The Next Generation: George Russell

Spend some time with Williams Racing's George Russell as he finally achieved his dream of becoming a Formula 1 driver - but once he reached F1, it was anything but a smooth ride...

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JoJo FilmS
JoJo FilmS:
Drive to survive but not made by netflix
This is a Netflix-level production, and it's posted on the F1 Youtube channel. Big cheers!
Ricardo Font
Ricardo Font:
Grosjean: crashes into russel
Russel: I shouldn't be surprised
i feel so bad for Claire. she’s trying so hard to bring back the glory her father started. and then everyone hates on her because they say she doesn’t do a good job but managing a formula 1 team (especially a family owned one) is incredibly difficult. and a lot of things that go wrong weren’t her fault but she was blamed for it. like when they were late to testing last season, that stupid designer “lost track” of the parts but everyone blamed Claire. i really hope she is able to get the team together and have them back on the podium. 🤞
Austin Wagner
Austin Wagner:
Here after news he’s racing Hamilton’s car
Lmao the *FACT* that he actually did a powerpoint presentation 😂
Who Else is watching this when George replaced Lewis in Mercedes
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds:
I would be very surprised if this guy doesn't get a world title.
27_Rafif Bani Sandya_XII MIPA 5
27_Rafif Bani Sandya_XII MIPA 5:
Just imagine if he's actually going to stay at Williams, help building the team from the very bottom to be a championship contender, that's going to be one of the most incredible stories in F1. I mean, it's good if he'll move to Merc, but yeah, just imagine if that happens, because he's truly capable to do that, even in his first year in F1, he already shown that dedication for the team, to help them improve
Balaj Prasanna
Balaj Prasanna:
Guys like Lance come into the sport with a rich dad and don't even talk to interviewers properly or give the respect they deserve. Here is this kid, who shows so much maturity and ready to share the hardships with the entire team. You will have a great career George!
Thebassist Noeve
Thebassist Noeve:
This guy is the only one who could beat Max and Charles
Diego Pellecer
Diego Pellecer:
He reminds me an early Niki Lauda, so perfectionist and meticulous. Give him a fast car and you'll see what Russell is capable off...
Victor Wartel
Victor Wartel:
Seeing this after watching George lose a podium that was right in front of him in the Sakhir GP is heartbreaking.
A new star is born
Lose one, win a hundred
Diamonds are made under pressure
James Adams
James Adams:
Imagine if Williams was still at the level that it once was. We would see that gem of a driver at the very top of the podium.
Formula.1_ Memes
Formula.1_ Memes:
Hes has shown his potential in his junior career, now he just needs a good car and can fight for a championship
Funny how most people here are saying "George needs a better car" from 5 months ago, and now here he is with a Mercedes, albeit with quite the bad luck
Jane V
Jane V:
Russell: *makes a powerpoint presentation y he should be an f1 racer*
williams: *hires him right away*
George deserves to be in a championship contending car. You can see how dedicated and mature he is on the track. I’d love to see him fight alongside Charles, Max, Lando, and Alex.
Evert-Jan van Barele
Evert-Jan van Barele:
8:06 She wanted to say disaster but held back at the last moment
Jackson Hickerson
Jackson Hickerson:
Can’t wait for the alex and lando version of this.
David Jeffery
David Jeffery:
He was so revered in karting, Norris said he was excited just to race against him
YouTube Commenter
YouTube Commenter:
"Replacing" Lewis Hamilton for one weekend at Sakhir is already big enough for George's next racing CV on powerpoint.
Who’s here after George’s P2?
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys:
"George...this is Toto"
"Lewis signed for another 8 years but you can join Esteban if you like on the simulator"
liam burgess
liam burgess:
Everyone says they like to see gorge in a great car but I’d like to see him stay in Williams and bring them back to glory
Tomás Cavejon
Tomás Cavejon:
After Bahrein’s race, where he raced for mercedes and performed WAAAAY BETTER than bottas
there is no doubt he really IS the next generation, he has a bright future.
Congrats, George
Blake House
Blake House:
12:30 “I shouldn’t be surprised”😂
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson:
Of course this has been recommended to me now
Braun Van Varden
Braun Van Varden:
George said in school he wanted to be an F1 driver when he grows up. We can imagine how serious, hardworking and dedicated he has been throughout his life. He deserves a good car for WDC, it's just about time
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight:
He is a perfect merc driver . Pit him against Lewis and we will know his strength.
Gorav Singh
Gorav Singh:
Who else is watching after George almost won at the Sakhir GP
Andrei Cune
Andrei Cune:
You should have displayed his onboard from austria last year, it really shows a lot of what he would achieve with a good car..
First Name
First Name:
Driving for mercedes this weekend, lets hope he beats bottas.
frank noneli
frank noneli:
Finally he's getting the attention he deserves!
Here after the Sakhir GP... oh man was that devastating
Here after his first race for Mercedes... he drove incredible but the result was awful...
James Young
James Young:
I can't wait for him to get that Mercedes seat in his own name.
Jo LiMag
Jo LiMag:
I’m here a week after he raced Hamilton’s car, that was a super solid performance, to bad about the end, but his performance over that weekend was stellar - if he gets the right car a worldchampion for sure.
I think george holds an amazing riddle: "Knowledge is power!"
Katharina Timóteo
Katharina Timóteo:
who is here after Russel was confirmed as Hamilton's replacement?

