The Netherlands - LIVE - Duncan Laurence - Arcade - Grand Final - Eurovision 2019

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Duncan Laurence represented The Netherlands at the Grand Final of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Arcade. Read more about Duncan Laurence here:

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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest:
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Lorenzo Tucano
Lorenzo Tucano:
He will be the longest reigning winner of Eurovision ever.
Μαρία Δασοπάτη
Μαρία Δασοπάτη:
wow im happy that I've known that song before it became viral on Draco tik tok
Mia Sophie
Mia Sophie:
Like if you’re not from draco tik tok
Nefise Sh
Nefise Sh:
No sexualising/objectifying content, no exaggerated design, choreography and dancers to receive attention, no ideologies involved in the song to receive attention, no exaggerated costumes. PURE TALENT!
People here be like:
-in bed
-not on full screen
-reading comments
to everyone who’s here from tiktok: congrats on finding this song, enjoy listening to it but plz don’t ruin Eurovision for us ok 😀
Cutie Liza
Cutie Liza:
im so proud i know this song from eurovision, not from tik tok
Paulo Dybala
Paulo Dybala:
It's official fellas. Tik tok is destroying every good song
Rowen Games & Vlogs
Rowen Games & Vlogs:
I just realized...

*This legend was born in my home town*
Mark Diest, van
Mark Diest, van:
Netherlands: *finaly wins eurovision and next eurovision will be held in Netherlands
Corona Virus: 'I'm about to end this country's career.'
kasek lkkk
kasek lkkk:
The most beautiful song in eurovision history
Harun Ramic
Harun Ramic:
Only people that didn't come from Draco Tik Tok can like this
Lance Wilson
Lance Wilson:
who listens in 2021?
Kian Daly
Kian Daly:
Finally a singer that deserved to win won rather than a flashy song with a big dance routine
spassie nikolova
spassie nikolova:
only people who know the song from eurovision and not from harry potter tiktoks are worthy to like
davie singh
davie singh:
There was moment where the lights made it looked like he had wings while he was singing the chorus of the song that was heavenly
• Sammy
• Sammy:
Some countries “sing” with more lights and performance than good singing, this proves that singing from your heart is also a thing...
Katya Fane
Katya Fane:
Только сейчас узнала ,что это песня победитель евровиденья 2019 и понимаю ,что заслуженно
Rico oric
Rico oric:
Because of the cancelation he is the only artist to be the winner for 2 years.
No Princess
No Princess:
Сначала ненавидела этот трек ибо болела за Лазарева и не понимала как он победил. После послушала еще пару раз и влюбилась в эту песню. Лучшее что когда-либо слушала ! Самая достойная победа из всех Евро
Jac 098123
Jac 098123:
This hits different. His voice is so unique. The ooooh part makes me sad cry but also be happy
E l y a D i n o a
E l y a D i n o a:
All I know
All I know
Loving you is a losing game
Game Over
IliarIs Here
IliarIs Here:
I’m sooo happy that I heard this song when it came out rather than on tiktok
nurai ni
nurai ni:
я не знаю почему, но всегда плачу когда слышу эту песню💔
Martyna Majka
Martyna Majka:
Kto po występie w JESC?
Royale Coco
Royale Coco:
This is my favourite song out of all Eurovision songs!
Words cannot describe how good this song is !!
Iris Vong
Iris Vong:
До сих пор слушаю и плачу. Но она дарит такое спокойствие в конце
lucy camarloo
lucy camarloo:
This was the best winner of all time I swear I get goosebumps everytime I listen to it
Мадам Марина
Мадам Марина:
Крутая песня со всех времен Евровидения, я только недавно узнала, что эта песня с Евровидения, благодаря тик току
Очень приятный тембр голоса, приятная нежная и душевная песня, голос из певца льётся бесконечным приятным потоком... без напряга и надрывов... уши и душа отдыхают, слушая его. По-моему достойный голос и прекрасный певец
Flo _ra
Flo _ra:
who after junior eurovision 2020 viki and roxie nailed it 😻
Alvin. HP
Alvin. HP:
Hi! Who is here after a fantastic performance at Eurovision Junior Song Contest 2020 ?
Amina Ermagambetova
Amina Ermagambetova:
Мурашки по коже от песни, заслуженная победа👏👏👏👏
My biggest flex is that i was here watching this live wayy before dracotok even was a thing✨
kon kon
kon kon:
Tiktok: let's make "arcade" viral
Eurovision fans: 2:30
Margaret Rose Laurence
Margaret Rose Laurence:
Can't wait for his performance in Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam
Светлана В.
Светлана В.:
Роскошный номер, изумительный певец, талантливая красивая песня, незабываемые эмоции и любовь с первых нот!!!!
Super!!! 😍😍😍😍
Rosie Ire
Rosie Ire:
So beautiful song and omg that voice and his eyes 😍😭
Игроканал Варио
Игроканал Варио:
When you listen to this song, you understand that it did not come to participate, it has already won.
Sabina Habibi
Sabina Habibi:
“Loving you is a losing game” this hits me everytime😢😭😭😭😭
Маша Ткаченко
Маша Ткаченко:
2021 год а ещё до сих пор слушаю
Jasper d.V
Jasper d.V:
The Netherlands haven't won a esc in 44 years, and now we hold the trophy 2 years in a row
Ann Petcap
Ann Petcap:
The world was good at this sad...
Heylin's World
Heylin's World:
don't mind me. Just revisiting the perfect song.
A.M. B.
A.M. B.:
2:35 looks like he has wings
Nikki_ Jabby
Nikki_ Jabby:
От этой песни мурашки. Это божественно. И сразу видно, что без фонограммы! Поклон певцу!
The Netherlands last won in 1975

