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The Rock

Project Rock
Under Armour

#HardestWorkerInTheRoom #TheRock #Workout

100+ komentarze:

Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson:
I will forever hold the rock responsible for who I am today. Man motivated me in ways you can’t imagine. 🤘💯
The Cosmic Guy
The Cosmic Guy:
We're lucky to have him in our timeline !!
The rock is one of the best role models for young men out there. In a world where the current narrative is against them. Listen to this guy. Hard work, motivation and believe in yourself not your group. The individual always makes the difference. You must be positive in your life to be able to be positive to others.
Joseph Luna
Joseph Luna:
If your ever feeling sluggish to go to the gym, this video should do the trick!
Chogono G
Chogono G:
Good job Rock! I put in work just like you do. Like all my friends and family do. I'm a beast and I'm bringing everyone along with me! Thank you for the motivation!
trina jettelson
trina jettelson:
The Rock saved my soul from crumbling
Now I'm back to the grind.
Jeanette Bonet
Jeanette Bonet:
Thank you so much for creating these motivation exercise video. You and many others have encouraged me to strive into working out daily at the gym. At age 60 I am more fit and stronger than ever. I discipline myself daily and make sure to have a mindset on my physical goals. Like they say no pain no gain attitude is what I strive for in life. Thank you for creating these encouraging exercise videos for everyone to use.
Jasmine Adjei
Jasmine Adjei:
This man is beautiful boy. Inside and out, what a gem, it’s like you can see his brain and heart on the outside, the human spirit is phenomenal
Khubaib Ali
Khubaib Ali:
Thank You for pushing me everyday to the gym.I wake up 6 in the morning because of THE ROCK.I was the skinny guy who works everyday to be the better version of himself.Thank You Rock for the inspiration.We may never meet but you played a role in my life. -Khubaib
Max Croix
Max Croix:
Man you are the personification of motivation! I love you bro!!!
Born Winners Mindset
Born Winners Mindset:
He really does follow his motto; Blood, sweat, and respect.
Wellington Aparecido Nascimento
Wellington Aparecido Nascimento:
Betão Motorista!
Betão Motorista!:
Esse cara é fera é meu encentivo pra voltar a malhar, Ótimo treino.
Mário Petráš
Mário Petráš:
Kráľ zvierat je odiagživv The Rock.
A dlho ešte buďe.🦍🥇
Joshua Martin Pryce
Joshua Martin Pryce:
We can all see that Dwayne Johnson worked extremely hard and fought alot of battles and prejudice from others in jealously and yearning for the same success that Dwayne Johnson has. Where there is productivity, there is animosity. I think the most important thing is to remember who we are and what we want to achieve, and then do as Dwayne said, keep getting back up and swinging. In a spiritual way, this is what faith is, its getting back up and swinging, its training to be a powerful fighter and then challenging the best fighters out there for the championships.
Pedro José
Pedro José:
Disciplina pura ai é respeito
Endurance - Motivation
Endurance - Motivation:
The guy who inspired me to start hitting the gym! SICK VIDEO AS ALWAYS!
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan:
Any time I go to the gym I always watch his workout routines and put it into my own and so far I feel really damn good after a Hard Workout #BloodSweatRespect
Jonas Pinto
Jonas Pinto:
Eu sou FÃ do Theo Rock há muitooooo TEMPO
chassis empenado 🔧
chassis empenado 🔧:
Muito bom parabéns 👏👏
Running with Craig
Running with Craig:
I would like to thank Dwayne Johnson for helping me with my running hobby his encouragement and the drive. I'm a professional runner and I have the passion to achieve greatness in my run he got me through park runs, challenges and now I am currently in training for my first ever half marathon 💪
vlasis kissas
vlasis kissas:
Let's go son!!! You'll be always deep down in my heart. Typing proudly with a shoulder injury 🤘
Nick Koryukin
Nick Koryukin:
I will keep thinking about the Rock whenever I workout, the more I do that the more motivated I'd feel
sanjay mandal
sanjay mandal:
like always my ... favourite... he makes me believe... perfection needs hard work... and hard work means the Rock..
Just what I needed today 🔥🔥🔥 These beats and vids bring me to another level mentally.
Scott Thorpe
Scott Thorpe:
Got to respect a man like The Rock who works as hard as he does in the gym and actually brings his own gym with him wherever he goes when he's shooting movies.
He's a great ambassador for bodybuilding and an inspiration to so many people including me.
Dang, nearly 50 years old and still keeping a huge build!
He motivates me to stop being lazy and keep going to my dream. What a wonderful man! Btw, I have full biography of The Rock on my channel. You can check it out.
Kh. Rafique Abdullah
Kh. Rafique Abdullah:
After DOING hell of a workout in gym, shooting films, maintaining own business how could Mr. Dwaine Rock Johnson so much smiling, charming and polite? Simply unbelievable. Lots of love and respect for the MAN from Bangladesh. 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩
Okuhle Sam
Okuhle Sam:
"Im not working out, I'm not lifting, im building up"

