The "Umbrella Academy" Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are

The cast of Netflix's “Umbrella Academy” (Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, Robert Sheehan, Emmy Raver-Lampman, David Castañeda, Aidan Gallagher, Justin H. Min) took our quiz to learn which characters they REALLY are... and let’s just say the Hargreeves siblings had a lot to say about their results! #UmbrellaAcademy #BuzzFeedQuiz #EllenPage
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100+ komentarze:

Tygirlforever 1
Tygirlforever 1:
Why does Aiden Gallagher talk like a 50 year old man 😭✋🏽
Robert: [answer] is just stupid, who would chose that?
Justin: I was going to chose that!
Kimbo Henry
Kimbo Henry:
How is it that the friendship between Robert and Justin practically mirrors the relationship between Klaus and Ben so well??
Mandy .W
Mandy .W:
Justin is literally the most adorable human ever....his smile just makes you melt
Jae Torres
Jae Torres:
Klaus: “I don’t trust glaze”
Ben: “Why don’t you like glaze?!”
Klaus: “You know cuz it’s invisible mate”
Me: 🤯
emma’s edits
emma’s edits:
Aidan scares me. He acts like he’s still number 5-
I’m sorry. Was someone going to tell me Tom Hooper had a divine accent, or was I supposed to find this out in a Buzzfeed video?
"I don't trust glazed donuts" - Robert Sheehan circa. 2020
Rachel Grundy
Rachel Grundy:
“Why don’t you trust glazed?” “Cos it’s invisible mate”
Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson:
i adore robert's accent.
Hannah Fawley
Hannah Fawley:
no one:
tom hopper: umbreller academy
Ollie Ols
Ollie Ols:
no one:
absolutely no one:

robert sheehan: i don't trust glaze
Didi Oseyifunmi
Didi Oseyifunmi:
justin and robert have no reason being that fine. and robert’s ACCENT UGHHH
Selma Touati
Selma Touati:
why is no one talking about tom's accent like i didn't know he had an accent
Rishita Umasankaran
Rishita Umasankaran:
everyone here for Aidan I am here for Justin and Robert man
“Sleeping makes me sound like a lazy bastard” l can’t 😂😂😂😂
Totally Not The Bossu
Totally Not The Bossu:
Funny how Aidan and Tom got each other's characters considering...

They're twins in the comics. Wonder if that'll be the case in the series too.
Riley Alexis
Riley Alexis:
No one:
Literally no one:

Robert: I don’t trust glazed donuts.
Calie Blanc
Calie Blanc:
Bisexual culture : having a crush on the entire cast
z e y n e p • a z r a
z e y n e p • a z r a:
Everybody: Loyal
Robert: ChArMiNg
Amari Curry
Amari Curry:
Everyone: Umbrella academy

Tom: Umbreller Academy
George Mills
George Mills:
I feel like I’m the only one who remembered Tom hopper was British...
Chandreyi Sen
Chandreyi Sen:
Ugh why is Justin Min so handsome??!! God! That smile!!! AND LET'S NOT EVEN GET STARTED ON ROBERT!!!

I love Emmy and Ellen's friendship!

Are we sure Aiden isn't an old man stuck in a teen's body for real?

David looked damn fine! And Tom is still a giant cutie!
Deirdre Debrah
Deirdre Debrah:
Aidan better be wearing eyeshadow because his EYELIDS??? are impeccable
Robert: who wants to see the birth of William Shakespeare?

I can’t with these two lol
Ellen is so awkwardly cute and it's such a shame that the show couldn't capture that part of her. Everybody's attractive or atleast amusing to some level and hers is just kinda bland.
Julie Baklashev
Julie Baklashev:
"I'm a high school student and sometimes I can be quite *s i l l y* ."
20_Kylie Tow
20_Kylie Tow:
Robert : I hate glazed donuts
Justin : Why do you hate glazed?
Robert : *Cause it's invisible, mate*