Duncan: hold my cheese
Rasul Kubezov
Rasul Kubezov:
2020 год 12 ноябрь,ну почему я только сейчас услышал эту песню,аж мурашки пробегают по спинам,круто👍
I came across this song on YouTube a few months ago and didn’t even know it was from ESC, neat
Nuria Fuentes
Nuria Fuentes:
This song makes me cry everytime...its SO BEAUTIFUL I CANTTTT
Joëlle ter Horst
Joëlle ter Horst:
Ik kom uit Nederland , wauw niet te geloven dat Duncan heeft gewonnen!
Eurovision 2020: canceled....

Me: A broken heart is all that's left.....
I'm so happy now. Cause I've heard that song a year before it became popular on Tik Tok 🥺💔
Firdavs Fazliddinov
Firdavs Fazliddinov:
Мама мия, я не знаю почему, но я с тех пор, как он победил, я не могу перестать слушать эту песня. Столько слушаю и не надоест.
:D :)
:D :):
this song really deserved to win, it is a beautiful masterpiece
OMG. This is so beautiful. In my opinion the best eurovision song ever.
1st time listening: Why did this win??
2nd time: not bad
Ami Diaraby
Ami Diaraby:
Every time I listen to this song, I think about Attack on titan season 4😭
Freya TC
Freya TC:
I’m actually crying right now of how good this is
Maja Nätt
Maja Nätt:
Okay, okay, okay this song made me SICK! this is the best song i ever...idk.
2:29 sends chills everytime
Teacher: Where is your homework???

