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Take a look behind the scenes with Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan as they reflect on Yennefer and Ciri's journeys so far and the paths each will take in Season 2 of The Witcher, premiering December 17, 2021 worldwide on Netflix.


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nice. major scene revealed. one of the best moments. cant wait!
pritishree ray
pritishree ray:
Anya ......Anya .....'s only Anya .....she is talented... she is beautiful....she is everything 😍😍
Yennefer looks AMAZING! Can't wait to see her in S2. Anya was the biggest star of the show in S1 imo.
Tomek Kowalski
Tomek Kowalski:
In this one shot of Yennefer she looks amazingly book accurate, huge improvemnt, though I like S1 Yennefer too
De Van Man
De Van Man:
Wasn't a massive fan of Anya being cast as Yennifer at the beginning but she was my stand out actor/ actress for the first season.
Yennefer's storyline was my favourite on the show, I can't wait to see her again.
MsWannabeGamer Ⓥ
MsWannabeGamer Ⓥ:
Anya was absolutely brilliant in S1. My favorite actress/character in the series so far.
Nicholas Chen
Nicholas Chen:
Yennefer looks amazing in Season 2! That hair is perfection like straight out of the game! Looks like they’ve nailed the design this time. Huge improvement on Season 1. Anya is certainly fitting into the role now!
Anya was freakin AMAZING is season one! Yennefer was just as badass as she's supossed to be!
Anya Chalotra looks so much better without the dark eye shadow. Just eyeliner looks brilliant ❤️ 🎉
Freya Allan looks so much better without contact lenses. The contact lenses ruin the look.
Anita Norris
Anita Norris:
Can't wait to see more of Yennefer. And I'm excited to see Ciri actually be a character in the show!
Yen is one of the badass character in last season. Hope we see lots of her power in season 2 huhu. Really can't wait 🥺
Nef Yolova
Nef Yolova:
I love how they've made Yennifer judging form that one shot but I do miss how she looked initially, she looked much better in my opinion. Yes, it's somewhat different from the books but I like the diversity aspect.
Bossolo does things
Bossolo does things:
Anya is really stunning! Really superb acting and she has such a particular beauty not mention her lovley voice!
Gamer Naari
Gamer Naari:
Now Anya looks exactly as Yennefer. Perfect ❤️
The Restless Rider
The Restless Rider:
Remember when everyone slated Anya when she first got casted… now look at her 💪
Season 1 aired at the end of December too and as soon as I saw the previews, I decided not to watch it immediately, but wait until the New Year's eve and watch all eps until the morning. I absolutely loved it, couldn't have started the year in a better way. I hope I'll be able to do the same thing this December. :D
I love them all!I can't wait to see the series and how the Geralt and Yennefer's relationship will be !
Linda :
Anya /Yennefer look so beautiful, I can't wait to see more of Yen in season 2!
Caroline Mikaelson
Caroline Mikaelson:
I'm new to the Witcher-verse, and I understand that the show is at least somewhat based on the books/games, but watching the promo I felt it was significant that she says she 'feels she could burn the whole world down' when season 1 ended with yennefer looking like she was capable of burning the world down.

I'm very interested in how their stories align.
Shaiane Alves
Shaiane Alves:
Vejo só por conta da Yennefer ❤️ maravilhosa
i remember when they announced the casting, and people weren't altogether pleased. i think they did good job though. Season 2 Ciri looks badass.
Anya looks so stunning!! Cant wait for season 2!
Waqar Shahid
Waqar Shahid:
Delighted to see Yennefer alive. 🧙‍♀️❣️
Caldera Records
Caldera Records:
I love the location shots, because you can really imagine a different time when using nature rather than an obviously premeditated studio. The music is fundamental but needs to lay off the feral percussion which is overstaying its welcome these days. Performances are on point & flawless. Amazing books. Stunning narrative. And is heartbreaking at times too. Nice balance.
Thank you Netflix for continuing The Witcher! I'm gonna have to rewatch season 1.
yennefer and ciri argh do I love both <3 cant wait for second season!!!!!
Official Rosaila Magnolia
Official Rosaila Magnolia:
The only reason that I pay for Netflix is because of this show
Is it just me thinking that both Anya and Freya look more attractive now compared to 2019? I mean, WOW.
Bijan Nassir
Bijan Nassir:
There's several times here where Ciri/Freya give me a young Cersie Lannister vibe (primarily the hair) and I love it, but thankfully Ciri isnt as evil as Cersie was
Rup Sharma
Rup Sharma:
netflix is trying to fill game of throne space with this. logo costume everything. i love it
charlon cabrillos
charlon cabrillos:
Can't wait to watch the season 2. 😍
Mikey Cee
Mikey Cee:
Yennefer 👏🏽 we can’t wait for season2
Yennefer OMG Yennefer I'm so happy!! Let's go! Really love Anya Chalotra as Yennefer
Both were great casting choices. Super stoked for season 2.
Effy SWFS:
Anya was so f brilliant in the 1st season, couldn't wait for 2nd season! Hell yeah
Marcos Cruz
Marcos Cruz:
Te amo Yennefer. Es muy hermosa. Mi idola de la serie.
random muffin
random muffin:
OMG Yennefer is so frickin gorgeous 🥰♥️ Ciri too 😘 CAN’T wait!!!
My favourite character of 'Witcher' Yennefer ❤️
nordwell88 europe
nordwell88 europe:
I AM looking forward to see them back!
I’m so glad they casted Anya, she’s an amazing Yennefer
denis segrove
denis segrove:
I can´t belive we have to wait 5 more months just so we can watch a show that´s probably gonna be 6-8 episodes.
This show is what we needed. Im not a gamer but I always watch gamers videos and I always think to myself that those games needs a movie/serie. They are absolutely great.
