The War Against Boko Haram (Full Length)

Since 2009, the militant Islamist group known as Boko Haram has wreaked havoc in northern Nigeria. Instilling terror through bombings, abductions, and beheadings, Boko Haram is fighting to create an Islamic state in the most populous country in Africa.

VICE News traveled to Nigeria to embed with the country's army as it ramped up its fight against Boko Haram, whose rise has caused a state of emergency. As the only journalists on the front line in northern Nigeria, we witnessed the beginning of the largest military insurgency to date.

Kay Larsen discusses Boko Haram on The Young Turks:

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100+ komentarze:

It’s all fun and games until YouTube asks “are you sure” twice
”I have my commando knife”

*Pulls out the Excalibur*
"We love each other. When the Muslims pray, the Christians sit around and watch them as buddy buddy. No problem."
10:48 that's some heartwarming, heartrending stuff right there.
"I have my commando knife."
*pulls out 10 metre long machete*
Frank Vogel
Frank Vogel:
Love both Christian and Muslim Nigerians from the U.S 🇺🇸❤️🇳🇬
I love thier accent when they say bad words
I'm Nigerian, and I feel extremely proud after seeing this.. God bless our military 🙏🏼❤❤
i respect the nigerian army so much more after this and not only the army but the whole people’s of nigeria
love from puerto rico 🇵🇷❤️
Abhinav Nambiar
Abhinav Nambiar:
You train hard, you fight easy.
You train hard, you bleed less.
That was awesome!
Sam The Man
Sam The Man:
21:37 some say that's the last thing you see before death
Mr. Jones
Mr. Jones:
I am a U.S. Marine and I’ve got a lot of respect for the Nigerian Army, God Bless you warriors.
Joe Fraser
Joe Fraser:
Speaking about trench warfare - 'Once you allow them to overrun you, things will get worse..'

This man tells it like it is. Respect.
Future Quagmire
Future Quagmire:
I would love to be on night watch with those guys they're funny as hell 😂
"I have my commando knife"
*Pulls out 17 inch sword*
Shoyeb Shah
Shoyeb Shah:
"Train hard fight easy" one of the best line.
henry makata
henry makata:
The Nigerian Army has got alot of heart and they all bad ass soldiers.
yrnzineh ,'
yrnzineh ,':
Respect for our black brothers, we love you.
what a badass that little dude jumped the fence! so glad he escaped
Michael VPS
Michael VPS:
I'm pretty amazed at these people. Compared to the Iraqi army fighting ISIS, these guys seem a lot less well-equipped, yet far more succesful.
Muzijuniour Hlela91 Muzivusi
Muzijuniour Hlela91 Muzivusi:
#boko haram must fall .from south africa I support Nigeria army
Brian J Malmsteen
Brian J Malmsteen:
09:40 Pvt. Jeremiah Friday. “Train hard, fight easy. Train hard bleed less during wartime”. Good guy.
A1 Reese
A1 Reese:
As a U.S Army Enlisted personnel (92-S) I have immense respect for the Nigerian Military. Hooah brothers & salaam🇺🇸