I respect those words🙏
If I saw the Rock at my gym I'm gonna be that guy that says, can i jump in with you on that machine LOL
I am fortunate to live in a world where people like The Rock exist. He motivates me and lift others up! I did extra two reps for/thanks him!Thank you and God bless you!
Mf Arrn
Mf Arrn:
Always motivated by him 👊💪
Isabela Seuane
Isabela Seuane:
Eu amo esse cara 😍❤️👏👏👏
At 3:44 - Ultimate Warrior chimes in with his always inspirational words that comes from his experience and actions. Word!!
mystic mystic
mystic mystic:
You are always looking awesome! Thanks for all your motivation! 😘
bruh what?
bruh what?:
The Rock is the reason why I got into gym he is always a motivation and inspiration to others like me!
green beard
green beard:
i always before I watch a video with the rock, I give a like to the video, because once the video has ended, I'm so pumped and just jump and get any task done
Bles Savage
Bles Savage:
Sir thanks for the video you've made it inspire me alot and I'm motivate by your hardwork in building muscle
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar:
The rock is hard working man...he is inspiration for all body builders..👍
Sam Ops
Sam Ops:
A Real Motivation And Inspiration 🙌
Ryan B.
Ryan B.:
On a rien sans rien !! 💪🔥
My gym has been closed for like 3 months and I'm in better shape than ever with home workouts etc. How bad do you want it is the real question! Thanks for the vids Nicandro Vision 🔥
Shivee Rawal
Shivee Rawal:
So hardworking person
He is the greatest of all time ♥️😎🤘🔥 love you the rock ❤️😍
brett whittlesey
brett whittlesey:
Thank you Dwayne for helping me!
thank you brother.
The King
The King:
Even if the rock was on anabolic.. It doesn't change a thing about work ethics surrounding body building, you still need to go in 100%.. He's an inspiration to the millions..
Jules Daily
Jules Daily:
Good work out bro keep up the good work & god bless 🙏
Ollie Man
Ollie Man:
I wish I had his drive and determination to be the person he is today . Gives me inspiration to be more than I am .
Sam Vukolokolojnr
Sam Vukolokolojnr:
My mentor mr Dwayne The Rock Johnson i thank you for your motivational words to keep on fighting it has changed me alot and i thank you for that Mr Dwayne The Rock Johnson...take care and God bless you Mana...👊💯❤👑
Brenda Crawford
Brenda Crawford:
Thanks so.much for your tenacity- keeps me on point now
Chris 7
Chris 7:
The Rock is always around hardest worker in the room🤘🏻
whenever i watch him i forget all the adult imaginations and i get motivation to workout
The fact that the rock didn’t make it as a pro football player makes me feel better about not going pro just proves how hard it is, size ain’t everything
Chico Francisco
Chico Francisco:
The Rock é um mostro 💪🇧🇷
Dawn Sabin-Simpson
Dawn Sabin-Simpson:
Nice motivation dude, we're the same age and I,ve been a bit lazy of late, thanks for the kick up the ass sugar.
Marcos Souza
Marcos Souza:
Show,Rock todos aqui no Brasil,te AMA. :) 👏🏿👏🏿👊🏿👊🏿💪🏿 Shap,Monstro.
Dj Alok
Dj Alok:
After watching this one thing I kept constant is focus💪
Cesar orlando Tejada
Cesar orlando Tejada:
Que buen entrenamiento 💪💪💪
Smbyrd Gregg
Smbyrd Gregg:
Still looking good. He just keeps getting better with age. Bless you.
Fitness coach
Fitness coach:
He was a very strong man 👍👌💪
Aine Lawlor
Aine Lawlor:
Be humble be the best hard worker in the room 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 THE ROCK
Andy Lovell
Andy Lovell:
Thanks for the motivation talk Mr Rock 😁

