The Real Story Behind Brendan Fraser's Fall From Fame | Rumour Juice

The Real Story Behind Brendan Fraser's Fall From Fame | Rumour Juice

The rise and fall of Hollywood actors is always unexpected, and Brandon Fraser's fall from fame is one that took the whole world by surprise. We have everything you need to know about the actor's hidden pain and why he finally dediced to tell his story almost a decade later. You don't want to miss out on this one!

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Crystal Telf
Crystal Telf:
He didn’t have a failed acting career....he had a wonderful one! He just stopped. There’s a difference!
Jordan Doww
Jordan Doww:
"fall from fame" ???? don't do that. he was incredible then and incredible now. he is legendary status.
Flutter Girl Mystified
Flutter Girl Mystified:
He doesn't only look adorable. He is in fact adorable. This is why everyone loves him. His loveliness comes through in everything he does. I truly hope he's happy now.
Lipton T ,
Lipton T ,:
He got hurt so he stopped to heal, and when healing, you’re sitting around most of the time and you can’t workout so you gain weight. Also no one was on his side, is children needed extra attention, and this all caused a strain on his marriage. He’s career was amazing 100% of the way. He’s career is starting to pick back up and I’m still in love with him.
Kevin Armes
Kevin Armes:
Man, I really feel for him. Sometimes we forget that these famous actors are just people. He seems actually very humble, sort of private, and I hope he has found a better enjoyment of life after his first half of his career. I admire him and care about him. So glad he's getting this off his chest. And it's heartbreaking that the photo of him with tears in his eyes was blown so out of proportion. Sometimes we fans do not realize the repercussions of our actions. I am sorry for anyone I have kicked while they were down.
Zoe Mystique
Zoe Mystique:
I wish we could celebrate people actually having good hearts. These last few decades having a "dark side, mysterious" to downright being a prick is all people want to be and aim for. Genuine people like Brendan are much needed.
Karen Buonanno
Karen Buonanno:
I’m pretty sure everyone still loves this guy. I never really thought he failed. I’d watch anything with him in it
Evie Ryan
Evie Ryan:
This guy did amazing work it’s sad that he has to be put down for merely being human and going through struggles, I wish him the best and I hope to see him making some more awesome movies
We love Brendan on his terms and welcome him back when and wherever he chooses to do it. His acting will only get better and deeper with his experience.
Mike Majors
Mike Majors:
Brendan is a Star! I have really missed him on the screen and think of him often. Gee, since my little nephew died 20 years ago my life has been up and down too. Life is hard so take care of yourself. You can always come back when you feel like it!
No matter how old he is or what body type he has he still has this incredible chatismatic glow and I still just want to give him a hug. He will forever be ond of my favorite actors.
Actors are humans too, we all fight demons and silent battles not everyone know about. Big respect to this man for his humility. It's okay not to gain the world if the cost of it is losing yourself in the process.
Facts Speak
Facts Speak:
He was and he is still the best actor.
He didnt fail he succed
We love all his movies.
M. Ramsey
M. Ramsey:
That guy is still more famous than 90 percent of current actors in films today
He's truly is a great actor, hope he can find a good balance in life and that he gets more opportunities as he deserves.
Joe Arroyo
Joe Arroyo:
You can tell he's a major sweetheart! I feel his pain and emotions. God bless him for his work entertaining us and risking his body👏
Genie Hermoso
Genie Hermoso:
Just met him at the comic convention and had my photo op with him. Wish him all the best. He will always be a star in my eyes no matter what! Go Brendan!
I remember me and my sister used to watch "The Mummy" on VHS over and over again for days on and off.
Renee Morris
Renee Morris:
"SPOILER ALERT" He did not have a "Failed Career" He is as a good as he ever was. He will be around for a long time to come!
Karen M.
Karen M.:
I love the work that Brendon has done and you can tell by watching any of his movies that he poured everything into his roles. I watched this video because of his amazing talent and I wish him only the best. I hope he heals emotionally and physically and that he can find peace and joy for his life.

That said, it was very difficult to watch this video because of the repeated mispronunciations of his name. There is no "i" in his last name. Frasier is the name of a character played by Kelsey Grammer. Fraser sounds like "laser".
I have great memories of this guy and his movies. The Mummy and Bedazzled are very important to me.
Don't let the bastards get you down Brendan👍👍
Tyler Haddock
Tyler Haddock:
HE IS MY HERO! Even though I was a scared little kid when I first watched the mummy, his charactor Rick O'connell was a legend to me. He was my childhood equivalent to John Wayne. If the mummy franchise thought me anything; its that even though there are terrifying things in this world you could either run like Benny the cowardly way or you could stand and fight like Rick. Its sad yet amazing what he went through in real life. He could have ran away from Hollywood forever and I wouldn't blame him. But like Rick he fought like hell despite of the monsters he faced in his life.