M. Bey Jr
Georgio Moubarak
Georgio Moubarak:
I love that the Nigerian army has so many good war vehicles and helicopters quite advanced in comparison to other African countries
Shark Gang Leader鲨鱼帮主
Shark Gang Leader鲨鱼帮主:
These are the most brave African army guys I’ve ever seen.
Train hard, fight easy... Train hard, bleed less. I've never heard more legit motivation for gym ever...
Victor Takeuchi
Victor Takeuchi:
I'm former Swedish SOF, i had three deployments to Nigeria against Boko Haram forces attempting to retake an airstrip northwest of Maiduguri. These Nigerian army folks are the bravest I've ever seen. Props to them.
Gojetsgo 74
Gojetsgo 74:
Respect to the Nigerian army from Canada 🇳🇬 🇨🇦
Max Rubio
Max Rubio:
The soldiers are humble , intelligent, and respectful. I wish I could do something to help, Nigeria stay strong.
kurikong panget
kurikong panget:
"I believe that if i trained hard i fight easy"
Wayne Sivuarapik
Wayne Sivuarapik:
These Nigerians troops are legends ❤️
mully the bully
mully the bully:
Sad part is that before the "bring our girls home" stuff happened. 4000 boys had been shot/burned alive and no one said anything. If we had compassion for the boys who had died earlier than we could have done something and prevented thr girls being captured.
Deba Sins
Deba Sins:
I'm amazed, most of them speak better English than me.
S Kay
S Kay:
Brave journalist and cameraman. salute
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior:
Boko Haram literally means 'Book is sin'
Joshua Henderson
Joshua Henderson:
I've had the privilege of being friends with several Nigerians, some from the North and some from the Southeast and Southwest, and my heart breaks when I hear of Boko Haram's devastation. I pray daily for their country.
Leo Rodriguez
Leo Rodriguez:
14:30 Respect to the Nigerian officers. Infantry soldiers first.
James Clerk Maxwell
James Clerk Maxwell:
Respect to Nigerians from 🇺🇸
Omoniyi Oluwashogo
Omoniyi Oluwashogo:
I love how they treated him like he is part of them
Nivre Rabliv
Nivre Rabliv: 3rd time to watch this video! 🇵🇭
let it be a mystery
let it be a mystery:
Respect to the nigerian army,from indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
The Knowledge Gate
The Knowledge Gate:
I feel lucky I am from a land which is far safer than this. I salute the army who is fighting those HARAMS with a great commitment
Kaiser Kenny
Kaiser Kenny:
VICE News really delivers where other sources fail.
Victor Reitstätter
Victor Reitstätter:
id like to improve their lives they are so motivated and everything and they deserve better :)
Siew Kit Lee
Siew Kit Lee:
I swear, they have hearts and morale compared to those afghan soldier crackheads fighting the Taliban with American forces back then
Once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the helicopter while in actual battle
Bobby Di Bernado
Bobby Di Bernado:
I wanna joins as a volunteer against Boko Haram
Tanmay Bhakta
Tanmay Bhakta:
VICE is how journalism is meant to be.
Kishan Magar
Kishan Magar:
Respect Nigerian
Army from Nepal.
odunoku oluwasegun
odunoku oluwasegun:
One history I'll never forget 😔
God bless our Nigerian army
And the upcoming Nigerian army .
Singa Ndawule
Singa Ndawule:
Respect to the Nigerian army from South Africa
GothBoi Prince
GothBoi Prince:
19:20 what an experience.
The Shepherd
The Shepherd:
“When I get them I slaughter them with the knife” this guy loves his job
General Skalinera // Neon Silver
General Skalinera // Neon Silver:
Real journalism. Mad respects to VICE and to all of the soldiers fighting Boko Haram.
Stand for what's yours Nigeria love and respect from the USA ✊🏿✊🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿.
24:50 Aah you guys are using Asad Babil (an Iraqi tank)
Much love to Nigeria from iraq ;)
Nassim Ajdid
Nassim Ajdid:
Respect from Morocco, North Africa❤️❤️❤️
SMV 16 1200 B
SMV 16 1200 B:
"i have a commando knife" pulls out a 16 inch sword.
YonaHoly Backup
YonaHoly Backup:
Some of the most motivated soldiers in the world🙏🏼
Our support from Algeria to our brothers nigerians
urmom bigballs
urmom bigballs:
Love for m Mexico to Nigeria I will fight along side your people much love and respect to Al Nigerians !
Alex Auletta
Alex Auletta:
don’t know why but i can’t imagine this guy being a seal he’s to nice 😂
Kelvin Solomon
Kelvin Solomon:
Proud of these men's courage and intelligence.. Proud of my Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬
Raymond XL
Raymond XL:
10:45 This is how our world should be 😭😭
I would say the Nigerian army is one of the best in Africa
Phoenix Reborn
Phoenix Reborn:
Jeremiah Friday has some great discipline keeping his rifle by his side at all times.
Warsaw -Chicago-Direct
Warsaw -Chicago-Direct:
2 hours in the HIND and he gives us 43 seconds of footage... dafuq... that was the best part.
CRUZ, Jimboy S.
CRUZ, Jimboy S.:
They LOVE Muslim They LOVE Christian We love together like a brother Respect ❤
Rusty Golfer
Rusty Golfer:
I remember when Vice did stuff like this.
Suur Suomi
Suur Suomi:
Respect To Nigerian army and the People from Finland!
Andrew Slatcki
Andrew Slatcki:
Nigerians seem like some of the nicest people in the world. I feel so bad for them
John Vianney Olayon
John Vianney Olayon:
i respect to the nigerian army

