The Truth About Upskirting | Sex & Lies

'Upskirting' is not a sexual offence in England and Wales, but why? Poppy Begum meets victims and police to explore the rise of this act in Britain today.

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Takes inappropriate, unsolicited photo = meh. Touches belly = sexual assault. Edit: to be clear both are wrong. I was making fun of the laws.
If sharing someone's nudes without their consent is illegal then this is pretty much the same
if you think upskirting is harmless fun, i think you need to reevaluate your life tbh
That black mama was ready to start swinging. Queen.
Ishishark Ishishark
Ishishark Ishishark:
I was upskirted when i was only 9 years old..We were in Vatican city inside of the Sistine Chapel (WHERE PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED BTW) and this guy was holding his phone upside down right below my skirt. I moved away and he followed me. I didn't really notice or think it was bad because I was so innocent at the time. Looking back, it just disgusts me how people would do this to CHILDREN.
Jun Koyaki
Jun Koyaki:
and then my mom be like, "why dont u wear skirts or dresses??"
Olivia Ocampo
Olivia Ocampo:
I always wear shorts under my skirt, not because of this problem though. I just feel sort of naked without them, I mean I feel more at ease with them on, and I don't have to worry about if a strong breeze exposes me, or if I'm sitting in a way that shows underneath my dress. Never encountered this problem, though. I use public transport all the time, then again, I live in America, not London so it seems it's a bigger problem there and most men don't see a problem :/
Shamz Xx
Shamz Xx:
If the police told the man to delete it,, couldn’t that man could of simply go on his recently deleted 🤭
Crystal Bolton
Crystal Bolton:
"Is this harmless fun?" Wtf? How can anyone think it's harmless? It should have been made a sexual offense when it first started!
Got7 Jackson
Got7 Jackson:
In Japan you can't turn the shutter sound off since upskirt stunts like this are so common there
Krafty Kreator
Krafty Kreator:
That poor girl! I felt especially bad for her, she felt especially violated because she thought he was her friend. I hope she's getting counseling. I can't walk anymore but I would seriously be upset if someone took a photo or video. Sick peeping toms, this is exactly like peeping toms except no house, of course. And no laws to protect women or any recourse of action of these sicko getting arrested or at least fined.
Upskirting should have the same penalties as publishing nudes without consent. Sexual assault without contact, not the correct line to take. Else we will end up having to ask permission to say ‘you are looking good today’.
AN Dromeda
AN Dromeda:
Common sense will tell you, it's serious sexual offense😒
Sohan Turtorial
Sohan Turtorial:
Why the hell do people even achieve in upskirting.Its not like the photo is going to turn u on or anything.There's a ton of porn in the internet that would be much better.
Also as far as I know taking a pornographic picture of someone without their consent is illegal so isn't upskirting already illegal?
Vanessa Krauss
Vanessa Krauss:
On the plus side, I am glad that a man could feel comfortable reporting sexual harassment and it being taken seriously! (Now if only upskirting was taken more seriously.)
Joey bean _Jojo
Joey bean _Jojo:
If boys or girls like someone, ask them out or compliment them in an appropriate way. Don’t upskirt them. If someone did that to me, they would walk away with a large shard of their phone in their hand, a black eye, and three broken ribs. I would proudly go to jail for murdering a creepy person who upskirts people.
This reminds me of when a guy sat next to me on a full bus. At first he kept his legs almost pressed to mine and as I shuffled it further away he would lean in more. The more I moved my legs away, the more he would lean it towards me. Although I was annoyed with it, I didn't think it was THAT bad at the time. He did is so subtly that I was scared to speak up (so annoyed now). But what made the situation worse is that as we all got off the bus, he asked for my number. It was at that moment I realised how disgusting it was. I really do wish I told him off harshly. It may not be bad as upskirting, but it shows the subtle lengths people would go to.
