The TRUTH About Novak Djokovic´s Deportation from Australia

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Fred Bear
Fred Bear:
So the PM went to the Cop22 in Scotland and attended a barbecue with no masks being worn with people from all over the world. We couldn’t do this in Australia at the time.
The premier went to Tokyo to finalise Queensland as the Olympic host when Queensland was the only contender. She could have done this from home. Queenslanders couldn’t travel overseas at the time.
The PM of the UK holds parties over Christmas while his people are in lockdown.
Seems to me that politicians just want to have authority over us.
The current Australian Government won’t be in power in 4 months. The people will get their revenge.
I am only interested in one hypothetical situation ... If all the same thing happened in Russia, and not in Australia, what would be the attitude of the "demo(n)cratic" West?
Jake Caulfield
Jake Caulfield:
I just hope, human being to human being, that he is doing okay. I can’t imagine being in his shoes, regardless of your opinions of him.
Deport him for public interest criteria? Leaving he free for 3/4 days? Are you sure this is for public interest? Or is just a political strategy? Rio Tinto are you celebrating?
I have to say you have all my respect, this is probably the best vides on this matter i have seen. Completely agree with the point of view. Dj did mistake but once you get there with medical exemption you should be able to get the right visa. Moreover, i totally agree on the fact that roles are STUPID, with PRC test is the best way to discover if you have covid, not the vaccination in first place. we are all vaccinated here and we all got omicron.. so this at the end was a completely political matter. Incredible that for this reason the best player on the world will probably not be allowed to play in Australia for the next 3 years. ATP should react on this but it seems absolutely indifferent!! Sad for the sport and sad not to be able to see the best in his last years..
Rock The Ink Tattoo by Petar W Ilic
Rock The Ink Tattoo by Petar W Ilic:
Novak Djokovic - just before two years donate about 500k to Australia 🇦🇺 how I remember?! Isn’t that a same country who deported Novak back to Serbia 🇷🇸???
Why don’t you ask Nadal - how much he donated - anywhere?!
Shame 🤘🤬
The Greatest Glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall. Be strong Novak
Bo Michael
Bo Michael:
Once again, at the end of all, we officially found out that Novak Djokovic came to Australia by invitation. All his documents were correct, visa and medical exemption. The only reason he was deported was the minister's personal decision, explaining he was a danger to the public interest and health. At the same time, several tennis players (according to their own confession) entered Australia and were released into the country while they were Covid positive. And where are the rules that you refer to so lightly? It is clear that they were applied extremely selectively. As for, who did what before they came to Australia, it would be interesting to deal with the other players the way it was done with Djokovic. I bet we could find out all sorts of things. But Australians are not interested in that. Rules are rules !!!! Just for whom that is the key question.
I enjoy the way you deliver your views, very unbiased and in a casual human way. Such good videos, keep it up
Vinayak Mittal
Vinayak Mittal:
Hope he comes back stronger and all the haters enjoying him being mistreated just remember what goes around comes around
goggle boy
goggle boy:
Everyone in the the tournament has special treatment since australians cant enter their own country. lol
Zoran Milivojevic
Zoran Milivojevic:
"Well, look, we don't have to talk about it all night, I think it's the same for every area in life, I mean regardless of whether it's tennis, or another sport or anything else in life. We are a society, a comfort society. It is better to join the herd than to come out of the herd and say ... people this is not fair this is not true I will raise my voice and try to fight for someone else who is less fortunate than me . But many people unfortunately the vast majority choose easier. He chooses to just take care of himself and not others, and since we are part of an individual sport, it is somehow even more pronounced in our case. But well, I don't mind that, I know who I am and what is fair and I know that I fight that. I am a thorn in the side of many because I am trying to expose that monopoly that has been in tennis for many years. Few people talk . .. Here you see the sports media, tennis media, they don't talk at all about how many players make a living from this sport. Everyone talks about how many Djokovic, Federer and Nadal earn, but is there talk about the fact that tennis is the third most popular sport in the world, and that it is out of 10 in the world in terms of earnings compared to other sports. So, barely 150, maximum 200 players live from this sport, in men's and women's tennis. Come on, tell me 200 or 150 players in any other sport globally and see how much they earn.
That organization of players (PTPA) and everything we tried to achieve through this initiative and what we are trying to achieve and why we are advocating it is precisely because of those guys and girls who are trying to make their voice heard. But unfortunately they do not listen to them, because the elite will always elevate the elite, and that's how it goes in a circle. But that's why there is a little one from Serbia to get a little involved in this story."
as Australian and as someone who lives in Victoria I think that the way Djokovic was granted a visa and then deported was an embarrassment, I do agree that you should be vaccinated to enter Australia (especially if your a foreign athlete), it should of just been delt with before he got on a plane.
Ilija Stevanovic
Ilija Stevanovic:
L G:
Just imagine what would have happened if Russia or China would have been treated an australian like Morrison did in this case (applying the "rule of law" for "public interest"). The whole Anglo-sphere and mass media would have raged with ire and calls for boycott. Still waiting for honorable resignations from australian officials involved.
Australia:- In NSW atm it’s 8 times the chance of taking a bed in ICU if unvaxxed.
Most elective surgeries are being postponed because resources are being stretched.
Half the cases in ICU are unvaxxed.
Total of 6% of 16+ year olds unvaxxed
Total of 93% of 16+ year olds fully vaxxed
Half the number - 50% in ICU from 6% of total.
Equals 8 times as many unvaxxed per capita in ICU.
If you can't beat him on the tennis court,
beat him in the court room !
Sammy Jones
Sammy Jones:
omg this was excellent coverage of a touchy topic that got kinda hard to follow through all the media muddiness
Rosen Simeonov
Rosen Simeonov:
Novak, you have the support of all the normal people. I am not going to watch that tournament. Поздрави от България 🇧🇬
This whole thing is just....I hope this doesn't affect how Novak plays if he does. I wouldn't be surprised that if he does lose early or even in the final, people would blame the Australian government. Hopefully tho, Novak will remain humble.
JuGo Duo
JuGo Duo:
You‘re talking everything that i have had in mind. THANK YOU🙏🏽
pero pero
pero pero:
Enough already. My Granny could run the country better than those clowns. Any tennis pro who stays there now isn't doing, the game or the world ,any favours.
Angel Matos
Angel Matos:
Pfizer defeats the efforts of a GOAT. The event should be boycotted by all.
Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir:
When I was a young boy; employing great care and thoroughness, my parents meticulously taught me to understand the difference between doing what’s right and doing what’s correct.

