestock
Pam Scott-Fahnestock:
I love that she has worn the same dress several times.
Umit H
Umit H:
Outfit repeating is good and it is enviromentally aware !!! This sort of "cant wear it twice" culture must end!!
Wearing the same dress more than once? THE HORROR.
Maryann Kearns
Maryann Kearns:
Are you kidding…seriously….this woman’s style of dress 👗 is perfection, she always looks drop dead gorgeous, and has a figure to die for the epitome of style and grace.
L. H.
L. H.:
"Poor Kate just can't win" especially with people like you around!
anna Nardo
anna Nardo:
There's NOTHING wrong w/ wearing a dress more than one. Dresses are made to be warn more than once. Fashion houses hop hop at that idea because they want to sell more clothes. I appreciate also the fact that she's worn dresses more than once. Some people only have one or two dresses to their name. The fashion industry is shameless, they lose out when Kate doesn't buy every damn dress in their collection. I'm not for their way of thinking.
S Hendricks
S Hendricks:
I know, I know.... It's so hard having to look at a woman whose got it all from Artistic... to Mesmerizing... to absolutely one in a Zillion... And you could be right... That lilac dress just couldn't do Kate justice, I suppose, but her shoes ARE hard to fill, so I'm happy for her and love the dress - she should be world's most beautiful woman 💖
Laureen Yohn
Laureen Yohn:
I appreciate the fact that she wears things more than once!
Jane kitenye
Jane kitenye:
The fact that she can fit in those dresses years part 💪💪let's go girl .
It’s a lovely dress, no reason why she couldn’t wear it whenever she likes.
lorraine bishop
lorraine bishop:
She can wear what she wants and it's brilliant that she wears clothes several times. They are class clothes and not for the rag bag or charity shops
Lacey 1609
Lacey 1609:
I think it's amazing that Kate re-wears most of her outfits. It just goes to show she's NORMAL. She also has a shit ton of style, beauty and class that a lot of people who wear outfits only once, don't have. The lady can wear whatever the hell she wants to and as many times as she wants to. Also why are people so bloody worried about her feet? And that German newspaper???? Should be ashamed of themselves. Kate's got to have a spine of steel to deal with these losers with nothing better to do with their lives then pick her apart for living.
Moaning Minnie
Moaning Minnie:
It’s great she wears them more than once, she always looks great
William Stringer
William Stringer:
Catherine looks lovely in all the outfits. She has a wonderful figure and bearing, particularly after having three children. She is a credit to herself and Prince William as well as to the British people.
The Jaxter
The Jaxter:
Kate is always beautifully dressed. We all wear our favourite pieces more than once. It is possible that some of Kate's outfits are loaned by fashion houses so she may only get to wear them once. The Queen may well have known what Kate was planning to wear (the red dress) as the Queen's Lady in Waiting always ensures that no one else wears the same colour as the Queen.
Amica And Lies
Amica And Lies:
This is the very reason people love Kate! I’m Irish and I admire Kate and William. She’s brought a wonderful air of normalcy to the royals. She’s a passionate environmental advocate. She talks the talk and walks the walk as much as any royal can. Well done Kate!
yellow lemons
yellow lemons:
Kate is so beautiful she’s absolutely gorgeous
Virginia Womack
Virginia Womack:
Jealous Much!? Catherine always looks like perfection and that’s more than some of you can endure!
Britt N
Britt N:
K, no one has EVER made skinny jeans look that damn professional! Still so feminine and so professional! As far as I’m concerned none of these were fashion wrongs. The “crazy” ones were prior to her being a royal.
Sara Sullivan
Sara Sullivan:
I love that Kate is a real person!!❤️
Catherine looks absolutely amazing in everything she wears!
Heba Madi
Heba Madi:
She is always impeccable ❤️
susan joynes
susan joynes:
Kate is so beautiful and everything she wears looks good on her and knowing she wears them more than once makes me proud of bet
Antivenom Adams
Antivenom Adams:
I think it’s terrific that she wears outfits more than once. She ALWAYS looks appropriate to the majority of us “commoners.”
Old Yeller's Channel
Old Yeller's Channel:
Catherine wore the "revealing" bathing suit cover up for a FASHION SHOW in COLLEGE!!!!
Get over it!!!
Patricia Young
Patricia Young:
Good for Catherine! It would make no difference if she wore the same dress ten times. Catherine could wear a burlap bag and still beautiful. She occasionally will wear a dress she wore before but it has been altered to look different. No matter how many times she would wear the “gold” dress she and the dress would look stunning.
Pat Tallant
Pat Tallant:
She’s beautiful no matter what she wears or how often! Good for her!
Leta Branch
Leta Branch:
I think we should all wish to look that good in that outfit every time we wear it….
Mama Marianovits
Mama Marianovits:
"Unspoken rule of fashion", not to wear the same dress more than once.?! Ya, you ought to have left it as unspoken.
There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being frugal... ever... and regardless of ones royal status. We really need to get over our collective shallow selves...🙄
Kathryn Gehrke
Kathryn Gehrke:
The title is misleading, everything she wears is very appropriate and beautiful. Wear the same thing several times and rock it !!!😀😊