big cheers to Russel!
i cant wait till he gets a half decent car, im sure he'll fighting up top
Fahim Towshif Islam
Fahim Towshif Islam:
Who’s here after Russel got his first podium in F1?
Edit: Ok so he didn’t win but still delivered an absolute masterclass regardless.
Domas Vazgys
Domas Vazgys:
Here after his Mercedes debut 😢
TheMaster DragonSlayer
TheMaster DragonSlayer:
George's dedication to learning everything about the sport and his talent excites me about the future and the possible Mercedes seat. He's a world champion in the making no doubt.
Mugdha Devnani
Mugdha Devnani:
Who's here after his promotion to Merc
Justin Williams
Justin Williams:
A really impressive young man. A credit to the sport.
who’s here after yesterday ?💙
who is here after his incredible performance in mercedes
Shubh Rastogi
Shubh Rastogi:
Who is here after Sakhir GP
meet mehta
meet mehta:
Who is seeing this after the sakhir GP.! ABSOLUTELY GUTTED for him ! He is the next superstar ! He will get that seat in mercedes !!
adam scott
adam scott:
Agustin Mondella
Agustin Mondella:
George seems like an easy-Going, down to earth man.
damn the quality is Netflix level . the productions wow
Yesterday's Sakhir Grand Prix killed me.
Who is here after his heart-breaking Sakhir GP?
AIcaire 117
AIcaire 117:
George is quickly becoming my favourite driver. I honestly hope before he gets called up to Mercedes that he can help Williams survive. If Williams manages to survive until the budget cap he will definitely help them get away from the very back of the grid.
Tiemen Olaerts
Tiemen Olaerts:
Man seeing this when he’s racing for Mercedes is awesome
Beto LF
Beto LF:
And now the test has ended George, time to show all your talent
Watching this after the Sakhir GP... Hope George gets a Merc seat!
ninjago muffin
ninjago muffin:
24 minutes of praising George
I think he is gonna be a world champion one day.
Comet Sands
Comet Sands:
Yesterday was crazy, he showed his real potential
Jude Lau
Jude Lau:
After what we were showed what he can do at the SakhirGP, he is really the next generation of champion
Umang Srivastava
Umang Srivastava:
Heartbroken by Sakhir GP. We'll definitely witness this boy winning multiple championships.
liam smart
liam smart:
One of the most exciting times in F1 will be when George gets an amazing car.
21:50 "he knows that one day his time will come...." that day is this weekend! Get in there George!!!!
Jérôme D
Jérôme D:
It's time now ! Miss a pole today for so few, I hope a big result for him tomorrow at Sakhir !
Am Ka
Am Ka:
although williams hasnt been performing well in the recent decades, as a fan of F1 i am very grateful they gave this young man a seat and recognized the potential.
Yeah, we’re all here after his amazing performance in the Mercedes. Great driver, really hope he gets a Merc seat next year 👍🏻👍🏻
Rio Alvarez
Rio Alvarez:
Hope we get this for the other young drivers
Johnny Gat
Johnny Gat:
Come back to this in 15 years, George Russell will be at least a 5 time Formula 1 world champion
RcC will
RcC will:
This lad I now in formula 1 and is driving at Mercedes for the Sakharov grand prix
Nuunu Markus
Nuunu Markus:
Woah! Top quality video! Can’t wait till FP1 in 5 days!
Hafsah Ebraheem
Hafsah Ebraheem:
Will always be with George every step of the way❤
3:12 The legend of the powerpoint presentation starts here.
Angus McLay
Angus McLay:
Anybody else remember the recovery truck carrying Georges car back to the pits crashed into one of the bridges and hydraulic fluid leaked onto the car
Andy Awesome
Andy Awesome:
who's here after george qualified P2 in Sakhir?
Jelmer The mushroom
Jelmer The mushroom:
3:13 for sure a powerpoint presentation
The amount of quality content you guys are creating at the moment is incredible!
Keep it up f1, can't wait for the season to finally start!
I get the feeling from him that he is there to stay, and make a serious impact. Good luck dude.
Charles Butterworth
Charles Butterworth:
Well, his moment just came. Sakhir GP 2020
This has been good to watch. I feel more support for him as this has shown how professional and decent he comes across. Thank you for sharing this
László Molnár
László Molnár:
"In Formula One things don't change in a night"
Oh, except when they doooooo
Jet969ro0 _
Jet969ro0 _:
Actually recomend watching te full vid
Blue Shift
Blue Shift:
George outqualified both Alfas yesterday, let's see what happens today. GL Williams, I'll always love you!
Harry Humphries
Harry Humphries:
His day did come , yesterday
A future world champion I’m sure. What a humble racer 🙌🏽
Renâmpago Carlinhos
Renâmpago Carlinhos:
The Next Generation: George Russ...
Harrison Miniken
Harrison Miniken:
Here after George's Mercedes heartbreak :'(
Jing Kai
Jing Kai:
Who’s here after George Russell’s race for Mercedes?
Jeffrey Schumacher
Jeffrey Schumacher:
I'll always have a little place in my heart for george. What an amazing guy! Excited to see what he'll be able to do in the coming years at williams.
look at him now.
Austin Shields
Austin Shields:
Can't wait to see George in the Merc
Charley Duffell
Charley Duffell:
Look at him now
K-WiN BeatZz
K-WiN BeatZz:
Honeslty after last race..
I really want to see Russel in mercedes in future with hamilton...
Hanna 8898
Hanna 8898:
2:37 from a 2020 perspective it’s very weird that George is not the one that’s shirtless
Hai Caspi
Hai Caspi:
watching this after baharain grand prix :)
Corne Van Gulik
Corne Van Gulik:
15:20 someone should add Albon screaming george in here.
victor 91
victor 91:
Most of the drivers are so young now I like it! It means records are gonna be broken so many times over
rohit nautiyal
rohit nautiyal:
Jorge seems like a top quality lad..There is a reason why Mercedes got him early.