Thiago Silva 2020 - Crazy Defensive Skills & Goals | HD

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100+ komentarze:

Bro can't believe this man is 35..Looks like he is 26
Георги Ганчев
Георги Ганчев:
Welcome to chelsea. Massive signing 💪
Whish I
Whish I:
he look so young!.... ramos ... silva alway the best ...
Dz Dothraki
Dz Dothraki:
01:56 my god that turn and balance are magnificent ! A rarity in defenders nowadays
He's so calm and composed
Nick Kerr
Nick Kerr:
He was THE MAN at PSG... the BOSS. He will be missed a lot by PSG fans... all the best to our Monstro🥰👑
Andrew Hackshaw
Andrew Hackshaw:
Who’s here after just seeing he signed with Chelsea???
Vp Football
Vp Football:
Chelsea need to sign him up
Michell Roberto
Michell Roberto:
Monstro e ainda não é um jogador faltoso nem maldoso com o Sérgio Ramos
his composure and positing are immaculate
Josh Bilog
Josh Bilog:
Welcome back Thiagone ⚫🔴
Nouraj Silva
Nouraj Silva:
Beast Thiago Silva❤️💪💪💪☝️
I am proud to live in the neighborhood where thiago silva lived.
Kuldeep Thappa
Kuldeep Thappa:
I never see a defender like him...he have to play like him..
B. Verano 2
B. Verano 2:
What a great video, congratulations, I have my channel, with content similar to yours and I take you as an example because you are an expert when it comes to making your videos.

