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Relive the Season 2 sneak peeks and surprises from the Deck of Destiny panel at WitcherCon. Season 2 of The Witcher premieres December 17, 2021, worldwide on Netflix.


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The presenter is actually really good wow
Srijit Dhar
Srijit Dhar:
Producer : so much what we talked at the Witcher is about 'Family'
: Dominic Toretto passed the Trial of Grass
Syamil Irsyad
Syamil Irsyad:
freya leg shine brighter than my future
yes it really seemed like those were “random” questions from a deck. That turned out amazing since it wasn’t scripted at all.
One of the questions should have been:
''Will there be Gwent?''
When i saw the trailers and the behind the scenes look, i was totally amazed at how they made Kaer Morhen look and feel.

Catur Deni Saputra
Catur Deni Saputra:
Cirilla : "so, im your destiny?"
Geralt : "you are more than that"
Erick Marquez
Erick Marquez:
1:15 Definitely unprepared for royal protocols she should address her as Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Heiress to the throne of Cintra, Heiress to Inis Ard Skellig and Inis An Skellig, Princess of Brugge, Duchess of Sodden, Suzerain of Attre and Abb Yarra... Normies should used to a kneel as protocols... Just for future reference 😜 lol...
random muffin
random muffin:
GOT : winter is coming
The Witcher : december is coming!!
I feel in any given interview or roundtable, audiences are more interested to hear whatever the actors have on their minds or want to say/express. The interviewer should be more of a loose guide, rather than trying to stay super rigid to a fixed schedule of questions, quips and such. I know these are pressed for time, but still... We are here to see them out of character. I feel like the interviewer was subtly stressed over keeping them "on track". They shouldn't be given directive to force tracks of questions and dialogue imo. Have questions ready if things get dry, for sure, but go in hoping/expecting the actors to take the reigns to a large extent. Just my opinion.
Shakun Relhan
Shakun Relhan:
Netflix : What is the record of uploading videos in a single day about a single web-series?
The Witcher : *Yes*
Really nice people, i love the cast a everything, but no reference to warhammer :(
Nan Leaney
Nan Leaney:
25:56 they are exactly like their characters it’s so funny xD
Opus Epynomus
Opus Epynomus:
I remember my first accidental encounter with a leshen...I ran all the way from velen to white orchard. im not ashamed
Carlos Alberto Lino Filho
Carlos Alberto Lino Filho:
Witcher, the series: transforming old polish men into hot studs.
Enjoyed this panel !!!! Can't wait to watch Season 2
ru zala
ru zala:
Absolutely thrilled!
Igor Queiroz
Igor Queiroz:
The guy should play Olgierd
Along TheWay
Along TheWay:
CANNOT wait for Season 2! :)
respect to the host aswell, she done a very good job :)
Geralt of Riverwood
Geralt of Riverwood:
Henry was practicing Gwent backstage
i didn't recognize the actress who played Fringila at first she looks totally different with long hair instead of the short haircut
MortalGamerDC1 85
MortalGamerDC1 85:
You're a child of the elder blood, Ciri!!
Monster Idle
Monster Idle:
Freya is so pretty 😍 insane
"Lambert, Lambert what a prick"

"Not bad"

Also.... Lauren.... 👀👀👀
Game God
Game God:
2:42 Dominic Toretto is now entering the Witcher
Freya really lived up to her name... a goddess
'how epic was that?'

