“They created more danger” | Marcelo Bielsa | West Ham 2-0 Leeds United

Leeds United head coach Marcelo Bielsa gives his thoughts after our 2-0 defeat against West Ham United at the London Stadium in the FA Cup Third Round.

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52 komentarze:

Paul AJ
Paul AJ:
That Vlasic should have an Oscar for the way he was falling over .. cheating is not what we want to see in this country .. MOT
Purple Dragons
Purple Dragons:
We played really well considering how many injuries we had. West Ham's first goal should have been ruled out for offside anyway
Leeds United Old School
Leeds United Old School:
Marcelo Bielsa never talks about luck, giving referee desicisions blame. The man refuses to use any kind of energy on what he can't do anything about. He is an example for his players. I admire him and so should other managers do.
Oh How We Will Miss Him when He leaves for home, to his family in Argentina.
No problem lads…our focus should be the Prem Anyways
David Humphries
David Humphries:
We were never going to win this match. Nice to see a few of the kids play. We also don't have the depth to go on a cup run. Better to be knocked out now and concentrate on staying up.
Thomas Lloyd
Thomas Lloyd:
The kids did really well today. First goal should never have stood, but there we are. Decent performance in the circumstances.
Seve Sellors
Seve Sellors:
Good performance considering our injuries played with heart, but best we’re out as we need to survive in the league. However more than ever desperate for a good striker we need a serial scorer urgently even when Bamford is back.
Have to give it Well Done Leeds from a WestHam good luck in the Leauge now
Ricky Jensen
Ricky Jensen:
Was nice to see bate and hjelde doing well
Paul Brennan
Paul Brennan:
We gave the match agood go first Goal was a mile off side, should of had a pen but listen Leeds United with a lot of accdamy player's in played excellent we didn't disgrace ourselves league the most important let's go down there next Sunday and put the record straight and get a win or hopefully a point Leeds are staying Up, we need bodies in January Leeds are staying Up 🙏 in Mr Bielsa we trust 🇦🇷👏✊🤍💙💛🦚🇮🇨 Peacocks 🦚 supporter's first class today as ever 🇦🇷👏✊🤍💙💛🦚😍
Precissamos de Um Atacante Finalizador Urgente
IAN. Blackwood,Gwent. Wales / GB
IAN. Blackwood,Gwent. Wales / GB:
Not too disappointed, we never do well in this competition anyway ( dare I mention Crawley, Newport, Cardiff....🙉...) just hoping for a better result for us against them next weekend...⚽️
Steve Brown
Steve Brown:
We were comfortable until the first goal which I think was offside. Huge mistake by VAR. couple of missed chances to score and their second came because we had everybody forward looking for an equaliser. Think we are more than capable of getting a point next week in the PL.
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell:
The centre forward situation is now truly desperate, Bamford's sounds like an awkward one which might be tricky to fix. Who's available to buy in January though and the evil Horse Punchers from Tyneside need a number 9 as well and they'll outbid us for sure
Rich Quarmb
Rich Quarmb:
We need to buy a forward and midfielder asap
Leeds United Old School
Leeds United Old School:
We love you, Marcelo 💛💙
Maureen Tait
Maureen Tait:
Didn't really expect to win with most of the players injured,, still never get any luck with these refs...
Wilfredo Chiquito
Wilfredo Chiquito:
Bielsa’s Rules
Genius assessment.
Same old same, can't say we played well they tried but we have no depth of quality.