Summer On Io
Summer On Io:
We adore Brendan. He was one of those famous people from the 90s that we took for granted.
Saguaro (Sa-war-oh) Blossoms
Saguaro (Sa-war-oh) Blossoms:
He never failed at acting. He just had to take a break. He's a GREAT actor and a caring person.
Elijah TheSamurai
Elijah TheSamurai:
Love this dude! Great person and actor. He didn't fall from fame he just had some things in life that were more important to pursue.
I actually like him. He was in some cheesy movies, but he seems like a decent guy. Would love to see him have a cameo in any movie nowadays.
Mr X
Mr X:
Says it all when his abuser stood there with Spacey... You could see pain and deep depression in his appearances after that, failing to process life's events that anyone would struggle to cope with.
Vic Sevilla
Vic Sevilla:
I thank him for the laughter and the joy he brought. I wish him the best and hope for his happiness.
Mental health is as important as physical health. He is a great actor. His movies were awesome.
Stephanie Stuart
Stephanie Stuart:
I wish him the absolute best in success and the best life! Cheering you on Brandon!
lily sudak
lily sudak:
i wish more famous people would be as emotionally honest. it would make the rest of us feel like having feelings wasn’t taboo. i’ve always adored him, he is a go getter, and a true human.
Brittany Cecile
Brittany Cecile:
I was at that interview, I was girl with the tattoo. I actually knew that his mother had passed, me and a couple other fans had given him some birthday gifts to kind of boost his mood afterwards. But the interview had been rescheduled due to the passing of his mother. We were just happy that they rescheduled it. Unfortunately when you have to do promotion for your work sometimes you have to put your personal life on the back burner. I'm surprised this wasn't known around the time of the interview- but I'm glad that people know now.
Jim Patterson
Jim Patterson:
By all accounts, he is a wonderful and sensitive man. From my limited experience of him via interviews, his warmth and genuineness comes through.
Darlene Kozlovskis
Darlene Kozlovskis:
Brendan was not your typical actor, he has character and morals...
Fuiyumi Natori
Fuiyumi Natori:
Pretect Brendan it's time we show this actor how much he meant to all of us growing up and we want him back.
Brendan was they guy I'd always watch as a kid. I love his movies, and Bedazzled is still on my top 5 movies of all time, I just love the guy and am really sad to find out about all this. I hope to see him back on the big screen soon.
Starling Swallow
Starling Swallow:
Brenden, we are so sorry you were assaulted. And for a man, I think it's just as destructive to men as it is women, especially since men are portrayed as being able to handle anything. We still love you!!
May he find the peace he deserves. Lord knows he brought us so much joy.
Opal Gwenevieve
Opal Gwenevieve:
He did not fail, he’s incredible and just stopped. That’s not failing.
Even Leo Dimamay
Even Leo Dimamay:
He did not fail.. He had given ALL of his best.. Thank you for the movies you made
BF is a Hollywood icon in every respect. Much respect to him
Keetah Brough
Keetah Brough:
Brendan Fraser. Wow. I’m soooo happy that you spoke about what he did, and how you responded. I’m so DAMN PROUD 🥲 of you. I’m also sorry that you were groped like that. You have an idea of what sexual assault is, by the film industry. Because let’s face it. The powerful men who own and operate the studio’s are like sex trolls, taking their pick of vulnerability, youth, naïveté, the vibrancy of humanity and exploiting it.
Marshal Phillips
Marshal Phillips:
I watched and listened. He didn't fail. He's still a success.
Harrison Wilde Official
Harrison Wilde Official:
Still remember him from airhead! Such a legend, nice and decent person. Glad the internet is backing him and giving him heaps of support.
Compass Rose Adventures
Compass Rose Adventures:
He had an amazing career and I would love to see him on the big screen again. HFP needs to own up to their wrong doings.
I love Fraser, he never failed as an actor, it's very unfortunate to difficult situations he had to endure. My most admiration to him ❤ and God bless 🙏 him.
Jamie Drinkwater
Jamie Drinkwater:
I love Brendan Fraser. The Mummy and George of the Jungle were two of my favourite films growing up. In fact I re-watched The Mummy not that long ago and it's still great, still holds up. Really glad to see him getting back out there.
Gabigou ʕ`•ᴥ•`ʔ
Gabigou ʕ`•ᴥ•`ʔ:
Love him! And I hope things go well and foward! He does deserve it :)
Poor man, I've always loved Brendan's movies. He seems so humble and is definitely a great actor. Hollywood is disgusting. Hope he keeps thriving. I can say this, I know what losing a mom can do to your life, I know exactly how he feels.