But you said your the hardest worker in the room

Fair play bro 😁

But after hearing your godlike voice saying all these great things

I'm gonna go out there and work harder than you 😆😆
He is a fantastic man, actor and has a great personality! THE ROCK RULES!!!!!
Raymond Shamsher
Raymond Shamsher:
The rock is motivation, you want a great body keep going at it dont give up
Rouby Lea Kaltenbach
Rouby Lea Kaltenbach:
Dwayne johnson ❤️ you are the greatest for me
John Johnson
John Johnson:
Talk is easy giving your 100% is different!
Love this guy he really give me inspiration!
Mr #dwaynejohnson #therock is an inspiration to many out there 💪🏽😎
Bharat Singh chand
Bharat Singh chand:
When I do workout I watch this this give me more motivation
Benjamin Tribe
Benjamin Tribe:
Watching this just made my biceps tighten up for no reason!!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾👍🏾✊🏾💪🏾🙏🏾😆💯
Gregory Crawford
Gregory Crawford:
I love this friggin country ❤️ It ain't perfect, but it's perfect for a bunch of rowdy outcasts like you and me. thanks for the inspiration. Keep smashing those weights 💪. Aka James Bond.
Bethany Hudson
Bethany Hudson:
A Great Actor, A Wonderful Man With A Kind Heart. You . ROCK! Dwayne.
Redman UK
Redman UK:
I appreciate The Rocks work ethic the guys unreal.. hardest worker in the room but what if you're the only person in the room. Mind Blown.
Rogéria Santos
Rogéria Santos:
Ummmm bommmmm muito lindo e muito forte
Esse cara é legal! 💪
Somu Rock
Somu Rock:
I love you Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson you are my inspiration 🏋️❤️
Cristopher Adams
Cristopher Adams:
50 years old today and still training... This man is my inspiration to watch wrestling and train every fucking day
Lucky to go to the gym! Still closed in France. It's the first time in my life I don't train for 44 years. The virus may "attack" me in the gym (at 6 am) but fear to go to the overcrowded subway. In the meantime I rewatch your movies :)
Silent Ghost God
Silent Ghost God:
I remember watching this while tripping on mushrooms. Made me push harder
Neil keshav Fotedar
Neil keshav Fotedar:
everyone listen when you get in a fight you get your ass kicked but get back up put the gloves back on and swing away and don't stop until you a bel but if you don't hear that bell then you keep swinging those fists no matter what just keep goin in beast mode and don't stop until you achieve your goal
Mike S.
Mike S.:
Be the best version of yourself!
Be the best you when You're half a century old!
Talk about walking the walk!
Makes me proud to be 51!
Go Rock!!
OMG my heart flutter bcz of this man!!
PJ Leon
PJ Leon:
The Rock was part of an time in history, men we're men, if you got it ash kicked than that was that, you didn't run to Twitter or commit suicide on live...I'm proud to say that following pro wrestling has helped me get through Hard Times, & The Rock is a true role model for men young & old. 👍💯
Ashley True
Ashley True:
I love how he shares the public gyms and doesn’t make it a big scene! Hardest worker in the room!!
Grande !!!!!sos un animal!!!!!🏋️
Dave Kenderdine
Dave Kenderdine:
DJ is inspirational to the very core!💪🏻👊🏻🙏🏻🦾🏋🏻💥💯❗️
Gabe C.
Gabe C.:
Tony Tejano
Tony Tejano:
someday, the pain will make sense
Robert Poma
Robert Poma:
Widać że na cyklach jedzie. Choć sylwetkę dobrą ma.
Aesthetic World Productions
Aesthetic World Productions:
Sick vid bro!
Keep going 🔥
He has 100 percent lived up to Arnold Schwarzenegger passing him the torch
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee:
I love this video. The Rock is 🔥. Very motivating
Boa guerreiro 😀 Deus te abençoe
Francisco Guerrero
Francisco Guerrero:
Crazy to me that he looks better than he did in his younger days in the WWE. When most men who are strong young don’t look as good as he does
IKE Bush
IKE Bush:
The rock is the reason why I workout more thank you sir
I wanna be like him when I grow up
Bruce Dee
Bruce Dee:
The only person besides my dad and granddad(RIP) that inspired me to never give up.
Steven Obitea
Steven Obitea:
The rock is a beast 💪😉
“Blood • sweat and respect the first 2 you give and the last 1 you earn!!”
Rev. Wrestling 2K
Rev. Wrestling 2K:
DO the work, get results!!!!
Twon-da Kid
Twon-da Kid:
Imagine your in the gym and seeing the rock in there