Hogwarts Legacy Playstation 5 Game Trailer Reaction. In this video we take a look at the all new harry potter video game called Hogwarts Legacy, which looks AMAZING!

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Video Uploaded By HollowPoiint

100+ komentarze:

LETS GOOOOO !! haha cant wait
Adriana Torres
Adriana Torres:
I love Harry Potter i Will never grow tired of seing the movies and i would love the game
Salami Slices
Salami Slices:
This is the game I didn't know I wanted...
Randombling246 Gaming
Randombling246 Gaming:
From what I’ve gathered about this game, you’ll be able to create a character roam the open world after you leave hogwarts and you can be either a good or evil wizard. all in all I definitely can’t wait for this game to be released
Hdhfhf Bigga
Hdhfhf Bigga:
Believe it or not two years ago I was about to end my life. I saw the leaked footage of this very game and that gave me enough hope to get through my hardships. I haven’t felt so faithful since the day I stumbled across the footage two years ago. Enjoy the game everyone it will be an experience to remember. I know it’s corny but I was at a point in life when the only thing that brought me joy was the Harry Potter Universe.
This game will come out on other platforms too btw. XBOX ONE, XBOX SERIES X AND PC AND PS4
Gabriel Nispel
Gabriel Nispel:
Free roam. Start off as just another aspiring student. End being a god of magic!
I’ll be playing this for so long that my hands will look like Dumbledore’s when he tried to destroy the ring of Slytherin! 😂🤣
Cory Sig
Cory Sig:
It was actually announced that is going to be on all platforms not just ps5
Micro Script
Micro Script:
For everyone who doesn’t know, this isn’t a PlayStation exclusive nor is it timed. When it comes out it comes out on the series x, PC, and PS5
Billy McGee
Billy McGee:
You posers, I remember playing harry potter on the dvd bonus features back in 2002
Why can't they make a Percy Jackson game or Something. That would've been lit.
I have a feeling my wife will be playing this more than I do. She's an HP nerd.
I hope you can customize your own characters personality’s and strength
Jaivardhan Deshwal
Jaivardhan Deshwal:
CallMeKevin finally playing a good Harry Potter game, good times
Actually so hyped for this game. Gonna rediscover the 10yr old me, all robed up and firing unforgivable curses at Peeves n shit
Jasmin K.
Jasmin K.:
Coming across this because i'm watching several reaction videos and maybe you already know, but this won't judt be for PS5 but also PS4, PS PRO, Xbox and PC ☺
Thomas Matthewson
Thomas Matthewson:
Everybody's gonna wanna ride a broomstick or something where a I'm gonna be simping for Hermione Granger 😂
Isaiah C.
Isaiah C.:
Just started a marathon of the movies before i knew this. Ready to go
High Gaming YT
High Gaming YT:
Man they coming out with a lot of good next Generation Games 🔥🔥
Definitely getting it on PC.
Rei Allen Phillip Ramos
Rei Allen Phillip Ramos:
"You're not in the game, Harry"
John weir
John weir:
Coming to series x as well, its in the small print
Flying Panda He flys
Flying Panda He flys:
I’m literally binge watching Harry Potter and this is what I find looking for the Xbox games
Their official website says Open world RPG. Hype!!!!
Goku Fangirl
Goku Fangirl:
I'm so excited!!!! Been waiting for my Hogwarts acceptance letter, this is my chance! Bring it on!
This will be available on all next-gen platforms and PC! Looks amazing!!
Dameyan Chambers
Dameyan Chambers:
The game we didn’t ask for but the game we need
Kayin Chemngorem
Kayin Chemngorem:
i really hope that you can customize your own character so it feels like your actually in hogwarts
Wyatt Wyckoff
Wyatt Wyckoff:
This definitely has to be a series! Can’t wait to watch you play this!
Axel Lessio
Axel Lessio:
"I as a kid have always wanted to be part of that universe" – Yes! I can totally relate. I was 10 and dreaming to leave school and study at Hogwarts. It was every kid's dream. And whoever came up with the idea for this game knows it.
Michael Donnelly
Michael Donnelly:
Never thought I needed a good harry potter game until now
I really hope this is not like "Harry Potter Mystery".
I want to control the character in first or third person XDD and not only use comands...
And it would be also good to have Online. XD
React to Demons Souls. And play the souls games already. Dont be a whimp
Monsieur. Tiger
Monsieur. Tiger:
I remember playing a Harry Porter game on PSP😹it was Hella hard so this 1 is gonna be such a challenge I can already tell😭it's looking amazing
Eliuta Noa
Eliuta Noa:
i remember playing a harry potter game when i was little 😭 this will definitely be nostalgic
M K:
You forget to say that is also coming Ps4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and PC.
My first playthrough i know am going to go full voldermort i won’t be able to resist the dark magic 🤣 if i can make a horcrux its game over haha
This remind me of wizard101 so much but I can’t wait for the game to come out!
Carlos Moura
Carlos Moura:
I never thought I'd be so hyped over a harry potter game damnn, I mean I always liked the movies but I'm very hyped for this game 😂