Regrettably, three factors play a role here.

- lack of this knowledge between right and correct on behalf of the Australian government 🇦🇺;

- lack of common sense on behalf of Novak Djokovic 🇷🇸;

- human error on behalf of Djokovic’s agent.


1. Being prone to indecision; The Aussie government too did a, “Double Fault”. The right thing for the government to do was what they did namely, deport Djokovic back to Serbia 🇷🇸. The correct thing the government could’ve done was to SIMPLY issue new necessary documentation and problem solved. Common sense would’ve prevailed.

2. Novak Djokovic’s been around the tennis block enough to know what is and isn’t AND what should and shouldn’t be in tennis policy. My father always taught me never to assume because assumption has, is, and always will be the mother of all so-called, “Fuckups” in life, and this one was a, shall we say, a classic assumption. Bottom line… If you want something done right, let your manager handle it. If you want something done correctly, DO IT YOURSELF. Pure common sense.

3. Common sense states that human error is inevitable.

Had this happened to Marin Cilic, Denis Shapovalov, or Stefanos Tsitsipas, I can understand the government’s decision to a point. However, situations such as this should NEVER 👎 happen to a Djokovic, Nadal, or Federer. They ARE tennis.

Either way, history was made, but unfortunately in the wrong court.

Rest assured that this will have tarnished the Australian Open. People don’t come to watch tennis. People come to watch their favorite players.

My opinion.