I am girl and we should not have to worry about being up skirted or raped and so much more
I didn’t even know this was a thing, and also usually my female friends wear safety shorts when they wear a skirt
Parsa Tayebi
Parsa Tayebi:
Hold on, if you touch someone, it's automatically sexual assault?
Gia The Sweet Potato
Gia The Sweet Potato:
The worst part about upskirting is how easy it can be to ruin a person's reputation with a photo like that.
Lee Chapman
Lee Chapman:
Being a father of two daughters makes me feel a little worried for them and the personal space.
I think taking such photos, whether for fun or other reasons should be against the law and if the person is arrested they should be fined on the spot, if the person tries again and is caught, they should have their mobile taken and reset and the person should be in jail for one month
So the guy who touched someone's belly got arrested for sexual assault, but the guy from that girls story who upskirted her got off with a warning? Like yeah, having your belly touched by a stranger can be uncomfortable, but so does getting touched anywhere by a stranger really.
Toby Firman
Toby Firman:
how can someone get arrested for sexual assault by touching another persons belly but get let off for taking a picture up someones skirt? the logic used behind our police force is 0.
this happens to me all the time by women when i'm wearing a kilt
Daniel Dionne
Daniel Dionne:
I remember when I used to dream about looking up a girls skirt...

When I was 11.
Amelia Brunning
Amelia Brunning:
Happily, upskirting was made an imprisonable offence as of April 12 2019
Akshay 28392
Akshay 28392:
It's definitely not harmless fun, it's a serious sexual offence.
Why would you upskirt?
You can't even see the face and it's only the panties.
Might as well just search on Google smh
Si V
Si V:
Em, or you could just wear trousers like a sensible person, and stop always trying to make yourself out to be a victim.
Athena Daudelin
Athena Daudelin:
7:16 that ladies hair... one chunk of it is like 2 inches longer than the rest... 😂😂😂
This happened to me. I was 8 years old. My older cousin did it, I was wearing my school dress. My family saw, and laughed.
Reese Surace
Reese Surace:
So the guy who takes pictures up skirts didn’t get arrested but the bloke who poked some guy in the belly get arrested, something not right about that!!!
Jami Christine
Jami Christine:
Harmless fun is when you are playing with someone, push them and they accidentally get hurt. There was no real harm intended. Upskirting isn't harmless fun. It's taking away a woman's consent for a photo. If this shit were happening with men, then it would've had a huge public outrage.
Mosed -
Mosed -:
Well the actor already took the upskirt of the reporter, might as well share it with boys.
Lavandere Fox
Lavandere Fox:
I remember when I was a kid there was this online game about taking upskirts....disgusting.
Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson:
"Oh I'm really like, pissed off because it happens like all the time." BOLLOCKS I've never seen anyone up skirting. Known anyone whose done it or anyone that it's happened to.
nicole taylor
nicole taylor:
who touches a random persons belly because they like them
Alexa Millan
Alexa Millan:
That’s why I always wear shorts under a dress or skirt yeet
Y’all should do the same 👏🏻😎
Those athlete shorts :)
Grinding again people should be illigal aswell.. like if u agree
1inatrills Sr-71
1inatrills Sr-71:
So wait a minute someone watched a person on the train film up someone's skirt for stop after stop without saying a word?! The girl said that she waited it out until her stop? what a coincidence that the person who she said witnessed it all just happened to get off at the same stop? Then asked and i quote did you know that man? as he was filming up your skirt! Who knows someone that films up people's skirts why would someone ask you if you know a person that does that??? Sounds to me like the woman just made up a story!
George Russell fan 63
George Russell fan 63:
Mualu Mombutshi
Mualu Mombutshi:
They should receive the same sentence as perverts because that's what they are.
Problem solver: Wear pants underneath
William Scott
William Scott:
I mean, I wouldn’t touch someone’s stomach. Seems really weird. But that genuinely isn’t sexual assault.