admiration and respect, greetings to all and long life to soccer.
Thank you captain for everything you did in Paris!
Ljuny reona
Ljuny reona:
He got 2more year left in the tank atleast for the higest level..
This guys positioning is IMMENSE! He makes it look so easy because he’s always in the right place at the right time. People are saying he’s too old.. well, when you play smart you don’t have to rely on your aging body as much. This guy is gonna change Chelsea’s terrible back line.
Pedro Rabelo
Pedro Rabelo:
Luiz Guilherme
Luiz Guilherme:
Come to Fluminense ❤️💚
Libor Pelikán
Libor Pelikán:
I love this man!
Tony Lin
Tony Lin:
Him and Virgil are my fav defenders of all time
He maybe too old but what is precious about him is his experience. I understand if CFC is going after him. The younger defender can learn a lot from him in terms of organizing defend, understanding how to defend & read the game. Thats what lack in CFC defender today.. The know how to play as defender but they dont understand how to really defend with brain..
Irene Lalchhanchhuahi
Irene Lalchhanchhuahi:
He's very same with ufc fighter paulo costa ,the two brazilian beast
Welcome To The Blues Family Thiago!
baibaswata nath
baibaswata nath:
He's too smooth
Emerson vieira
Emerson vieira:
1'17" consegue prever a jogada antes dela ocorrer... leva vantagem na antecipação. Esse é o diferencial dos grandes jogadores.
Duccio Marinai
Duccio Marinai:
a s
a s:
Biju Kuppady
Biju Kuppady:
Best captain in world
wasted his career at PSG and milan when his rightful place would have been alongside pique at barcelona for a good 8-9 years
Ousseynou Sarr
Ousseynou Sarr:
Ohhhhhhhhhh Thiago⚽💯💪⚽
Roger. K.
Roger. K.:
Grand respect pour ce joueur exeptionnel.
La chance de voir un tel joueur en ligue 1.
Malgré que je sois abonné à l'OM depuis près de 40 ans, Thiago va me manquer.
Mais bon je le suivrais avec son nouveau club.
Merci Thiago.
Allez l'OM
Shanghao Zhong
Shanghao Zhong:
What about back to Milan with Ibra like those good old days
Kaic Albuquerque
Kaic Albuquerque:
Welcome To Fluminense
coala silva
coala silva:
Monstro Silva
Antonio Landriscina
Antonio Landriscina:
Come back to Ac Milan!!!!!!!!!⚫🔴⚫🔴
Santanu Das
Santanu Das:
Bang Bang
Brazilian defenders always stay top form even at older age. Cafu, Lucio, Alves, Silva, Carlos, Miranda, etc.
Erlend Hope
Erlend Hope:
At 04:46 it is Marquinhos who makes the block, not Thiago Silva
He got controlled defending
Andrew St Hill
Andrew St Hill:
Surprised PSG are letting him leave.. Still has 2 years in the tank.. outstanding reader of the game with bundles of experience.. brilliant upload.. 👍🏿
Lucas Arce
Lucas Arce:
Welcome to fluminense Br
Welcome Milán ❤
Mark Vaks
Mark Vaks:
A pro's pro. what a great defender ...
Ujjwal Manda
Ujjwal Manda:
who's here after he's been linked with chelsea
Thiago Silva Fluminense 2020 🔴⚪🟢
John Yoder
John Yoder:
I like Thiago Silva overall. His positioning and instincts are excellent in a way that comes only with years of experience. Adjusting to the premier league and age are worrisome, but Giroud is proof that there is value in the veteran.
Kacper Turowski
Kacper Turowski:
Chelsea need to sign him up
Lenny Barrett
Lenny Barrett:
In talks to sign for Everton 💙💙
max nilsson
max nilsson:
It would be cool if he had the thiago silva song by dave
Ihme Juttu
Ihme Juttu:
First song is Buena Vista Offset Noize remix. Great video 🔴⚫
Mohiuddin Abdul Quadir
Mohiuddin Abdul Quadir:
Welcome to CFC
Meor Kacak
Meor Kacak:
Welcome to Arsenal👏!!!!!
United States of Chelsea
United States of Chelsea:
10 commercials in a 10 minute video...have some self respect, youtubers
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez:
I'd like to see him play at Arsenal. Saliba would develop greatly with a player like him for a season or two.
jael c.ortega
jael c.ortega:
Best defender in the history
ur boyfreugend
ur boyfreugend:
im here cuz he signed for chelsea i love chelsea we love u and we a re going to win the prem
celest hari
celest hari:
😔😔😔😔 pq tu pars ?
Luke Oreilly
Luke Oreilly:
Welcome to man united
Jack Golf
Jack Golf:
The fact you haven’t used Thiago as the song choice is disgraceful. Alex would be pissed 🤬.
Ombre Zorzolo
Ombre Zorzolo:
Chiusa the beast
NecbY Football
NecbY Football:
Where do we get hd clips for editing. Please tell
Rodrigo mendez
Rodrigo mendez:
Milan 🔴🖤⚫
Md Omur faruk
Md Omur faruk:
Ilham Setiawan
Ilham Setiawan:
You are next captain in chelsea
Pls tell me where do u get ur clips from
X x DeadPool x X
X x DeadPool x X:
welcome to Napoli 💙💙💙💙💙
jack Sparrow
jack Sparrow:
I'm here because i signed him in dream league game..🤣🤣🤣
CR7 The Goat
CR7 The Goat:
Great video like
Ilham Arq
Ilham Arq:
Welcome to Chelsea
Bakky Advanced
Bakky Advanced:
Welcome to chelsea
Nelly Awuah
Nelly Awuah:
Welcome to Chelsea
Simon Nansup
Simon Nansup:
You need leadership like Thiago at the back,the Armband is not about how long he has been at the club, you can see the leadership quality and experience he possess.
Welcome to Chelsea Thiago is blue 🔵
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre:
C est une faute professionnelle. Trouvez un accord !!!! Il faut qu il reste.
il était une fois
il était une fois:
Thiago c t Paris ❤💙
Ilham Setiawan
Ilham Setiawan:
Welcome to chelsea
Youcef Jozef
Youcef Jozef:
Pls tell me where do u get ur clips from
Razia Rahmat
Razia Rahmat:
Dylan Clarke
Dylan Clarke:
Ohhh Thiago Silva 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵
TBG Gaming
TBG Gaming:
Who’s here after he made a mistake at Chelsea fc
Best defender in the world. Too much underrated! Better than van dijk (overrated) and ramos
นัด Bfr
นัด Bfr:
Chelsea 😊❤️
Alif Anuar
Alif Anuar:
Welcome to Tottenham
Harraz Naufal
Harraz Naufal:
Better than pique
Lucas Toledo
Lucas Toledo:
German pezella
Jesus corona
David alaba
Tanaka Siwawa
Tanaka Siwawa:
Chelsea welcomes you
The Leo Messi of defender
John william Ifumaoma
John william Ifumaoma:
age is just a number
Justin Seo
Justin Seo:
come to tottenham!
Çağın Göktaş
Çağın Göktaş:
Welcome FB
Izzet koçer
Izzet koçer:
Welcome to türkey Fenerbahçe thiago Silva 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Leonardo Di Gangi
Leonardo Di Gangi:
Welcome to Fiorentina
Suman Bhuiya
Suman Bhuiya:
A Real Defensive Spirit man
David Gandaho
David Gandaho:
The end
Come to Napoli 💙 mocc a mammt
what is the song please