Thank you 🙏🏼
Pero Juric
Pero Juric:
In Austria the vaccination will be
obligatory. PharMafia must have their money, no matter what.
Geeta B
Geeta B:
One of the unbiased video I saw on this whole episode.
Jes Salvo
Jes Salvo:
I’m glad you have a fair mind. The sports suffer and so does the whole world as this event and plandemic shouldn’t have been politicized. Only time will tell who is on the correct side of history. I feel bad for Djokovic for being made a tool of politicians to advance their political and economic agendas. The guy is just a sportsman who happens to be the no. 1 and current champ; he came to oblige tennis followers to defend the title; why do politicians have to impose their heavy hand ? You are correct when you said, they could have just changed his visa. But no, they wanted a stool pigeon to exercise authority over everyone. Can anyone see or smell global totalitarian rule? If you don’t , then you aren’t a student of history Economics or politics.
Chawez 123
Chawez 123:
Well done man, as I am huge Novak fan, your analysis is spot on!!!
Steve N.
Steve N.:
Man! Your Videos are awesome... There are a lot for Football and other sports.... YouTube really needed someone like you for tennis!
Thanks and Peace😄
To all who call him careless for attending some events while infected - he pretty much explained that he had several negative tests before these events only proven wrong later on by another test, so he was sure he wasn't infected. Go and remind yourself, how many times you went full quarantine mode canceling your duties after attending a place where someone got infected while haing a negative test on your hands? Pretty sure that NONE of you did.
I agree with pretty much everything you said 👍
Someone send me a link of what Djokovics dad has been saying 😂
Kevin Taylor
Kevin Taylor:
"Why do the protected need to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that didn't protect the protected in the first place?" - Unvaccinated 2022
Nikola Milinkovic
Nikola Milinkovic:
They put Anti Vax etiquette on him. On his tournament in Belgrade he offered free vaccines (6 types) for anybody who wanted to do it. You guys are all misinformed. Also there is not mandatory to enter Australia only by being vaccinated. Exemption was allowed and several people still entering Australia on exemption. And of course their Covid policy is right, they put all in jail and nobody would have been death.
God Frieza
God Frieza:
As a Serbian and a die hard Djokovic fan for almost a decade, I feel disappointed in the whole situation. A player dedicated his whole life, away from family and friends to live like a monk and train everyday. And when he can’t compete, his whole world collapses. I know he did some stupid stuffs and even dangerous, but from my perspective he did all of that just to play at the Australian Open. I wish him strength and courage to overcome this and grow as a human. I respect Australian government’s decision and good luck to fellow Australians for overcoming this pandemic sooner
Thank you for this clear video! On Facebook I was so angry at all the reactions of people who don't know anything about the case. They say 'rules are rules', but in the end politics won. The rules were applied by the first judge so if 'rules were rules' Djoko would have played. Sad to see politicians think politics is more important than anything right now...
Sofia Cardoso
Sofia Cardoso:
You explained this so well, thank you so much! I was hearing all the situation since the beginning, people had so many twisted histories, I want to share this video with everyone that got all wrong. I have been telling people who asked my what was going on and what did I think the same opinion as yours.
Simply an eternal blackmark for current minister of immigration. He didn't need this. He has no idea what he has done to himself.
Your video is very well balanced and factual. I agree with you that the politicians used Djokovic as a political pawn for their own dictatorial purpose’s.
Samivel Veerasami
Samivel Veerasami:
But they must have told / denied him when he applied for visa in the first instance instead of playing with his emotions and his fans emotions for nearly half an's shows how Australian government is not aligned with its other departments like sports( AO)'s their fault too..he is a great player and great human but he could have avoided this mess... someone else might be in his place of political chess's sad
Leonie Bachmann
Leonie Bachmann:
Novak, we love you. We support your fight for freedom and democracy.
marko sporn
marko sporn:
It's just that simple...Australia can enforce any rule on immigration as they please,if one doesn't obey one is not wellcome end of story
Samuel Young
Samuel Young:
There are many people who have gone through situations similar to those of Novak (in other contexts) in some cases repeatedly and ad nauseam. I respect the path that everyone takes, but in my case ENOUGH. I only follow the path that God has for me and I would not stop attending a game of marbles if that is where God considers me most useful for his LIGHT plan on Earth. I only try to do my life mission and with the desire to leave this planet, but not cowardly or kneeling before the dark leaders of today's world.
Andy Senad Bajric
Andy Senad Bajric:
Shame on the government of Australia!!!
C M R:
Tennis Australia (TA) is the cause of Novak Djokovic's deportation. TA was told by Border Force on TWO occasions that players had to be double vaccinated to enter the country and showing evidence of prior infection of Covid will not be recognized. This was ignored and the state of Victoria issued a visa NOT the federal government . This on top of Djokovic's actions led to his deportation.
Michael J
Michael J:
Renata Voracova should also have never been deported. A month after being allowed into the country, she was retrospectively detained, strip-searched and deported. Australia is not fit to host international sporting tournaments.‬
Issa D. Ace
Issa D. Ace:
Your reality analysis has forfeited its goal. It was not about the fact that he did not comply with the quarantine. It was political from the beginning, just that the other players were let in with the same exemption and then expelled after Djokovic entered says it all.
Vinayak Mittal
Vinayak Mittal:
“Blowing out someone else’s candle won’t make yours shine brighter"
j l
j l:
Such a shame!!!
sale plazma
sale plazma:
Novak we love you forever. Be always fee mind
I can't imagine how bad he is feeling now, he would have been playing for his 21 grand slam title...
Nenad Milanovic
Nenad Milanovic:
If the champion is the one who spoils that little ball under masks, it is better not to enter.
If the champion is the one who sets a bad example, then you have a bad evaluation system.
If there is truth, you have hidden it.
If there are words, then this is a shame.
If there is justice, she must have fallen asleep.
Don't turn around, champ, you don't need that house anymore.
Don't turn around, champ, let them and you look back.
If you turned around, champion, you wouldn't be a champion.
jot dog
jot dog:
As an Australian thought I'd add some extra nuance to the outage down under, as it was more the principle of the matter than the risk he posed (as he'd be in a bubble & not interacting with the public anyway).

