The Tragic Life of Kurt Cobain

Enigma, tortured artist, music legend. For this list, we’re taking a look at the tragic life of 90s music icon and Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain. Our video includes deep dives into Cobain’s childhood, his meteoric rise to the top of the music world, and his struggles with drug addiction. What do YOU think was the most tragic part of Kurt Cobain’s life? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ komentarze:
What's your favorite Kurt Cobain song?
*He would've hated social media*
DIO The Invader
DIO The Invader:
It's not fair that my parents have this Legend and I got Bieber and Cardi B.

(edit: Oh didn't expect this to get 2K likes)
K.O.L. King Of Losers Music Reviewer
K.O.L. King Of Losers Music Reviewer:
I respect this man without question. Even at the height of his success, he still wanted to live like he was broke
He was 27 when he died, so if he were alive today he would be 53. Jesus Christ...
John Rotten
John Rotten:
Mom: Kurt you are worthless and I hated taking care of you since you were 10.
Kurt: Hey mom I'm in the biggest band in the world and have 20 million dollars.
Mom: Kurt remember how much I loved you and treated you the best???
Belmin Cikotic
Belmin Cikotic:
I’m a simple man, i see Kurt Cobain i press like
Temporary Bakery
Temporary Bakery:
Kurt was adorable, even as an adult
*Talks about super depressing and serious topic
"BeForE wE ConTInuE Be SuRE to RInG the BeLL t0 get NotiFied oF OuR LatEsT ViDeoS." -watchmojo
Nick Dask
Nick Dask:
He was a sensitive young man,he owned everything and nothing in the same time.He was alone....
F Moraiti
F Moraiti:
Courtney Love was the worst thing that happened to him...
Angel Keziah
Angel Keziah:
Two legends lost in the 90's; Kurt Cobain and Freddie Mercury. So sad.
Edit: Thank you for mentioning other great artist we lost in the 90s. It's just that I could not mention them all
Camila Carrillo
Camila Carrillo:
his death hits me the hardest out of any other celebrity, I wish he was still here with us
Glamrock Freddy
Glamrock Freddy:
R.I.P. Kurt Cobain
(February 20, 1967 – April 5, 1994)
He left us too soon.
Devin Luoto
Devin Luoto:
His unplugged guitar just set 5 new world records. Most expensive guitar ever sold, and most expensive piece of music memorabilia ever!!! 6 million bucks!! Fricken A man
Ashish Sawant
Ashish Sawant:
He was an enigmatic soul trapped in a tired , sick body.
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer:
He never should have been prescribed the meds for being “overactive”
Erika’s Mess
Erika’s Mess:
*Kurt was so fuckin pure.*

That’s why he’s still impacting people today, even the younger generations. It’s almost impossible not to gravitate and feel close to him because he just feels so relatable.
i would feel the worst pain in the world to bring him back
I Like Turtles
I Like Turtles:
This man was an absolute legend, so bad what happened
His death was tragic, his life was interesting.
Millennial Lane Toys
Millennial Lane Toys:
I have lived in Seattle my entire life; Kurt is a legend here. We absolutely love him.
Adam A
Adam A:
This man is the reason for why I ever wanted a guitar and wanted to play music
keviv 96
keviv 96:
"It's better to burn out than to fade away"
Pappa Molly
Pappa Molly:
I think Kurt just wanted to be loved and people loved him but it’s not the love he wanted. He fell in love with Courtney but I think she took advantage of him and it drove him over the edge
Chris Casanova
Chris Casanova:
The first song I taught myself on guitar 18 year's ago was," Come As You Are".
Jamal Vargas
Jamal Vargas:
Poor Kurt cobain his passing hurts out of all artist and don't get me wrong I miss tupac bigge Michael Jackson prince and Chester bennington but he was the 1990s
rriilleeyy riley
rriilleeyy riley:
Wouldn’t it be cool to say “kurt cobain spray painted my car”
Amina Jarra
Amina Jarra:
I’m a simple teenage girl, I see Kurt Cobain I click
R.I.P Kurt Cobain
Gone but not forgotten
Andrew Pappas
Andrew Pappas:
He may be gone but his memory and musical legacy will never be forgotten
Any true fan knows he didn’t take his own life the circumstances are just to in place for a murder
Fingering Things
Fingering Things:
Man is GOATed through his music, his legacy is powerful
John Gurnhill
John Gurnhill:
Kurt cobain hated smells like teen spirit
Tony Carney
Tony Carney:
RIP Kurt your a legend. So sad your parents were trash bro
Donald Lusk
Donald Lusk:
Kurt was a genius at writing melodies whether he knew it or not.
Mr Hamilton
Mr Hamilton:
This makes me love Kurt more, my god was he flawed, almost bitter at having to be famous for us all during his life, as real as they get - Look at artists now, desperate for attention.
Rebecca - WatchMojo
Rebecca - WatchMojo:
An interesting "what if" scenario to discuss: what if Kurt Cobain had lived? Would Nirvana still be together? Would we have ever have gotten the Foo Fighters? Lots of fascinating followup questions...
Al Rz
Al Rz:
He was a genius. RIP
Sylvia-Novella Underwood
Sylvia-Novella Underwood:
RIP Cobain

