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Insert Name
Insert Name:
This is why arsenal should play more youth players because some of the senior players are doing as good
Noel Abiye
Noel Abiye:
Tierney could play with shorts in Anctartica
Mew TM
Mew TM:
Arsenal seem to be back on track and aiming for top 4 but too early to say even though how close the table is. I really enjoyed the 2nd goal because it kinda reminds me of the Barcelona 2009 where passing the ball very quickly with no stopping. I may be overreacting but still a really good game for gunners.
I never ever want to see willian play for Arsenal ever again
Bro am a Liverpool fan and you just got to admire the football that Arsenal played against WB
Smith-Rowe was fantastic with Saka
H - Con
H - Con:
Willian was shite. He had one shot on target with his left foot and nothing else. auba was better this match but both would have Been outclassed by martinelli whom i belive is out with a slight injuryfrom the brighton match.
aubameyang has not been the same since you sold him on fifa :P
Bukayo Saka
Bukayo Saka:
I don’t know what you mean by lacazette has been inconsistent when he joined like in his first season he was just unstoppable but this season he hasn’t been the best but now he’s getting his form back now
Edis Lettuce
Edis Lettuce:
even if its West Brom, City Chelsea and Liverpool couldnt beat them, and Arsenal did a massive job today, they should take advantage of this because there next 3 games before they play United are Palace,Newcastle and Southampton, if they win those next 3 games, they have a good chance of getting top 4, so Arsenal if u keep this up, u can compete this season, imagine if they won the previous games before Chelsea, but hey things happen and u got to keep on going.
As a Celtic supporter I knew he would be a legend at Arsenal. He is old school and fights with a giant heart. Wish we still had him....lucky Arsenal, you have a born winner at your club. 🍀👍
Matias Carvalho
Matias Carvalho:
Tierney, Gabriel and Saka were the Best players this past months. Today they played as good as they had been playing all this time, but the differense is that the rest of the team were good too, specially Lacazette. Auba was the only one that didnt show enough actitud. If we recover the Best version of Auba and we keep this form and confidence, we are good.
Nice to see mgh happy again
Football Ndemedits
Football Ndemedits:
Right now aubameyang just doesn’t fit the system
The funny thing is that im not even a arsenal fan but i enjoy these videos
luca Smith
luca Smith:
You saw this with Harry kane over the last few years were he he constantly played while not fully fit. The covid break gave him his chance to rest. And look at him now he is back to when he was breaking through. I honestly think he just needs a rest. A chance to recover from constantly playing every minute of every game
Smith rowe is THE game changer for us!
Great win, ESR is a beast. Hyped for the next schalke career mode episode
Fun fact. Rob Holding has scored more goals in the prem than Kai Havertz
Rohit Kumar Sahu
Rohit Kumar Sahu:
Arsenal's so called "inexperienced youths" >>>>>>>>>> "Chelsea's experienced seniors"
Francis Moalahi
Francis Moalahi:
I don't think Willock should play a attacking midfielder I think he should be a midfielder the way he plays
Adam Stiff
Adam Stiff:
Damn really is a crazy time in the world arsenal winning 3 games in a row
I’m French. I’ve watched the highlights on French channel, and I can confirm one thing : Arsenal is woke up. Okay, they are far of the nice places. But it’s a very nice beginning !
dim gabr
dim gabr:
Pablo Mari is soooo underrated he is so good he is calm with the ball he is not missing any headers he has good communication with the whole defence he is just brilliant
Hmni Kadoza
Hmni Kadoza:
Aubameyang is clearly frustrated. A goal will get him going again. Look what it did for Laca.
eatsleeppk RS
eatsleeppk RS:
I blame Ian Wright for Auba’s bad form. He put unneeded mental pressure on him
Pavel Karas
Pavel Karas:
Matt please change the formation diagram, it used to be easily readable on a mobile now it is not :-(
Sebastian Law
Sebastian Law:
To answer the question why auba. You answers yourself we stopped winning when he stopped scoring. He carried the team on his back last season. I think he needs to be played up front as a striker in FA cup. Get some goals in and confidence boost and will start seeing the best of him again.
