Thierry Henry Reveals How He Feels About Karim Benzema Playing For France | Vibe With FIVE

Vibe With FIVE is back with another episode as we build up to the Euros! Joel Beya is joined by Thierry Henry in the studio to discuss all things Euros and Frances chances.

1:25 Intro and Joel speaks some french
2:08 Henry speaks on World Cup 1998 and Euro 2000
4:24 Training drills with Anelka and Trezeguet
5:36 David Trezeguet finishing in the box - The best ever?

6:54 Henry recalls some of the best performances he’s seen in the Euros
9:01 Henry speaks on Zidane and how special he is
11:52 Henry praises Kante and his ability to read the game
13:51 Benzema back in France. How important is that?
16:05 What formation do England play in the Euros?
17:56 Who is Henry looking forward to seeing play for England?
18:42 How proud is Henry of being France highest goalscorer and Outro

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