Such a beautiful man and a wonderful artist
Henry Peralta
Henry Peralta:
He's such a huge inspiration!
My favorite song is "Dumb".
Melissa Rivera
Melissa Rivera:
I have depression, bipolar depression, ADD like he had and hell I relate so much. Poor angel. His music means a lot to me. I fucking miss him

I think I’m in love with him, he was very handsome.
Mr.Knight The Detective
Mr.Knight The Detective:
YES I'm a modern Nirvana fan and this is what I need. Kurt was such a legend. My favorite Nirvana song is Breed btw.
senait h
senait h:
Typical 90s Songs :
1. I will always love you
2. Smells like teen spirit 😂
costco freezer
costco freezer:
breaks my heart that he’s not here and i will never get to meet him. he was such an amazing person that this world will never get again.
Mike B
Mike B:
Even when he was little he had that green cardigan
how can you miss someone that you never met? That’s what I’m feeling rn
Miral Calugcugan
Miral Calugcugan:
I didn't know him till I see him defend a fan being sexually harassed in the middle of his show. King moment 👑
i miss this man and wasn’t even alive when he was..
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson:
A legend. It’s as simple as that
J rsx
J rsx:
Dude is a legend. It’s 2021 and we still listen to his music.
RIP a legend like no other 🙌🏻
Chayton Ussery
Chayton Ussery:
Some people say he lived a life of sadness, some say happiness, but me, I see him as an musician that created music that is amazing still to this day. He was a legend that lived life how he felt would make him happy in his dark times, but never stopped making music.
Kurt was an absolute legend and icon. My favorite songs are something in the way and lithium. I always have felt a strong affinity to Kurt because I had alot of the same troubles he did going thru high school. Much love Kurt. You will never be gone
Shaine White
Shaine White:
It's such a shame that he died and I was shocked to hear how he died.
Erick Staver
Erick Staver:
One of the greatest musicians ever
RIP a legend. We miss you!!!!!!
Upon WAVs
Upon WAVs:
Kurt Cobain is such an interesting person to watch interviews on and research. It’s him and Heath Ledger that I can sit down and research all day. I bet, they would’ve been best friends actually.. Heath tends to focus on the darker parts of life too.. Very special and amazing individuals.
Fitness Knight27
Fitness Knight27:
I was 11 when I first heard Nirvana. Band has helped me cope with depression and past trauma from abuse. Absolutely love Kurt Cobain. Not only an amazing musician but just an overall amazing person. Definitely tragic how his life ended. And as clitche as this may sound, his legacy lives on. Helping millions with his music.
Jack Pfister
Jack Pfister:
Our little group has always been and always will until the end ✌️
I was born on 2/20/67. I didn’t realize we had the same birthday until about 15 years ago. Kurt missed so much. 54 years isn’t enough and 27 is tragic.
NO CONSENT Productions
NO CONSENT Productions:
He’s so damn beautiful!
So no one was concerned when he wrote a song called "I Hate Myself and Want to Die"?
Brian Perrine
Brian Perrine:
I remember the day they found him dead. It was the last day of spring break and I turned on the TV to see Kurt Loder talking about it. Then after a few months Hole played at Lalapalooza and the crowd threw shell casings on stage to signify her being the one who killed him. Nirvana got me through a LOT of tough times during high school as did other bands, but Kurt will always be my generations Elvis, the one who made their mark and left too soon 😢
Kayleigh L
Kayleigh L:
I wanna hug him and help him through his hurt
Shaine White
Shaine White:
I grew up listening to his music, I was 10 and whenever I was on my way to school every morning, I often heard "Smells like teen spirit" on the my dad's radio.
Midnight Harmony
Midnight Harmony:
It's officially been 27 years since he passed away.

