THE OLD GUARD Official Trailer (2020) Charlize Theron Action Movie HD

THE OLD GUARD Official Trailer (2020) Charlize Theron Action, Sci-Fi Movie HD
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Discovering Music Club
Discovering Music Club:
"Who are you"?
"No one".
Cali In the Valley
Cali In the Valley:
Charlize is the sexiest woman alive that has so much acting range but is always best when she’s kicking ass.
Sylvan George
Sylvan George:
I strongly recommend myself to watch this
Ryan Reynolds: I know what happens when you die
Charlize Theron: hold my perfume
Just imagine if those people will be injected a some sort of metal into their bones.. fast healing plus a metal bones? a claws? well. 🤣
Sjinzar Austin
Sjinzar Austin:
"Who ARE you?"
"I'm every Bond girl rolled into one... I'm the reason you like strong women.... I'm Theron... Charlize Theron"
Zahuruddin Sheik
Zahuruddin Sheik:
Im a charlize fan. As a man I am not just attracted to her. she makes me wanna be her on screen, like jamesbond did in my childhood days.. If anybody shd be female jamesbond. Its only her. Other SJW cringedumps, leave way for the queen!
Rose Lopez
Rose Lopez:
Love Charlize Theron great actress ...
Millennial Puppet
Millennial Puppet:
Why the title is the old guard?
I think Charlize Theron in this movie become younger.
Dennis Hu
Dennis Hu:

you're forgetting about the recently deleted folder
Iron Will
Iron Will:
finally something good to watch :)
benabedrrahman mouhssin
benabedrrahman mouhssin:
She's my favorite star 🌟
David Pressley
David Pressley:
I'm excited for this movie
I read The comic series so I really enjoyed.
I hope they do get close enough to Source material do it justice because it's a really cool comics series.

Fingers crossed
the trailer looks really good
sovanna long
sovanna long:
when i saw this remind me of japan animation: Ajin.
Faceless Old Woman
Faceless Old Woman:
why can’t they make a serie out or this masterpiece comic 🥺🥺 I hope the movie is good :)
Troy Taylor
Troy Taylor:
Ok this has my interest
jorge santos
jorge santos:
esse trailer ta me perseguindo kkk
Benjamin Deweer
Benjamin Deweer:
For those who wanted to know. Song name is M.i.A. - Borders 😁
Onyinye Agbah
Onyinye Agbah:
Charlize is AMAZING! I can't wait to wait to watch this movie. The sound track is befitting.
I'm a simple guy.
I see C.T., I click.
I liked the comic. Good spin on immortality.
Time for some bacon and eggs and coffee.
Rice MenaRQ
Rice MenaRQ:
1:56 It's DUDLEY!!!
Terry S.
Terry S.:
Hmm...this looks cool and is an interesting idea, but the writing seems pretty poor. Jokes fall flat, statements seem childish.
Charlize Theron 👍🔥👏❤️
I'm ready for this
mjj july
mjj july:
Prequel to Hancock, Charlize's backstory
James George
James George:
This was an awesome comic. The cast is spot on. I'm super pumped for this.
The Payne Legacy
The Payne Legacy:
Never thought I’d see Dudley Dursley in an action film. I’m intrigued
Fatima Casagda
Fatima Casagda:
I Like this girl ❤❤❤
papap lebay
papap lebay:
The Old Guard (2020))Full version Streaming movie HD

