The Xbox Series S Is Officially Leaked

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Brad Sams, a YouTuber and reporter on the site Thurrott, has reportedly obtained an image of the long rumoured Xbox Series S, a cheaper, less feature heavy version of Xbox's upcoming next generation console the Xbox Series S.

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100+ komentarze:

John Glasscock
John Glasscock:
It has a built in speaker, and its less expensive. Im sold 💸
Vili Evans
Vili Evans:
This combined with Game Pass is one damn good deal.
Ricardo M
Ricardo M:
This price with this specs it’s a amazing deal. Microsoft did it right this time with the Xbox series S .
It looks like one of those speakers that are hung from the walls in highschool that you get the daily announcements from. Lol
Baha Mohammadi
Baha Mohammadi:
This is very smart from Microsoft because look at the switch. There are a lot of that people don’t care about 4K 60-120fps
A refrigerator and a stovetop. Perfect.
PS5 and Series S for me. I’m more of a PS guy, I love Sony’s exclusives and their system. But I grew up with Halo and Gears so I got to have a Series S.
The $300 basically confirms the ‘main’ consoles are gonna be $500.
T Dot T
T Dot T:
Still playing a lot on my Switch and wasn’t planning on buying a next gen console but man, that $299 price tag is awesome.
I'm amazed how small the X and S are, especially compared to the PS5. I'm a PlayStation guy but mad props to Microsoft there
Greg Jones
Greg Jones:
“Dragged me out of bed to talk about it”. You still look beautiful.
Hxrris 45
Hxrris 45:
1080p solid 60fps is all that matters for me. I’m a simple guy 🤣
Antou Bret
Antou Bret:
I love the " retro " look of the Series S !! Also the price is perfect for me cause i just don't have the money to waste on expensive stuff recently.

So i might just go for the Series S since i also don't have a 4K TV anyway.

I think Microsoft is giving us the choice which is good. Free to choose anything you need or you want depending on the money you wanna invest.
Isaiah's Reviews
Isaiah's Reviews:
Series S is gonna be epic on my projector and I'll pick up the Series X when Halo drops for my living room TV. I got a rough series x equivalent gaming pc for for first person shooters. 2020 ending on a good note hopefully 😃👍
Robie Dogie
Robie Dogie:
Failed to mention that Series S also doesn't have a disk drive.
Tomorrow Rich: "Xbox Series S FAKE Officially Deconfirmed by Microsoft"
Trauma Ties
Trauma Ties:
I'm sure it has the black grill because if it were white, it would look exactly like the Xbox One S.
Microsoft: *Clenches butt cheeks hard to eke out a popcorn fart...
VeL KariZma
VeL KariZma:
I think I'm definitely going for the series S
SterlingK Art
SterlingK Art:
Microsoft: How do we make the Series S look LESS like the One S?

Bob in accounting: Put a black circle on it?

Microsoft: *GASP* perfection
The price is really what is going to sell me this time around. Having limited disposable money really makes my gaming decisions harder to make. But given the fact that 4k gaming is really lackluster when you really break it down the S is a perfect fit. And the price is low enough to warrant saving up for the launch. Shame no Halo at launch but I'll wait for them to make it better before I play.
The Aussie Gamer
The Aussie Gamer:
Xbox themselves just officially revealed it!
Convient the S's price and look "leaks" on the 8th when rumors were saying sony would release prices on the 25 anniversary tomorrow (9th)
Rudy M
Rudy M:
Damn they actually leaked the Xbox videos as well 🤣
Rj Diggs
Rj Diggs:
Rich tomorrow: the Xbox series S will be more powerful than the Xbox series X.
Carlo eee
Carlo eee:
officially leaked ... LMAO xbox just released the official trailer on their channel
KnightMare Media
KnightMare Media:
I'm buying the console's WITH a disk drive.
Dang I'm proud my guy Brad Sam's, he is trending big time right now.
First thing I thought: a white "air filter" would have looked better.
Rich: it is black grill 😂
Junior Theking
Junior Theking:
Me: mom can I buy a console
Mom: no games books come 1st
Me: ok,can I buy speaker then?


