The Story of Virgin Galactic

From Richard Branson's dream to reality, this is the story of Virgin Galactic.
Imagine what greatness can come from the next generation of dreamers...
Watch the #Unity22 launch live tomorrow at 6 am PT | 9 am ET | 2 pm BST on

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Can't wait to watch this live. Best of luck to Richard and the entire Virgin Galactic team.
Virtual Willis
Virtual Willis:
I would wish them the best of luck, but this is about the best science and engineering in the world, no luck required! They've got this.
Edit: See, flawless. Well done Virgin Galactic!
Tom RS
Tom RS:
Godspeed Sir Richard Branson and the fantastic crew! Make us all proud! To the stars!
Kyle Billie
Kyle Billie:
The only man that made Jeff Bezos look like a chap.
Вперед к звездам,удачи Ричард!
Patrick Bivins
Patrick Bivins:
An amazing story. Can’t wait to watch you to take your next step toward your dream this Sunday. We are all cheering you on Sir Richard.
Бег это жизнь
Бег это жизнь:
Брэнсон проявляю большое уважение к вам!!
Столько лет жизни потратить и достичь своей цели..
Ты мужик Ричард даже в свои 70 лет.
Max Balandin
Max Balandin:
Сэр Ричард Брэнсон, мы все с Тобой! Удачи, будем ждать возвращения🤝
Shuchi Varshney
Shuchi Varshney:
I am super excited to watch the live space mission on 11 July!!
Virgin Galactic is going to make history!!

Best of luck and Happy Journey🙂
John F
John F:
OMG I got chills watching this, so inspirational!
Voltury Magic
Voltury Magic:
From Russia with love ❤️❤️❤️
Tanmoy Barman
Tanmoy Barman:
We all are praying for your tomorrow journey to space ❤ happy journey ✈🌌🚀
Miroslav Hristov
Miroslav Hristov:
I can't describe how excited I am. I wish you success, be healthy, successful return, and then to the party!
Pascal Calixte
Pascal Calixte:
Godspeed Sir Richard and rest of the crew.
Андрей Савинов
Андрей Савинов:
Sir Richard, I met you when I started investing. but now, studying your history and seeing what heights you reach, looking at your courage, I just give a standing ovation! Large! I hope I will tell my grandchildren that I saw a new era, an era of freedom and an era of accessibility of unprecedented heights, has arisen, thank you!
Удачи завтра! Жду не дождусь чтобы увидеть все своими глазами в реальном времени)
priyanshu kashyap
priyanshu kashyap:
You are an inspiration, Branson. Happy to see you going to outer space. Safe journey
Godspeed Sir Richard Branson and the crew of Unity. Can't wait to watch!
Sydney Heemskerk
Sydney Heemskerk:
This gives me goosebumps. I can't wait to see what the future holds
Murder Murder
Murder Murder:
Been invested since day #1! Best of luck to the whole crew!! Can't wait!
Rezan Invest
Rezan Invest:
Я рад за тебя Ричард. To The Moon!
Ready to fly 🚀😊
It took 33 years to make dream a reality. A new era begins - the era of space tourism
Khan Immran
Khan Immran:
All the best VSS Unity22 Mission team. Mr. Branson we’re waiting for your dream to come true and make interplanetary travel in coming future
Really excited to watch tomorrow, even if it is at 6 am!
Minor Technologies
Minor Technologies:
Richard you are true dreamer, i'm with you. Great job.
Alberto G.
Alberto G.:
Amazing! Ill be watching tomorrow without blinking my eyes!
Just a Man
Just a Man:
Удачи в космосе, привет из России)
Thien Pham
Thien Pham:
I cannot wait for 11 July - one day, I hope I will have enough money to go to space with Virgin Galactic. That would be a dream come true.

Go Richard! Go and live our dream tomorrow!
Just Randy - Stocks
Just Randy - Stocks:
It’s amazing seeing people inspired again, looking in the same direction and hoping for a safe and successful trip.
martin chishimba
martin chishimba:
Go Go Go Sir Richard, we are cheering you on here in Zambia. I can't wait for Tomorrow as you take off
Francisco Melo junior
Francisco Melo junior:
Can't wait to watch it and book my trip one day! Godspeed Sir Richard!
Info Hub
Info Hub:
Very moving! Such a great vision!