Ciri's eyebrow color change is throwing me for a loop- she looks like a totally different person!
hoodie and red
hoodie and red:
Wow. Season 2 Yennefer is even more beautiful.
María María
María María:
Yennefer was MVP last season.
I hear season 2 changed make up artist. And I think it worked because finally Yennefer and Ciri visually looks closer to games
Dude, this is gonna be INSANE 🔥
Anya is beautiful but I'm so in love with Freya!!!!!
Jessica V K
Jessica V K:
Yennefer looks pretty here i like it ❤️
Official Rosaila Magnolia
Official Rosaila Magnolia:
I have to wait for like season 3 then I cancel Netflix until they come back because this is the only reason I love this show it's like the most epic awesome ever
I love Anya's Yennefer. She's great. I'm in love. Lol.
Nico C.
Nico C.:
Wow Anya looks great! Looking more and more like book Yennefer :)
As long as they stick to books we're gonna be just fine 🙂
We are all going to have to wait 5 months for season 2.
Vinc Lai
Vinc Lai:
jezzz. both of the actress is amazingly gorgeous! cant wait for season 2!
Paul Crawford
Paul Crawford:
Cmon Netflix we NEED season 2 already!!!!!
Juan Hoffmann
Juan Hoffmann:
She looks exactly like Yennefer 1:19
Gamer Fly
Gamer Fly:
You know what is similar between Yennefer and Natasha Romanov (Black Widow), They both go through same pain "Down There" to get their power and ability.
Abdimalig Ibrahim
Abdimalig Ibrahim:
I'm positively surprised about the Ciri cast. She's great, right kind of charisma for the role, innocent yet a subtle danger that surrounds her. The rest of the main cast.... meh, still not happy about it.
Milky Bae
Milky Bae:
Can't wait for s3❤️‍🔥
John Delator
John Delator:
Such a tease. I am so excited.
Stella Santos da Costa
Stella Santos da Costa:
Aí meu coração!!uhuuuuuu
Chia Scott
Chia Scott:
Anya… love the freak out of her..
Tom Heidrich
Tom Heidrich:
I haven't been so impressed with a productions casting since Avengers. They just got the actors right for this show. So stoked for Season 2!
[email protected]:
Thank they make perfect now it become more beautiful now yen is really beauty yennifer so beautiful and also freya ...I remember there is some one comment that they new more good make up artist for seasons 2 😀 now they did well wow so amazing i cant wait season 2
"I'm literally just running through the woods constantly" No kidding! lol
TJ Sorinake
TJ Sorinake:
Everyone has been cast to perfection.
Dylan Dunn
Dylan Dunn:
The Witcher is Amazing 💎💎💎
The Red Cat
The Red Cat:
Well well, the girls grew into beauty!
Freyja as she should be, good choice blessed be 🥰
Green Blossom
Green Blossom:
They are both perfect
Maui M.
Maui M.:
Yennifer is gorgeous! everybody is great!
zenil H
zenil H:
Iam proud of you anya
Our Indian beauty 🔥🔥
She looks so much more like Witcher 3 yen
Is this just me or does Ciry looks a bit older than Yennefer in fresh footage?)) I mean i know that in reality it's the other way around, but on footage it does kinda looks like that, doesn't it?
Yennefer ❤️
Live, laugh, love ❤
Live, laugh, love ❤:
Yennifer Queen 👸
Smiley Face
Smiley Face:
1:18 straight out of the game.
Godfather 300
Godfather 300:
I really liked the casting and most of s1, the problem i had was the writing ; lots of clumsily handled exposition, poor handling of the time jumps, and also the complete redundancy of ciris timeline, with brokilon being scrapped for the doppler storyline??? Plus all the relationships, especially yen and geralt seemed rushed.
The sets look great, I just really hope they improve on the writing and really develop the relationship between the 3 main characters, but the actors were all great
Shakun Relhan
Shakun Relhan:
Netflix : What is the record of uploading videos in a single day about a single web-series?
The Witcher : *Yes*
Clonenotcrafter YEET
Clonenotcrafter YEET:
I wonder what theyre gonna do for yennefer in season 2 because ive heard shes mainly absent in the first 3 books
Anmol Randhawa
Anmol Randhawa:
Yennifer is the best
Yoon mi
Yoon mi:
yes! I've been waiting for sooooooooo long for thiss
Comes out Dec 17 and can't wait
The girls are so pretty. I cannot wait for season 2
Pear Hat
Pear Hat:
Anya Chalotra is so so so so so so so so beautiful. Thanks for being born you angel.
Karita Wiseman
Karita Wiseman:
I can't wait eitherrrr I'm so flickn excited
I just hope they stopped adding detrimental storylines and stayed more true to the books in season 2, many parts of season 1 really made no sense
I still wonder till this day in the Witcher3 during Ciri training if that is also going to show and who Vesimir is😁😬🙌. Can Freya handle the swords those moves ?
Sajju anil
Sajju anil:
Beautiful....i am happy that her father is from india❤
keith walker
keith walker:
first season did a horrid job of moving thru time without any explanation of where it was in story, very confusing. freya looks so much more mature in these shots than the young girl running thru the woods. can't wait for the two of them to finally meet and yennifer help her reach her potential.
Millennial Mari
Millennial Mari:
This new eye make-up game for S2 👏👏 much much better!!
Mr. Darkly
Mr. Darkly:
Ciri looks stunning 😍
Pear Hat
Pear Hat:
Anya is so effing beautiful. I mean seriously, wow.
Monica S
Monica S:
Much better look to both of them. Keep yens hair wavy.
xander cage
xander cage:
LOVEly interviews...
Oh my, why is Freya so gorgeous tho 😳