The speaker:
When I see the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, I see a refrigerator that goes with a stove.
David Hammond
David Hammond:
How does something get "officially leaked?"
Mr Miyagi
Mr Miyagi:
Amazing deal from Microsoft.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou:
Me: mom can I buy a console Mom: no games books come 1st Me: ok,can I buy speaker then? Mom:ok The speaker:
*Rich sleeping soundly*

Editor calls Rich : Dude you gotta wake up, Microsoft announced the next Xbox

Rich: Later, I'm too tired

Editor: Don't make me get the cucumber

*Rich wakes up*
Gaming Noah
Gaming Noah:
Idk why everyone is comparing to the one s to the series s because I have a one s and it looks way smaller
Marco V. Pereira
Marco V. Pereira:
MS : "Series S out in Nov, $299"
Sony: "Manage your expectations, only VR this week"

Lucky they have good games. Their marketing strategy is a big pile of crap
Me: Doing a Masters and have no money.
Xbox Series S: Let me introduce myself.
Faerhad Targaryen
Faerhad Targaryen:
I'm definitely going with Ps5 regular edition or the Series X. I want the high end console plus a disc drive just for 4K bluray
Maxed Out Gamer
Maxed Out Gamer:
i'm getting that portable stove don't care about 4k gaming
4k tv, waiting on the Series X.
I'm get'n both the PS5 disk version, and the series X, that S gave me flashbacks of the 360, and I went through a total of 8 of them b4 the elite came out.
I could seriously give a damn about these consoles until they actually reveal the prices...
Shaolin Zen
Shaolin Zen:
I'll get the console that has games I want to play.
Fide Nemini
Fide Nemini:
Mom:'Hey Jimmy here's your new xbox"
Jimmy:"But Mom I told you to buy a Xbox Series X, you bought a Series S!"
Mom:"Ok I'll trade it in"
Jimmy:"Don't bother with Xbox, just get a PS5!"
Quad Thumbs
Quad Thumbs:
I'll be getting both.
Series X for myself and the Series S for my daughter.
Ah, I see Rich has been doing meth again.
The Niko Variety
The Niko Variety:
Wow, I guess I'm getting a series s. Time to save
Tomorrow: The xbox series S is more expensive then I thought
Brendan O'Brien
Brendan O'Brien:
Definitely getting the PS5 disc drive version (as long as I can get my hands on it)
Truly Beta
Truly Beta:
If there's a way for me to transfer my physical Xbox one games to digital, I'm sold.
Marc Burroughs
Marc Burroughs:
The black grill makes the console look like a modern record player
Shawn Bandy
Shawn Bandy:
Dude! I must say you have become my favorite personality on YouTube!
Ilitsa Samariya
Ilitsa Samariya:
"Official" and "Leaked" kind of an oxymoron there, ain't it?
Man I just love your content buddy. Always brings a smile to my face. Rich on the PS5 I think it depends on pricing to which to get. If the PS5 digital comes in at $399 then I think because of the power it is the better value for most. It also allows you to upgrade to 4K at some point without compromising. Just more future proof to me.
Move your Mic down you look like a bird staring up at the sun.
Gwen g
Gwen g:
When did you first find out you were gay
0:14 How can i find that intro sound, like what do i need to type. XD
The Series S looks like a PA system you find in a hospital or something
Karl Williams
Karl Williams:
Lol, it looks like 1/2 of the Adaptive Controller.
Share My Cosplay
Share My Cosplay:
Great deal at $299! Can't wait for the Series X. One queston though... is that Pizza on your face in that close up shot near the end?
Thinking about these consoles in terms of them as PCs, I think Microsoft just won the war lol.
"Officially leaked". Uh huh.
I want the series X and install windows 10 on it -do some CAD / 3D modeling work. =D
Madison Bailey
Madison Bailey:
Did nobody notice that it says "Xbox series X exclusives" dont like that
i'm not even interested in either oone of them.
Aven Ninja
Aven Ninja:
I think I'll stick with the less confusing marketing. At least Sony knows how to use numbers.