The main aspect of it was the fact that if you're unvaccinated in Australia you can't partake in most aspects of public life now - grocery stores only etc. Added to this is the fact that maybe ~30-60% of a population are hardcore into sports, whilst a large proportion of people are into going out to restaurants/bars/clubs/festivals, and these industries has been cruelled by restrictions far more than our sporting events have been, so an ultra-wealthy sports person getting special treatment was never going to fly with the public.

Was it political point scoring? Absolutely - they should of never approved the visa to begin with in order to save this whole drama. And as one of those who does like sports I do understand the outrage, as if Nadal wins Aus & French open (now that Djoko can't play there either) it won't really seem fair, but on the other hand keeping the tennis record books straight isn't really the Australian Govt's first priority.
I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head, except you may have forgotten to mention the media’s involvement in instigating the hysteria amongst the world’s citizens about this pandemic, and the multitude of ways one can and cannot contract/pass the virus…and how much negative talk was coming from the media in Australia and around the world. Djokovic may not be the most loved player but he deserves respect and objectivity like any of us. Oops, I forgot that no longer exists in 2021. In any case, thank you for your objective analysis.
Fair play to him. Only one I see with a proper set of balls
Marie Prenton
Marie Prenton:
I think you are the fairest commentators whether on Tv, Radio or YouTube.
You presented the facts, stated your opinion but remained fair.
Corza 4x4
Corza 4x4:
I appreciate your comments
And your actual opinion 🙂
Sonic Duck
Sonic Duck:
2:57 is the reason why, HE WAS WARNED TWICE by immigration and he wanted to find loopholes to bring him in, he came on radio and stated he wanted him in the Open, don't blame the government, Tennis Aus does not control borders, they bent backwards and funded his appeal, they did not fund others to appeal.
Tennis Aus is the culprit and think their power and money is above the law, both the Federal and State Gov have double jabbed policies, the lawyers they hired have double jabbed policies, but Tennis Aus have ignored warning after warning, the fault rests with them. Now 2:57 is avoiding the media and calls for his resignation are getting louder. He 2:57 is the issue and no one else.
Fanta Sip
Fanta Sip:
I agree 100% ... BUT... you decide which Visa you want to apply for! If you use the wrong Visa form it is at YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY. Is not it possible to be given a second chance afterwards by being offered another Visa form!
Antoni Xyz
Antoni Xyz:
Brawo Nowak. Greetings from poland
Zoran Milivojevic
Zoran Milivojevic:
"With the ATP we have I think it is somewhere between 25-30% now I don't know exactly how much on average what players get is the ATP tournament. As for the Grand Slam, it is twice less. The average is around 11%, maybe 12%. I don't know now if that has changed in the last two years. In fact, it has changed in terms of increasing prize money, but in the last two years it's not because covid,however it's not going in good direction.The media only write about how players get a larger amount of prize money, but it is not written about how much, for example, the Grand Slam or some other tournament has increased its turnover.It is much much more than what was received on the other hand in the form of a prize fund for players. Accordingly, I think that this is a very sensitive topic in our sport.I never hesitated to talk about it. I think it's very important. I know it's a finger in the eye of many tournaments or people who are in politics or the tennis business who just don't want certain information to come out and players find out.But that's exactly one of the biggest reasons why PTPA was founded, and why that organization just has to exist. We don't have 100% representation and representation of players and players' rights.