Way to go Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic team!
Blake DSM
Blake DSM:
Thank you, Sir Richard. You and the others are the pioneers that give humanity a glimmer of hope that one day our single biggest dream can be achieved.
Spencer Bills
Spencer Bills:
I am so excited for the flight this weekend!
Anime AMV
Anime AMV:
Желаем удачного полета!
Very inspiring. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow. I'll be watching.
Madeleine Julianne
Madeleine Julianne:
I’ve always wanted to float in zero gravity, so I’m excited for Virgin Galactic to keep paving the way for us regular people to experience space!!!
Дима Максименко
Дима Максименко:
I have been following you for many years, and admired every new step of your dream, for me space was something beyond reality, and now I will also fulfill my dream. I hope I will also see the cosmos and the stars on your virgin galactic!
Darth Revan
Darth Revan:
Class. Can't *wait* to see the live footage later today! A shame it's a whopping quarter of a million to experience it though. 😅
Luiz Carlos
Luiz Carlos:
Parabéns pelo empreendimento !
São Homens como vc que constrói o futuro !!!
Parabéns 👏🎈🎈🎈👏👏
Manuel Ignacio
Manuel Ignacio:
Best wishes from Chile! <3
Thank you for the possibility to be a part of this incredible adventure!
magic bullet
magic bullet:
Сэр Ричард, удачи Вам и вашей команде!🚀
Thank you Richard for inspiring us all, truly wish you the best for tomorrow. I really hope one day I’ll be able to go to space as well 😁
Алекс Пулин
Алекс Пулин:
Ричард, успеха тебе и храни тебя Бог !
Дед, я в тебя верю!!! Ты второй Гагарин!
Creepy Girl
Creepy Girl:
It's been such an exciting project to follow and it's finally starting to really bloom.
Sunset Awesome
Sunset Awesome:
Don’t listen to what BO has to say. Go have fun and enjoy your ride Richard!
Waiting patiently to witness history from Germany! So hyped. I love the time in which we are living. 😃🚀
we always love you!! virgin galactic!!
Алексей Митусов
Алексей Митусов:
Лети высоко высоко и мы все надеемся что и акции взлетят тоже очень высоко👍🔥🚀Удачи !!!!!!!!!!!!
Emil Glebashev
Emil Glebashev:
Зная Бренсона, главное что бы он дальше в космос на марс не полетел😂
Валерий Селезнев
Валерий Селезнев:
Давай, отец, дави их всех!

Ток не лети к 100км плз - иди по плану
Driving from El Paso and car camping overnight to witness this in person!!! I already toured spaceport america... I've just been waiting for this moment. So excited!!
Eric Lotze
Eric Lotze:
1:18 I love this statement, acknowledging your accomplishments without ignoring all previous work + knowledge!
Наталья Пугачева
Наталья Пугачева:
Восхищена. Удачи желаю сегодня 💪
Tot Kto
Tot Kto:
Ричард, ты - крутой мужик. Удачного полёта.
harry ?
harry ?:
I’m feeling inspired (and a bit emotional) just watching this! Best of luck to Richard and the team, hope all goes well!!!
Ричард, вдохновляющего полёта Вам! Мы в вас верим!
I am so glad to be alive today because of people like you Richard!!
Lewis Beldin
Lewis Beldin:
They should put a flat earthier on one of them flights
Arcz Angel
Arcz Angel:
This is awesome! Congrats Mr. Branson and the Virgin Galactic Team!
Telmo Dias
Telmo Dias:
Amazing! Congratulations to everyone involved in this magnificent achievement! 🚀
Matthew Tanyi
Matthew Tanyi:
You have inspired me sir. My excitement for your mission is one bright spot in a sometimes troublesome life. My son (and even myself!) may really go to space someday, which is one of the most incredible things I can imagine.
Alain Modaffari
Alain Modaffari:
Merci Beaucoup Richard, pour avoir accomplis Ce Rêve d’Enfant fantastique...
Awesome job, Branson. This is an exciting and thrilling moment to witness one of the most momentous achievements of human history.
SFS Delta
SFS Delta:
VSS Unity is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

