The TRUTH: Milk makeup MVP , Glow recipe watermelon set Sephora Black Friday 2019 Holiday gift guide

Hi youtube beauties! Today I'm looking at some popular holiday sets from Sephora and Ulta!! including the Milk MVP Glow recipe watermelon set and Frida Kahlo by Ulta Beauty , which one is a scam?
#glowrecipe #milkmakeup #lunarnewyear

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24 komentarze:

Erin Yost
Erin Yost:
So glad to see you review that milk set I was thinking about purchasing it. Now I've decided against it! lol
Melinda Hall
Melinda Hall:
Hey hey miss lady..💙 The swatches r stunning..amazing color story. .great dupe for sure.. The frieda pallete seems very interesting. .glad to hear the formula is to love a great shimmer..💙 thr milk products r interesting the lids would be annoying. .soft pass on these.. I love shimmer but too much for that lil set..💙 i had high hopes for the cooling water 😕 the persona palletes color story was very pretty. Great swatches..glad u did get💙 please enter me💕 my email:[email protected] on..💙
Jennifer Ford
Jennifer Ford:
I was wondering about the Frida kahl's Ulta beauty collection! I haven't seen anyone talking about it but I think that the packaging is beautiful! The whole collection really intrigued me! Thanks for sharing!
Melinda Hall
Melinda Hall:
Hey hey miss lady..💙 notification squad 💙 first!!! I heard great things about milk.. Soo hapy ur reviewing it..ur honesty is everything 💙 they do seem alot smaller.. I hear alot of ppl love the primer..💙 the highlighter looks cute. .💙 i love shimmer amd glitter. .cooling water sounds interesting 💙the cheeck stain waa cool. 💙 the spomge thing is very cool..💙 love sleep mask..i love all skin care.i have also heard mixed reviews. .😕thanks for sharing. .keep growing and for sure keep shining💜🎊 please enter me🌹💜 the PM and ND would be such a blessing..💙 have a great evening..💙
Ivette Garcia
Ivette Garcia:
😄😄 Girl!!! Those swatches 😍 I've seen the Frieda palette but it never catch my attention, but it looks nice, but you are o opposite from me lol I love shimmer n glitter 💎💎💎
michelle w
michelle w:
the metallics on the Frida Kahlo palette 😍😍
Gurnoor Chawla
Gurnoor Chawla:
These products look soo amazing 😍
Susan Adams
Susan Adams:
Hello!!! One of your best video's👏👏👏 . forgot the name of the Ulta collab. But i like 👍. For the milk products I think their packaging is so cute. I love highlighters that has a lot of glitter . the let it glow , love your review. And looking forward to seeing you make more videos on face cleansing and skin care products ❤
Nilab Tayeb
Nilab Tayeb:
Love the idea
Tanx for the video and all that information u provide every time ❤️ it
I did order some stuff as ur recommendation on instagram u provided to me and yes not spending any more money on Sephora 😉 as u said Sephora is my last stop Can’t wait for the giveaway announcement hope i win the eyeshadow pallet 😊
Aneta Bak
Aneta Bak:
Love your videos, I just wanted to note that it gets very hard to hear your voice when you start playing music near the end
makeupwith Jessicavargas
makeupwith Jessicavargas:
Really enjoy all your videos btw I just started my own channel to share my love with makeup as well thank you for these videos and tips they really help me out
Erin Yost
Erin Yost:
Wow! Never seen that palette but in really like it!!
Naphat h
Naphat h:
Hello, my ig is nokkie85, love to have Nathasa Denona palette. Thank u!
Melissa Crane
Melissa Crane:
Thank you for doing the gift set reviews! Have you tried any Belif skincare products before? I’m curious about the moisture miracle set with that aqua bomb true cream I keep hearing good things
I love your reviews!!! Thank you so much 💞
Carly Kent
Carly Kent:
November giveaways i want Divine Rose so badly😭🙏 how do i enter the giveaway?
Caroline K
Caroline K:
Persona shadows are great. I have the identity one and two.
Susan Adams
Susan Adams:
Lisa Greig
Lisa Greig:
That Freida set packaging is so nice.And it looked very pigmented.The reason some people liked Milk primer is because it make their foundation stay for along period of time.( It’s all preference ) Have you bought any Multichromes lately.They are stunning.You can use one shadow and the look is so pretty...Thank you for the video.Im always learning from watching your videos.❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️👍🏻
Melinda Hall
Melinda Hall:
I love all skin care..the watermelon mask sounds yummy. .sucks they raised the price. .:( discoloration. .huh
Queen Of Emerald
Queen Of Emerald:
Hi girl thanks for friend here lets be friends
Erin Yost
Erin Yost:
Good video!!!
Vi Dao
Vi Dao:
I bought the milk primer and I also don’t like it. So many people liked it but it made my foundation look weird :( also my ig is vidaonow for the giveaway :)