This ATP system, no matter how much I appreciate ATP, of course it has its positive sides without further ado. But simply that system does not work. That has been shown many times in the past. I have been on the player council for almost 10 years so I really know everything. And everything has been tried but it just doesn't work. It's time for the players to make a bigger difference in their lives and to really make a step forward in the interest of the players. They just have to go together through an organization that is only responsible and destined to represent players, because otherwise we are spinning in a circle. Unfortunately, the players are the ones who have the priority to train to be dedicated to tennis, and this other side of the tournaments and politicians in tennis, the priority is to earn and then we are already behind a lot. I hope that the players who are not part of the PTPA will simply recognize this because there are a lot of some top players who are not yet part of the players. But I understand that everyone is waiting for their own time. Whether that will happen or not, I don't know. Everyone needs time to think about it and so on. But simply, the more time passes it has less time to change some things concretely, because various laws are passed, new rules and adoptions. Now we have a contract of 30 years. That thirty-year plan is actually a license that is extended to all masters. It is unheard of really! You don't give someone a 30-year license in any sport. You don't give them that guarantee. I think it's really something crazy. Then it's one of those licenses that they've now got a 30-year guarantee and their license is going to go twice as much because they will have a few more days to organize the tournament. Just to give you an example, from that license tomorrow they will sell that license for several hundred million euros, such as the Madrid license, for example.The players have nothing from that and we, as part of the ATP organization, practically gave them the opportunity to have a bigger, longer tournament and a 30-year license, and then they sell that license and earn only for themselves, while the players have nothing from it.
It's just one example, there are many such points in that agreement, which are really red flags in relation to the players. Not to give more specific examples, but there are many things. Only if the really vast majority of players, especially from the top, unite, can we do something concrete. This is how we still stand still, and that only suits people who have a monopoly."
A A:
Mr.Djokovic we want to watch you♥️🏆🎾AO
The best way is to remove the eyes that will be watching the open. The Australian Open will lose 5 sets of eyes from previous watchers.
The reason used was that Djokovic MAY be used by antivaxers.
hiren Drall
hiren Drall:
It was in the ministers deportation letter that stated that Novak was a man on good grounds(which means he had not broken any law), and that he was ineligible risk to the community(reasons made by the minister on the basis that he was safe according to the Australian technical advisory group). The problem he cited was that because of his wrong doings in Serbia last month and his statements about vaccination in 2020 and a BBC article about him that he is antivaxx, he apprehended that his staying in Australia might excite antivax sentiment. The ministers lawyer only had to show that he had made a reason because of something he perceived(the merits whether those beliefs were correctl/right or wrong did not matter, as it is in the constitution that the merits do not need to be right). So technically speaking(according to the rules and reasons given) , Djocovicis is being Convicted of what he had done and spoken in Serbia. The minster (according to law) only had to state that he believed in something because of something(and whether those beliefs were wrong or right didn't matter according to the constitution) and he stated he believed that because his doings in Serbia led to a an article on BBC about his anti vaccination stance and therefore it might be possibly lead to antivax sentiment(if this is true or reasons are good doesn't matter as he only has to show why he believes something)
adnan shihab
adnan shihab:
The problem is "how familiar you are with the situation in Oz since this pandemic started?". Just doing a vid for your viewers is not ethical!

Anyways there were politics, of course! Politicians will always do politics, no wonder! However, there are incidents where Australians nationals and/or citizens who can't visit there sick family members due to this to restrictions. How would you justify that?

Plus, I dont know which part of the world you live in. or, which passport you hold? - No where in the world would give you a correct VISA - on arrival - where you must need a VISA to enter and you got the wrong type of VISA. They will simply deport it.

