The Real Reason Matthew Perry Slurred His Words During The Friends Reunion

Watch the video to see the real reason Matthew Perry slurred his words during the Friends reunion!

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Sue Katis
Sue Katis:
If it wasnt for Chandler, I wouldnt have laughed so hard. He was the show!
Never assume! People think they know everything about someone
Amanda Redd
Amanda Redd:
Matthew's worked very hard to maintain his sobriety over the years. I'm sure this is very offputting for him to deal with at this point in his life. We love you and can't wait for the reunion, Matthew Perry!!
The Wise One
The Wise One:
Can we please leave Matthew alone. We finally have a reunion with all 6 of them so just calm down
LoL Games
LoL Games:
I love Chendler, man is ok, living alone people! I can't wait the new "Freinds" Com on Chendler 👍👍👍
Kalah Dolman
Kalah Dolman:
Television wife, yay! I always knew they were close!
People would never talking about, regardless how private he is.
Amber Ortiz
Amber Ortiz:
Hes probably on meds. Leave him alone guys. He is human like the rest of us.
Mary Ann D
Mary Ann D:
His speech was the same in an interview on the Graham Norton show. I hope he's OK.
Dang, he truly F’d himself up. So sad!
yassmin cassi
yassmin cassi:
I send him all the love and respect ❤️
Strong Scott Weiland vibes with Matthew. I sincerely hope he gets through this.
Shout out to ET for posting abuse hotlines after vids. 😇👍🙏
Anne Marie Milne
Anne Marie Milne:
Love him so much
Arfen Malik
Arfen Malik:
Some fans expect him to be jumpy n funny like Chandler. The dude is also 50 years old
Rick Cleland
Rick Cleland:
I hope he's alright.
But he didnt even laugh as much ! And also he didnt clap when that fashion show was happening . There was something off about him :(. He was and is my fav character of friends like soo lovable cheerful , witty . I hope he is fine 🥺 . Also , we cant expect too much from our fav stars they have their personal lives going on too .
But does mathew has grudges ?
Like in an interview long back when lisa and mathew appeared , mathew said , that he would love a remake and everything , he wanted to be together again .
None of the others called him , was it just another joke in the air or truth ??
Valerie Pagendarm
Valerie Pagendarm:
Sober or not he was not himself and looked under the influence. The amazing thing is that Matthew has entertained us during his worst years and we never knew about his struggles. He is so talented and, obviously, loved by fans and cast mates.
Bud Fuddlacker
Bud Fuddlacker:
This is total PR bullshit, just watch interviews from a few months ago, he was slurring his words badly, so it’s all bullshit to cover what’s really going on
Celebs sometimes use the 'dentist' apologize to cover things up! Can be true..but don't have to. Especially when they have to sell a new project!!
What The Dude
What The Dude:
lets be thankful he came for reunion
K David
K David:
I'm sure this tooth story is 100% legit and he totally isn't off the wagon 😉
lyndabug g
lyndabug g:
I have family who are alcoholics. They are exactly like that when you talk with them.
Wdeemar Wdeemar
Wdeemar Wdeemar:
If you believe he had tooth problems during that interview I have a bridge to sell you.
L Simpson
L Simpson:
Yes, it was the dentist that made him look elderly and despondent 🙄
Jeevess S
Jeevess S:
Okay... so the Cameo video he made for a fan was full of slurred speech because of a dentist's appointment he had in 5 months??
Carlisa Sobolesky
Carlisa Sobolesky:
Yikes! Yeah that’ll do it.
Sean Beads
Sean Beads:
Right, so.. It's not true but yeah. Get well Matt
Hahahaa. This isnt from the dentist. If you seen him on cameo also. Its the same speech. The dude slipped back. Its ok. Its a struggle
andy evans
andy evans:
Looks like Courtney had mouth treatment too looking at those trout pout lips
I’m surprised all of them aren’t drug addicts, they were on top of the world 20 years ago and besides Jen their careers are over
Leslie Grischow
Leslie Grischow:
My ex was an addict. I’m very familiar with all the little signs. Perry doesn’t appear to be on drugs but he could have been drinking, but why at that moment would he choose to slip? I don’t buy the dentist story but I don’t buy him using again either. I think we leave the poor guy alone and enjoy the reunion and move on. Wtf.
Miss Bhargavi
Miss Bhargavi:
This wat happens when u reunite after a long time .when they have become very old
Patricia Martin
Patricia Martin:
When is the reunion on TV plus channel
Because of a dental procedure? No sorry I don't buy it. There's too much else gong on. If it was just the blurred speech then sure. His appearance, his demeanor, all of it indicate something deeper. Look I know it's distressing to see people from your childhood age. Some people age very well and it's usually because they lived a life of restraint and mindfulness. Some people unfortunately succumb to substance abuse and self destruction and that not only ages you, but causes serious chronic damage that drastically reduces your life span. Unfortunately what you see here is the sum result of a life punctuated by long periods of self destructive behavior. I don't like seeing this either. I hope the rest of his life goes easy, god knows he's not been easy on himself.
Soma or booze. Period. I know it when I see it.
Way TOO MUCH benzodiazepines! @[email protected]
Kemi Adepoju
Kemi Adepoju:
Come up with a more believable explanation. We weren't born yesterday
pebbles 2020
pebbles 2020:
People always point fingers
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee:
I heard he does nutmeg.
Kathy Breakwell
Kathy Breakwell:
He needs his dentures fitted 🤫🙄🥴😑
Jrbr 549
Jrbr 549:
It's not necessarily true. The dentist angle seems pretty far fetched.
Absolutely not true.