Snoopy Slimes
Snoopy Slimes:
Why I wear leggings and baggy sweatshirts 😕
Elizabeth Nobody
Elizabeth Nobody:
This happens to me and they went on to say, "what's your problem it's not like I raped you!" And I never told anyone because I was wearing a shirt skirt and genuinely believed that I was in the wrong. It's so tragic. Luckily I was wearing shorts underneath
laura b
laura b:
aannd that’s why i wear leggings everywhere
Why is this in my recommended?
Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson:
GUIDANCE: Some strong language
*That's* what they warn us about?
Your weave Or your life
Your weave Or your life:
I saw some pants saying I have ball sacks be gone up skirters
poor girl from the killers concert :( good she's speaking out
Max Johnstone
Max Johnstone:
RE thumbnail: surely no one upskirts like this is broad daylight, in the middle of the street, with people around, kneeling on the floor taking the pic lol
arni gill
arni gill:
When everyone is just watching you .......
Wholesome Lad
Wholesome Lad:
Never heard of this but now that I have I wish I didnt.
Mark D
Mark D:
"The first thing we need to do is establish aas a point of princple and get the government to say yes, this gap should be filled" - Yes, the lawyer said that.
Alley Cat
Alley Cat:
I remember in my first week of being in London, I was wearing a summery skirt and as I stepped on a bus I felt a hand reach to lift my skirt and grab me and try to pull at my underwear. I turned round shocked and it was a guy leering at me. I shouted "STOP THAT!" loudly and looked round for support from the other passengers, but everyone looked the other way. I couldn't understand- maybe they thought he was my drunk boyfriend or something? I couldn't get off the bus cause the doors had just closed so I tried to find a space near people with my back against the wall, with the guy staring at me and trying constantly to push himself near me and run his hands over my legs and lift my skirt. I was worried that this guy would follow me off the bus, but when I tried to tell the driver he said "What do you want me to do, love?". So I just got off the bus, he got off after me and tried to grab me but I ran like hell. This was 5pm and what shocks me most is how everyone took this as normal. It kind of gave me a whole other image about London which disappointed and terrified me.

Haven't worn a skirt since.

I am so glad these women are fighting for what's just and I hope people won't be afraid to raise awareness of fucked-up perverts - or the bystanders who accept such acts as normality. The problem is with both- as well as with a general ignorance of these problems and unwillingness and fear to speak up (I have spoken to a lot of women who were afraid to name relatives and strangers who had raped them or even go to court because they feared the social stigma as well as the humiliation). But the more people do, the more someone will be forced to listen.
David Scheindlin
David Scheindlin:
>Be British
>Get arrested
Duncane Donuts
Duncane Donuts:
There you go!! owww she cries!! hahaaha!! Laughable stuff.
Ry Bread
Ry Bread:
0:44 you know a black girl is serious once she starts clapping. 😂🤣
basmati rice videos
basmati rice videos:
5:16 the guy with the shoulder bag is my brother
Narsing Ko Po
Narsing Ko Po:
""i could tell it is me , because im did not change my panty for a week ,i knew it because its brown now ,,,hahahahha
Buzzin Boi
Buzzin Boi:
That's how the telescopic selfie stick was born.
Melissa McGill
Melissa McGill:
I truly love peoples reactions when they see things that are just wrong!
Anne Sito
Anne Sito:
I had so many people tell me I was up skirted when I was walking to work and all they boys helped me so nice to people who helped me and yes there r per es
Kuro Bara
Kuro Bara:
0:45 I love this woman already lol
Lenaa Alonso
Lenaa Alonso:
You are not going to believe this but boys did this to girl's when I was on junior school using a mirror to look under your skirt or even taking pictures, and teacher's would even care ... They say the boys are just playing and that they are kids, so frustrating
nisar manzoora
nisar manzoora:
Dont wear skirt SIMPLE !!
slytherin army
slytherin army:
A guy did this to a sub in our class, everyone but the girls in the class laughed. (And of course we told her and he got suspended), but the fact that the boys didn’t see it as an issue and even laughed about it like it was a joke just... disturbs me so fking much. Idk what the laws are with up-skirting in Australia but it should 100% be considered a sexual offence.
hayis4horses xx
hayis4horses xx:
"deleted the photo."
yeah, deleted my ass. if he took it on an iphone, you can go into albums and there's one called 'recently deleted'. you click into it and there's all the photos you deleted. they disappear permanently after 30 days, but if you want them back, you can click into the one you want and press 'recover' to bring it back to your main album, meaning he could easily retrieve it. the law on upskirting is absolutely ridiculous.