Netzking 7
Netzking 7:
Haven’t even seen the trailer yet, but this makes me feel sooooo happy. I remembered back in the days when I was 8 or 9 years old playing harry potter and the chaimber of secrets on pc. My fave game ever released apart from mw2.
Pete Torres
Pete Torres:
Is it me or was I the only one who saw the ogre from Lord of the Rings in this trailer. Other than that I'm so damn pumped for this game. I hope it's an open world game. That would be FCKN PIIIIMMMPPP!!
Jason Flores
Jason Flores:
who else started reading Harry Potter again.
Don't worry, one of the devs said it will be on literally every console; current gen and next. And PC.
Finally the first game on ps5 that I like 🤙 Realize this game on 4k graphics 💯💯💯
Batman 0161
Batman 0161:
Expeliarmus cannot stop me from playing this game.
Jay Santana
Jay Santana:
This game also caught my attention, I hope we see some sort of gameplay soon
Nayops 19
Nayops 19:
Love this game already❗️, should’ve been out decades ago👏🏼
Keanne Salas
Keanne Salas:
Zachary Langeveld
Zachary Langeveld:
"David attenborough narrates BBC Hogwarts" 😂
No Ok
No Ok:
I remembered playing harry potter on ps2
When this is like a trailer. I'M GONNA FREAKING DIE! LIKE WOW! I rly hope that it is.
Asjad Khan
Asjad Khan:
If it has online campaign updates or a campaign, this game is amazing. Also, I can’t wait to ride buckbeak, broomsticks,
and hermoine.
Me and my friend were screaming when we saw the livestream it was so hype when they showed this game
"Playstation 5 will be getting it's very own Harry Potter game..." It's actually coming out on PC, Xbox X/S and PS4 as well. Weird thing to claim it's a playstation 5 exclusive.
Post-19 Poewatt
Post-19 Poewatt:
We didn't get the acceptance letter at age ten, but we'll get this game BRO!
“Silver sickle”
Blur Stones
Blur Stones:
I remember the old Harry Potter games, those were amazing, every single one
Shane Schoeman
Shane Schoeman:
Imagine getting the game only to learn that you're gonna actually have to write tests in game in spells and beasts and such... *bruh*
Love the films and have always wanted to play a Hogwarts game. This looks fantastic! Really looking forward to it :-)
Jerrot Lainez
Jerrot Lainez:
Hey hollow the game is gonna be on all platforms. Playstation just provided us the trailer. Video is a bit misleading. Love your vids tho!
still watching the movies to this day and i used to play the older ones back on ps and pc and i have been waiting for this moment so looooong
Burak Sönmez
Burak Sönmez:
if we can tour hogwarts freely, if we can go diagon alley whenever we want with this game, i think this game will be the best game ever for most of the 90th children.
Tasty Gaming
Tasty Gaming:
They talk about a power. I hope when you get into your house maybe your character get a power or attribut related to it; Slytherin can talk with serpents, Gryffindor are braver, Ravenclaw master spells quicker and Hufflepuff can craft higher tier potions.
Wizard 101 got competition now.
Im a hufflepuff have a key chain to prove it even tho pottermore thinks im raven claw any1 who knows me knows where i belong
I love the look of this game ? I love all the movies ! This is gonna be a great game , just Hoping they have a dlc or something like that where you can play as Harry ,Ron and Hermione
I got literally goosebumps when i saw the trailer. This is what us potterheads have been waiting for, being able to truly immersive and be a part of the universe, instead of sh*t like Hogwarts Mystery😩 I have been a big fan since i was a child and will never stop loving this franchise/universe no matter how ppl call me childish lmao
Kolin S.
Kolin S.:
Wizard 101, eat your heart out💯
I really hope they bring it to pc because I would love this game I’ve wanted an open world or rpg Harry Potter game since the third book but I’m not buying a ps5 just to play it
lordminion 66
lordminion 66:
I honestly cannot wait for this game it’s going to be magical 🧙‍♂️
Taliyah Webster
Taliyah Webster:
I would absolutely love this game, but I dint have anything to play it on and I'm broke :)
Joel C.
Joel C.:
This is the first time Im considering a play station after GoW and HP reveals..
of course they are releasing it, its Harry Potter season!
Looks great! In the other hand, did you notice the severe fps loss in some scenes? like the trailer was based on real engine in real time during some sequences and the drop was very heavy in the town entrance scene.
Neil De Westelinck
Neil De Westelinck:
I hope, and this is really important, the atmosphere and detail must be absolutely on point. I mean. every detail must be ... vibrant and.. you know;
Miao Sun
Miao Sun:
I still remember the first time I play Harry Potter when I was 10.... It was amazing experience, looking forward to this.
I'm gonna cry...this is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen
Jessica Francis
Jessica Francis:
I have been waiting for this for 2 years and i can't wait too play it
Liam Dufrene
Liam Dufrene:
Im glad that that movie is still living on even tho it was finished a decade ago
I am such a Harry Potter nerd :)) Can’t wait to see some gameplay and hear more about this game!!!