Imagine if it were. Then he would have let people know that he'd been at the dentist's, because he would have felt rather uncomfortable with the sudden speech impairment.

But it isn't sudden and he is used to it. It's obviously the effect of an alcohol induced stroke.

Just ask your dentist.
Georgie Jackpot
Georgie Jackpot:
An emergency tooth procedure on that very day? Cmon ….
M San
M San:
I like Perry but sorry I don't buy the dentist story, there is something else going on. I hope whatever it is he gets better, my best wishes for him.
I’m calling Bullsh!t on the ‘dentist explanation’
Emergency tooth procedure my ass. He was high as a kite. I know the signs of opiates from watching some of my friends go through it. A dental procedure doesn't make you slur your speech, drugs do that. I hope he gets the help he needs.
Am a dentist and unless he had a wisdom tooth extraction which would have caused swelling, I doubt the dental procedure can cause this unless extensive surgical/suture and it wouldn’t even have these signs. I really hope whatever the reason is, he gets better. He always made us smile, chandler always was and will be my fav
Natalie Pozzo
Natalie Pozzo:
What a load of crap. A sore tooth doesn’t make you act like that. He is clearly struggling. Ignoring it is not helping him. Making excuses for him is not helping him. A true friend will make him face what he is before it’s too late. There is no need for cruel remarks against someone struggling. I respected and admire this man for all his accomplishments. But, he needs help, not cover up.
Karen Muncy
Karen Muncy:
Same excuse all addicts have used
Mafer GP
Mafer GP:
anthony James
anthony James:
No drugs. Ha.
clara merchant
clara merchant:
BALONEY. That was not a man in pain That was a man who was either drunk, High, or extremely burnt out from all the stuff he has done. That was not a man in pain. They are running interference as to not tank their reunion show
Patrick Nicol
Patrick Nicol:
Did the dentist paint his teeth white too at the appointment ?
Jace Greene
Jace Greene:
BS. Perry was drunk.
LittleKing Archery
LittleKing Archery:
Jesus , a video dedicated to fake information. He has been slurring his speech for a long time now. This is what addicts want...excuses to be made for them. He has the same slurred speech on Graham Norton...what was his excuse then?
Steelstreet1 Crew
Steelstreet1 Crew:
Okay nothing to see here..end of story!
Mette Mather
Mette Mather:
Ha ha ha you must be kidding me - oh my God - people must be so stupid if they believe that.
Sharon T
Sharon T:
He lied. He is using again
The guys that drama queen!!!
Lisa Trevino
Lisa Trevino:
the women are aging well
Beverly McGue
Beverly McGue:
Love your smile Matthew
Elizabeth Ruddell
Elizabeth Ruddell:
What a bunch of bunk. He is an alcoholic and drug addict and will always be. He looks terrible. It’s just sad...
Erika Comstock
Erika Comstock:
His does appear a little swollen around his mouth.
John Menyhard
John Menyhard:
Oh ya we believe you
frankey twoshoes
frankey twoshoes:
Yea right !!
Alici A
Alici A:
People suck! Where’s the support smh
Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago
Make Asylums Great Again • 10 years ago:
Real reason: drugs and alcohol
It’s that simple.
Bucky Buckminsterfullerine
Bucky Buckminsterfullerine:
It wasn't cuz of a dentist visit
Briar Rose
Briar Rose:
Kind of a trashy video.
Webby Sichone
Webby Sichone:
Sylvia Grice
Sylvia Grice:
cristy knapp
cristy knapp:
hukt on fonix werx fer me
hukt on fonix werx fer me:
Pain has nothing to do with slurred speech, its the medication you use. and someone with past addiction, taking "meds" legal or not....its still a narcotic. and your NOT sober. Sorry but, tooth pain and knod don't make u slurr. it being a prescription dont make you sober
Being a celebrity doesn't seem to pay off in the end at all. Happy to be a nobody.
Mystery Drew
Mystery Drew:
1st comment
Manny Rivera
Manny Rivera:
The Dentist excuse is bull 💩🤡 obviously the ppl that called him a Hero dont know the meaning of that word.smh