He seems like a really geniune, good hearted guy. When I saw "that" interview, I just wanted to give the guy a hug and say "Thank you for Airheads, it introduced a child Drew to Lemmy."
He left Hollywood for a while because he was disgusted. Then he came back. We will always love Brendon Fraser. He hasn't lost his charm💗💗💗
Joshua o'malley
Joshua o'malley:
I don't ever remember seeing him fall from my high praise I never stopped liking him so much Brendan gave me all these core childhood memories

Please Brendan from the bottom of every single adoring fans hearts we love you
Blue Fox
Blue Fox:
you go Brandon, your doing the best you can and that's all you can do.
The way this man could cry and give you second hand pain in an instant. Of course, he's sensitive. The best actors usually are.
Veronica L
Veronica L:
After watching this I appreciate him even more. Such an amazing actor, hard working guy. Wish him the best and much happiness. He should find something in life that will bring him peace.
One MercilessMing
One MercilessMing:
You NEVER "over-react" to having you person violated by touch, or insult, or outright battery. Hollyweird is just that...a place where powerful moguls get to indulge their weirdness at a person's--whom they perceive as powerless--expense. It happens in every field, and usually when the powerful perceive that you have no other options. To Brendan Fraser I say this: stand your ground. Yes, you may lose out for a time. But, the whole world could change in a minute. Just like the country song says. When it does, you'll find that there are far more options in life than acquiescing to the brutes. Your life is better than it would have been by playing their game, and your self-respect matters more than anything else.
Stanley Arrington
Stanley Arrington:
I miss Branden Frazier in movies I hope he return soon. He was and is a Great American Actor.
Rock Soft
Rock Soft:
He is my favorite actor, I am an admirer of his work and acting skills. Its heart breaking to see him holding lots of pain inside of him ,letting him to point of break down. I wish he gets whatever he is looking for and have a content life, full of joy ,happiness and good health. You are a gem and I always watched mummy for Frazier not for mummy itself as his contribution to the movie is outstanding. He totally come across as this handsome, sensual and sensitive yet charismatic person in that movie that he made me his Fan. Love you always❤ ❤ ❤
He is and always will be one of my favorite actors, it's great to see he's slowly making his way back into movies and shows. Don't forget, Betty White had an amazing career coming back later in life
One thing they didn’t really cover and this was his serious back issues. I’ve heard that his weight gain is related to his back problems, back surgeries and the fact that it’s really limiting his ability to be in shape, to work out and even move sometimes. Not to mention, regardless of whether his wife was an actress or not, his alimony and child support were out of this world.
I still love Brendan Frasier. He’s a brilliant actor and don’t forget people, we are all human. I’d love to go up to him and give him a big hug, and say it’ll be ok.
Brendan is a great guy. Love his movies and acting.
Diane Boross
Diane Boross:
Looking forward to much more wonderful work from Brendan Fraser. After a certain age, we are all survivors. You can do it, too. Hugs to all who are struggling with life lessons.
Justin Zipp
Justin Zipp:
He’s just a regular guy with a tragic story. I feel for him.
Abida Babida
Abida Babida:
Always liked him. Always seemed like a down to earth dude. Hey when my mom died i was a basket case for about a year. I don’t think his career failed. I think he was great, he slowed down as he got older and no matter what he choses to do he will always go down as a guy who made great movies, period.
David Rife
David Rife:
This guy is a heart of gold, he needed a break and walked away. Don’t sensationalize his circumstances for a story.
Israel Osuna
Israel Osuna:
Brendan, we are waiting for you to be on that big screen again!! You are an amazing actor and I know you will be back stronger
Karen Lm
Karen Lm:
It's sad that he would be classified as fallen from fame just because his life wasn't perfect. They can't take away his great film history. I watched this and then gave it a thumbs down. They didn't have to frame his life in such an unkind light.
Ferjam 74
Ferjam 74:
You're always one of my favorites Brendan! Don't stop!
He makes me wanna cry 🥺 I wish nothing but the best for him, he really deserves it ❤️ what a class act.
Bloomin Rose
Bloomin Rose:
The guy needs one good hug. He was one of my favorites and will always be
what do u mean "small tv role"? His role in scrubs as dr cox's brother-in-law was pure perfection and on of the best performance's in tv history
JD Potempa
JD Potempa:
This makes me sad. He always seemed like such a good guy. Hate to hear he went through some things
We all want him back 🥺❤️
Alejandra Walker
Alejandra Walker:
He is an Amazing Actor, his sensibility is so pure, intact and whole, that's precisely what makes an extraordinary performer!
I feel so sad yet I relate. Being molested harrassed or bullied is never fun and you usually end up blaming yourself and in a lot of pain. I didn't know he went through that and I hope he is doing well now.