Splendid paintjob. Iconic shape. Perfect
moe auto
moe auto:
Ричард красавчик, удачи 🍀 🚀
As amazing as it is, this is just a short trip to the beginning of space and immediately back as far as I understand.
Василий Вознюк
Василий Вознюк:
Класс ...
Ждём полёта 👍👌✌
Coach Cooney
Coach Cooney:
You’re not human if you don’t get goosebumps from this!! Amazing feat of engineering. Everything crossed. 🤞🏻
Артур Туршев
Артур Туршев:
Хочется поздравить Бренсона и его команду, хорошего полета и мягкой посадки 🤞.
Ad Astra
Ad Astra:
한국의 모든 버진 갤럭틱 주주들이 11일 비행의 성공과 무사 귀환을 기원합니다 🇰🇷
Justin Sweet
Justin Sweet:
Amazing and imaginative. Thank you so much for showing a great example of life.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller:
Speechless... you did it Sir Richard you did it, incredible! Bravo, Bravo, to all of Virgin Galactic on a job well done!
420 Blaze
420 Blaze:
I’m very proud of u guys . U bring a tear to my eyes. Thank u
Денис Васильевич
Денис Васильевич:
Даешь галю за 100😂😂😂😉😉😉
Vico - fertig gejammert
Vico - fertig gejammert:
Congratulation Richard and team. It is a historic day today. Thank you all!
Никита Плицин
Никита Плицин:
It's time to cry already? Really happy to live right this moment!🥺😂
I am me
I am me:
This is riveting, I have a lot of respect for Richard Branson and I hope the flight is a safe one. This is a historic moment and I'm eagerly awaiting the launch - only 30 minutes to go! Best of luck from Australia!
Давай Дед Бренсон, Вся Россия верит в тебя!
Come on homie Branson, all Russia believes in you!
Michiel Niesen
Michiel Niesen:
I wish you, the virgin galactic team and all the other passengers the best of luck for tomorrow.
Malan Bandara
Malan Bandara:
This gave me goosebumps ❤️
I bet the future is going to be exciting😍
I'm glad that I'll be still living in the space tourism era😍😍😍
Sanjit Biswas
Sanjit Biswas:
Include flat earthers next trip . Their reaction would be priceless 😂
Sheff A
Sheff A:
Used to love Going Live! Look at how young Pip Schofield is!
JAN 1729
JAN 1729:
Can't wait to see the launch. We are in the beginning of this new space era.All the best team Unity22
Jürgen Kaßnitz
Jürgen Kaßnitz:
I think it's great when some people actually manage to turn even their wildest dreams into reality - that used to be called pioneering spirit and discovery and that, too, takes mankind forward
Kah zoo yuh
Kah zoo yuh:
this felt like i was watching a preview of a movie. Can't wait for the launch tomorrow best of wishes !!!!!!
💙 It's easy to like Richard Branson because he's such a kind person and loves life so much.❤️
Просто супер))Ричард я в тебя верю))
Dato Berulava
Dato Berulava:
Дед, бери с собой Галю и повыше!
Under HisWings
Under HisWings:
Onward & Upward! Best of luck tomorrow Virgin Galactic team and crew . 🌎🚀
Andrew Parker
Andrew Parker:
This deserves millions of views
Goal + Action = Success
Queria ir junto, boa viagem!
C. K.N
C. K.N:
2:40 I really cried near the end of this (with the feelings of sadness, fear of the nxt, empathy but most important excitement). 33 yrs of a dream coming true. Godspeed Sir Richard with today, you truly are with the greats.
samar toor
samar toor:
A true legend! Sir Richard Branson!
Alexander Ivanov
Alexander Ivanov:
Ни пуха ни пера, Ричард!