The Untold Truth Of Grant Imahara From MythBusters

Out of all the members of the MythBusters Build Team, Grant Imahara was arguably the most capable at building stuff. Plus, the man has loads of connections to major motion pictures and tons of experience crafting combat robots. Let's geek out and discover the truth about Grant Imahara from MythBusters.

In 2010, Grant Imahara promised to build a part of television history and then he followed through on that promise. It all began as such things often do on Twitter. According to Entertainment Weekly, Imahara had noticed that Craig Ferguson, the former host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, had taken to calling his Twitter followers his, quote, "robot skeleton army."

One thing quickly led to another. As Imahara told the Star-Advertiser,

"At some point, they put two and two together and said, 'He should have a robot skeleton sidekick."

Imahara would prove to be just the man to build it but there was a catch: The talk show host had to drive Imahara's Twitter followers over the magic line of 100,000. Ferguson quickly rose to the challenge.

According to Popular Mechanics, Imahara found his part of the deal considerably more difficult to deliver. He tinkered with the robot while shooting MythBusters, which meant precious little time for sleep and a huge rush to get everything done in time. Popular Mechanics reports that Imahara soon found himself in something of a bind with only one week before the deadline,

"He still needed to write the software that would make Geoff move, and build Ferguson's control box."

Despite his struggles with the project, Imahara managed to deliver on his promise big time.

The end result was Geoff Peterson, a snarky, remote-controlled skeleton. The creation became so popular it even has its own Wikipedia entry and ironically, that entry is significantly longer than Imahara's.

Ferguson absolutely loved Geoff Peterson. And shortly after Ferguson left The Late Late Show in 2014, Imahara took to Twitter to give fans a much-needed update on everyone's favorite robot skeleton sidekick:

"For everyone who's asked me 'What happened to Geoff?' I can report that he is safely with Craig in his personal office!"

And no wonder. Keep watching the video to see the untold truth of Grant Imahara from MythBusters!

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The skeleton sidekick | 0:17
Creating a monster | 2:20
Industrial Light & Magic | 3:35
R2-D2 and C-3PO | 4:24
Grant and The Energizer Bunny | 6:07
His book on killer bots | 7:27
More BattleBot goodness | 8:54
Let's get personal | 9:45
Finding a mentor | 10:41

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MGTOW Academy
MGTOW Academy:
I can’t believe he’s really gone-rest easy Grant
Rest in Peace my friend
TheCookieNibba 69
TheCookieNibba 69:
I can’t believe he died, it makes me heartbroken
2020 has no end in sight
The streets of heaven have been most definitely upgraded
“The Untold Truth” is clickbaity. You make it seem like you’re going to reveal something scandalous.
Caligula Fortuna
Caligula Fortuna:
2020 is just trash , RIP Grant Imahara.
Holy shit I just heard the news and I'm floored. All the memories of watching myth busters and having my mind blown of what these guys could create and test. What a sad day.
Erik Waterson
Erik Waterson:
And now he's gone. His brain was too powerful for his own good.

Rest easy, friend. You made our childhoods hilariously educational and fun.
Daniel Erre
Daniel Erre:
oh my...