Suggestion: Please don't just make a vid for the sake of making something. Please do a favour for the people who do not have the information and just rely on the YT vids. Nothing personal - just a suggestion! Thanks! :)
Servus servorum dei
Servus servorum dei:
Long live political influence in top-class sport!
So you're saying Djokovic is in the wrong, I guess you missed the 6Million lawsuit that Djokovic Lawyer's filed
Luke Wilki
Luke Wilki:
He got special treatment. Watch the TV show Border Security, none of those regular people get to appeal.
Hisoka Morow♠️
Hisoka Morow♠️:
Forever RESPECT for Novak, also Nick.
Natasha S
Natasha S:
The Australian Open Fiasco has been a total disaster.
Half the people support Novak, half are against him.
Who is to blame?
The Tyrannical Australian Government is to blame.

Simply look at the relevant facts below.

1. Novak and other players applied for a visa per the rules and guidelines set forth by the Australian government.

2. The Australian government granted Novak and other players visas and to lawfully enter the country.

3. Novak and other players applied for a medical exemption per the rules and guidelines set forth by the Australian government.

4. The Government issued Novak and other players a medical exemption after two medical panels independently reviewed and approved their applications.

5. When Novak arrived to Australia he was separated from his staff, personal effects including phone and was interrogated for 10 hours.

6. Novak was told he has until 8:30 am to provide additional information to the government. Instead, the government when back in its word and revoked his visa an hour before Novak was scheduled to provide additional information

7. Novak was put into solitary confinement for several days in a rat infested hotel jail along with some refugees who have been incarcerated there for nine years. The authorities denied his request to go to the home he had rented there. Novak had no access to fresh air or decent food as some of the food was found to have maggots and mold.

8. The Prime Minister boasted rules are rules when Novak had his Visa taken away after he followed the rules. The government set the rules that allowed non vaxxed players to legally enter the country. Novak as well as other players abided by those rules when they were granted a visa a medical exemption.

9. Novak and his attorneys filed an appeal of the decision and both Novaks lawyers and the governments lawyers presented their evidence to the court. Novak won the hearing as the judge ruled in his favor and he was released from detention.

10. The government made the decision to throw out the decision of the judge and revoke Novaks visa for a second without a proper hearing or allowing Novak and his attorneys to make a presentation of their case and Novak was placed back in detention.

11. The government deliberately waited until late Friday afternoon for the sole purpose of not allowing Novak adequate time to appeal the decision.

12. The three spineless judges in the final appeal refused to reinstate Novaks visa claiming they had no authority to override the precious decision revoking Novaks visa.

If the government was going to deny Novak a visa and medical exemption, it should have been at the location of departure in Spain, not the location of arrival in Australia.

Since the Prime Minister boasted rules are rules, a few questions need to be answered.

Why did the government issue Novak a medical exemption for travel?
Why did the government issue Novak a visa?
Why did the government tell Novak he was allowed to travel to Australia?
Why were other players issued a visa and medical exemption?
Why did the government target only Novak?
Why was Novaks visa revoked?
Why was Novak forced into a prison like motel instead of the home he rented along with refuges, some who have been detained there for nine years?
Why was Novak served food infested with mold and maggots?
9. Why was the judge overruled?
10. Why did the government wait until the end of the day on Friday to overturn the judge?
11. Why did the government cancel Novaks visa an hour before he was allowed to present his case as promised by the government?
12. Why did the judge overturn the governments decision?
13. Why have an appeal process if you are simply going to overrule a decision by a judge against the government?
14. Why have a judge if you are simply going to reverse a decision by him the government doesn’t like?
15. Why did three judges agree to hear Novaks appeal when they know beforehand they could not reverse the previous decision?

The Australian government have been unprofessional, unethical, dishonest, and disingenuous. It is quite obvious to any objective person that the Australian Government lured Novak into the country to humiliate him and make an example out of him.
This totalitarian government has had their police beat protestors and kept their citizens into forced compliance and submission to their rule for the last two years and the last thing they want is for anyone challenging their rules.
What does it say about a government that keeps refugees in prison for nine years waiting for a hearing? It speaks volumes about the Marxist authoritarian government who has zero concern about human rights.
Shamefully, the Australian Government in collusion with their puppet media has made Novak the scapegoat in a desperate attempt to cover up their disgusting and incompetent behavior.

Novak is at fault for one thing. One box was check incorrectly on his from regarding travel. However, that is not really that relevant since it would not have adversely impacted him getting a visa.

People saying that Novak knew the rules and blaming him is not a valid point. Part of the rules was for players who are not vaxxed to apply and get a medical exemption and visa. Novak followed these rules as well as other players and they got their visas and medical exemptions by following the rules.