Mischief managed.
Fernando romero
Fernando romero:
Q: What platforms will Hogwarts Legacy be on?
A: Hogwarts Legacy will be available for PlayStation5, PlayStation4, PlayStation4 Pro, the Xbox One family of devices, including Xbox Series X and Xbox One X, and PC.
Caylem Farquhar
Caylem Farquhar:
I was smiling the whole time seeing Hollow smile and how hyped I am for this!!!
Aspect Envy
Aspect Envy:
I do kind of wish this was in the time between newt and just after deathly hallows. I would really like to see iconic characters like dumbledore and snape. I’m still going to get this regardless because it’s a open world Harry Potter game but I will miss certain aspects of the books/movies
Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon
Ramandeep Kaur Dhillon:
Finally finally I was waiting it for yearsssssss😭
surely it’s open world, that would be sick
Golden Dad Qc
Golden Dad Qc:
I cant wait to Play this game its been so many years that i was waiting for a décent Harry Potter !!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
ghost_ rip
ghost_ rip:
This game is coming to all platforms
Inhale clan -INHL
Inhale clan -INHL:
my smooth brain self read the title has "THE NEW HARPY POTTER GAME"
The sudden framerate drops make me skeptical. There has never been a good harry potter game in existence. I hope it plays as it shows. Kind of like dark souls where you roll from enemies and hack n slash or use magic. Open world would be nice.

I also hope it wont be as boring as the movies. Sorry, but I fell asleep to a lot of the movies.
Sergio Diaz
Sergio Diaz:
This game is no just for the PS5, it’s coming to every console except the switch. That means PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
Swagata Mukherjee
Swagata Mukherjee:
Hey ps considering the sales of horizon zero dwan, death stranding 🙃.... Can we talk about this game
I’d definitely buy this if it was a story game including Harry Potter as the main protagonist but nevertheless such a clean and good looking game!
Barton Rice
Barton Rice:
im so excited!!! ive read the series 6x throughout my life!!!!
anthony derby
anthony derby:
I’ve been so excited for this game for over a year!!! Finally we get a good quality game!!!
Cloud Life Gaming
Cloud Life Gaming:
The thing Sony did to kill it they literally have a game for everyone
SuperSayianx xx
SuperSayianx xx:
Omg if this is a loot type where you can roam a huge world while finding rare and unique wands with special skills and character bonuses/stats, cloaks, gear omg this can be one of the best games ever
I'm actually so excited for this!