Sad to learn the news, RIP Grant Imahara
I’m in shock. He was one of the best media presences for Asian Americans for a long time in television and was an inspiration for an entire generation to go into STEM. This one hurts. RIP, and thank you for years of entertainment and education.
All Around Booker
All Around Booker:
And now he's gone. Rest In peace. It feels like everyone's dying.💔
Shinku Kirito Ichika
Shinku Kirito Ichika:
It is indeed devastating for us Mythbusters fans. I'm heartbroken at this. Rest in peace Grant Imahara. You are cool, fun, funny, talented and awesome. You're gone too soon. We will miss you.
Richard James
Richard James:
2020 Sucks man... RIP Grant.
R.I.P Grant you magnificent human being. We were all so lucky to watch your incredible talent take off. You will be sorely missed in this world....
Who's here after hearing his death :(
Him and the entire Mythbusters crew were my inspiration for engineering and science. You've done well Grant! May you rest in peace.
Govin Pillai
Govin Pillai:
Wtf I cant believe he's gone. He was always my favoritr host of Mythbusters.
Healz Dog
Healz Dog:
"He created a robot that nearly killed him"
*robot falls over slowly a metre away from him*
Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell:
So when you say "the robot nearly killed him" you actually meant to say "the robot fell over kinda near to him"😂😂😂😂😂
This video was suggested to me just HOURS before his passing. Rest in peace, Grant. May the force be with you wherever you are.
Ecorigon IV
Ecorigon IV:
Well I just heard the news. Absolutely devastated. He was my favourite personality on the show as he didn't try to "steal" it but he was still a funny dude. So sad. Life takes the good ones far too young. God Bless Grant rest in peace.
Andrew Alley
Andrew Alley:
RIP, you will alway be remebered as one of the mythbuster legends
jan zalar
jan zalar:
what a life, what a career. my respects, hat off and may he rest in peace
"The Untold Truth" : Sourced from all public sources.
fallout cosplay
fallout cosplay:
Rest in peace Grant imahara he will live on in the memories of thousands of people who cherish the memories that you gave them
Otus Hermanson
Otus Hermanson:
RIP Grant you will be missed, you were a inspiration to all aspiring engineers.
Alexandre Radburn
Alexandre Radburn:
Grant was a hero to me growing up. His death is heart breaks for his family. RIP Grant Imahara, another good soul lost too soon.
ian Burnett-Pollock
ian Burnett-Pollock:
RIP Grant, you were a hero to STEM kids everywhere
RIP Grant you’ll be missed by many!
I’m so over this year. Everything has been heartbreaking. RIP. 💔
R.I.P Grant, a great man.
Rest in Peace, Grant.
We all miss you.
What In Carnation?
What In Carnation?:
Rest in peace.
Billy V
Billy V:
6:59 RIP Ms Jessi Combs. God Speed. We will miss you.
The untold truth: he died, RIP :(
Tactical SpringRoll
Tactical SpringRoll:
Someone I thought I would never be so affected by his passing, was him. So sudden, thank you for everything Grant.
Tyler Bracken
Tyler Bracken:
rest in peace Grant Imahara you will be missed
Rest In Peace Grant, thank you for all you’ve accomplished
mythBusters was a big part of my childhood, RIP.
christ.. cant believe this.. he's years younger then me rip, loved everything you did for us
May grant rest in peace. ❤🌹 he was a warm person & truly friendly ❤
Philip Paul
Philip Paul:
I love how this video is called, "the untold truth" when literally ALL this information is publicly available XD
Rest In Peace, legend.😢
V R:
R.I.P Grant... What a brilliant mind he was, my prays goes to you,your family and friends... 😔🤲🙏
Alexander Borsi
Alexander Borsi:
I'm so glad that this was all good things, and not a litany of awful things.
Rename this to something more true. Maybe something like "The story of Grant Imahara"?
Skinny Buddha
Skinny Buddha:
I grew up watching him as he came onto Mythbusters and loved him and his personality. Have even been getting into his new show White Rabbit Project 🐇. I've been able to introduce my daughter to him this way. Truly a terrible loss to many, many people. Rest in piece grant, you've done so much for this world.
Aztec Shaman
Aztec Shaman:
"Never work late at night alone with heavy equipmemt."
: Looks around shed im sitting in hmmmm tesla coil, Rail gun, 22 ton press, cnc lathe, engine planer, hydrogen converter, black powder mixer, 10ftby 10 ft 3d printer, and a keg of beer. Hmm this should end well.
Scott Clarke
Scott Clarke:
R.I.P. grant. Contributed to much of my childhood. Always entertaining on myth busters as well
Charlie C
Charlie C:
R.I.P. Grant, thanks for helping raise an entire generation of engineers and inventors.
Senpai SauceGod
Senpai SauceGod:
Grant Imahara was truely a genius and under rated prop creator. he will forever live on in the man that i am today.
Rest in piece brother, thank you for everything you've done to inspire others.
Kris Kringleberg, M.D.
Kris Kringleberg, M.D.:
Omg I can't believe he's gone, RIP Grant
Matt Dathew
Matt Dathew:
Rest well my man, can't believe life. it's such a thief
I watched Mythbusters when I was younger and hearing that Grant passed away just recently is a major letdown. RIP man. I'll never forget how you made Mythbusters a great show.
JaZon MarK
JaZon MarK:
RIP Grant Imahara. You made our childhood life, memorable with your techy robots and science technologies. Your legacy will be missed.
ashley sterling
ashley sterling:
brain aneurysms are my biggest fear.... literally here one second, gone the next with no warning and nothing you can do about it