The Australian people are also to blame because…
They foolishly elected their leaders
They didn’t have the collective brains and backbone to stand up against tyranny.
They foolishly gave up their guns years ago sealing their fate as submissive servants to their dictators.
They accept and tolerate their fate as submissive drones in their society.

If you Aussies want to be mad at anyone, then start with your tyrannical government that enslaved you into blind submission.
Also, be angry with yourselves for being submissive sheep and not having the collective brains and backbone to stand up to this tyranny. Any fool can make a rule and a bigger fool will follow

Novak has a Tesla brain & Serbian balls
Intellectually speaking…..
Novak is playing grandmaster chess.
Aussies are playing beginner checkers.

Sounds pretty fair to me. No individual can ever matter more than the majority, in a functioning democracy. Especially a foreigner. Last time I looked, free elections? Check. Freedom against a democratic backdrop doesn’t mean we will always agree, but it means successful transition of power after the majority votes. And while those elected are serving us, trusted with a mandate to make the decisions to protect our country during their tenure, we support that. Any debate is welcome, but must remain peaceful. That’s the beautiful essence of Australia.

Embarrassing for Novak.

But he came on a conditional visa. Doesn’t matter what Tennis Australia decides, after all it’s just a bunch of tennis players, organising an event. In the end, the federal government get to decide who comes and goes.
He also has a diplomatic passport
Chaser Malloy
Chaser Malloy:
It was exactly the principal of the matter as Joe S says. All the nonsense posted here by everyone ignoring the facts is just typical internet stupidity. ' He was approved for entry " Yes, he was... based on an exemption application which contained dishonesty. He'd been in Spain a week before and did not disclose it as is required. Pretty sure I'd remember if I was in Spain last week so " oversight " doesn't cut it. That's just one issue. ( Incidentally his entry to Spain as most would know by now was also in contravention of Spain's covid regulations ) Now there's talk that he's going to sue the Australian government. What basis " I entered the country improperly by telling lies and they threw me out " Sounds like a strong case. jeez
Akshay Suvidha
Akshay Suvidha:
Totally unfair !😢😢
Hiwatt Marshall
Hiwatt Marshall:
Djokovic was cleared to play by two independent medical panels and was subsequently granted a visa- he played by Australia's rules. That would have been difficult to do if he could not prove his medical issues were valid. One can go down the road that maybe he erred by the interview when he had Covid in Dec, but that's beside the point. He was SCREWED by the Australian Federal Government to make a point and to assuage the sensitivites of the Australian people who were upset by his perceived favoritism. Plain and simple. 