Cathal Mitchell
Cathal Mitchell:
I thought we would lose 1-0 to the shithouse but Saka Teirney smith Rowe and Laccazette take a bow
Sumthin Random
Sumthin Random:
3 IN A ROW? MADNESS. Its honeslty sad im even saying that
Kris Morton
Kris Morton:
I honestly didn't expect us to lose that game that's the first time in ages for me 💪
Arsenal Fan Reviews
Arsenal Fan Reviews:
What a win! Tierney, Saka, Rowe, all so good.
loved that game, tierney doing all the running, and as you said auba just is not lookin that hungry anymore
Pradeep K
Pradeep K:
The kids are alright!
Thuta K.Soe
Thuta K.Soe:
three wins in a row! let's make it four
Charlie TD
Charlie TD:
Does Gabriel play when he comes back or do we keep Mari? Do we put Mari rcb instead with Gabriel as lcb? Personally I wouldn't change the team but Gabriel has been amazing all season.
Tierney's first goal...WOW. He did it by himself. I expect Auba does that but unfortunately, our LB teaches Auba how to do it.
GRZEGORZ Bernacki:
Saka finally mastered his final pass and other's " young legs" sky is the limit for the team
Holy shit, I remember when you had like 50-60k subs, congrats on growing so much
Felix Walpole
Felix Walpole:
rotation is key mate. Auba is class, he will regain form. Martinelli you can't play 4 games in 2 weeks, you just can't
Duval In The Wall
Duval In The Wall:
Arsenal look a different team with ESR, Saka and Martinelli

Credit to Rob Holding and Pablo Mari as well, get Luiz out
Lorcán TDS
Lorcán TDS:
Sam Allardyce be like Arsenal are relagation rivals and he is doing terrible
That pic of saka is my new wallpaper!
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Great start to the year. Brilliant performance this. Laca on fire, Saka superb, Tierney again magnificent and my MOTM, ESR really good again. Auba shocking. For me he's finished and needs to be dropped for a while. Even sell in the summer. Missed 2 sitters and generally looks disinterested. Other than that 3rd league win in a row so onwards and upwards. COYG!!!
Today is pretty much are best lineup we have
Anyways I’m so happy that arsenal won and also happy new year mgh
Sam Lawrence
Sam Lawrence:
6:25 Lethargic would be the word
Brian O Sullivan
Brian O Sullivan:
Saka goal was the best goal
Kalyan Maity
Kalyan Maity:
Tierney is clearly the 2nd best left back in the league after Robertson .. since he joined
Fun fact! Tierney was born on the Isle of Man not Scotland!
Andy The Fisherman
Andy The Fisherman:
Smith Rowe broke apart their five at the back
Xavier Osseily
Xavier Osseily:
Matt congrats on making it to basically 800k subscribers
Mustafa Omar
Mustafa Omar:
Ye i thought we might fall so many times but thanks to everyone for playing good arsenal to win the league
Renato Avila
Renato Avila:
ESR better keep playing
Juan Ker
Juan Ker:
Nah holding didn’t have the greatest game, and pablo Mari is looking good but I’d still rather Gabriel tbh
Random Guy
Random Guy:
Big up MGH near 800K
This just shows how bad Pepe is. Saka has come into that arsenal team and made the position his own. Pepe has had so many chances and has failed on every one. Pepe is a flair player who is good on the eye but shocking in game
Smith-rowe us a good young player but someone is still needed to be brought in and I think aouor is still that person
IMO right now Arsenal should be looking to a CM to partner Partey when he returns, and perhaps an upgrade to ESR not named Ozil.
Noah Withers
Noah Withers:
We’re better away from home, we have the next 3 games at home😯
Armzilla 123
Armzilla 123:
Chelsea’s next game is against Man City so that’s good
Klas Berggren
Klas Berggren:
One step backwards to take two steps forward! Let’s go I believe
This kinda makes me miss 2018/19 United when a win made us really happy regardless of who it was against
I really don't get what you're talking about with Auba. What you said is right, for like the last 20 minutes when he was tired, frustrated at not being able to score a goal and had received a knock I think. He was good and active the rest of the game.