*slow claps*
Mackky Bañez
Mackky Bañez:
can we just appreciate how mature Aidan was? like -. he's only 16 years old
I’m very surprised Robert didn’t get Klaus... he is the literal EMBODIMENT of Klaus
Kari Harris
Kari Harris:
I'm surprised that I haven't seen anything LAUV BY LAUV comments
•ᴄᴇʟᴇꜱᴛɪᴀʟ ᴊᴇʟʟʏ•
•ᴄᴇʟᴇꜱᴛɪᴀʟ ᴊᴇʟʟʏ•:
I love Ellen Page 🥺 Lesbian queen

Also shes really pretty and Vanya and Klaus are my fav
Jolie K
Jolie K:
Aidan is a 16 year old with an old man’s heart😂
Mr Evil Dorito
Mr Evil Dorito:
It's funny how Robert and Justin act just like Klaus and Ben in the show.
Nicole O’ Brien
Nicole O’ Brien:
every single person on this planet: “umbrella”

tom: “umbrellor”
Panda K.
Panda K.:
Robert saying “donut” is my aesthetic
eoc_ 2777
eoc_ 2777:
Anyone else think Aiden could play joker in batman, he has the face, hair and voice for it but if he gets the laugh he'll basically be perfect
Rinou Mokao
Rinou Mokao:
You can't convince me that Justin didn't already know the lyrics to Wherever, Whenever and he just wanted to hear Robert sing
Abbie J
Abbie J:
Frozen Toaster
Frozen Toaster:
It’s so funny how Robert was talking shit on all of Justin’s answers but it turns out those answers pointed to Klaus 😭😭
jan francel dela cerna
jan francel dela cerna:
Am I the only who LOVES Ellen Page dancing during the dance scenes in Umbrella Academy?
*im a high school student, and sometimes I can be quite silly*

Yes grandfather Aidan, yes
Timothee Chalemet's son didnt inherit his signature awkwardness, glad hes playing no.5
Itz. Lindsay
Itz. Lindsay:
Aidan is so smart he is like it’s forever it’s loyal duhh
That-random-person in-math-class
That-random-person in-math-class:
To everyone who says Aiden looks like timothee chalamet

He does not

Instead he looks like...

Rob Raco
Why does timothee chalamet look like Aiden. Also Aiden would've made a better Artemis Fowl change my mind
Eden L.
Eden L.:
ngl i’m actually scared of Aiden 😂😭
he just sitting there like: :]
chi 's
chi 's:
justin min and robert sheehan's friendship is truly wholesome.
Micah makeupbeauty
Micah makeupbeauty:
me:just finished watching shameless

Aiden: hi I’m Aiden Gallagher

A u t u m n
A u t u m n:
I keep forgetting Aidens still in high school, he’s so mature
Ethan Piper
Ethan Piper:
“I don’t trust glazed” oh my god Sheehan yes
fairy doll.
fairy doll.:
why everyone has the personality of their characters lol
Aidan needs to drop his skincare routine. No reason in hell a teenager should have skin that clear 🙄
Ellen Page: doesn't have enough free time to answer the free time question
This quiz: ur a slacker
Max Mayfield
Max Mayfield:
HOW did Robbie get Diego??? He’s obviously Klaus he’s just like his character I’m so surprised😂
Savannah Lynn
Savannah Lynn:
That moment when you realize the actors dont all have American accents...
Reagan A.
Reagan A.:
“I’m not nearly as guarded as Batman *whispers* but Batman is cool”
Anyway Justin is the most adorable person ever (LIKE DO YOU SEE HIS SMILE)
Ollie Explains it All
Ollie Explains it All:
Was I the only one who thought that Aidan looked a lot like Timothée Chalamet? Like it was really the nose and the eyes but still!
Me: *watches the umbrella academy and forgets that that's not there real voice*

Me when I hear the accent: 👁👄👁
Hayley Anderson
Hayley Anderson:
I love that Robert just knows the lyrics to whenever wherever off the top of his head
Just a glass butterfly
Just a glass butterfly:
I love that Aiden is just as cool as his charictar, that's awesome
I love the entire cast but why is the 16 year old the most mature one. You know I can just imagine them on set goofing around and Aidan trying to get them together so they can work😂
Nat Nugget
Nat Nugget:
is it just me or does aiden’s vernacular resemble that of christian slater’s
Sherbet Strawz
Sherbet Strawz:
And here we have Robert representing all of Ireland with everything he says