Since the championship we've known we've lacked goals and cover for Bamford. Never look liked scoring today and you don't win games if you can't take chances.
Pablo Escobear
Pablo Escobear:
Buy some bloody players! Hopefully we can turn 'em over next weekend.
Yi Tian
Yi Tian:
Hi Mr Bielsa
We lack of Fire power and no strikers, can we get a great central striker and attacking midfielder this month right now please 🙏
Glad we are out but clear we lacked quality players.
To say West ham are playing for top 4 we did well, if the first goal was not given we wouldn't have concided the second. Kids played well, now let's do em for 3 points next week
Mary Hinge
Mary Hinge:
Hopefully we sign a couple more players just to bulk the squad up , will be a interesting couple of weeks
Ben Turner
Ben Turner:
Why can't we buy some damn players? Look at villa ffs, now I know they are not comparable financially but they are strengthening their squad in this window, and it is pointless to keep buying under 23 players and relying on staying up this year with our current squad because if we go down we will lose everything we've fought for. A midfielder, another attacker and another defender is a must but will orta go out and get anyone..... Will he fk. They will tie raphinha down to another contract (which let's be honest doesn't mean he's staying it's just protecting our investment so we can get big money for him when he goes) and they will use that as a way to stop the fans focusing on new transfers. But we all know the squad is paper thin and the injuries are ridiculous right now. MOT everyone, and I love Leeds with all my heart, but I wonder if the result against Burnley has done more harm than good. If we'd lost to them then the board would have potentially starting making moves in the market, as it is I think they are banking on our squad just keeping us up. And that is a risky fkn gamble
Alejandro Gómez
Alejandro Gómez:
In Bielsa we trust 💪👍
Jeff Chandler
Jeff Chandler:
We need a big bully up front who can score goals james reminds me of bambi
Ignacio Romero
Ignacio Romero:
El verdadero partido es el q viene, no éste. Mejor quedar elim rápido y enfoc en lo q verdaderamente importa
Keely Bannister
Keely Bannister:
Confused as to why some fans are naming Hjelde and Bates but aren't highlighting Greenwood for good play. I thought they all did well 🤷‍♀️.
West Ham call it managing the game.
It’s called diving,deception,goading and dishonesty.
West Ham weren’t that good,not at football anyway but their cheating and time wasting was world class.Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning I suppose.
p.s. they’re also one of the dullest sides I’ve seen in ages Haha
myg 22
myg 22:
No bamford, No Rodrigo, No gelhert, No Roberts, so our main striker next week could be choice number 6
Ignacio Romero
Ignacio Romero:
Vamo el Leeds carajooo
David Williams
David Williams:
Final ball was terrible
jossyl yamani
jossyl yamani:
lo unico que nos queda es terminar bien la temporada .
Titov Ramirez
Titov Ramirez:
Ya no hay offside en la premier?
Donna Louise
Donna Louise:
piss poor ref again. Why aren't they subject to scrutiny ?
Marcelo”no eye contact“ Biesla
Day Day
Day Day:
I think we’ll get a result against West Ham in the league anyway
Im still waiting for transfers…
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller:
"More danger?" we started well but ran out of steam 2nd half as we seem to do a lot these days we created chances but our finishing was, woeful as always when will you realise that we need a striker and a CM ASAP otherwise there will be a lot or post match excuses in the future
Please wake up and get Mr Orta to start signing players as other clubs are
Navegando mi Van de Stadt 34
Navegando mi Van de Stadt 34:
oh dear
Don’t worry guys . We have some under 11’s ready to step up
Charlie Buttocks
Charlie Buttocks:
In a nutshell we were crap again…know doubt we will be thinning the squad again….slimming down the wage bill and paying back the owner
Ian Trotman
Ian Trotman:
Knew llorente was bad just didn't realise hes that bad absolute cart horse, how much did we pay👎👎
I can’t believe the amount of leeds fans going on about the first goal. I don’t think leeds had a shot on target. Why are you going on like you got robbed? You lost to a better team. Simple
Jamie Miller
Jamie Miller:
Marcelo a better performance however our finishing was woeful when are you gonna realise we need anorher striker and CM we create the chances but can't convert them so FFS take off the blinkers and sign some players or we are gonna be relegation fodder
West Ham was a struggling team early last season. Both Leeds and West Ham were very comparable. Since then Leeds has gone on a downwards trajectory. I love Bielsa but his rigidity with squad strength, frustrating tactics of playing players off positions, poor substitutions and poor injury management in training are major factors for concern.
Men Leeds is going back to championship
Andy Martin
Andy Martin:
Absolute garbage. No style, flair, defence or attack.
shambles of a club. sack the lot of them.