RIP Grant
RIP Grant. We will miss you so much. Fly high ♥️
Rest in peace grant! sad you're gone so young
Rick Hunter
Rick Hunter:
As a mechanically inclined person I looked up to him he was a genius😢
We will always remember you Grant.
rip grant. truly a childhood hero of mine. i grew up watching him and the rest of the mythbusters. gone too soon :(
Soumy Land
Soumy Land:
Who is here after the sad death of Grant Imahara.
Paul Klaco
Paul Klaco:
R.I.P. Mr. Imahara , you will be greatly ,missed. Gone to soon, but not forgotten.
Galin Atanasov
Galin Atanasov:
I'm so sad. Him and the whole show are such an important part of my childhood. RIP Ever-smiling genius.
My boi was humble till the end, May you rest in peace🕊
Alucard The Crimson Fucker
Alucard The Crimson Fucker:
*R. I. P.* Grant Imahara, thank you for giving us wonderful childhood memories.
RIP Grant
Amiel Weiner
Amiel Weiner:
I can’t believe he’s gone. Thank you for all you did Grant.
Jesse Brown
Jesse Brown:
His robot almost killed him

Robot: falls over
Rest in Peace, Grant. You are our hero!
First we lose Grant Thompson, now Grant Imahara, R.I.P. 💔😞😢
Steven Kutiper
Steven Kutiper:
Rest in peace beautiful soul 🙏 ❣️😭
Trey Yula
Trey Yula:
Rest In Peace Grant, didn’t see this coming at all.
Mythbusters was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Grant was such a great, positive role model and he will be missed!
Rest peacefully. A toast of Grant Vodka in your honour!
GrimWicket 1977
GrimWicket 1977:
2020 can’t take any more from us
Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall:
never thought i would be saying this.... Rest In Peace to Grant.
Ian Stephens
Ian Stephens:
Dislike for the bs “untold” truth title
I knew him most in the show called Battlebots in the late 90's and early 2000's. He had a bot called deadblow in which produced many wins. He'll deeply be missed R.I.P.
This guy is in part responsible for me getting into engineering. You will be missed, Grant.
Gerald O'Hare
Gerald O'Hare:
Aww I’ll miss him. Everybody loved and respected him.
Rama Chandran
Rama Chandran:
Oh how true is the saying the "Good Die Young" Long live Grant's memories and his creative work.
One of Pink guy's clones had nominal chromosomes and actually finished college.
Who Am I ?
Who Am I ?:
I still can't believe he has died 😭
park park
park park:
3:10 close call My heart sunk
arjun shah
arjun shah:
RIP Man. You inspired me to go into design. And I loved how much you were into magic the gathering
Jered Timothy Frigillana
Jered Timothy Frigillana:
Rest in Peace Grant, keep on making robots in heaven
Why do we lose the ones we love the most...breaks my heart to loss smone so important
Sally Soberanes
Sally Soberanes:
Man what an inspiring, light bringer of a human. My heart hurts knowing the world is now without this incredibly talented innovator.

R.I.P. Grant
Devin Creisler Studios
Devin Creisler Studios:
Rest in Peace Grant Imahara. You were my favorite mythbuster!
Devin Creisler Studios
Devin Creisler Studios:
The brains of the operation.
I noticed there are 2 people that never seem to age
1. Keanu reeves
2. Grant Imahara
Chronicles of Nerdia
Chronicles of Nerdia:
I'm so sad he has passed on. A brilliant mind left this world too soon. I'm so sorry for his family and friends.
I'm glad he did not die of Covid 19, I am really going to miss the man. I loved the Mythbusters as well as Star Trek Continues (even though that ended some time ago).
Alec Higgins
Alec Higgins:
The world lost a true genius. RIP Grant your legend will live in.
Seth Towne
Seth Towne:
"Grant almost died from a falling robot"
Expectation: he get danced on by the spider legs
Reality: It slowly fell over to the ground
RIP Grant, you will always be an inspiration to me
Chaos Films
Chaos Films:
Grew up watching him,sad to see him go so soon. i hate 2020
Kerrick Sanker
Kerrick Sanker:
RIP Grant, you taught me that failure is a crucial step to success.