Robert: UmbrellER
ClareandFrancis Sherley
ClareandFrancis Sherley:
Everyone’s here for Aidan but I’m here for Ellen
the accents are throwing me off
ok I cant be the only one who is shocked about the fact the actor for Luther is British...
Paige Hughes
Paige Hughes:
When Luther said “SHOO SHOO SHOO” he sounds likes stampy 😂
screw your feelings
screw your feelings:
anyone see where the one woman in the series talked to aiden's character about how he's looking good in his school uniform shorts
okey but like.... aiden and david’s friendship hella underrated 🥺
kit _
kit _:
LAUV 💺🥓 LAUV 😳🤬 LAUV 🤩🥵 BY 👩‍👩‍👧‍👦🍖 LAUV 🎧📻 LAUV 🐷🐗 LAUV 🚳🚭
Spooder Slayer
Spooder Slayer:
Robert and Aidan both picked hey ya when i was thinking no one likes whay i like, whats funniest is Klaus and 5 are my favorite
The Happipotamus
The Happipotamus:
Aiden Gallagher looks like someone doing a Timothee Chalamet makeup transformation
K J:
Justin looks like Steven Yeun in this
i love umbrella academy but aiden gallagher 1000000% is the "devils advocate" guy
Justin, Robert. Stop being cute please. I just finished the season and I'm still upset.
jennifer brigoli
jennifer brigoli:
when Robert read the "donut's part" he sounded like a robot 😂
Rose Morocho
Rose Morocho:
This is why I love Robert especially when he started singing wherever whenever 😂💕
Justin when he said “I GOT YOU!” 😂😂😂
Ava Selwood
Ava Selwood:
“Sleeping makes me sound like a lazy bastard” - Robert Shean 2020
Melody Gani
Melody Gani:
I'm surprised Aidan didn't just sit and stare at the camera waiting for the interview to end
Christine Hill
Christine Hill:
Emmy’s background is also the one Daveed uses in all of his Hamilton interviews. I love them together!
sara koffman
sara koffman:
everyone always makes fun of aidan but honestly his acting is incredible and hes really mature and well spoken
Oli T
Oli T:
Why aidan lowkey looks like Timothee it just me?? Okay.
Artemis storm
Artemis storm:
"who would want to witness the birth of william shakespear???" LITERALLY WHAT I WAS THINKING-
I love how they all disassociate from their characters in this but Justin gets klaus and is like ‘I got you!’ To Robert 😂😂
Toni T
Toni T:
What I found out on this video: Number 5’s name is Aiden
Klaus is just Robert with American accent
And Ben is just Justin minus the smiling
david had me cracking up “my friends aren’t really that emotionally available...” lmao i’d party with that dude for sure
I love how Emmy and Ellen seem to be so close and like best friends!
Oskar Kidd
Oskar Kidd:
Buzzfeed: You don't like to be tied down

*Ellen is married*
Isabel Elena
Isabel Elena:
I need Robert Sheehan and Ezra Miller in the same room so we can enjoy their different chaotic energies colliding
Spooder Slayer
Spooder Slayer:
I swear Ben is not on that quiz, hes underated and personally tied for my favorite with Klaus and 5
Atheena The_Great_A
Atheena The_Great_A:
Justin is my soulmate!! Lol Who doesn’t trust glazed! And who doesn’t like Shakira! im colombian so its a staple!
Chloe McKeon • edited 11 years ago
Chloe McKeon • edited 11 years ago:
I can’t escape him. No matter how hard I try. He keeps coming back for me. He was even in my dream once. I just 😭😭😭
justin looks hotter without the leather jacket how is that even possible
u can, jam
u can, jam:
Imagine being 16 and being friends with all these losers actors/actresses. Aiden is such a badass that holds his own and all these friendships 🥺😩😩🤯
robert and justin literally feed off of each other’s energy i love it
Mickayla Scott
Mickayla Scott:
Never thought I'd say someone saying the word "donut" was hot, yet here I am replaying Robert reading the donut question over and over 😂😂