RIP Kurt Cobain.
We've accepted that Carole killed her husband, what about Courtney Love?
Mr Hamilton
Mr Hamilton:
I was born after they formed, I still get lost in his music, smoke some bud, its magical.
The guy was a wonderful person but all be it tragity. In my mind because of his caring nature he didn't like to fight so when the devorice happened he didn't know how to feel or act causing him to become the he did
There's something about Kurt that just puts me to ease, such a nice and peaceful individual.
Sandra Hawes
Sandra Hawes:
He seemed mad at the world his wife tried to help him even sang faith song's for him
I was (& still am) obsessed with the point that my 8th grade English teacher told my mom it was unhealthy. I was instantly drawn to him...I connected with him, I felt, on a very personal level. I was crushed when I heard about his death...& still am. My 1st born was born late & just so happens, on Kurt's death date. "If you ever need anything please don't hesitate
to ask someone else first", *Even In His Youth, All Apologies, Pennyroyal Tea, Sappy, Downer, Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle, Floyd The Barber, Negative Creep, Curmudgeon, Lithium, Drain You, On A Plain, Blew, Sifting, Paper Cuts* (Basically the entire Bleach album) I mean, sorry not sorry, I seriously could go on & on & on! "Shameful as it seems.. can we show our faces now?"
All he needed was love and care from someone but he never could get it so that's why he decided to take it by own an it killed him...
꧁Mike Sully꧂
꧁Mike Sully꧂:
He was let down by society, by friends trying to do the right thing ending up doing the wrong thing, being in a band/career he was losing interest in, etc.
Plus the gear he was on flattens you as a person. He had experienced the opiate high and everything else becomes uninsteresting. But after you get dependent on the garbage even the gear ends up being something you use just to stop being sick.
❤Kurt❤ he went through so much. Couch surfing as a child that's not right. He deserved better he was a innocent child and a lot of damage was done. No wonder he self medicated. RIP KURT ❤ Prayers
Anna Guggenberger
Anna Guggenberger:
I'm so fucking sad that he had to die, every time I watch a video or film about him, I have to cry.
Kurt was a idol of mine growing up, one of the best if not the best grunge band of all time. There wave changed the game of music
forever RIP kurt
“Unfortunately he was labeled hyperactive as a kid and prescribed sedatives...he had a lot of energy....”

Um so you mean he was just an average normal happy kid.....that didnt need to be prescribed sedatives at all.....
Diogo Almeida
Diogo Almeida:
Yes, Kurt at some points of his life was severely depressed but don't take his work and life all as sad things. Later (when nirvana started) he was a really funny guy who loved to be with his friends. He was actually known to be such a caring and loving person with a huge sense of humor. Check funny videos of them.
Jabbar Muhammad
Jabbar Muhammad:
He's one of my favorite musicians
Julian Sanchez Thornicroft
Julian Sanchez Thornicroft:
Hes one of the greatest rockstars ever and this world will never ever be the same. Rip Kurt Cobain
Dhruv Rankawat
Dhruv Rankawat:
i wish he had found some woman who would have cared for him and tried to make a happy healthy person out of him,
Undefeateddawg TV
Undefeateddawg TV:
One word, Legend!
shital sapkota
shital sapkota:
Happy 54th birthday my hero ❤️ I love you man. Rest in peace 😭
akatsuki jutsu
akatsuki jutsu:
I respect this man so much he had such a difficult life and made something of himself and gave us beautiful music and even tho he may be gone this legacy will leave on
Jay Swillie
Jay Swillie:
🔥Northwest Legend🔥 In the same stratosphere as Hendrix. Happy B-Day 🎁🎈🍰🎁 I vision him still singing a sweet 16 wit a cold guitar solo up above.... Rest Easy Brother. 🤟🏾💯
Lia Crenshaw
Lia Crenshaw:
I was born in 98, yet when I watch the news talk about his death my eyes get a little testy. I love him so much.
I can't understand how his step-mother dared to say something about him when he said that she was one of the evilest women he had met.
Hailan Johnson
Hailan Johnson:
he seemed like such a gorgeous person
Rest In Peace Kurt. You are missed 😔
Jamie Justice
Jamie Justice:
When the reporter asked about the you can't buy happiness, Kurt's reply sounded like he was an evil person from those superhero movies lol
Hello Hello
Hello Hello:
If he was still alive he would have made 2020 better with his amazing music
Kurt has died for our sins and has become a grunge god!
Dean Predium
Dean Predium:
This made me 😢 i listen to to dude every day and my 13 year old daughter loves his music like me he will always be apart of of my life rest in peace my brother 🙏 ❤
Leilani Boudway
Leilani Boudway:
this is just of a story of a kid that should have been helped...
as long as music exists kurt will remain immortal. rip legend
Amira Foad
Amira Foad:
Seeing the same mischievous smile on his face as a child is so heartwarming.
February 20, 1967. That’s my birthday too. February 20, 2021 is our 54th birthday 27 x 2. Kurt missed so much. RIP.
The dancing Guardian
The dancing Guardian:
If all this did not happen nirvana would not have been here but he also would not have died:(