Angelo Lagrutta
Angelo Lagrutta:
Tomorrow: the Xbox series S leaks turned out to be misleading
I'm getting a PS5 (w/ disc drive) regardless. However, it'll be interesting to see how Sony responds to the $299.99 price of the Xbox Series S.
Lycon Xero
Lycon Xero:
Microsoft blinked first...again! A good price for a weird looking console
john ryan
john ryan:
Arblus, look! It's Unicro,,,I mean it's Lockhart! It's going to hold back and eat the entire generation! It's taken nearly two years for Lockhart to reach us.
We were not prepared!
Tucker Grimes
Tucker Grimes:
Since we already know the price of the series s, does that mean we can atleast preorder that one?
Am I the only one who imagines his editor sleeping in a cot in the corner?
Matthew Berrios
Matthew Berrios:
I dont even have a 4k tv, the series S is enough for me and the price is right.
I’m getting the full disc version of ps5 but actually I also plan to get the Series S in a couple years cause I don’t care about 4K I just want Avowed
Inigo Tropea
Inigo Tropea:
Tomorrow: Xbox series s might not come out after all
Im totally getting the portable stove, and uh....i probably end up with the AC unit as well because Demon's souls
Jorge Gallardo
Jorge Gallardo:
My bank account and I are just waiting for the pre order date to come out
Mik3 B
Mik3 B:
I think this is a great idea! Once they get their act together and come out with some exclusives I can live with that price for my purchase purpose. 🤔
Rodolfo Ramos Diaz
Rodolfo Ramos Diaz:
I don't have a 4k hdr TV, so the series sounds like a great system for me
Brandon Ho
Brandon Ho:
Is Microsoft having a cookery course? Literally a fridge and a stove.... love em tho
Forrest Hunter
Forrest Hunter:
Is that tomato sauce on the right side of his face?
Why does it look like a drive through Intercom tho lol
It's almost worth picking up both just coz. Having that extra controller makes it worth it alone lmao 😂 yea the next couple weeks are gonna be good.
kermit suicide
kermit suicide:
There'll definitely have a console redesign and pro models 3 years into its life cycle
Daniel Pruitt
Daniel Pruitt:
we're in September and it hasn't been revealed yet how??
So the Xbox series X is a fridge, Xbox Series S is a grill, PS5 is a Keurig coffee dispenser,
and the switch is an old fashion toaster.
If these consoles teach us anything it is console makers like breakfast...
Shamel Uptegrow
Shamel Uptegrow:
I’m still gonna get the phatboy ps5
When i first saw the console i swear i thought it was fan made
Just got officially confirmed
Travis Garnett
Travis Garnett:
@3:12 - PS5 All-Digital Edition, because would have an Xbox Series X (and PS5 w/ disc drive). 😉
Even if I only had a 1080p tv, I would still get the series X over the S - because of the lack of a disc drive
Kjell Beilman
Kjell Beilman:
TBH the way the consoles are talking about their tech reminds me of every other gen, even the GPU's from Nvidia, they always over claim and never perform to the claims, so I am just gonna wait and see. That said, I do love geeking out on tech news... Keep up the great content man.
Russell Fuller
Russell Fuller:
I’m going to pop that grill out and just spray paint it Xbox green.
Classic Gentlemen
Classic Gentlemen:
Looks like a speaker/subwoofer or one of those fast food drive-thru speakers.

"How may i take your order?"
"I'll take a #7 to go and a extra hash brown"
tuns afun
tuns afun:
Hopefully they dont just release series s first and make you wait a whole year for series x like they did with the one x
Triscuit H
Triscuit H:

Why the Xbox Series S is *Not Real*
Sarik Rana
Sarik Rana:
A router, refrigerator and a speaker. Perfect.
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith:
Im getting one for the lounge but the ps5 is going in the gaming room.
Stephen Casson
Stephen Casson:
Won’t Series S owners still have to pay more for the extra storage unit?