He was grossly mistreated, and IMHO this will be the final verdict. If I were him, visa availability or not, I would never set foot in Australia again.
J Bidell
J Bidell:
Good point about getting a PCR test to enter the country. If negative, that might have put all the other missteps by both Australian Tennis and Djokovic himself in the background. Let the matches begin!
Alexandra L
Alexandra L:
Funny how Novak stood against Rio Tinto. Have u ever wondered how lithium is the new oil?
But yeah not isolating was stupid of him.
Bottom line, we have not vax mandatory policy in Australia. Nobody should be coerced into vax. Rules are rules.
Patrik Hidefjäll
Patrik Hidefjäll:
Novak should be free to decide if he jabs or not, it should be his own decision that should be no one elses business. The whole covid theater is entirely unwarranted.
SamyK Queen
SamyK Queen:
All he ever wanted was the play tennis the way they treated is absolutely disgusting he didn’t deserve to be treated the it’s really sad have the prime minister had to share it to the public I hope Djokovic will be okay I pray for him ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tony Gregoriadis
Tony Gregoriadis:
Guys,you need to separate some things. He had covid-19 so he was safe for "ausyralian people". He broke law in Serbia? That is problem of serbian police/law. Its not on you to decide what other country is going to do. Law is simple in that part... he had every document that was needed and he was approved by special comision in australia and he won in court. Judge said he is CLEAR. Then 1 guy decided to use his special right to kick him out of country. Its clear as it can be. I feel realy bad about australians... they are being treathed as idiots by autoritis and they are frustrated so lets get it out on someone. You have every day 45 000 covid-19 cases and you think NOVAK DJOKOVIC will kill you? F you cant see threw this situation whats going on then i feel realy sorry.
P. S
P. S:
I wonder if the Djokovic scandal is good or bad for Australian tourism and export and how the country is viewed upon from abroad?
Delpo FTW
Delpo FTW:
Unlike the other various Djokovic debacles, I think this one ended with Djokovic gaining support instead of losing it.
S S:
Thanks you australia djokovic never back alone✊✊✊✊✊
Digita Digita
Digita Digita:
This is already the most memorable Australian in history even before the first match. Forget Nadal vs Djokovic in 2012 at Centre Court. How about Hawke and Djokovic in 2022 in Court of Law.
So i will not Watch the AO, its a shame. You are the best Novak and we love you!
Why you dont belive that he could go for covid-19 ? He just needed to get with someone who is already sick to get it. It seems cool. He is young and strong,he pissed on covid 19 easly
James Lyndon
James Lyndon:
Last year Novak Djokovic spoke out against a $2.5billion investment for one of Australia’s largest corporations Rio Tinto that is set to destroy vast areas of nature in his home country. Corporate interests call the shots in Australian politics just like any other Western country. If you don’t play ball with them, you don’t play tennis, end of.
EnderSaur PvPs
EnderSaur PvPs:
He absolutely deserved it. Stop the cap
Hever Morales
Hever Morales:
Some others tennis players had medical granted permission but he became a political tool!
Rodrigo Bertoncini Dias
Rodrigo Bertoncini Dias:
Eu queria que o djokovic jogasse o torneio e sou favorável às vacinas
Renáta Winklerová Kiššíková
Renáta Winklerová Kiššíková:
Dostať sa z najväčšieho lágra na svete ako morálny víťaz vôbec nie je zlé
It's obvious if they canceled two times visa which they already approved by their institutions both times. They tried so hard finding hole in the law, at the end his accused for presence in the country a threat of spreading dissent. Banana country.
M Sem
M Sem:
Nice story dude. I'm a huge Djokovic fan...

...but the reality was that Djokovic didn't apply for the wrong Visa. He applied for the right Visa, but stated he had an exemption to the double vaccination requirement for entry into Australia. However, having COVID-19 in the past 6 months isn't an acceptable reason to enter Australia unvaccinated.

It was Tennis Australia that gave him a medical exemption to "play" in the tournament, which was required under state law that all players to be vaccinated. However, the tournament/state govt doesn't issue Visa entries to Australia.

The BIG mistake of Tennis Australia was not combining the tournament's state government's tournament health requirements with the federal government's immigration requirements.

D'oh, what a mistake to make.

But unfortunately Djokovic made the biggest mistake - unlike the 99 of the other top 100 that either got vaxxed or the one unvaxxed that stayed in the USA.

What a shame... 😷
Patrick Duni
Patrick Duni:
Thanks for what you are Novak ! Interesting analysis. For other information: Valneva has succeeded in its phase 3, 1st French Covid vaccine, safe traditional technology with inactivated virus, very few side effects, resistant to variants. Care exists (Vit.D, IVM...) C EARLY 19 site.
Iva V
Iva V:
Above all ... In the Anglo-Saxon world, success is not forgiven, especially NOT from a small, beautiful, great as Serbia is ...
Grande Mr Novak Djokovic .., hats off !!
6:40 Zverev would also be Nummer 1 if he wins the AO
Aromaticni Pokloni
Aromaticni Pokloni:
it's not the first time he's been sabotaged ... better than deportation than ending like this
Milan S
Milan S:
First: since you don’t know much about the science, let me fill you in: percentage of population vaccinated has no correlation to the spread of COVID. A study examining 68 countries worldwide and almost 3000 counties in the US shows this. Furthermore, natural immunity is far more effective than vaccination-acquired immunity if that vaccinated person hasn’t had covid in the past. If that person has, he/she/they has marginally better immunity than someone with only natural immunity. The entire vax vs anti-vax issue is no longer one of science but of politics and oppression. No sane observer of the scientific studies out there can justify a vaccine mandate anymore.

Second: Djokovic didn’t get deported because of his activities in Belgrade surrounding his test (which were obviously regrettable and poor judgement on his part!), but because the AUS gvt’s lawyer claimed he would stir anti vax sentiment and that this is a risk to public health. Which is not only nonsense but also was not backed up with any evidence! The minister was allowed to use “common sense” in his judgement which is an absolute disgrace and puts Australia on the level of a banana republic.