Shell D
Shell D:
Has anyone seen him as Fletcher in “Still Breathing”? That is my absolute favorite movie and character he ever did. He looked good, yes, but the personality of the character, he was amazing at it. Many great scenes. Two of my favorites is what he said to the female lead when they get to his grandma’s room as well as the scene when they make out and he stops when it gets heavy. She is annoyed and he talks about how being with her is like a really good piece of chocolate. How you want to take it slowly and savor it. So hot!!! 🔥Such a visually beautiful movie with a lot of depth too, I think. It was an independent movie and some a little cheesy, but seriously, George of the Jungle, Encino man, Bedazzled , even The Mummy (and all the similar ones ) are waaay more cheesy! I hope he gets to do more roles that show he has brains and can be serious and charming.
I do also love him in “Mrs. Winteborne” (charming, witty, and cute), and “Blast from the Past” (cute, sincere, sweetly naive. )The scene where he sings to the female lead “On the street where you live”. Sigh....❤️❤️
He’s still a cute Teddy Bear now.💕
We love you Brendan, we must protect him!
jake bond
jake bond:
He is an epic actor. I remember watching my first Hollywood movie in 2nd grade, the mummy and I was mesmerized. Such a wonderful human being too.
Shivam Nijhawan
Shivam Nijhawan:
I love him. I always did and I will always do. He is an adorable man. I don’t care how much weight he put on or how old he looks. He is always gonna be my favourite. He is sweet, cute, admirable and joyful soul who have been through alot like many other human beings. I would never miss a show, interview or movie where I can see him perform or even talk for minute. It breaks my heart to see him so sad. But he was he is and he will always be super special for me. He has always given his best to hollywood in his good times. And He gave it all so generously putting his health in danger. But if Hollywood cannot respect that in his bad times….then the joke is on Hollywood not him. He is a true hero. God bless him.❤️❤️
I understand from what I'm hearing...popularity, health, sicko's.
I admire Brandon and his acting.
Sometimes I feel like giving up because I went through similar things when I was younger.. it takes a toll on you especially health when you don't feel well.. But I fight for survival...I will never give up!!!
Brandon is not a failure by any means. Just a kind person trampled by life in a hard world.
Tyler Young
Tyler Young:
Always loved him, in so many of my favorite child hood movies, honestly miss him and wish he was in more movie, Hollywood is so awesome in the fact that they produce such amazing content for us to watch but also sucks in so many behind the scenes tramatic ways!.....
He was a better father figure to me from age 10-16 than my step father was at the time. Sending back all the love he gave to entertain us is important people. Let’s support his films 🙏
He did great on blast from the past with alicia silverstone. One of my favorite movies
Michael Holmgaard
Michael Holmgaard:
He was the coolest guy in Hollywood during the 2000s. Nobody could touch Fraser in popularity, and it makes me so sad how he got ripped off by his wife and the industry as a whole. He was my childhood hero 😐
Karen Ruby
Karen Ruby:
He is so loved. When the world is full of worthless entertainment, He’s always been decent and contributes the happy times I enjoy watching my favorite movies. I would watch anything he is in.
Kumokun Domo
Kumokun Domo:
I love him! Even more because he's opening up and this is so important for fans to understand. He gives so much and it's time we give support 😊
You will always be one of my fave actors Brendan.You are great at this craft.You deserve a comeback..
Pedro Ramirez
Pedro Ramirez:
I still watch the mummy from time to time. He didn't fail. That movie is a classic.
Annette Hall
Annette Hall:
He clearly has a heart. I find him to be amazingly human. Others should try it.
Nick McCormack
Nick McCormack:
This guy still has millions of fans all over the planet who look forward to seeing him on screen again, but his own wellbeing must come first.
I looked up to this actor when I was a kid ; he’s one of my favourites , he seems like a gentleman
he is an absolute legend, i am glad he is gonna be back on his feet
He is still a hero to me. Was and always will be one of the greatest actors
Kathy Gurney
Kathy Gurney:
Thank you Mr. Fraser for sharing your emotions with us. We, the audience, get lost in the fantasies of the movies and think what a wonder life actors must have. But we need to realize that actors are human, with all the ups and downs we all experience. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
I hope he finds his way back to feeling healthy. He is a great actor.
Elizabeth Setlow
Elizabeth Setlow:
This video was very sweet and I am glad to see a media source be so kind to someone who definitely deserves it 😊 I wish there was a way to make sure Brendan was aware of how many fans miss and support him, even just here in a random videos comment section 😇🙏
Kimberley Girl
Kimberley Girl:
I really miss him! He’s deserving of more!
George of the jungle is one of the best movies. Every time I watch it, I feel like a 5 year old again. Thank you mister❤️