from philippines 🇵🇭
Mexikingsavage187 Twinkie
Mexikingsavage187 Twinkie:
20:30 he’s drunk n just waiting for action 😂 😂 god bless him
vice: 03:11
youtube: ya fam that ok

youtuber: swears
Leopard 2A6
Leopard 2A6:
13:04 The Tank in the background is a T-72 but the one shown when said T-72 is actually a T-55 or Type 69
Marlon U
Marlon U:
"The Muslims and the Christians, we are all good. We are friends, brothers." Muslims are not the real enemy.... nor the Christians it is us... humans.
Time Tracker
Time Tracker:
21:36 well they even struggle to kill lizard. Loved Nigerian.
Respect and love to Nigerian Army from Spain . You are amazing! Kick those BokoHaram out of your beautiful country
Siew Kit Lee
Siew Kit Lee:
I'm getting good vibes from this
Brog ?
Brog ?:
For every one who doesn’t know what an IED is, it means improvised explosive device
Paris Cervera
Paris Cervera:
These people go through real life struggles and what do we focus on TMZ fashion and tekashi 69 prison case
useni adamu
useni adamu:
God bless Nigeria the only home I have.
Scuba Pasta
Scuba Pasta:
*_Love From Malaysia_* ❤
ankit singh
ankit singh:
"The more you train the less you bleed in the battlefield" !!!!!!!!!!!!
H Acc
H Acc:
12:35 that guy is a legend.
snow white’s sister
snow white’s sister:
Yeah, I don’t think sorry’s gonna cut it anymore.

Respect to the Nigerian army from Texas, 🇺🇸
"behind me is a T-72"
its a T-55A
Darren Angana
Darren Angana:
I'm so amazed how good they speak english. I'm jealous, for real. Anyways, more power to all nigerian soldiers and to all soldiers out there, who put their lives on the line so we could live freely! Greetings from Philippines!
Amalgamous Prime
Amalgamous Prime:
Journ: do you ever think like OMG that is a school?
Him: No you don't think about that one

😂 😂 😂 😂
Nkem Echebiri
Nkem Echebiri:
God bless our (Nigerian) Army.
Is This Rain?
Is This Rain?:
I really like these guys. They are people from different faiths working together to kill the evils of their world. No divisiveness.
Natz De Dios
Natz De Dios:
X-Plane Aviation
X-Plane Aviation:
their energy is awesome godspeed to them.
Weston Meyers
Weston Meyers:
These guys are badass 😂
Respect to Nigerian Army from Algeria 🇩🇿💖🇳🇬
Pule Fiapule
Pule Fiapule:
This is why I only watch VICE News documentary cause they never fail to satisfy my curiosity
The Only Kharabo
The Only Kharabo:
Love from Syria
Mattia Baumberger
Mattia Baumberger:
I love these guys so much how they hold brothers!!! ❤
3:10 yeah, i totally needed to see this, thanks vice.
afro symphony
afro symphony:
i am from nigeria and i thank you "western media" for showing this to us because most nigerians have never seen this before bcos our journalists lack balls
Being Based
Being Based:
Gotta love the Nigerian EOD