Leurs états de santé
respectifs les empechent
de s'approcher trop
pres l'un de l'autre.??
Reko Sanchez
Reko Sanchez:
Charlize needs to be in “John Wick 4” and the “Matrix 4”!
Looks good. I love the cast.💖
Helen ofTroy
Helen ofTroy:
I’m not generally an action film fan EXCEPT Terminator 2( the best) but this seems like a good watch.
Jane Ashley Pacino
Jane Ashley Pacino:
finally a one great movie to watch soon and a bonus was it's Charlize Theron
Luca Marinelli <3
Lobby Boy
Lobby Boy:
Whats up with that... Aeon Flux
Klesk Quake
Klesk Quake:
Thank u love u ! 😁
PuLse Lix
PuLse Lix:
Umm I think she forgot to delete it from recently deleted in phone 😂
G J Sykes
G J Sykes:
Universal Soldier 2.0
JeaDah Rivera
JeaDah Rivera:
I love Charlize Theron's movies specially the action movies 😊 so sexy and cool
Charlize Theron really Rocks ✌😊😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤.
I see Charlize > definitely watching it
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones:
I'm down! Ill watch it for sure!
Female wearing suit shirt & tie
Female wearing suit shirt & tie:
Awesome action...with Charlize
Besides the wack ass "what's up wit dat" song I enjoyed the trailer and like the concept
Alexander Marquardt
Alexander Marquardt:
He will be in trouble when the Reavers arrive...
somak dutta
somak dutta:
What is the background song...amazinngggg
Aljon Collantes
Aljon Collantes:
Her hair Reminds me of aeon flux... And I think she also portrayed that role too.
John Carter
John Carter:
The first series of The Old Guard comics was go good by Greg Rucka. Great casting, it looks like they are sticking close to the source material from what I saw on the trailer. Can't wait to see it in full.
Jane Ashley Pacino
Jane Ashley Pacino:
She should have an amazing great movie every year were watching here for sure ..
Luis Pinto
Luis Pinto:
Highlander, there can be only 5
⌠ ά7ţώєэţќ ⌡
⌠ ά7ţώєэţќ ⌡:
What’s up with that 😭
Dracar3ys Ghost
Dracar3ys Ghost:
Does anyone know the name of song ,please 😍
Daniel Sun
Daniel Sun:
Netflix is no longer having its glories as it did in the past.
True Grit
True Grit:
Charlize is so fabulous!
tony França
tony França:
Charlize has already made many films with this theme. I don't think it's okay.
So....Ajin: Demi Human
Kenya Wise
Kenya Wise:
My girl is back I just love her
Xander X
Xander X:
This looks awesome
King 2202
King 2202:
Badass villain, gritty super spy, immortal, what else can you do ? That's a serious question....I want a list.
Sara Coruzzi
Sara Coruzzi:
Luca Marinelli 😍😍
Xanzia Klik
Xanzia Klik:
Charlize Theron will resemble Jim Parsons more and more as this deranged piece of candy gets old. Slowly does it for Charlize, as she continues her gender trans. No luck for her adopted 'son', who Theron/Frankenstein had turned into a girl by age of 3. Where are the child services?!
Abi Holgado
Abi Holgado:
Nobody's gonna talk about Matthias in 2:01??? ♥♥♥
guitar slingrr
guitar slingrr:
Awesome concept but you gotta admit wolverine did it first
François Michel
François Michel:
Movie as empty as the lyrics of the song playing
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh:
Its like group of wolverine...
Asad Ali
Asad Ali:
O yeah laka laka boom boom
Stephanie Fay Page
Stephanie Fay Page:
Was Andy born in the 1 st century?
Wow, this story sounds boring and cliche. Acclaimed graphic novel, really?
Sudip Das
Sudip Das:
*We Want Hindi Dubbed Copy* #NetFlix *Team* .
just an excuse for action!
kreative Oras
kreative Oras:
why do i feel it has this assassin greed feel to it.
Andre Strauss
Andre Strauss:
Yster. Groete Storm Alldays
M. Lewis
M. Lewis:
Interesting concept. Dialogue and acting looks pretty bland though. It could be good, doubt it, but we’ll see how it’s executed
Barbara Marshall
Barbara Marshall:
Always here for Charlize kicking all the ass.
Asad Ali
Asad Ali:
Obviously this is a mind fu***** trailer
6/10 (((
I wish they make a TV series showcasing one century per episode or season
Geet Anand
Geet Anand:
Okay a good time pass
ethan starnes
ethan starnes:
Official lady wick.......Charlize has officially become the female Keanu Reeves/John wick,she has kicked seriousl ass in 85% of the movies she's been in the past few years,and I approve the woman is a legitimate badass! 😳😱🤕
Kwame Afriyie
Kwame Afriyie:
Netflixs is killing so in
D U V A C H:
she has a point on 1:13...
Joules 2011
Joules 2011:
We are very hard to kill. An interesting choice of phrasing.
Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts:
So wolverine again.
Bad G
Bad G:
Are they in venezuela ?
Devanshu Arya
Devanshu Arya:
What’s up with that - Charlize. Wow
Brooke McElhaney
Brooke McElhaney:
Wass up wi da
TOBE Okolo
TOBE Okolo:
Hail Netflix
So what about beheading? Was it explored in the comic? A good action movie, by the way.
Devaprabu E
Devaprabu E:
Wat up!!!
Vitoria Santos
Vitoria Santos:
gostei muito do trailer
Nick Y
Nick Y:
Anther woke film can't wait to not see it
ziq hilmy
ziq hilmy:
so...the last witch hunter but ..witches?
Rocky Rocky
Rocky Rocky:
Allan Howard
Allan Howard:
I'm in look good
Crisdhi Baylon
Crisdhi Baylon:
very nice movie,just done watching !