Jay Editz
Jay Editz:
It’s England why you wearing skirts anyway
Kioko Phantommhive
Kioko Phantommhive:
I always wear shorts or leggings with a short skirt. My longer skirts go to my ankles so it would be difficult to snap a picture that way.
Friday Is gay
Friday Is gay:
And that my friends is why I where shorts under my skirts.
raccoon in a box
raccoon in a box:
This is why I wear shorts under all my skirts. But I shouldn't have to!!!
Amer Aljabr
Amer Aljabr:
What if someone took a picture of a girl in bikini?
zoremthanga chawngnam
zoremthanga chawngnam:
This absolutely an offence
D B:
I’m glad this is finally coming to light.
These kind of assaults has happened to me , so many times that I can’t count, even from school days.

The worst is the most recent and that was on my way back to the UK in Berlin on a bus to the airport. I was facing the window standing up and He rubbed his private parts on my bum as he stood behind me on this packed bus. It took a second to register what it was as I’d frozen in shock but what felt like seconds later I turned around, I watched him jump off the bus so it was too late. It’s actually scarred me more than I realised and I’m reminded of it every so often when I’m in busy spaces or on a bus/train.
If you ever see someone getting too close and it FEELS like it COULD be WRONG, say something! It might be that the person knows them, but WHAT IF IT ISNT! What if the person has frozen, like I did, and you’re their only hope in doing something *QUICKLY* about it
Tim Evans
Tim Evans:
"People without a purpose" wtf
Cried when the girl from French class told her story. No one should be made to feel that way. To say it's inappropriate is an understatement. Sad to say that the real problem is a lack of respect for women, not just guys being pervs.
Well if this ever happened to me they would be disappointed 😂
I wear normal clothes under my Abayah (Muslim clothing)
Is it that hard to strike up a conversation and smash within a day or 2?
I once checked a girls skirt cause I thought she had my m and m's 😰
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper:
I remember it was with mirror and knife 😂
Dens Comet
Dens Comet:
Wtf?! In what kind of perverted world we live in nowdays??!
me and a friend saw some guy do this my friends sister.... it didnt end well for him.
Neck Ed
Neck Ed:
I never knew this was a thing, damn
Johnathan King
Johnathan King:
Inmate: the reason why I'm in here is because I killed a man, what are you in for ?
Upskirter: I Upskirter a girl
Inmate: *scoots away*
Wtf, this happens all the time?
I didn't know that this was a this v until now---
"The truth behind belly touching"
Abdou Doucoure
Abdou Doucoure:
0:45 i swear that wallahi 😂
I'm always wearing shorts under my dress and skirts lol
This was such a big issue in Japan that you can't turn a phones camera noise off. At all
I mean, where I live it's illegal to even take a photo of someone's face without consent. Even if the other person won't be posting it anywhere.
M M:
I am man and girls touch me all the time whit out my consent I love it if they are pretty but if they are ugly I don't what should I do?
Shubham Mittal
Shubham Mittal:
Some as common... Also happened by will...and Be real be practical . Self work self interests self style are must always
Now I'm scared bc this one dude was eyeing me while i was wearing a skirt and I felt like I was being watched the entire time..
why is this in my recommendation...
big Chungus
big Chungus:
Omg I just got an idea. Maybe you shouldn't wear skirts anymore
Sam LSD:
Where are the morals, why everything has to be a law written on the books?.