*closes browser*
Joshua Edwards
Joshua Edwards:
Lauren got them yeeks
I'm Here
I'm Here:
Eager to see how the leshen would look...
We've got soo many months before this comes out. They did these interviews way too early.
fede mona
fede mona:
8:06 gorgeous
Don Crash
Don Crash:
I've decided. Im doing a drumsolo in Geralt Cosplay!
Ransom Seraph
Ransom Seraph:
Wait a second... Eskel is not in Season 2? I'm devastated...
Zlatko Sich
Zlatko Sich:
Do these ladies and gent have an idea of ​​how popular Witcher games are. The game was made according to books, but books would never have been popular had it not been for The Witcher game. The first part of The Wicher came out in 2007. Of course there will be a lot of fun art, just small changes to make them look like current characters from the TV series.
Isabella Anna
Isabella Anna:
Damn, the actress who plays Fringilla is so beautiful. Especially with that pink dress.
Paweł Lejkowski
Paweł Lejkowski:
Freya is shining bright like a diamond. Why is the ginger flexing so much? Joey got hair growing on his neck the hell?!
Petter Eliseussen
Petter Eliseussen:
"thanks for all your questions".. lol
The questions you have wrote your self.

But i understand, it is the American way..
Harry Seldon789
Harry Seldon789:
Why make this whole charade about random questions when it's obviously planned ahead. It just shows as being disingenuous?
Treat your audience with some respect.
Matt Chan
Matt Chan:
This whole video is cool but awkwardly quiet
where the original Geralt VA?
where is our beloved henry gamer cavill.............
Denroth San
Denroth San:
love this cast
Sikander Khan
Sikander Khan:
yo, is that Julia Hardy, the same one thats with Jimmer?
M Kreeger
M Kreeger:
160 DAYS!!!
Bob Loerakker
Bob Loerakker:
Eeerm where is henry?
Nehir Dogan
Nehir Dogan:
love the harmony of Henry and Anya 😍
Landi Smith
Landi Smith:
Marie Jo
Marie Jo:
In this Show were is Henry Cavill 💋
sean robey
sean robey:
Anna Rosalina
Anna Rosalina:
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sdq sdq
sdq sdq:
toss a coin to da witcher
This whole showdown felt like netflix is doing same to the witcher, whatever disney did to star wars.
Lord Omiotek
Lord Omiotek:
5 guests on the witcher panel and only one of thems a guy lmao
At least
At least:
Plum nectar :)))))))))))))))
Jesus MLG
Jesus MLG:
Animated movie?
Oh goody... Season 2 gonna be more woke Than season 1...
the woman in green is hot
Fringilla in the show is far from anything in the books of games... Just saying
Rufus Shinra
Rufus Shinra:
:8.26 Whos that pokemon! its....
Mimi Simone
Mimi Simone:
Anya seems anoyed or just tired of hearing Freya🤔
Nehir Dogan
Nehir Dogan:
Anya so beautiful 😍
No one Special
No one Special:
Coën where
What character is the black chubby girl? I dont remember her?
Neon Demon
Neon Demon:
Freya's legs are enough to make me simp for her.
yeni7 fs
yeni7 fs:
Witchrr 4?
MrDemonEye Prime
MrDemonEye Prime:
Neil David
Neil David:
The forced diversion has been so good in this series but I'm really bothered with Fringilla. It's written that Fringilla and Yen does have similarities in features but they casted someone that is exact opposite.
Gucho Bahru
Gucho Bahru:
Am living for Anya! She looks younger than Freya. Hehehe 😉
Matt vC
Matt vC:
Every time I see Anya chalotra talk about yennefer it feels like a robot is reading off a script. Her vibe doesn’t match her words at all or yennefer for that matter.
I, Bonesnapper Scumdog
I, Bonesnapper Scumdog:
i dont remember black main characters in the game or books interesting
Jay Kenneth
Jay Kenneth:
No henry?? Ugh 😑
Hella cringey without audience reactions
Mimi Simone
Mimi Simone:
Anya is the best of all of the actors cast. Freya is good, Mimi for fringilla is a miss and not for her color but she just doesn't resembles one bit to the ones on the vg. Her performance is marvelous but maybe they could of cast somebody else.
Ty Neadick
Ty Neadick:
Who among these women has played Witcher 3?
The Deer Hunter
The Deer Hunter:
Too many women make a girly talk and this is a big let down