Alex Baikie
Alex Baikie:
2 best left backs in the prem both Scottish
I disagree of not needing another no.10 in the window. Yes ESM is a great talent but he’s young and has just broken into the first team. We need an established attacking midfielder than can improve arsenals attack game and creativity right now. Don’t get it twisted the youngsters are great but we need proven reinforcements right now. For example when Liverpool needed a CB they went and got VVD and didn’t rely on youngsters
Celtic fan here, I miss Tierney so much. Such a lovable character who got a tough and solid football education.
Matt Hull
Matt Hull:
Here me out,
This guy deserves 800k subscribers
Armzilla 123
Armzilla 123:
Matt is about to get 800k👍😀
Kartikey Khare
Kartikey Khare:
Now its time for a debate, do we buy or loan a new midfielder cause it will affect ESR's game time
Dan Fry
Dan Fry:
Willian, Wilock and Auba were absolutely woeful today. We looked so weak when Willian & Willock came on - they were so shit.
I finally have hope in my team for the first time in 3 years LOL
Matt you just need 1k to get 800k
Since Martinelli and ESR join the team, we were good. Martinelli showed them the spirit to fight and win the game while ESR shows how to do that. Saka also suddenly boost from just a good player before Chelsea's game to a better player and maybe to the best player. Same goes for Laca.
Rather than lack of effort I feel frustration
Daniel Justice
Daniel Justice:
when Willian had the chance to shoot the ball he did, but he could've passed the ball to Ceballos and he could've scored a goal or give an assist, it was such a good chance
William Ugbo
William Ugbo:
Mgh we need more career mode videos pls
Chris Powell 🇬🇧
Chris Powell 🇬🇧:
Easy match for Arsenal!👍
Lachy Mcguigan
Lachy Mcguigan:
Hussain Abbas
Hussain Abbas:
8:44 Because martinelli will get injured if he keeps on playing game after game he is a teenager that is on the back of a serious knee injury that has kept him out for 6 months
Yellow My Dudes
Yellow My Dudes:
@MGH your so close to 800k subs
Lewis Mct
Lewis Mct:
Great vid Matt
Alex Baikie
Alex Baikie:
The fifa downgrade was right on auba
Willian was still trash bro hahah
Harry Sargeant
Harry Sargeant:
I think your a little bit to harsh on Aubameyang today. He was still involved in the 3rd goal and had 1 or 2 shots on target. He is no way near his best but I don't think he was dreadful.
The best person to buy is Buendia because he can play as CM and if ESR injured, Buendia can take that position. We need a CM/CAM [2 in 1 type of player]. Ceballos can play that role too but Ceballos is not in good form right now.
Hate to say it though but Scotland is the mostly the same temp as the rest of the UK and there really isn't that much snow either the man is just build different
Tierney was like winter is coming
Herbie Wares
Herbie Wares:
MGH: tiki-taka. Guardiola: ITS JUEGODE POSICION!!!
Fazil Raza
Fazil Raza:
Well we lost 7 so today I thought here comes a upset loss and arsenal fan would be crying again
Bailey Elvin
Bailey Elvin:
Holding was unfortunately sloppy at times he needs to cut out mistakes when we’re constantly on the ball
Steve Banks
Steve Banks:
Plus bring back og graphics
Paul Frost
Paul Frost:
better back up goalie
Nick Ger
Nick Ger:
aubameyang is lacking cl
Kartikey Khare
Kartikey Khare:
Did you guys listen to jim beglin saying that our youngsters are so affective in matches its because we played in the europa league and gave them chance to shine
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo:
Mgh, you should go on TrueGeordie’s The Kick Off- top top quality insight and a great personality at the same time, would banter well with the lads
MEH __
MEH __:
come on arsenal we can get into a higher position
Rylen Leon Naicker
Rylen Leon Naicker:
Will you be doing transfer roundup this window
Do you know why I was scared we would slip up today it's cuz everyone was hyping up BIG SAM ALLARDYCE and I was like if he's so good why did he lose at home to Leeds 5 -0 but I'll give him props cuz he drew to Liverpool and I think Man city???????? Doesn't matter let's focus on our next game COYG
LiamC1805 Fortnite
LiamC1805 Fortnite:
I think people are forgetting that Aubameyang is in his 30’s so his legs could be starting to lose it
Elijah Thomas
Elijah Thomas:
tier 3 in leeds be like