'Lost a couple of pieces when'
'I carried it carried it carried it home'
Gaiane 129
Gaiane 129:
Мне всегда нравилась эта песня я не думала что это будет трендом в ТТ 🥺😭💔
x y
x y:
The song... The performance... It's a masterpiece!!
Daniel Luna
Daniel Luna:
everyone talking about Draco tik tok but i've seen like 50 tik toks with Anakin, cuts way more deep
Shinjan Bhatta
Shinjan Bhatta:
This song is something different. Duncan is not a human being he is an alien from a parallel universe cuz this song is out of this universe
Vaqif Aliyev
Vaqif Aliyev:
Duncan is the longest winner in eurovision history.Arcade is amazing
ESC Milo
ESC Milo:
Who after info about Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020?
Slava Marlow
Slava Marlow:
Is he from another planet🤔? A very beautiful voice🤤
Fran • Hace 1 año
Fran • Hace 1 año:
2:31 EPIC
Айтач Алиева
Айтач Алиева:
A broken heart is all that's left
I'm still fixing all the cracks
Lost a couple of pieces when
I carried it, carried it, carried it home
I'm afraid of all I am
My mind feels like a foreign land
Silence ringing inside my head
Please, carry me, carry me, carry me home
I spent all of the love I've saved
We were always a losing game
Small-town boy in a big arcade
I got addicted to a losing game
Ooh, ooh
All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game
How many pennies in the slot
Giving us up, didn't take a lot
I saw the end before it begun
Still I carried, I carried, I carried on
Ooh, ooh
All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game
Ooh, ooh
All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game
I don't need your games, game over
Get me off this roller-coaster
Ooh, ooh
All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game
Ooh, ooh
All I know, all I know
Loving you is a losing game
Freya Schenberg
Freya Schenberg:
Still remember hearing this as soon as it released for Eurovision, and I immediately told myself that it was a winner song. I still chuckle at how early I predicted it.
Gjec K
Gjec K:
Probably the most beautiful song in ESC History.
This song is Heaven.
Zauresh Sadirbekova
Zauresh Sadirbekova:
Akerke Kuralbaeva
Akerke Kuralbaeva:
This is the most soulful song I've ever heard. Love this song ♡ Who is from November 2020? ♡
Σταματης Σερεπας
Σταματης Σερεπας:
This song is the best everrer
Анастасия Богданова
Анастасия Богданова:
It is amazing. I listen to this song all the time
Hrisa 06
Hrisa 06:
Honestly I'm so mad that people came here from tiktok
Chris Louie
Chris Louie:
A year ago and still obsessed with this song and performance....
2:29 Probably the best shot in Eurovision history
Melissa Dutchie
Melissa Dutchie:
Every fuckin day I'm still grateful for this masterpiece and his win. Thank you Duncan, thank you Europe.
Sasha Belkina
Sasha Belkina:
This song as a separate art form😍🔥
clarissa YEET
clarissa YEET:
I just realized that the netherlands is the only country with the same winner 2 years in a row
We all love Duncan, right? 😍👏🏻
Alexias B.
Alexias B.:
I immediately had a good feeling that he will come a long way 🙂
And now I'm really happy that he won! Best winner for ESC 2019!!!
Really love your song Duncan ❤️
Greetings from Germany 🙂
this song just makes me cry no matter how many times i hear it
Katya Kozlova
Katya Kozlova:
2:47 never fails to give me chills
This is my favorite eurovsion song ever, and omg it looked like he had wings of light
shanika grrr
shanika grrr:
one of my fav song before it went viral on tik tok.
Margaret Rose Laurence
Margaret Rose Laurence:
Sad for The Netherlands that they were waiting 44 years for winning Eurovision and when they finally did with this wonderful artist and song, that terrible virus fucks up the whole organization of the contest in Rotterdam :(
Philipp Behnemann
Philipp Behnemann:
I saw this video before it became viral on TikTok
Natalia Zasada
Natalia Zasada:
Who is after Junior Eurovision?😛✔️
Crazygamer 199
Crazygamer 199:
When he throws his hands back and he gets doused in that brilliant light, it must be one of the strongest moments ever.
Şerife ÖZCAN
Şerife ÖZCAN:
Can't stop listening, its so beautiful ❤️
Well deserved winner
Love from Turkey 🇹🇷
Menelaos Vogiatzis
Menelaos Vogiatzis:
Proud to know this song before it became viral from tik tok 🙃😁
julia roque
julia roque:
this is by far one of the most beautiful songs ive ever heard in my life.
mean while in my hearth*
Maria Sørensen
Maria Sørensen:
Like is none gonna talk about How calm his voice is-
22. Hafizh Wahyu Kusuma
22. Hafizh Wahyu Kusuma:
One of the most deserved winner in ESC history.